‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans & Husband David Eason Under Police Investigation After David Posts Video of Them Illegally Self-Towing a Stranger’s Truck

“Y’all need some help movin’ yer car! Call On The Land Towin’ & Hitchin’!”

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason took it upon themselves on Wednesday to aggressively tow a stranger’s truck because they believed the truck’s owner parked too close to David’s boat. As per usual, the controversy-loving reality stars filmed the entire incident– and it seems that the Wilmington, North Carolina, police are none-too-thrilled with the Easons’ do-it-yourself “On The Land” Towing Service!

Wilmington Police Department Spokesperson Jennifer Dandron confirmed to local WECT News that they are investigating the incident.

“We were made aware of the video soon after it was posted online and immediately began investigating it. This is an absolutely inappropriate way to handle parking issues,” she told the news outlet, before confirming that the truck’s driver has been identified.

In the video, which David said he posted to his newly created YouTube channel because Instagram is still locking him out (over his other recent shenanigans), David can be seen hooking a winch to a truck that is parked behind his boat. He then uses his own truck to try to pull the stranger’s truck backward. When his first attempts fail, David declares that he has to “drag it f**king sideways!”

“He’s dern lucky I didn’t fill his truck with uppercuts!”

The stranger’s truck starts screeching as it is pulled backward aggressively. Jenelle can be heard cackling behind the camera.

“Pulled that motherf**ker out of the way!” she declares gleefully.

David proudly posted the video to his new YouTube channel, promising subscribers even more videos of  On-The-Land (and around The Land) hijinks!

“Learn the right way to deal will a$$holes who think it’s cool to block you in a parking space,” he wrote. “Good thing my trailer has a folded tongue that allowed me to get my truck out so I can tow him out of the way, in order to move my boat. Subscribe to my page to see a lot more interesting videos in the future!”

According to WCET, the Wilmington PD is now investigating the incident, and it has yet to be determined if David and/or Jenelle will face charges.

The incident occurred in Downtown Wilmington.

Of course, this is just the latest controversial video to come from David. Last week, after getting a visit from the Secret Service, David posted a series of chilling videos in which he threatened to shoot anyone who came on The Land unannounced. He also showcased his arsenal of weapons and ammo in the videos. One day later, in a second video, he seemed to be recanting some of his statements, though. He also announced that Instagram had blocked him from logging into his account.

In the YouTube video’s comment section, David and Jenelle were scolded for what they did.

“What did they even do wrong? They were perfectly in their space,” one person wrote of the other driver’s truck. “Looks like your boat motor was in their space. You two are so childish. If someone did this to y’all, oh my lord you two would flip out.”

“Destruction of property because you’re annoyed? Cute,” another person wrote. “You broke the law, they did not. There was plenty of room for them to park there and if you didn’t want people to park there you should have pulled the boat into both spots and paid for both spots. You literally just posted evidence against yourself thinking you were in the right. This is comedy gold, but I hope the owner gets a nice new truck out of your stupidity.”

Watch David’s video of the incident below. (Be forewarned, though, that it does contain plenty of naughty language!)

UPDATE! Ben Sharp, a reporter for WECT, has interviewed the owner of the truck that David and Jenelle “towed.” According to tweets posted by Ben on Wednesday night, the owner– Terry Hill–claims that the incident took place in June, and that his truck’s transmission was ruined because of what the Easons did.

“I have just wrapped up an interview with Terry Hill, the man whose truck was towed by Eason,” Ben tweeted. “Terry confirmed it was his truck in the video. He had to replace his transmission after this. The incident happened June 13.”

Ben stated that WECT reached out to David for a comment, and David initially tried to lie and say that it was staged and they used his friend’s truck in the video as a way to increase subscribers to his YouTube account. However, Ben then told David that he knew this was a lie, given that he had just interviewed Terry, the real owner of the truck, who does not know David and Jenelle.

“David Eason, reached by email, claims this was a YouTube stunt to gain followers,” Ben tweeted. “David said this was his friend’s truck, and even doubled down when I told him we were interviewing Terry. David repeatedly denied requests for an interview, saying he didn’t have time.”

