Update on Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star David Eason’s Court Date for “Self Towing” a Stranger’s Truck

“At this point I should just sleep in the courthouse parking lot…”

David Eason has been logging some major court hours lately— and that won’t change any time soon!

A New Hanover County clerk confirmed to The Ashley on Monday, following David’s court hearing that morning, that Jenelle Evans‘ husband is due back in court on July 29 to answer to the charges against him after he posted a video of himself “self towing” a stranger’s truck out of a parking spot on a North Carolina street. Currently, David is facing one misdemeanor count of “Injury to Personal Property” and one charge of “Tampering with a Vehicle.”

According to the clerk, David has nothing to do with the case being continued…this time.

“The case was continued at the discretion of either the judge or the District Attorney,” he told The Ashley.

After David’s last court hearing in June, a county clerk told The Ashley that David did not have a public defender assigned to him. In the time since that hearing, though, he has obtained a court-appointed attorney. (As The Ashley told you, David has a public defender representing him in the custody court case to get back the children he shares with Jenelle, even though Jenelle has hired her own lawyer for the case.)

“He parked close to my boat…MY BOAT! What was I supposed to do? NOT tow it?!”

“Either [David] or his attorney were present [today in court],” the clerk told The Ashley. (Had David or his attorney not shown up for the court date, a warrant would have been issued for David’s arrest.) 

In case you’re confused as to which of Mr. Jenelle Evans’ antics this case is in regard to, the former Teen Mom 2 star was officially charged on December 23 with two misdemeanors, stemming from the video he posted of himself “self-towing” a stranger’s truck because David felt the truck’s owner had parked too close to his precious boat. The video, which was filmed in June but not posted until December, gave the truck’s owner, Terry Hill, enough evidence to file the criminal charges against David. 

“Courtesy of On The Land Towin’!”

In the incriminating video, which David posted to his new YouTube account on December 19, David can be seen hooking a winch to Terry’s truck that is parked behind his boat. He then uses his own truck to try to pull Terry’s truck backward. When his first attempts fail, David declares that he has to “drag it f**king sideways!” Terry’s truck starts screeching as it is pulled backward aggressively. Jenelle can be heard cackling behind the camera.

“Pulled that motherf**ker out of the way!” Jenelle says.

David and Jenelle will be back at court tomorrow— this time in Columbus County— to discuss their custody reunification plan with the judge. He will give the Easons a list of actions they need to complete in order to have a chance to regain custody of their children…well, at least some of them, anyway

You can watch the swampy self-towing shenanigans go down in the video below. (Be forewarned, though, that the video contains some naughty language.)

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(Photos: YouTube, Instagram)

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  1. A cursory glance shows that the person incorrectly parked was UBT. The boats engine protruded into the white trucks space, UBTs vehicle sh been cited and towed.

  2. Did he even actually have a job??
    I know he was forever driving around “The Land” on his bobcat machine, BUT did he ever actually do ANYTHING?

  3. And it’s all going to catch up with him ! So payed a fortune in legal fees, CONTINUED to fuk up; so jail AND BROKE !
    You just have to love Karma !

  4. His court appointed attorneys have their job cut out for them. David will be in jail once all is said and done. MTV must have really paid some serious legal wranglers to have kept these dum dums out of prison for all these years.

    1. And it’s all going to catch up with him ! So payed a fortune in legal fees, CONTINUED to fuk up; so jail AND BROKE !
      You just have to love Karma !

  5. Wooo! I wish Ole Davey boy had gotten “harrested.” Come to think of it, it’s about time for some new mug shots, isn’t it? No kids to cramp their style, drugs out the wazoo…add that to a firepit out in the swamp and you’ve got a situation ripe for some misunderstanding and mug shots.

  6. Hey Ashley can you get a interview from the road rage guy? I would like to hear his opinion on these 2 morons.

  7. “He has no money in the meter.” What Jenelle, you’re a meter reader now? You couldn’t get a job as a meter reader.

  8. Awful convenient it showed up right after CPS took Ensley, I’m so glad Jenelle had her makeup on so they could answer the door for the police. Hey David and Jenelle I know you read these comments I have a message for you…I am glad you are getting run over by the Karma bus and I hope it even stops and backs up and runs over you again. But just remember this your money is going to run out soon and you will not be White Trash that won the Lottery anymore, you will just be plain old WHITE TRASH.

  9. First of all, their video shows two assholes, but also shows the parking lines which the truck is clearly within; their boat motor is hanging over.
    If anyone touched anything Jenelle has bought David in the same manner David would f-ing lose his mind and either sue or threaten gun-violence. Their trash with money.

        1. And there’s NO disguising that cackle!…..

          I BET he pleads not guilty! Because no-one can outsmart David Eason!…. What a dickhead.

  10. That still pisses me off…you don’t mess with somebody’s car. David ruined that poor man’s transmission. I really really hope that the courts show David no mercy, and give him whatever the maximum punishment is…harrest him, fine him, I don’t care. Just give him the max. David thinks he’s above the law, it’s past time to prove him wrong.

          1. You will get Harrested, for Arassment them’s mi takin words.

            I don’t care who the fuck you iz, you don’t trespass on mi land, screw you f b eye!!!!!

