Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Jenelle Evans & David Eason Go Across Country to Do Meet & Greet at Cannabis Dispensary; Event Allegedly Cancelled Due to Online Backlash (Updated!)

“Who wouldn’t want our mugs promotin’ their products! We’re ding-dang celebrities!”

An Oregon cannabis dispensary is paying a HIGH! HIGH! price for arranging for former Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and David Eason to come do a meet-and-greet event!

The twosome traveled across the country from their home on The Land in North Carolina to Oregon to attend the event, which was scheduled to take place on Friday at the Burnt River Farms cannabis dispensary. The company was actively promoting the event– even posting to its Instagram that, despite the hate it was getting for using the Easons to promote their product, that Jenelle and David were “welcomed with open arms.”

The dispensary was heavily promoting the event on its Instagram page, encouraging wacky tobaccy enthusiasts from near and far to “Come on down for a meet and greet!”

“Wanna meet Jenelle yourself?” the company captioned a photo of Jenelle and David grinning while standing in front of the weed store. 

In another post (that has since been deleted), the company boasted that Jenelle would be “in the House” and that the dispensary would be bringing “live coverage” of the event.

“Today come on down [and] get a taste of reality!” the post boasted. “Come meet n greet Jenelle Lauren Evans. Janelle is a reality television personality who rose to fame on MTV’s Teen Mom 2. Come and experience BRF next level to the game!” 

(Apparently whoever wrote the copy for that promo has been taking “Farrah Speak” lessons?)

Anyway, the posts were all hit with massive amounts of negative comments about Jenelle and David’s controversial pasts, causing Burnt River Farms to turn off the comments for the posts.

“Ah I see you support homophobia!” one person wrote in the comment section before the comments were turned off. “Animal abuse! Child abuse and neglect! Probably not your greatest business move.”

“Imagine opening a dog killer, woman beater, and child abuser with open arms?” another person wrote. “A company who is willing to work with blatant racists and homophobes must have the same integrity when picking your products. Your cannabis probably sucks and you probably buy from shady growers.” 

Eventually, the hate became to much, as the company removed all traces of promotion for the meet-n-greet, and soon began telling those who phoned that the event was cancelled. A Burnt River Farms employee also confirmed on the company’s Instagram that the meet and greet did not end up happening. 

Still, the hateful comments continued to make their way to the company’s Facebook reviews and other social media posts.

“But that’s why I got all these feathers in my hair– for the weeeeed event!”

“Not a good look supporting Jenelle and David Eason knowing their history!” one person wrote in a Facebook review posted on Friday. “The only clout your getting is loss of revenue and customers! No one will do business with a company that’s openly supports racists who abuse kids and kills dogs!! ZERO STARS.”

“There’s a reason Jenelle Evans is dropped from nearly every sponsorship deal,” another person wrote. “It’s because she and her husband abuse children and animals. Congratulations on being the latest business to be destroyed by these two vile, sad excuses for human beings.”

The dispensary posted a photo of a people inside the shop (which remains on its Instagram feed at press time). The comments on that post are full of burns against the Easons, as well as Burnt River Farms for associating with them.


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A post shared by Burnt River Farms Cannabis Co. (@burnt_river_farms_cannabis) on

“Can’t wait until you guys release your newest strain, Dog Killer!”

“You guys must carry some pretty good s**t to smoke, because you’d have to be high as a kite in order to hire two of the biggest dirtbag clowns to drum up business.”

“I told ya to stay away from the kilos of the weeeed, Juh-nelle!”

This is certainly not the first promotion and/or job Jenelle has lost due to her past and association with David. In addition to losing her job on ‘Teen Mom 2’ back in 2019, Jenelle has lost multiple sponsorship deals— including with Blue Apron, Prana Mat, and PatPat Clothing, to name just a few. In September 2019, the New York City salon that was due to host Jenelle’s launch party for her JE Cosmetics company abruptly cancelled the event, stating online that it was unaware of David and Jenelle’s histories.

“This event has been cancelled at our venue!” the salon wrote on its Instagram. “Our salon was unaware of what her and her husband have done or have been connected to, and in no way, would we support such brutality. We apologize for not doing out research beforehand. “Our salon, in no way, has any connection to, nor supports the brutality in which they are linked.”

“Can we at least get a goodie bag to-go?”

UPDATE! Both Jenelle and the dispensary have issued very different statements about the cancelled event. Click here for the latest info!

