Farrah Abraham Says She Had the “Birds & the Bees” Talk with Daughter Sophia Because Other Parents Aren’t Doing Their Jobs

“I realize not everyone can be as perfect a parent as I am, but do your best to keep up, peasants!”

It’s time for your weekend dose of “WTF? Farrah!” 

In a new interview with Us Weekly this week, the former Teen Mom OG revealed that she has already had the “sex talk” with Sophia her 11-year-old daughter Sophia. While it’s not uncommon to talk to pre-teens about the “birds and the bees,” Farrah’s reasoning for having the discussion is quite unusual.

The Backdoor Teen Mom told the magazine that she was forced to have the sex talk with Sophia early because the parents of her daughter’s friends weren’t doing their jobs…or something.

“Kids all like to do sleepovers and some of her friends have older siblings, um, yeah, I definitely had to do a talk with the parents after what I heard,” Farrah said. “To be honest with you, it’s really only been prompted by all the other parents not really having those talks [with their boys about] what is proper.”

“That has kind of sped up the conversations that I have to have with my daughter, because of boys in her age group, and or, at her sleepovers with her girlfriends who have brothers.”

Farrah claims that the other parents have appreciated that she was able to show them proper parenting tools. 

“Thank goodness for me!”

“The parents have really, most of the parents were all older than me. So they have really honed in on their responsibility,” she said. “They’re like, ‘You know what? We let it go. We appreciate you stepping in. Thank you’.”

She then reminded everyone that she’s a great sex educator, due in part to all of those times she’s “public spoke” about sex.

“I’m all for talking about sex education. I’ve done that for national campaigns. I’ve public spoke to people [and] maybe one day I’ll be at Sophia’s high school, giving them the talk as they graduate,” Farrah said/threatened. “I feel comfortable and others feel comfortable. And that’s why I get paid a lot of money to talk about no shaming for women.”

In another interview with the magazine, Farrah defended her own actions against Sophia. Last month, she posted a video on TikTok in which she can be seen (playfully?) whacking her daughter with a variety of items, and waving a boxed vibrator in the kid’s face.


Farrah defended posting the video by stating she was just being a cool mom.

“That was an online trend … about doing quirky things and hitting people in the face with [stuff],” she told Us Weekly last week.

(In the comment section of the post, Farrah told nay-sayers that they’re just out of touch with what the cool kids are doing on the Interwebs, writing, “Ya’ll it’s a @tiktok trend WAKE UP!”)

In her interview with Us Weekly, Farrah then bragged (in her signature “Farrah Speak” way) about her mothering skills.

“I don’t really feel like I can be shamed when I protect my child,” she said. “I educate my daughter. We have so much fun on TikTok. … I think I’m doing pretty great.”

“I protect my kid by keeping a vibrator on-hand at all times to whack mom-shamers with!”

“I think I’m doing pretty great. I mean, I’m cool to mom’s shame ’cause I’m the toughest mom. I can handle it, but I also really just don’t play into that because I protect my child.”

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  1. what is she going to talk to sophias graduating class about? How to take it in the butt?

  2. No end to her crazy in sight. How does she always go from A to Z while skipping the entire rest of the alphabet of normal steps? She either needs more or less medication though I am not sure which.

  3. I can see a scenario where a child heard a conversation about sex from classmates or older siblings and it prompted the sex talk happening earlier than planned; however, I’m not buying that Farrah hadn’t already had the sex talk with Sophia. With all her sex positivity and escorting, I just don’t believe it didn’t come up already.

    Further, it is interesting that boys are the only people Sophia is hearing this from and not other girls. It does lead me to believe that boys, especially older ones, are curious about Sophia’s mom: the porn star. In that case, its not very appropriate for them to bring this up to her child.

    1. I had my daughter young, she is 14 now and I only had the sex talk with her last year when she got a boyfriend and it lasted longer than 3 months. I couldn’t imagine giving it to her any younger unless I saw a reason to (and I looked because I’m in no state to be a grandma in my 30’s). The way Farrah treats her daughter like a best friend is extremely sick and I wouldn’t doubt Farrah becomes a grandma within the next 5 years (being generous with that).

  4. Being an adult and wanting to be sex positive is fine, but pushing sex on a child is absolutely disgusting and criminal. It is normal to have a conversation about “the birds and the bees” at Sophia’s age, but we all know Farrah went overboard and explained way too much. Plus, we all know that Farrah is Sophia’s only friend, and even if she did have friends, there is no way in hell their parents would want a known escort who drags her daughter to adult parties to give their children the talk. Since it seems that Sophia’s dad’s family are back in her life again, I hope they are able to get more time and/or custody of Sophia because Farrah is doing some irreparable damage to her daughter.

