‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Responds to Husband David Eason’s Homophobic Rant: “He Will Keep His Comments to Himself From Now On”

“Crap. I hope they don’t come for my FitTea sponsorship!”

Sod isn’t the only thing getting “raked” over the coals on The Land this week!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is desperately trying to save face after her husband David Eason blasted a homophobic rant on Twitter on Monday. A source for The Ashley says that Jenelle “grossly underestimated” the amount of trouble David’s words have gotten her and the show’s producers in.

“She thought it would all blow over in a day,” the source told The Ashley. “This type of thing has happened before and people get mad but it usually doesn’t amount to much.”


In fact, The Ashley‘s sources tell her that the big producers of the show are meeting in Viacom’s New York City offices tomorrow to discuss the situation and figure out what to do about it.

As The Ashley previously told you, numerous members of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ and Teen Mom OG casts have spoken out about David’s slur-filled tweet fest (which compared gay and transgender people to flea-covered dogs, among other things) but Jenelle had yet to speak out…until Tuesday afternoon, that is.

On Monday, Jenelle and David both deleted their Twitter accounts and attempted to remain silent on the issue, but Jenelle finally issued a statement to TMZ about what her husband said, and promised that David would keep his trap shut from now on.

“David didn’t understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works,” Jenelle told TMZ. “Now that he realizes his voice is very strong within media/tabloids he has deactivated his account. He agrees he will keep his comments to himself from now on.”

Jenelle stated that David has even been around gay people before without causing a ruckus, which is proof that he is not homophobic.

“David doesn’t hate people from the LGBT community,” Jenelle continued. “My old manager was gay and used to be one of me and David’s close friends. We attended Farrah [Abraham]‘s birthday in Miami with a lot of LGBT people there and he didn’t act in any type of way. We went had a good time and left.

“We are sorry for the comments that were made.”

“I ain’t even know how this here ‘puter thing works. I put it on the Interwebs that I don’t like them gay folk and now I’s in trouble.”

One of The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources is telling her that, although the bigwig producers haven’t made any public statements about David’s rant, they are taking it “very seriously this time…for once.”

“Nothing has happened yet, but they are not just blowing this one off,” the source added. “Even though the fans are calling for Jenelle to get fired for what David said, in my opinion it’s extremely unlikely they’ll fire her. She wasn’t the one who actually said those things, plus Jenelle brings the drama and that’s all they want now is that behind-the-scenes drama. She delivers every time. The network’s execs keep pushing for more fights and more craziness and no one gives that better than Jenelle.”

This comes just a few weeks after Blue Apron dissolved their partnership with Jenelle after ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers flooded the company’s social media accounts with complaints about Jenelle appearing in an ad pitching their products.

The Ashley will continue to provide updates on this story as they come in. Stay tuned.

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)



  1. I think David is so out of touch with reality that he thinks that most people think the same as he does. And that it was completely appropriate to spew hateful comments about gay people. He is mentally unstable. I fear for Jenelle and kids

  2. “How offensive people can get?!” You mean OFFENDED?? Your husband is the one who’s Offensive, babe.

    1. Was just going to comment the same thing. But I honestly think she meant to say offensive. As in, “David had no idea how MEAN and OFFENSIVE everyone would be to him! Everyone was just being so unfair and attacking him and being so mean and offensive so he just had to defend himself. All he did was defend himself from the super mean, totally unfair, jealous haters out there. If people weren’t so mean and offensive to David to start with, then he wouldn’t have had to say anything back.” Because that’s how Jenelle thinks. NOTHING is EVER Jenelle or David’s fault. They are always just protecting themselves, and responding to mean people, and everything is always just SO UNFAIR! “People are allowed to be mean and say hurtful things to us, but we’re not even allowed to respond to them. It’s so unfaaaaaaiiiiiirrrrr!” And all of this in her grating, whiny teenager voice.

      Her whole statement reads like it was written by someone who dropped out of school after failing 6th grade enlish and writing. Her old manager “was one of me and David’s best friends.” Ugh. And if the manager was one of their best friends, why was he fired and replaced with David? Because this would have been a good time to have a professional write your statement. This would’ve been a good time to let your manager handle the mess you’ve gotten yourselves into.

