Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad David Eason Appeared in Court to Face Charges of Assault with Deadly Weapon & Communicating Threats (Exclusive Details)

“I told ’em to save me my favorite court bench!”

David Eason was back in a North Carolina courtroom on Monday, answering to two charges he obtained last month after some on-The-Land hi-jinks caused him to get arrested (for the second time in one week).

Mr. Jenelle Evans went before the judge in Whiteville, North Carolina, at 9 a.m. EST, The Ashley can confirm. (The Ashley’s court source tells her that Jenelle was not allowed to “stand by her man” in the courtroom.) David is facing one misdemeanor count of Communicating Threats and one misdemeanor count of Assault With a Deadly Weapon.

The Ashley can confirm that David did have an attorney present to represent him, whom he hired. This is important, due to the fact that it was recently revealed that Jenelle and David are struggling financially, with a $46,000 tax lien placed on them last month. (It is not the same attorney who represented Jenelle or David in their 2019 CPS custody case, though.)  

Both of David’s charges stemmed from an incident on The Land last month in which Jenelle’s friend James Spivey claimed he had his life threatened by and was pistol-whipped by David when he went with Jenelle and his partner to fetch some of Jenelle’s stuff during one of her temporary breakups with David.

As The Ashley previously reported, David later filed charges on James, claiming that James hit him with a railroad spike coat rack (as you do). James was charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon and had his court date on Monday as well. He was appointed an attorney to represent him, a court clerk confirmed to The Ashley.

Both James and David had to appear, and the court ordered that David be fingerprinted. (The Ashley is not sure if that was done on Monday, or will be done at a later date.) 

“I can’t wait to tell the judge…”

David’s was the first case heard for the day, with James’ case being heard just two cases later. 

“It was very cut and dry today,” a court source tells The Ashley. “They were both in and out.”

Both cases were continued until Wednesday, July 29, and both James and David are scheduled to go before the judge again on that date. (From there, it will be decided if the cases will go to trial or be dropped, the Court Clerk told The Ashley.) 

That won’t be David’s only upcoming trip to court this month, though. He is also due in court in nearby New Hanover County, North Carolina, on July 28, to answer to a misdemeanor charge of Injury to Personal Property and one charge of Tampering with a Vehicle. Those charges stem from an incident that occurred in 2018 in which David “self-towed” a stranger’s truck that he felt had parked too close to his boat. 

“We better get your courtin’ tuxedo dry-cleaned, Babe!”

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available. 

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

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  1. Odd that this towing event has taken so long in court, I know generally the longer you hold out the lesser the charge but this is ridiculous, pay the old man his damages & get on with it, obviously there is a video of DE committing the crime.

  2. Dang. I just saw this come tjrough a feed. I watch 90 day fiance (great show, BTW.) I thought Jenelle was done and nobody gave a rip about her. I guess we still do, but sje does look brow beat by this dufus, and I hope she actually leaves him. I was shocked how different she looks. Heavier set, and her face just looks sad. LEAVE HIM, PLEASE JENELLE! If not for you, for your kiddos. They deserve peace. You do, also.

  3. White trash losers. I feel awful those kids are stuck with these imbeciles on that nasty swamp land.

  4. Personally , I’d be willing to bet that all of them were drinking ( at the least) and none of their statements match. I don’t remember if James got medical attention or not, he better hope nothing is in his toxicology, that’s for sure.

  5. All cases will be dropped or he will get probation. Time and time again N.C. has shown us all how much that state legal system is Corrupt.

    1. As a North Carolinian…yep. You’re right. It is the state of probation. Such a beautiful state but the government sucks.

  6. That nutcase is a ticking timebomb … I don’t give a shit about Jenelle, but those poor kids .. Get them put there for fuck sake. He is a murder/suicide kind of dude

    1. I agree that he is a ticking bomb for sure! He definitely has the signs of being a homicidal maniac. I think he is too narcissistic for suicide. He hides behind his big guns for a reason, deep down he is nothing but a coward.

      1. As a danish person I have a hard time relating to the whole gun thing, it’s just not a normal thing here .. But I do see your point, and think youre right. He’s nothing but a big mouth with guns. But I really do fear he is going to hurt those kids living on the land.