  5. This whole lie started with Sophia having friends. That poor child has NO ONE. And I try not to judge kids based off of their parents, but there’s no way in hell I’d let me kid play with Sophia Abraham.

  6. How I know this is made up by Farrah: Sophia does t have friends her age; Sophia does t go to school and certainly won’t have a graduation ceremony for Farrah to speak at.

  7. Who gave this girl a degree or diploma (or whatever she claims to have). I am genuinely mind blown that her grammar is that atrocious.

  8. Yeah, cause nothing says “cool” more than having your mum come talk about sex i your class …

    And that devilchild has no sleepovers, you have to have friends to do sleepovers.

    Great she had the talk, but no need for waving dildos around … Fuck sake

    1. You’re not a cool mom unless you hit your kid with a dildo and they watch you get plastic surgery.

  9. LOL, she always needs to pat herself on the back for being such a good and “cool mom” because no one else would do it.

    Farrah, please, don’t have anymore kids.

  10. So let’s be real, this is not the first time Sophia has seen (or heard) A sex toy. She has very likely been exposed to a large quantity of sex related topics / items / situations / etc throughout her childhood.

    What concerns me way more is how that itty bitty baby puppy is being tossed around as if it was an OBJECT!! The old pizza gets more care! No wonder their dogs “randomly die”. That poor thing is tiny and being tossed around like a stuffed toy!! Neither takes even an extra second to ensure he’s ok! Poor thing clearly has no more value to EITHER of them than a box, old pizza or sex toy…and a heck of a lot less care than her “Dolce”. They are all just objects and props. Entirely disgusting!

    These psychos (yes, THESE =2! Like mother like daughter! Childhood grace has expired, sorry to those who disagree, her personality has developed and it’s as cute as she is…not at all!) should never ever ever be allowed even near a living creature!!
    I hate them even more now.
    The whole sex thing is ultra trashy but just affects them.
    The way they neglect prop dogs then dispose of them as last weeks designer bag, heck, not even with that much care, is absolutely revolting. This is now YEARS of animal abuse not just a one-off accident, it’s intentional. Imagine how terrifying this would be for that baby tiny puppy!! Gets launched off the back seat (clearly from a pile of junk), tossed on to a gremlin who manhandles it, propped on shoulder until next ‘item’ flys forward then gets dropped to the bottom of the pile of junk, all for a dumb video that is not even slightly entertaining.
    Animal lives are worth way more than these trash bags will ever know, or be worth themselves.
    Nasty nasty hos

  11. What really happened: some explaining of the role of front doors after someone saw backdoor mom.

    1. Didn’t mean to comment twice. Internet being temperamental and I thought it didn’t submit first time :-/

  12. Translation: her kid saw backdoor mom and that led to a conversation about the role of front doors.

  13. Just out of interest, at what age does sex and relationship education get taught in the US? I’m a teacher in the UK, and we start the SRE lessons from ks1(5-7 years) Parents panic when they see the word “sex”, but it’s obviously not to do with sex at such a young age, it’s relationships and body parts (not sexual ones initially, but we found teaching proper names helped) As they get to upper KS2(age 10-11) they do learn about sex, changes in the body etc and are taught as a class, unlike my schooling where girls and boys were taught separately. They have the opportunity to ask any questions too, anonymously. There are so many misconceptions that kids hear from other kids, that it’s important to educate them properly. Whilst it would be great for children and teens to chat to teen parents, I can’t imagine ANY school would want Farrah to be the one doing the teaching! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. This is in Florida so I’m sure it’s different in different states, but as far as I know we have sex ed in the 4th grade (age 9-10) that is strictly about puberty. Boys and girls are separated. Then, in 10th grade we have Life Skills Management and it’s supposed to help you live normally/I actually kind of can’t even know what the goal is except to be scared into not doing drugs and not having sex. They showed a lot of pictures of sexually transmitted infections. Those were the only two times it was really addressed in formal schooling. I remember getting most of my sex ed information from magazines growing up. It may be better now (I graduated from high school around 10 years ago).

      As an interesting add-on, I learned more about drugs in my driver’s ed class than I ever would have on the street. 1/3-1/2 of that class was about drug use because they didn’t want you to drive a car while high or drunk.

      1. KT, I definitely think it helps having them taught the same things together. It stops the rumours and secrecy. We had one session at school I think, and I remember starting my period and being terrified!! Xx

    2. If I remember correctly when I was in school we weren’t really taught about sex education until 6th grade (11-12 years old). Which was a bit late because kids had already heard things and some girls were starting their periods by then. 6th grade was almost 20 years ago for me so I’m not sure if they do it differently now. I will be teaching my kids about long before that age though. And if Farrah were to teach a class about it My kids would definitely be skipping school that day lol

      1. Jade, it was the same when I was at school, we were 11. We watched a video and that was it. I’ve chatted to my own children about sex abd relationships since they were really young. It’s definitely stopped that embarrassment about saying specific words! Xx

    3. I live in the US and we actually had a similar setup to you. Annually starting around 7 or so, boys and girls would be separated. It started with things like body parts, went to periods (for women) and then ended in the full blown sex education, prevention, etc. This was at public school in a probably conservative-learning area of the Midwest, so i was really surprised to find out when i was older that many people received abstinence only education, and some hardly received any education at all!

