“90 Day Fiance” Stars Jorge & Anfisa Nava Speak Out About Jorge’s Recent Arrest & Their Relationship Status

“On the bright side…if Jorge goes to jail we can possibly get a spot on TLC’s ‘Love After Lockup,’ no?”

In a new YouTube video, 90 Day Fiance stars Jorge and Anfisa Nava are speaking out about his recent arrest, her immigration status, those breakup rumors and more!

As the show’s fans may have heard, Jorge was arrested earlier this month in Arizona for allegedly “carrying 293 pounds of high-quality marijuana in his vehicle.” Starcasm broke the news that Jorge—who we first met on the fourth season of the show—was booked in Mohave County, Arizona, on marijuana possession and distribution charges.

Although Jorge is a licensed marijuana dealer in California, he was in Arizona at the time of his arrest, which means he has to contend with the state’s notoriously tough pot laws.

After the news of Jorge’s arrest went viral, Jorge and Anfisa decided to set the record straight about what was circulating in the media about them.

“Hey guys, I’m sure a lot of you have already heard the news of Jorge’s arrest,” Anfisa says in the YouTube video. “And I’ve seen so many different versions of what happened online. And not all of them are correct. I had various media outlets reach out to me trying to get my comments on the matter. But I’ve decided to just make my own video to tell you everything. And you know, who can tell you about this situation better than Jorge?”

Then, Jorge grunts onto the screen.

“The only thing I can confirm is that I was arrested on February 7th and I was bailed out by my wife two days later,” Jorge says. “So I had to spend two days in jail. Other than that, due to the delicate nature of my case, I can’t really talk to the media. I can’t interview [with] anybody. I can’t talk about the details until this is over.”

Anfisa added that we should not believe everything we read in the media.

“The only people who have facts is me and Jorge,” she said. “So if you have questions, unfortunately we can’t answer all of them. But you’ll find answers only coming from me or Jorge. Because if you find something somewhere else, it may not be true.”

Jorge’s wacky-tobaccy arrest wasn’t the only topic the couple discussed in their video. Fans have been speculating that a possible conviction could put Anfisa’s immigration status at risk, but Jorge debunked that rumor.

“Anfisa’s green card would not be affected by what happened,” Jorge assures us. “So she ain’t going anywhere on my watch.”

Anfisa also addressed the rumors that she and Jorge had split in recent months.

“Some time ago I made a post on my Instagram saying that I would like to keep my personal life private but due to the crazy amount of speculation that’s going on, I just decided it’s better to share with you that we’re still together,” she added. “Obviously as of 2018…”

Jorge interjected to clarify the last part of Anfisa’s statement.

“As of 2018? We’ve never not been together!” he said.

“We’ve never really broken up,” Anfisa added. “Yes we had our fights just like any other couple but we’re working through it. You know, everybody fights. Everybody is crazy.”

Jorge and Anfisa told their fans that they would continue to post new YouTube videos. They then encouraged the show’s viewers to try to get the groan-inducing couples’ hashtag of “#Jorfisa” trending.

Watch the video below:

(Photo: YouTube)


  1. Anfisa has always been a money hungry spoiled girl who’s wanting nothing but a free ride. She is not pretty but she seems to think so. She does have a good body but she’s making a FOOL out of American Men!!!! Send her back to RUSSIA!!! , on a ONE WAY FLIGHT!!!

  2. Y’all ain’t cute for defending anfisa. She HIT jorge. She ISOLATED him from his own friends and family. She ruined his personal property. She never lets him do anything without her permission. This is abusive behavior. She is a nasty person and deserves no praise.

    1. Isn’t George a grown (and very large) man who can take care of himself, and said that she wasn’t going anywhere?….If he doesn’t like it,he can send her back to Russia, and never hear from her again. Anfisa never lied about what or who she was. George did. Have a seat.

  3. I hadn’t watched the show but loved seeing the clips on youtube of all the couples. Theirs was one of the funniest to watch

  4. Everyone always bashes her, but I’ve always liked Anfisa. She’s nutz, but she has always kept it real from the gate so Jorge knew what he was getting into. If he stayed with her after she keyed his car, kept changing the password on his phone, told him that she’s using him for money and a green card, and left him in prison for 2 days before bailing him out (LMAO)…you can’t be mad at anyone but him for allowing it to happen. I am definitely shocked that they’ve lasted this long though…

  5. I realize it’s the unpopular opinion, but she’s always been transparent about who she is and what she wants. I liked that about her. And, on the upside, if he does go to jail they can always jump over to WEtv and be on Love After Lockup. Win-win!

      1. yup! he tricked her into thinking he was a millionaire when he wasn’t, but she’s let her intentions be known from day 1. I dunno why people hate her. She’s never been a fraud or tried to defend her behavior by playing the victim. I think I like her so much because she owns who she is.

    1. I agree. Mohammed was a liar who conned a desperate lady for a visa, Azan clearly hates Nicole, Paola couldn’t be more divorced even if she was divorced, Pedro is a faking his marriage to support his family. Anfisa didn’t lie. She says right to his face that she is only with him for money. If he’s willing to accept that then that’s very sad but still his choice. She’s not pulling any punches with anything. She wouldn’t have come if she knew he was broke. Point blank

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