  7. Hi, from NC here.
    Yes, our CJ system sucks.
    Judges are bought out.
    Violent criminals, racists, pedophiles, etc. Usually walk or get probation & nonviolent ones go to prison.
    It’s supremely effed up, and J & D have used their white privilege & their “~fame~” to get out of what they do in our messed up legal system to get away with crap for YEARS now.

    1. I’m new to NC, and as far as I’ve seen first hand, you are spot on. This is absolutely the strangest place I’ve ever lived.

        1. I don’t have personal experience with law enforcement or DCFS, my beef is with the weather (hot and humid) and the fact that there’s not a straight road in the whole state, so it takes twice as long as it should to get…anywhere. And while it’s a beautiful state, I truly don’t feel comfortable (safe) with my mixed-heritage family when we leave the confines of the metro areas.

          1. I have a mixed race child as well and don’t want to be in an environment where she feels uncomfortable. We were looking at new Bern and havelock. Thank you so much for all the info!

    2. I grew up there (Mint Hill) and left at 25 for a reason. Too many people there are still pissed they lost the war. As I said somewhere above, it is the land of probation. The government sucks. It is such a shame. NC is such a beautiful state but the (not all) people make it ugly. I’d love to live there again because it really is my favorite place based on natural beauty. But as a foster mom I’ve seen too much bad in their system there. I couldn’t do it anymore.

  8. Question about NC if anyone has firsthand insight- is the justice system really this awful in NC where criminals run free and aren’t punished? Do calls to CPS really go unbothered with, as we all saw happen to the Eason/Griffith/Evans kids? We are considering moving there but don’t want to be In a “backwards” area, and I obviously want my daughter to be safe… not trying to sound ignorant, I am genuinely asking!

  9. Barbara didn’t even wish Kaiser a happy birthday on instagram. She did all her other grand children.

    1. She was with him in person on his birthday which means more than posting it on social media since he won’t even read it anyway

      1. She was with Ensley Jace and the other one on their birthday. She posted something for them.

  10. I could be wrong but I think the article said that James was appointed an attorney so I think that means he isn’t paying for an attorney. I still think it’s complete BS though! Clearly James was defending himself from David the psycho nut job! I think it’s a waste of time to charge David with anything because the court never follows through. Watch, these charges against David will be dropped. I think he knows it too, he feels invincible & the courts have proven he is which makes him more dangerous.

    1. I hope you’re wrong but odds are he’ll get away with it as always. At least the more they have to spend on lawyers, the sooner they’ll be flat broke and one of these days they’ll finally get into serious trouble when they can no longer afford decent lawyers. Let’s just hope no innocent bystanders are killed are harmed in the process. Lurch shouldn’t be able to afford a lawyer now given his tax lien. Janelle really was his meal ticket to staying above the law. Sickening.

      Re-reading the article, you’re correct that James is using a court appointed attorney. Even if he doesn’t have to pay, it’s such crap that he has to go through the stress of a court case.

      1. It’s crazy to me that they seem to have money to pay for lawyers for their numerous court cases but not for their bills and taxes. I think they have money stashed somewhere personally. Jenelle has been arrested 17 times and David has been arrested 9 or 10 I think and they get pretty much nothing. I know the justice system sucks but it makes you wonder if someone isn’t pulling strings for them. It seems like there are no consequences for them ever. It’s ridiculous!
        It’s absolute bullshit that James not only gets assaulted by Lurch but now he has to have charges brought against him for defending himself! Craziness at its finest, I hope James realizes that Jenelle can’t be trusted and stays far away from da land

      1. He probably can and might win a judgment; actually getting the money would be a while other story.

    2. @Gemma, lyinhus, etc. Hi Gemma! I understand everyone’s frustration with both of them already. However, I think this situation is just a little different. First let me say that the prosecutor will absolutely NOT take a case unless they think it’s 100% a win. Also, this is looking like a bunch of bullshit from both sides that’s doing nothing but costing the tax payers , Jame’s lawyer is NOT free and a trial costs big bucks.
      That’s said, I want to ask you guys to think with the intelligent mind you have and not the dislike for David in your heart. James is about to get pummeled should this get anywhere, let me give you just a small example…
      Are you aware that David keeps weapons in his home?
      Are you aware of David’s reputation?
      When Jenelle came to you why did she she was getting an order of protection the next morning?
      Being Jenelle’s friend, are you aware of allegations less than a year ago where Jenelle took out an order ?
      Are you afraid of David in any way? Do you think he’s a dangerous person in any way?
      You were obviously aware that the two we’re fighting and not in a good place on that day?