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


  1. Jenelle is a wider load than her husband 😂 karma for always shit talking kail.

    Who is surprised by this “business” desperate enough to have Jenelle Evans for a meet & greet.. they clearly look to be bottom of the barrel people. you know.. the ones that swish around in shit because all they can do on this earth is exist without purpose.

    Come meet Jenelle Evans! Famous for being knocked up at 16 to soulmate #1, treating her old mother who takes care of her son brother like shit, & went on to have more children with more soulmates. don’t forget about the children who didn’t make the cut! oh and would you like to see a collection of her mugshots?

  2. As an Oregonian, I would like to ask Jenelle and David to please leave my state and never come back.

    That said, Ontario is kinda the armpit of Oregon so it’s fitting the terrible twosome would choose that as the place to visit. And why are you traveling cross country during a pandemic?!?! Who is watching your children while you are away? Please don’t tell me you took those poor kids with you.

    Wrong on every level.

  3. Why on earth are these people traveling for no good reason during a pandemic?!
    As a euro, this is utterly unbelievable.

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    that’s an insult to juggalos!

  5. If they are TM fans why didn’t they hire Brianna of TM Young and Pregnant? She already lives in Oregon.

  6. Oh, that’s why David got his hair did all purdy—for his big cross-country trip to Oregon. As you do.

  7. Makes me so happy knowing they won’t ever be able to be a legit respected “business partner”. Hope it stays that way, keep up the work people we will make sure she or he ever gets opportunities 😈

  8. These fucking dolts.

    Reason #1. Jenelle and David. 😂

    Reason #2. As of July 1st, Oregon is under a mandatory mask law and these high! high! ya all high! covidiots posted a photo of their business violating that law.. in a weed shop no less, where you really should be making sure you follow the rules if you want to keep your business open.

    Are their schools well there?

    1. That was the first thing I noticed, too. And lots with masks are barely wearing them, so they might as well not be wearing one at all. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  9. These fucking dolts.

    Reason #1. Jenelle and David. 😂

    Reason #2. As of July 1st, Oregon is under a mandatory mask law and these high! high! ya all high! covidiots posted a photo of their business violating that law.. in a weed shop no less, where you really should be making sure you follow the rules if you want to keep your business open. 🤣

    Are their schools well there?

  10. I’d swing by my local weed shop if Kieffer were making a “celebrity” appearance.

    I have so many questions:
    – WTF were those bozos thinking having Janelle and especially David?!
    – Who is watching the kids they fought so hard to win back last year?
    – How did David find the time to make a trip out to Oregon with all of his court cases going on right now?
    – Did David and Janelle wear their masks the entire time during their flights?
    – Will David and Jenelle break up again during the trip, or when they return home?

  11. Bunch of losers. Tough guy in the middle thinks he’s too cool to wear a mask, hope you don’t kill your grandmother, buddy. And what incredibly unprofessional business owners. When the novelty of legal weed is over, they won’t last. Right now any moron can run a successful weed shop, but it won’t always be that way.

    With all the celebrities available, WHY would you ever bring in those two clowns?

  12. Can we just take a moment to notice that half of the people in the photo are wearing their mask incorrectly??? It shows the quality of people at that event 🙄

  13. Hahahahaha the last picture of Jenelle wearing the baseball hat. No joke, she looks like Wayne from Wayne’s World. 😂😂🤣

    1. Hahaha. She does !!! Looks just like him. I hope she reads comments here.
      She has a very high opinion of herself. 😆😆😆😆😆

    2. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 STOP IT!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I have bn racking my brain trying to figure that out🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 David looks like Joe Dirt with that ugly crap on top of his head🤣😂 anyways, thanks for the laugh🤣

    1. Oh, so that’s why David got his hair all did up purdy—for his big cross-country trip to Oregon. As you do.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        Sorry for the double post, all! Weirdness with my phone.

  14. The store got publicity. Dumbnelle and UBT got publicity. Mission accomplished for them all, I guess.

  15. I live near Ontario have been there not many people there you blink and you miss it kind of place. I have a hard time believing anyone living there would want to meet and greet these two. Lots of drugs there though not just weed. Makes sense.

  16. They spelled jenelles name wrong in their post, responded to haters with an unprofessional and passive aggressive comment, and only had 14 likes on their first pic of J&D! Seems legit to me!

  17. Is this dispensary run by Juggalos?Because those are the only ones I can imagine welcoming Twit and Twat with open arms. That and using that super awesome crowned font of ~~hAtErS gOnNa HaTe~~

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