  14. It’ll be a miracle if Sophia can make it to her mid 20s without getting pregnant. It’s disturbing how much her mom throws sex in her face.

      1. Or not,
        Hoping that she will be the next “Teen Mom” and earn her “fortune” the way her trash bag (non)mother did.😕

        They are and will always be pure trash

  15. I’m confused what Farrah is saying. Was she expecting other parents to educate her daughter about sex, she found out other parents weren’t educating their kids about sex, or there were older male siblings of Sophia’s friends talking about sex at sleepovers?

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Farrah is so delusional..Sophia is so exposed to Farrah Sexual stuff, especially doing “only fans” while Sophia is home..going to Dubai, leaving Sophia in hotel room alone while mommy gets boned and paid..Tenants at Farrah’s apartment complained theres different men in and out…Farrah is a whore. I doubt there is a mom who would let Bratty Sophia near their son..

    2. From what I understood from her blabber is that her female bestfriends have older brothers who probably are already sexually active so it’s important for Sofia to know about this if one of the boys will want to sleep with her. Or something. I have no idea, my head hurts.

    1. Doubtful. Where is she homeschooling? If it’s California, they have the strictest laws so I’m not buying it. Parents like Farrah are why the Coalition for Responsible Homeschooling exists and why I’m a member. I’m a homeschool mom. I won’t knock it obviously but people like Farrah and the Duggars need to have some accountability when it comes to educating their children properly. The more we hear their stupidity the more I have to read comments about ‘real school’ which are ignorant and based on stereotypes like Farrah and the Duggars. Homeschool can be ‘real school’ if done properly. Maybe stop using that phrase when most of the world is homeschooling at the moment? You don’t have to insult ALL homeschoolers. Maybe educate YOURSELF about the practice and watching Counting On doesn’t count. We have a higher graduation rate than public schools. A larger number of homeschool kids go to college. Universities seek out homeschool kids cause we boost grade averages. Screw your ‘real school’ bullshit.

      1. Wow-Farrah and the Duggars.
        Don’t usually have a reason to group the two together.
        Kind of want to see Farrah, Michelle, and Jim Bob on a homeschooling panel together, and watch as all parties somehow manage to make literally everything about sex (seriously, remember the time he took Jinger turkey hunting and made THAT about sex? Good grief.).

          1. It was something to the effect turkeys responding to the calls because they want to mate and using it as an opportunity to reminding her that men and boys have no self-control, guarding your heart and being sure to only only side-hug until you’re married (I wish I was making that up).

            You know what my *actual* sex-positive friends talk to their kids about? Lots of things besides sex. Treating human sexuality as A Thing That is Normal and Exists somehow means puberty question/appropriate answer/looking up current local COVID restrictions/relenting that the older two can make pizza IF THEY LET THE YOUNGER KIDS HELP and at least clean up the dough mess. Versus the Duggars, who even make toddler girls abide by the strict modesty codes (lest they defraud/tempt a male), and hump each other on a mini-golf double date with their daughter’s and her bf.

  16. Who is going to have the safe sex talk with Farrah? She seems to need it more than Sophia.

    When my kid asked where babies came from, I told her. She knows all the things. But I don’t think I ever waived a dildo in her face. Figured I’d save that for her bachelorette party, but ok.

  17. I’m sure whatever Sophia heard from these other kids (which -sleepovers? Yeah right, the poor kid has no real friends, only paid collabs ) wasn’t simply mentions of what sex is, but rather people asking her why her mother did a porn or makes molds of her vagina or gets her vaginal surgeries streamed online. In other words, ok Farrah, let’s not pretend your story is at all even close to factual. Puh-lease.

  18. Someone go get that cute puppy away from them. Poor thing prob got hit in the head with a sex toy. Ive seen more dog abuse over the years, that I start to hear that sad “Arms of the Angels….” tune starts in my head when I see them onscreen.

  19. I would pop Farrah in her very over inflated mouth if she ever tried to educate my child about sex. What is she going to discuss? How to profit from being back doored? Plus, it’s kind of ironic to put Farrah & educate in the same sentence..I think her & Jenelle went to the same school for “dramatics”.

  20. If hitting people in the face is the new trend, please hit yourself Farrah

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