      1. Hi Bailee! I was speaking more to the point of the fact that David is a repeat offender and that should come into play at some point. I agree that James court appointed attorney isn’t free to us tax payers, I just meant it was free to James. I think both cases will be dismissed. I get what you are saying about James being interrogated by a good defense attorney should this go anywhere. There’s a little wiggle room with some of the questions. Obviously, he would say he just wanted to help his friend which a DA would shoot down immediately. However, I think a prosecutor could show proof that maybe they didn’t call a sheriff because in the past the sheriffs office has claimed to be too scared to go on their property. That could backfire and be twisted around by the DA. I don’t think they were going there to get Jenelles kids, I think she left them there and just wanted her property. The fight started because David thought James took his truck keys, he later found them. It’s a cluster fuck all the way around no doubt. People often wonder why Jenelle is with David or keeps going back to him. My belief is that Jenelle is exactly like David. Just a female version. Poor kids.

        1. Hey hey? The first thing we read didn’t mention Jenelle even being there, the second one did say she was getting her belongings and the kids .. she left the kids there with him for Pete’s Sake, , I don’t know I’d you recall so I’m going to repeat myself … this is Jenelle’s fault, she knows David’s capabilities, she manipulated these guys and they went . It will be interesting to see what happens , sometimes the courts are so sick of individuals that they don’t drop things.

          1. Did they even try to call the police for help? They went there to arrest him, can’t be too afraid of him

  11. Talk about no good deed goes unpunished. James was not only injured but now he has to shell out $$ for a lawyer?! Because he was defending himself against a known aggressive and violent crazy person?! Jesus god Janelle sucks so hard at being a human.

    And why the heck is Lurch only charged with a misdemeanor in this case? I’m no legal expert but shouldn’t he be charged with a felony for that one? No wonder why these two never wind up spending serious time in the clink where they belong.

    1. You’re absolutely right that David should have been charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon. My ex was a real piece of work, too, and he got into a bar fight and hit a guy in the head with a bear bottle. He was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon so I find it hard to believe that basically doing the same, but with a GUN could be a misdemeanor. David is also someone who has a lengthy record and this also should have been considered in ho he was charged.

  12. Is it common in America to go to court 2 years after being charged, or is this a weird case?

    1. It’s really common to have court cases dragged out for a couple years in the US. Source: I’m a paralegal.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        I don’t understand how the kids were given back or how they haven’t again been removed. I have read where tons of people have called CPS and in my state the first proven act of violence would have had those kids removed. I try not to judge because I have been in a domestic violence relationship and know how hard it is to remove yourself even after you have physically left, but until she is strong enough those kids can’t be there if what is being reported is true. Being a parallalegal can I ask… is north Carolina severely failing or do they have strong evidence when they go to court to prove its not happening? Could the reports be false? I just can’t see how this is happening over and over and over and they never spend time in jail and they keep their kids if they don’t have massively strong evidence that it’s false. He is a miserable human being and Janelle unfortunately acts like many abused women. The lies to cover it up, the trying to pretend it wasn’t that big of a deal, the going back and forth and alienating people because of my choices, I did it all until I had enough but that man truly scares me.

    1. Exclusive message from JE: “we did nothing wrong. We are perfect. We are the best parents and hard self-employed workers. Our daughter has no issues and is at par with peers. Now give me your $ and follow me on every platform. Idiots”

  13. How the mighty have fallen. 2 years ago towing a strangers boat made sense to these entitled clowns. Now they are struggling just to their vehicles. Karma.

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