Kail Lowry Weighs In On Her Former Teen Mom 2′ Co-Star David Eason: “He is Unstable & Needs To Be Checked Into a Facility of Some Sort”

“I think he needs a therapy horse or something…”

Kail Lowry didn’t hold back while discussing the recent shenanigans of her former Teen Mom 2 co-star David Eason!

During the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail talked about David— who is the husband of Jenelle Evans— and his run-in with the Secret Service last week, as well as the creepy videos he’s been posting lately showing himself shooting things and bragging about his weapons.

“I definitely think that he is unstable,” Kail told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley.

As The Ashley has previously reported, Jenelle has been vocal about her support of David and his hi-jinks, regardless of what the consequences are for his actions. Kail criticized Jenelle for blindly supporting David.

“For me, as a woman who’s been married before… yeah, stand by your husband but also not if they’re completely out of their mind,” Kail said. “He needs to be checked into a facility of some sort.”

Kail also stated that she was worried about Jenelle’s safety after David posted a series of videos showing him threatening to shoot anyone who comes on The Land unannounced, and then shooting at targets to demonstrate his skills. (You can watch some of the videos below, but be forewarned that there is a lot of naughty language in the videos!)

Kail said she was so concerned about Jenelle after watching David’s videos that, despite their ongoing feud, she texted Jenelle to confirm she was OK. Kail said the phone number she had for Jenelle no longer belonged to the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star.

“I then reached out to a producer on the show and asked if we had confirmation that Jenelle was OK and I never got an response on that,” Kail said, adding that the videos of David shooting guns while the couple’s children are nearby worried her the most.

“He is going to set himself up, I think, to get into a lot of trouble. The whole situation is really unfortunate and sad because you can hear the kids in the background of him shooting at whatever he’s shooting at,” Kail said. “That’s completely irresponsible.”

“What concerns me, though, is the kids running around while he’s shooting targets…I just think there needs to be some type of safety around [guns], and him doing that while the kids are running around outside is probably not the safest thing to do.”

David— who was kicked off ‘Teen Mom 2’ in February after going on a homophobic rant on Twitter— recently started a YouTube channel to keep people posted on his latest hijinks, rants and assorted shenanigans. (The first video he posted has already gotten him into trouble with the Wilmington, North Carolina, police.)

Kail stated that she believes David continues to post controversial videos because he is no longer allowed to appear on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“He loves the attention and he has to get it some way or another because he’s not on the show anymore,” she said.

It looks like, even after the trouble David’s “self tow job” got him into, Jenelle is standing my her man. On Thursday, she posted a photo of herself with David to Facebook Stories, along with the hashtags “#ForeverAndAlways” “#LoveYouAlways” and “#AgainstAllOdds.”


Listen to the entire Coffee Convos podcast episode below!

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

41 Responses

  1. Jenelle responded by burning Kail’s Pothead peace offing on IG. And Kail just used that to promote her line by doing a flash sale with LIT as the promo. Pettiness all around!

    Honestly, if Kail was sincere about making amends with Jenelle, she would have left all recent events alone. But, she needs something to talk about.

  2. These two are officially off the deep end. I used to feel bad for Jenelle, she was clearly desperate for love and acceptance and refused to accept it from the one person who gave it – her mother. She sought it from complete losers and trash. But she’s so brainwashed by this hilly billy garbage pile that she’s lost any redeeming qualities. She’s just as bad as he is. MTV needs to just pull the plug on her because keeping her on their bank roll just means easier access to meth and guns for them. They think they’re Bonnie and Clyde. Two uneducated hicks inflicting all kinds of damage on those kids. I won’t be shocked at all when it’s reported that David killed them all then himself. What does shock me are the idiots on her Insta that defend her or say that David and Jenelle are relationship goals. Since when did codependence and abuse become goals?!

    1. Love the name and the weird little purple monster that we’re automatically assigned looks something that lives in David’s beard. I wish my monster were puke green to match my namesake Keiffah’s hoodie.

  3. Update!!! Jenelle shows she’s as crazy as her husband posting a video of her burning Kail’s hair products in the yard. Like do they seriously have nothing better to do then terrorize people and laugh about it?

    1. Jenelle is cuckoo, kail try’s to reach out and show some concern which is more than what the other girls do. And she is only telling the truth about David, Jenelle will defend that pig till hier death, he could break her jaw and she’ll say he didn’t mean it. She’s pathetic

  4. As much fun as the Jenelle always is, let’s chat about another TM villianess. On a scale of 1 to “letter to Maci, how pissed off do we think Mack is that Rhine’s Already back on Tinder and hasn’t been home in a few days?

    1. Lol! I can’t believe he’s so publicly doing that. I think Mack is boiling, but standing by all her damage control and confident that we buy the fake Instagram page she runs under Rhine’s name. That pic of her with the ?….he would never, ever, ever in a million years post that.

