Teen Mom News Pile: David Eason’s Drivers License Gets Revoked, Debz OG Drops New Music & More

“I drive about as good as I juggle or choose hair dye, apparently!”

From juggling multiple court dates to releasing multiple strange music videos, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

David Eason’s latest run-in with the law reveals he has a revoked license

“I don’t need no license to fill the streets with uppercuts!”

It appears Jenelle Evans will be “driving Mr. Eason” for the next few months. David no longer has a valid drivers license, but he does have yet another court date! ‘

According to a court clerk for Columbus County, North Carolina, David was pulled over on July 13 for speeding and was found to be driving with a revoked license. The clerk confirmed to The Ashley that David was written up for both offenses (the speeding being an infraction, the driving on a revoked license being listed as a “Traffic” offense). 

David— who is due in court twice next week for other offenses— is also scheduled to go before a judge for the Revoked License offense on October 30. (The clerk of courts confirmed to The Ashley that, should David hire a lawyer, the lawyer may be able to appear on his behalf; however, the clerk stated that it does not appear David has hired a lawyer for this particular case…at least, not yet.)

“Maybe you can wear a wig and if you get pulled over we can tell the DMV you’re David’s twin brother, Mavid?”

As to why and when David had his drivers license revoked, the clerk stated that the info is sealed by the DMV; however, the clerk noted that David’s license was not taken away due to him being charged with an offense related to Driving Under the Influence. 

According to clerk, a North Carolina resident’s drivers license can be revoked for any number of things, but most likely is due to unpaid traffic tickets, or not showing up for court for traffic offenses. (The Ashley is not stating that is why David’s was revoked, though.)

The North Carolina DMV website states that, “if a [person’s] driver’s license is revoked, their driving privilege is terminated and can only be reinstated if they meet eligibility requirements and any conditions or terms set forth in a hearing by the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles.”

Debz OG announces (while wearing a see-through dress and thong) that she is releasing four new music videos. 

“You’re welcome, world!”

Former ‘Teen Mom’ grandma and music icon (in her own mind), Debra Danielsen (aka Debz OG) revealed this week she’s giving her fans a treat for the ears and eyes with not one, but FOUR new music videos set to be released soon. 

First, one of Debz’ “lewks” from her new song “Side Hustle” must be discussed. She is seen sporting a completely see-through dragon dress and black thong with a steampunk hat and sunrise knee-high boots, naturally.

Debz OG described the new tune as a “bounce, bounce, bounce, boom-boom, all about working on a job that takes everything and like, sucks the life out of you and you’re giving it your best, you’re doing the best you can, but ya know, you just work for people who don’t appreciate you.” 

Umm… did Debz OG have a co-writer or two on this one?

Debz OG also spoke on the upcoming video for “White Woman’s Rap,” which she hopes will “go well.”

…as in, the opposite of this getup.

“ … Ya know, it’s kind of like White Men Can’t Jump,” she explained. “The statement here is, ya know, Debra has some rapping in her because she likes to tell stories and she likes to talk about things that she’s been through in her life. Why? So that I can share that with you to inspire you, because no matter how sh**ty life gets and no matter how many bad things happen to you, if you stick to it, if you have tenacity, if you get out there and have a can-do attitude, I know you can do it.”

She also told fans to expect a video for her previously released tune, “Grandma’s Love,” and if the video is anything like the song itself, it will certainly leave an impression.  


Hear Debz OG dish about her latest projects below! 


Amber Portwood quits social media in a huff…and then returns almost immediately.

“On second thought…scratch that…”

Amber uttered her infamous saying, “I’M DONE!” on social media recently, stating that she was quitting social media (except to post clickbait, of course) for her “health and mental stability.”

“I will not be a part of this anymore,” Amber wrote in a rant posted on July 17 that has since been deleted. “The negativity from social media is not acceptable in my life for the time being. I tried to come back and be nice but it’s not worth the time ATM.” 

Three days later, though, Ambie was back on The IG, posting a selfie, along with the caption, “#ImStillHere #Blessed.” 


View this post on Instagram


?? #I’mstillhere #blessed

A post shared by Amber Leann Portwood (@realamberlportwood1__) on

Her Belgian boyfriend, Dimitri Garcia— who lays the online love messages on thicker than a ‘Teen Mom’ girl’s booty after one of Dr. Miami’s signature Brazilian Butt Lifts— swooped in to welcome his American girl back to social media.

“You are not only beautiful from the outside but especially from the inside,” Dimitri wrote in the comment section of Ambie’s post. “Live for yourself and not for the negativity and jealousy of people. Act as you wish. it is your choice not that of others. I love you and I’m sure that because the person I know is an amazing person. I love you baby love.”

