EXCLUSIVE! Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad David Eason’s Self-Towing Court Case Has Finally Come to An End

“I reckon they’re relieved they don’t have to see this mug ’round the courthouse no more!”

After literally years of continuations, David Eason‘s never-ending “self towing” court case is finally over.

As you may remember, the former Teen Mom 2 dad was charged in December 2018 with two misdemeanors, after he posted a video of himself hitching a stranger’s truck and yanking it back, because he felt the truck’s owner had parked too close to his precious boat. The video, which was filmed in June 2018 but not posted until that December, gave the truck’s owner, Terry Hill, enough evidence to file the criminal charges against David. 

The court date has been continued numerous times since Mr. Jenelle Evans was charged with one misdemeanor count of “Injury to Personal Property” and one charge of “Tampering with a Vehicle.”

David’s case was heard in a New Hanover County, North Carolina, courtroom on November 12. A court clerk confirmed to The Ashley on Friday that the charges were officially dropped against David and the case has been dismissed.

Last week, a court clerk confirmed to The Ashley that David had hired himself a lawyer for the case. (Previously, he had been using a court-appointed attorney.) 

“I’m so ding-dang proud!”

In August, David stated that Terry did, in fact, win something in regard to the court case; however, The Ashley is unable to find any evidence of this, and the case was ongoing until November 12.

“Everybody want to talk s**t about me but this SOB is still driving his truck without having to repair it for over a year and a half now!” David wrote on Facebook at the time, along with a link to his video. “The ONLY reason he won in court is because I missed the court date while at another court hearing in TN!”

Everybody want to talk shit about me but this SOB is still driving his truck without having to repair it for over a year…

Posted by David Eason on Friday, August 7, 2020

The video in question was originally uploaded to YouTube by the Easons and was deemed by the Wilmington Police Department to be enough evidence back in 2018 to charge David.

In the video, David was seen hooking a winch to a truck that is parked behind his boat. He then uses his own truck to try to pull the stranger’s truck backward. When his first attempts fail, David declares that he has to “drag it f**king sideways!”

Although Jenelle was shown in the video (cackling and congratulating David for pulling “that motherf**ker out of the way!”) she was not charged in the incident.

After the police were told about the video, Wilmington Police Department Spokesperson Jennifer Dandron confirmed to local WECT News that they were investigating the incident.

“Courtesy of On The Land Towin’!”

“We were made aware of the video soon after it was posted online and immediately began investigating it. This is an absolutely inappropriate way to handle parking issues,” she told the news outlet.

After the video went public, Terry told WECT6 that his wife encouraged him to take legal action against David.

“I went home last night, and I was talking with my wife, and she says, ‘Somebody has to stop this guy,’ and the viewers that we talked to on her computer, they said, ‘Y’all need to press charges,’ and so I decided I would,” Terry said at the time. “I’m going to try to do my best to be a law-abiding citizen, and he needs to do the same thing. From the reports I looked at and the videos I’ve seen, somebody has got to stop him. He’s going to cause a lot of trouble.”

Terry continued his battle against David for nearly two years, but has now dropped all charges against David. 

Although this case is over, David still has plenty of courtin’ to do. He is due back in the New Hanover County courthouse on December 11, to answer to a charge of driving on a revoked license and speeding

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(Photos: MTV, YouTube, Facebook) 


  1. Oh good Jenelles lawyers got him out of another jam
    He probably agreed to pay something if he dropped the charges.

    Someone with a calender full of mug shots like them should not get away with stuff so easily

  2. I tell you what I learned here. I see that dudes truck and boat parked somewhere on the street, I am not parking anywhere near that rig, word.

    stay lit

  3. Usually when authorities fail to hold people responsible these kind of people will one day manage to mess with the wrong individual who will dole out their own justice. It’s shocking how many times these two have been in court for serious offences and yet have not faced any actual punishment.
    Property damage, assault, drug use, child abuse…… karma will find them one day. Everyone needs to stop following her and clicking so she gets views!

  4. The Easons probably settled and paid for the mans repairs or podsibly a new truck for the him to drop the charges. After 2 yrs of continuations im sure the plaintiff was exhausted and just wanted his truck repaired. The Easons didnt get away with it. They wasted 2 yrs of their life and drowning in legal bills and still ended up having to pay.

  5. Imagine your calendar being filled only with never ending court dates? No events, no plans with friends…. just court dates for all eternity.

  6. Let me see if I understand this: this self deprecating, entitled, chest puffer idiot not only took it upon himself to move someone else’s truck with a chain bc it was “too close”to that little tin bowl he calls a boat, but he was dumb enough to record it, and took the crown of dumbest criminal by actually posting the video to public forums all while thinks incident was still being investigated by police? Just how stupid can he get? You know what impressed me the most about this model of intelligence? He didn’t even have the chain hooked up in the proper place to actually move said vehicle. Again I ask…just how stupid is this certifiable jackass

  7. How the hell do these two scumbags get away with EVERYTHING?! And David talking shit about Terry driving around with a car in disrepair? DAVID FUCKING CAUSED THE ISSUES WITH THE CAR!! Why the hell did he just drop the charges?! I’m so over these two facing NO ramifications for their actions. Ugh.

    1. Jenelle, David and co like to spin the story a lot. Maybe Terry got the truck repaired with his own money simply out of necessity. I know I have had my car in the repair shop for days before, and it is definitely missed and needed. No doubt Terry did have two years to wait on not driving his vehicle. Terry won something from the case, maybe that was monetary for the repairs.

  8. Do we know why it was dismissed? Maybe there was a civil compromise, in which case Lurch likely paid a sum of money. I hate the trash bag Easons always get away with their vile shenanigans.

  9. I didn’t even need to read the article to know that David got away with it…again. Just like he and Jenelle do every, single time they do something criminal. They are never held responsible and apparently never will be. It’s disgusting.

    1. My guess is Babs helped them financially with the lawyer, and that Lurch harassed the old man to make him drop charges.

    2. Either Jenelle nade a deal witb VIBID or she is still making money of her social media. One teen Mom reportedly majes $15,000 a month off posting clickbait. As long as Jenelle maintains a huge social media folliwing she will make money.

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