    2. You already know she pretends to be Helen Keller when it comes to Rhines infidelities and drug habit. She’s too prideful and dumb to leave him, no matter what he does…that’s why he continues to do it. He knows she’s willing and able to be his doormat.

  5. I’m gonna say it once and for all: Jenelle needs to leave him if she wants to live. If she doesn’t treasure her children’s lives, at least she can treasure hers.

  6. The person that should really be speaking out is Nathan since his son is stuck with the Neanderthal and that psycho enabling bitch. I’m hoping he’s keeping quiet on the advice of an attorney and not because he’s too busy having another meltdown, too focused on MY GYM TIME, going on a bender or chasing girls. It’s obvious that Kaiser is in danger – hopefully Nathan and Dorris can do something before it’s too late. Even if Kaiser isn’t directly harmed, what he’s witnessing could scar him.

    1. It’s smarter for Nathan and Doris to stay quiet and let David and Jenelle continue to pile on more evidence to use against Jenelle in court. If I recall, last season (or the season prior) Nathan did reach out to Jenelle to make sure she was ok and it got turned into something else from Jenelle and David. Nathan’s also had a girlfriend for a long period of time. Nathan and Doris have tried taking the custody situation into their own hands (remember how that turned out with cops….etc). Some states are easier than others to have custody taken away from the mother, unfortunately. I highly doubt Nathan and Doris have stopped fighting for custody of Kaiser.

    1. “You ain’t room to talk”? What the hell kind of English is that?

      No matter how shitty of a person Kail may be (and this is in no way defending HER, just her words), she is not wrong. He is clearly, completely and utterly, unstable.

    2. Kail doesn’t seem like she might murder her children any minute now, so yes I would say she does have room to talk. David keeps the standards at an all time low.

  7. Jenelle and david are fine. Didn’t yall know they are the victims in everything? He didn’t threaten the president or the secret service. Their dv altercation was a total accident. They even went into the restaurant and asked that guy to move his truck and most definitely knew for a fact that he isn’t disabled. This is all just a big misunderstanding?

  8. I’m sick of Dr. Drew. I remember when he was defending David even though it was obvious to viewers how abusive he was. He is always defending the girls for putting their children in terrible situations. Dr. Drew needs to lose his license period. All of the girls on teen mom og and teen mom have done nothing but reproduce. As much as I’m not a fan of Kailyn she does keep her house clean, her children appear well taken care of, she has a college degree, other then her bouncing from relationship to relationship I see her being the only teen mom okay without the TV show.

  9. Kail stay in your own lane. Quit trying to get publicity for your pod cast. Why not talk about Chris abusing you or have your dad on the show?

        1. Hatred isn’t the word I would use, more like obsession(and it’s been going on for quite a long time, lol).

          On most of the things The Ashley posts, even if completely unrelated to Kail, this person brings her up in the comments.

          At this point, it’s comical, lol. I think many long time readers of the site will agree, it’s an oddity to not see these comments.

          I don’t like Kail either, she has many, many faults(of course, most humans do, we just don’t get to see them play out on tv/online), but this person is ridiculously obsessed.

          1. Lol I was trying to be nice. I was going to say “irrational hatred” because yeah it’s just comical at this point.

  10. It’s really not Kail’s business. None of the producers own Kail an explanation. She is fake concerned for fame.

  11. Jenelle seemed fine, probably drunk, possibly high in very new pictures.
    She is just as crazy and she was holding the camera for most of his weird video’s. David’s sister claims David is also spiraling out of control because of the bad influence she has on David and I think there is a lot of truth in that. He is getting worse and worse and so is she.
    She is just hiding behind him, pretending to be this protective mom and good wife but she is pushing the buttons.

  12. The fact that there seems to be no confirmation that Jenelle is okay is kind of scary. I wouldn’t put it past David to kill her and just post old pictures to her social media accounts. There’s needs to be a welfare check on her and the kids.

    1. Jenelle seemed fine, probably drunk, possibly high in very new pictures.
      She is just as crazy and she was holding the camera for most of his weird video’s. David’s sister claims David is also spiraling out of control because of the bad influence she has on David and I think there is a lot of truth in that. He is getting worse and worse and so is she.
      She is just hiding behind him, pretending to be this protective mom and good wife but she is pushing the buttons.

      1. Let’s remember that David was a violent piece of trash before Jenelle. He assaulted his pregnant ex and landed in jail (with Courtland, which is how he found out about Jenelle). He was a violent psycho already. His sister has a HUGE blind spot when it comes to David. Jenelle is to blame for a lot of things, but David’s temper and volatility is not her fault.

        1. That is soooo insane that that’s how he found out about her, soo damn creepy.. I don’t know how I didn’t know that

  13. Can we all agree to never look at David’s posts on any site?
    We can read about them here.
    I want him to suck it up that nobody really cares about his nonsense.

  14. Cue Jenelle piping up trashing Kail, when Kailyn is only showing concern for her and her KIDS, which clearly Jenelle has no concern about her own kids

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