On Tuesday, Dimitri also gave his social media followers an update on his return to America. (Although he had originally said on Instagram that he would be back in the States with Amber before his birthday on July 6, he was still in Belgium at press time.)

“Time has not separated us, but on the contrary has strengthened our confidence between us but above all our love. You are beautiful my baby love and not only from the outside. I love you and we’ll be together soon, I promise ❤ #love#together”

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)

33 Responses

  1. Farrah never had a snowball’s chance in hell with a mother like that. And unfortunately, the same can be said for Sophia. Terrifying.

  2. Sounds like David is in the arrearages for child support and got his DL revoked. They have all kinds of money to spend on shit, according to Jenelle she’s still financially stable.. then pay the support that he probably owes! Yore his wife , you are as one , and that’s his child , PAY UP!
    Sorry for the rant, I just see it so often and it disgusts me because it also holds a penalty of incarceration but the law seldom follow through with that , if they do they wait till it’s an outrageous amount. In the end, the child is the one losing out.. it so wrong , such bullshit, and really sad.

    1. Lol i was thinking wtf has he done to his hair???? Its the same colour as that orange hes juggling.

  3. As a teen, I was one of those who would deliberately watch all those ‘real gore’ websites to test my limits.
    But no amount of decomposed bodies could have ever prepared me for the sight of Debz OG in a thong.

    1. Haha! I used to binge watch Faces of Death when I was in high school. I don’t think I could watch that shit now.

  4. As if there isn’t enough F’ed up things going on in the world, must we be subjected to this? It’s comically sad.

  5. “She also told fans to expect a video for her previously released tune, “Grandma’s Love,” and if the video is anything like the song itself, it will certainly leave an impression.”

    Can we all take a moment to applaud this perfect, yet subtle burn? ????????????

  6. For the love of all antichrist attitude heathens, never lose that picture of David with the squirrel on his head. This picture always makes me snort.

  7. The state of North Carolina obviously made some mistakes in the court cases David has scheduled next week. David is the perfect husband and US citizen who “never does anything wrong”.

    In regards to Deb…how embarrassing. Isnt her husband (ex husband?) a Dr? At least they claimed David was when on the show. He seemed to be hot headed. Can anyone confirm any truth?

  8. Not cool. We don’t wish death upon people on this site. Be better than this bull shit of wishing someone takes their life. She’s still a human being who has people who love her.

    Not cool at all.

  9. I think that Amber committing suicide would be even more damaging to Leah than her distance is now.

  10. Can we all agree Debz played a HUGE part in why Farrah is so so messed up?
    I know some people think it’s funny but Deb and her new gross husband (who likes her best in her Farrah wig) just give me the creepiest vibes ever and I can’t imagine growing up with her as a mom, even when she was pretending to be a professional and has now just left all that behind it seems.

    1. I watched earlier teen mom and she was no way in the slightest like that.
      I’m curious on what happened to change her sooo dramatically?
      She’s like someone else entirely

  11. Pretty sure David will still be driving himself on his revoked license since he is immune to prosecution apparently. Plus, he got caught driving on his license that was already revoked! He is well aware he can do whatever he wants with little to no consequences. There is something decidedly creepy about Deb singing about grandmas love to “Sooooophhhhiaaaaa” while dressed like a cross between a hooker and Willy Wonka. Every time Amber opens her mouth it’s for dramas sake, she is trying to find something to do from her couch in her too tight little hair bun. I wouldn’t miss any of them if they would just go away!

    1. ?? a cross between Willy Wonka and a hooker?? thank you for starting my day out on a happy note and big smile? and amber pretty much useless?‍♀️ bet she prob buys a new living room set bout every 6 months?‍♀️and I no Gary has Leah but what’s up with her other baby by Andrew?? That girl got mad issues! Seems like to me that she can’t live without a man sitting around with her all day? she needs to stop????

    2. ????????????@gemma.

      Hooker/willy wonka.
      Seriously spat my drink out.

      Brilliant and sums Debz up perfectly ????

  12. Ew. How long before Debz has a “fans only” account?

  13. Well Amber take responsibility for your own actions stop blaming it on mental health issues stay on your meds stop putting your hands on other people blaming it on them you could have left. Andrew stop you did push her take responsibility for your actions stop blaming everyone else and her quite playing the victim you should not have went back to the house that night but I seen you push her knew it was coming both need to grow up for your son. Move on co parent together stop lying get the help you need because u had a plan pulled it of I do believe it the recordings you putting up with it and the not listing to her when she tried to talk to you.

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