  3. At least if David proposition a 14 year old we know in today’s society he would be fired.
    Can we send Jenelle illegal porn to get her fired lol

    I’m just kidding I don’t know how this works or how Twiiter works.
    I used to have a 14 year old son I used to like him until he hit puberty lol now I’m afraid I might find magazine under his bed JkJK

      1. Haha I think anyone w a teenage boy has those same fears.. just throw the socks in the washer as fast as you can w out touching them…

  4. What’s wrong Jenelle you threaten to quit every other week they are just helping you out and they started with that thing you call a man.
    Maybe trash doesn’t come till next week with the holiday and everything maybe you will get taken to the dumpster then.
    I hope Babs gets your spot with Jace and they don’t allow you to film.

  5. I don’t think the transgender/gay community are vicious or vindictive.
    I think UBT should be fired but also his last five minutes of
    Fame should be reading a written apology to everyone he has offended including his wife and children.

    I love Barbara she was so right he is the worst boyfriend ever and now husband Jenelle is punished every day waking up next to him.

  6. yes keeping his comments to himself is so much better. Thanks Janelle for letting everyone know what a piece of shit you both are and exactly how you actually feel about people

  7. Just went back and looked at my first few tweets (back when I didn’t really understand how Twitter works – in fact, it is still kind of a mystery), and I didn’t go off on a rant on an entire section of the population. So…did I do Twitter wrong, or is Jenelle just giving some bullcrap reason so she doesn’t get beat for admitting that his a giant butthole?

  8. If they fire David and not Jenelle, I will be pissed. First of all, David is married to Jenelle so even if he isn’t on the show, he’ll still be living under MTV’s paycheck. And second of all, Jenelle has done things just as bad as David’s twitter rant. She took drugs while she was pregnant for crying out loud.

    1. It boggle my mind how mubmissive she is to him! You can see it clearly in the show and she never used to be a shrinking violet

  9. YESSSS MTV!!! I’m so impressed and pleasantly shocked that they actually fired him! I’m not sure I get how they will film Jenelle without him… but whatever. This makes me happy.

    1. They’ll probably film her dropping off/picking up Jace at gas stations and out eating all the time, since u know she doesn’t have a real job! I bet David will refuse to let them film on “the land” so they’ll have to shoot elsewhere.

  10. This pissed me off even more. He cant even apologize?! She has to!? and her apology is that he’ll keep his comments to himself?! He shouldn’t even THINKING those things in the first place! There is nothing I hate more than an ignorant bigot, and what David said SHOULD NOT be taken lightly…Jenelle basically used the classic “He cant be homophobic because he worked with a gay person before” B.S. line that bigots use. David is the worst kind of human being, and Jenelle cant that much better since she married him!

    1. It’s like when someone says that they can’t be a racist because they have a black friend. Smdh.
      I really hope that they ban David from being filmed. If they do that, there’s no way Janelle will work without her hubby. They can kill two birds with one stone.

      1. Well I guess he can re open his twitter account. Yikes. This is gonna get wild. He’s really gonna start spilling.

        1. spilling what? that MTV “edits” their footage of him? We all saw how crappy of a person he was from the tweets HE tweeted. We all know Jenelle is equally as crappy for marrying him, Kail has 3 kids by 3 BD’s, Briana is an idiot, Leah is getting back on track, and Chelsea lives a quiet life and Jenelles jealous of her. Theres nothing left to spill.

          1. Haha idk. Prob all kinds of crazy stuff. Conspiracy theories. Footprints in the woods reports. He’s literally going to go more mad.

  11. Well I’m afraid one day down the road this guy is gonna kill someone. If he is this angry in public imagine what he’s like in private. Janelle and Lurch have a talent agreement. And this talent agreement I’m sure has a moral clause. Hence the firing of Farrah. The question is will they nail them for a violation of that clause or will they keep them because they are the couple everyone loves to hate. Ratings boo! Looking forward to seeing what the big dogs at the network decide.

    1. Extreme anger issues, a history of violence, and access to guns…the whole situation is a recipe for disaster.

  12. Obviously Jenelle is very worried about her job and that is why she is now trying to save face. These two sent cease and desist orders to her castmates because their comments would supposedly ruin their chances at future employment but her husband’s ignorant tweets WONT affect future employment?? Hands down this guy is the absolute worst out of all her relationships. Most likely because of David, her money train will end soon.

  13. I don’t understand why David hates gay people so much when everyone knows that him and Courtland shared a cell in jail and most likely a lot more ???