In the video, Jenelle can be heard commenting that the owner of the truck did not have any money left in their parking meter and seemed to use that as a reason for their “tow.” Ben explained why Terry did not have any money in the meter.

“Terry also had a handicap sign on his truck. He has knee problems. People with handicap signs can park for free in downtown Wilmington without paying anything in the meter,” Ben tweeted.

Terry reportedly told Ben that he will not try to get the cost of damages back from David. However, the Wilmington Police are still investigating what happened.

“Terry, whose truck was damaged by David Eason, tells me he has no intention to sue David,” Ben tweeted. “Terry told me he just feels bad for David, who verbally threatened Terry that day. The local police are currently investigating, they have not released any charges filed yet.”

Terry’s interview appeared on the local news on Wednesday. Watch it below:

UPDATE #2! On Thursday, Jenelle responded to the news report featuring Terry. In a message shared to her Facebook page, she blamed Terry and blasted WECT for being “fake news.”

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(Photos: YouTube, MTV)

61 Responses

  1. “I watch FOX news because they tell the truth.”

    Pretty sure that’s a little Fox News icon with the station call letters…

  2. And this clown wonders why people are happy for Chelsea having a new baby and not for her.
    Mother of the Year again Jenelle, mother of the year.

  3. I don’t know which is funnier – that Jenelle claims David was going to go to work after breakfast, or that she’s criticizing someone for cussing in front of her kids which she and David do non-stop!

  4. Anyone see the blind reveal that said David thinks of Bristol Palin when he’s having sex with Jenelle? If it’s true then Jenelle must have like no self esteem.

  5. These two need some actual consequences so that *maybe* they will realize they can’t do whatever the heck they want… aka – being a responsible adult.

  6. My husband’s childhood friend recently smoked some meth and thought aliens were trying to kill him to steal a meteorite he had found and he was held up in a trailer, naked with a crossbow when the cops found him and shot him in the armpit. Then this week his missing half-sister/lover’s body was found on the property.

    These are the types of people I’m used being around and I STILL find Jenelle and Lurch super trashy. I can see them ending in a similar situation.

      1. Jay, Florida. And yes. But none of the news articles have mentioned the sibling thing. It’s under investigation. They’re running DNA on the remains right now to confirm it’s her. And some people are speculating that it was their other brother that killed her.

        Google “Florida man naked with crossbow shot by police aliens” or something along those lines and it should pop up on Pensacola News Journal.

  7. Whoa the reasons just get worse, Terry is a bigger person than me. Transmission replacement is expensive and it would have been my vehicle, it would have really put me in a bind financially trying to juggle a bill of $2000+.

    On a truck that size the quote could be 4k-8k. ??

  8. These two are so fucking dumb it’s almost unbelievable. That truck was parked within the lines of his own spot and their stupid boat was over the line.
    It sucks there are such shitty people in the world. David & Jenelle, you are the worst.

  9. I am surprised he isn’t in jail yet. And with his arrest/conviction record why is this man allowed to own all the weapons he has…Yet when something bad DOES and will happen everyone will ask why. I support ones right to own a gun trust me but this psycho????

  10. I couldn’t even stand to watch this brainless twat-ery all the way to the end.

    And along with calling these two brain farting meth heads ignoramus trash — I actually feel the need to “apologize” to all other ignoramus trash for the reference.


  11. David is such a trolling POS who is the true definition of a menace to society, and I cannot wait until karma finally catches up with him… You cant treat people the way that he does and expect good things to come out of it…That poor Terry guy. New transmissions ARE NOT cheap. I wish he would just sue David and Jenelle for emotional distress and a new car, but David probably threatened to kill him if he did.

  12. Who are we kidding? Nothing will come of this. The law won’t touch them. It might as well be the North Carolina advertising campaign. “Come to NC, we will never hold you accountable for drug addled violence or property crimes”.

  13. “Terry told me he just feels bad for David.” ? BURN! David is literally so pathetic that this stranger, who was clearly wronged and deserves financial compensation, feels too sorry for David to collect. I suppose he recognized David’s severe mental handicap.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. They are both total white trash. I am afraid for the kids though. They absolutely need to be taken out of that house, off the land. Someone is going to get killed. David shd check in to an institution. He truly is sick. They are both so gross, vile.

