“90 Day Fiance” Star Jorge Nava Reveals How He Lost 125 Pounds in Prison; Gives Update on His Marriage to Anfisa

“It’s the Body-by-Prison diet! All the shady reality TV stars are doing it!”

Jorge Nava recently debuted a significant weight loss by way of an updated mugshot, proving that the 90 Day Fiancé star has been making the most of his time behind bars. 

Jorge, who revealed to E! News that he’s dropped 125 pounds since beginning his two-and-a-half year prison sentence in September 2018 for drug charges, said he’s pleased by the reaction people have had to his physical transformation.

” …And I didn’t have to take a single dance lesson to get here.”

“I am glad that people are noticing some positivity out of such a negative outcome,” he said. “Hopefully people can see that I am able to turn things around even though I am at the lowest point in my life.” 

As The Ashley previously told you, Jorge was arrested in February of last year for transporting nearly 300 pounds of marijuana in his car. He was sentenced in September 2018 and that same month he began serving his sentence at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Jorge attributes his new body-by-prison physique to diet and exercise, the latter of which he does twice a day — at 4 a.m. and again in the afternoon — with a fellow inmate. Their gym routine, he said, focuses mainly on “military-based” workouts and “a lot of jogging.” 

“We both motivate each other and we push ourselves to the limit pretty much,” he added. 

As for his new diet, Jorge said he consumes foods such as oatmeal and peanut butter and because of his current living situation, he’s cut out things like fast food, soda and energy drinks. 

Jorge’s days of gobbling donuts are over…

“I had a really bad diet when I was out in the free world,” he admitted. “I wanted to be in the best physical and healthiest shape possible. I feel healthy and energetic. I feel overall more confident with myself.” 

In addition to his physical health, Jorge said he’s focused on his marriage to wife Anfisa while in prison. While Anfisa has been cryptic about the status of their relationship, Jorge said he and his wife are doing “really well” and that Anfisa is looking forward to his release, set for August 9, 2020, according to online prison records. 

When you’re hoping and praying that your marriage is as strong as the bars of your prison cell…

“My hope is to basically get out and start life over with a different point of view,” he said. “I don’t want to make the same mistake that I already did. I learned from all of the negativity. Hopefully, I can turn it into something positive and make a greater change.” 

As The Ashley told you last week, Anfisa has been keeping herself busy during Jorge’s prison sentence by attending school and continuing to focus on her own physical fitness. 

At the beginning of the month, she revealed her plans to transfer from a community college to a university after the Spring 2020 semester to continue working towards a degree in business administration.  

She has refused to respond to fans’ questions about the status of her marriage to Jorge.

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(Photos: TLC; Arizona State Corrections; Instagram) 


  1. She seems to be doing fine on her own. New car, new apartment, college, gyms, a trainer and college. All that along with the other normal living expenses in California, no less.

  2. She’s so annoying, being all mysterious. You’re married. To some people that is a life commitment, it’s not like breaking off an engagement. Jorge looks better, but he wants to change. So how is he going to make the gobs of money she requires for plastic surgery and pointless material objects without transporting drugs?

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