    1. not gonna lie…first thing i thought was anyone who cares this much about someone else’s life style….is probably living that same lifestyle.

  14. It’s funny how David acts so scary yet he blocked me off Instagram for saying he should get castrated….I’m more concerned about Kaiser being secretly abused (because he looks like Nathan) and Ensleys abnormally shaped head then what he said on Twitter…..Jenelle and David are trash I hope CPS does there job and takes away all of their children I’m way more concerned about the children being abused then David saying dum shit on Twitter!

  15. Sounds like MTV is taking this very seriously.Jenelle is scared shitless now that she hears the money trains coming to a screeching halt.If David cant film with her who will show film with, Babs and Tori? She has never apologized for anything. She never apologized for beating people up, for abusing her mom,pets and her kids for doing drugs on film, nada, but she’s humbled herself and apologizing now. Shes has gone to far because she will lose sponsors for mtv now.

    1. There will be no consequences for this. Jenelle will still be filming, and so will David. Mtv has no morals. They protected Jenelle when she had a baby born on drugs, when she was strung out herself, all her domestic violence crap. They don’t care, and neither of those fools will be fired

  16. I think David is on some serious drugs. Him lashing out so crazy is major red flags. Last season he was acting very high, he needs to get clean and stay off social media until, if possible, he can think straight.

  17. Related, wasn’t Derrick Dillard (married to Jill Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting) fired for making similar homophobic comments on Twitter not too long ago? He was fired by TLC, so maybe MTV will take that into account? I think I read that Jill won’t be on the upcoming season of the newer show Counting On..,so maybe Jenelle will have a similar fate…

    1. MTV won’t get rid of David because he wouldn’t allow Junkelle to film if he wasn’t allowed to film. And nobody watches TM2 for Chelsea’s boring segments, Kail and Briana’s revolving door of dicks, or Leah’s boring life. Everyone watches for Junkelle’s trainwreck of a life.

      MTV has always cared more about ratings than about doing what’s right.

  18. “David didn’t understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works”. This coming frmo the same guy who earlier commented that people should have to take a test before they use social media.

    Backpeddling much, Junkelle? David is a horrible, abusive, homophobic, transphobic asshat. He treats everyone around him like garbage and she just defends him like the pathetic piece of trash she is.

    If he doesn’t go crazy and murder them all on that land, I will be very suprised.

    In the meantime, MTV should get off their asses and dump both Jenelle and David from the show. They’ve gotten rid of people for less.

  19. I’m really more offended by how dumb she thinks everyone is what is she going to tell us next yes she was shooting up in the bathroom but really it was Hawaiian punch she was using both she and David should already be fired there is no explaining this away

  20. So they rush to fire Farrah for something much less egregious but aren’t sure what they’ll do about this? Disgusting. F MTV and F this show.

  21. Seriously??? What she said is bullshit, and she didn’t even attempt to at least apologize for him! He’s her husband! The least she could’ve done was issue an apology. Albeit bull crap, but it’s better than, “oh well he’s hung out with them before, so he likes them.” Or she could’ve remained silent like Chelsea’s friend Brittany is, amid super strong proof of him soliciting a 14 year old online for the “goods” smh…. whatever Jenelle.

      1. Holy shit just looked it up. Her husband was caught by an undercover cop trying to solicit sex with a young teen and the poor woman is pregnant with his child

        1. Mel it’s so sad ???? Cole better distance himself from him ASAP. They’re best friends as well and people are already trying to do the “birds of a feather” association to Cole. People want to ruin his “perfect” image so badly anyway. Now they have a small window of opportunity

      2. Chelsea’s BFF and her husband(Cole’s BFF) are in the middle of foolishness. Her hubby was busted by undercover cops for soliciting a 14 year old for sex online. Smh…..it’s so sad because I love them all! They’re like the best “couple friendship” I’ve ever seen. Chels and Cole need to distance themselves from him ASAP! Sad part is, people are already pulling the “birds of a feather” association with Cole unfortunately. He’s already “picture perfect” to the cameras as is. This is a reason for people to try and be suspicious of him as well.

  22. Do you really think that if MTV stops filming David that he will allow Janelle to be filmed? Hell to the naw! He controls her. No David, then no Janelle. MTV doesn’t have to fire her. Just fire David and Janelke goes too and I think MTV is worried about that!

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