  14. These two are the epitome of ignorance, I swear. They’ve always been dumber than dirt, but lately they seem like they’re on a year-long bender and are proudly speeding into a downward spiral. Is there some kind of contract that obligates them to act like belligerent, entitled assholes or are they really so childish that they have to constantly destroy everything around them, regardless of consequences? These two are a ticking time bomb and I don’t know why the fuck no one is removing those kids from their custody by now. Absolutely ridiculous.

  15. These people have extensive criminal records and literally commit crimes on film weekly yet still the law doesn’t touch them. I will never understand it.

    1. I would sue them too, personally, because I can be one spiteful bitch when I want to. THat said, I can understand why someone else might not even want that kind of trouble, news media all around and general asshatery associated with MTV and this gaggle of horrendous people. It does make sense, logically speaking. Sometimes, it’s best to cut your losses and be grateful that you can cut them.

  16. Terry told me he just feels bad for David, who verbally threatened Terry that day.

    Of course he did. He probably threatens the kid who takes his order at Burger King, and writes threats in his Christmas cards. I seriously question whether he has any idea how to interact with other human beings without using threats.

    1. The scary part thinking about this is how he even wooed Jenelle in the first place. I Guess she likes being verbally abused. (in the beginning, we know it’s far worse now). No wonder Jace doesn’t like to go there. I bet he starts screaming at him the second he walks on The Land. Poor Kaiser, Maryssa and Ensley…..having to listen to this every day, the latter is just a toddler!

      1. They should do a segment on their holiday special where David tries to read all the way through “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” without threats, profanity, or racial epithets. I think he’d be sweating and stammering by the time he got to “On Dasher!”

  17. And the hits keep coming. This video was from the summer and he wants to draw more negative attention to himself now?! It’s never going to end with that one until he is finally locked away or offs himself.

    The owner of the truck certainly should pursue damages if David’s stupidity destroyed his transmission. My guess is he isn’t going after them because he’s afraid – after the video of Lurch humping his guns and screaming nonsense I wouldn’t go after him either. At least not until he’s locked away for awhile.

    1. I thought the same thing! What other reason would he have to release such an incriminating video unless he’s seeking attention or looking for a standoff.

    2. He craves attention. He can’t access instagram and isn’t getting enough attention, so he does this. He’s like a baby having a tantrum bc he needs mommy/daddy. David is a very sick person honestly, and we should all stop giving him the attention he is so clearly looking for (though tbh.. I don’t want to think about what would happen if we actually ignored him)

  18. Why is their boat parked on a city street in the first place?
    Yes, I am waiting for the murder-suicide news as well, not that I want that to happen, it just seems that is where this is headed…or in a couple years, we’ll be reading a story where Jace kills them all in an effort to protect Kaiser.

  19. These two just disgust me more than any other reality being on tv. BTW what happened to their scuba diving business??/

  20. Does David know that his trailer hitch isn’t under the boat motor? That truck wasn’t blocking him in. This makes no sense.

  21. Lawd, MTV it’s time to cut ties with DUH-nelle. A little drama is fun to watch but, she’s one incident away from ending up on the ID channel. David is self-absorbed and dangerous. Jenelle is a self-entitled narcissist with victim mentality. They are pulling this shit to possibly get a spin-off on another network so, David can get paid to film. I think Nathan said it better than anyone… “You are just white trash that won the lottery”

  22. Whew! *wipes sweat away from forehead* The title for this article showed up in my email and all I saw was “Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle and her husband”. Thought sure it’d be followed up by “found dead from apparent murder/suicide”. Not that I wanted to see that, but the way things have been going lately, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  23. Just when I think he couldn’t be any dumber who goes and films himself committing a crime. Fuckin idiot

  24. Advantage of a folding tongue on a trailer is that you can unhitch it, fold the tongue back and get the truck out. A normal human would then pull the boat forward 2 feet, angle the front toward the street, hook up again and drive away.

    1. Boom!!! David Eason is going to lie his way outta this one too, they’ll have plenty time to come up with a story here. B.t.w., Marisa no longer lives with them all time either. Hmmmm

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