            I hope this twat gets his comeuppance

    1. They have no boundaries! Complete disrespect for others and their property. I hate them so much, I can’t even look at them.

  11. They should probably rent a camper and just stay in the courthouse parking lot for like the next 3 months

    1. They might have to do that anyway, No big fat MTV paychecks coming in, Goodbye to “The Land”
      Goodbye to the house!!!!

  12. Maybe they are waiting on other charges to be filed on this custody case.I can see the DA rescheduling for that.

  13. The Justice for nugget petition still doesn’t have the 2000 signatures they want. Discouraging ?

    1. I have just read that a petition Change.org.petition
      for Nugget has reached 500,000

        1. I’ve sent it through several links . I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, so I’ve actually just reached out and emailed the link so hopefully that gets it out there ??

  14. Maybe their dealer knew they weren’t going to be home;So they dropped it off in the letterbox to save them having to go out later to pick it up .

  15. That white powder they claim was sent to them. They probably sent it to try and get some sympathy

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. In the first place “The Land” is not easy to find and In the second place they are not famous enough to be targets for an anonymous person.

      1. OR…….CPS Planted it there to make them look bad!…….(Make David and Jenelle) look bad.
        So if they get tested for drugs and their tests come up positive for drugs, they’ll claim that they have been “set up”.

  16. I would like to know why the good, taxpaying citizens of New Hanover County are paying for this idiots lawyer? Why is he getting a public defender which is free to the Eason family? They are not indigent!! They own property, a house, nice cars, boats, all terrain vehicles, etc. The taxpayers in New Hanover County should all be calling the District attorney, the court house, and the county board of supervisors. He and Janelle should be ordered by the court to reimburse the county. I wonder if he lied on the form the court had them complete listing their income and assets? This is ridiculous!!!

    1. Whom should we ask that question? I was looking at a website but idk…..I want to know why the tax payers have to pay. I don’t live there but still

      1. It doesn’t seem really fair?Considering the assets they have got, I wouldn’t think he’d be eligible ! I hope he gets sued for damages!

      2. Here’s the District Attorney’s number in New Hanover County (910) 772-6610, and here is the number for the New Hanover County Court (910) 772-6600. I hope this helps.

    2. While I agree with you and you’re 100% spot on here, I believe the reason is because he hasn’t earned any income (or very little) in over a year. He was fired from Teen Mom.

      What’s confusing is why they aren’t including Jenelle’s income. I don’t work (I stay home with my kids for now, and just do limited part time work), and any time I report income, it’s “household income”. While the little bit I earn would likely qualify me for a public defender, I’m sure my husband’s income would disqualify me. Of course, I’m not spending all my time in multiple court rooms, so what do I know?

      1. Yeah , I thought considering that they’re married that their income would be combined and assessed.

    3. They probably file their taxes “ married filing separately”
      I understand everyone’s outrage with the tax payers flipping the bill , just hear me out before you start ringing the phones.A) David was just fine with only having a public defender when it came to his kids, my guess is, he’s not going to be as willing to have his own ass be taken away. B) do you really want to force his hand to hire a well seasoned lawyer? Let’s face it, he’s not going to defend himself.
      So you have choice one : a public defender that is most likely wet behind the ears and can’t believe he’s being forced to represent the biggest asshole in the land.
      Choice two: he hires a lawyer that is going in to battle with years of experience that knows every nook and granny he can use to earn his huge fees.

      The point is moot because they’ve already assigned the case, BUT… you never know if someone is willing to handle his case just for the publicity if there’s enough outcry.

      1. Does make me feel a bit better that Jenelle seems to have her own account and may have actually protected her assets. She seems to have learned over time of her mom finally convinced her to make sure she keeps money and relationships separate.

        1. There’s no way she is smart with money. Look at everything they have while he hasn’t worked since he met her except his stint on MTV. The land and the house are in his name even though she paid for everything. Not to mention the cars, boats, pool, all their previous court cases, bail, his “boating business”, child support for Kaden, all their vacations, drugs…

      2. Did he even actually have a job??
        I know he was forever driving around “The Land” on his bobcat machine, BUT did he ever actually do ANYTHING?

    1. What about the white powder sent to the monsters? That was at the same time that CPS took Ensley?

    2. They are the stupidest people I know. They think it’s funny when it’s actually not.
      I think I missed something about the white powder. What’s up with that?

      1. Apparently they received a “package of white powder” in their mail box…..Just hours after CPS took Ensley from the home. They called 911 because “APPARENTLY ” it hadn’t been posted but “SOME-ONE” must have put it there! A bit of a coincidence I think!
        My honest opinion is that those two pieces of scum are going to try and say it was “planted there” by CPS to make them look bad .

  17. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    David and Jenelle both need to face jail time over this incident. David is the worst husband ever. Jenelle has stood beside David on every outrageous stunt he has done. David isn’t totally to blame BUT Jenelle herself is too. This man brutally murders your pet; and is abusive to your children, plus is the reason your children are taking from you????. But yet Jenelle us standing by her man. What a loser as a mom. Neither one of them deserve their freedom or children.

  18. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    How on earth does he get a court appointed attorney when they have money to pay for one, they are married so her income is his income. Tax payers paying for his attorney is just another slap in the face for everyone

  19. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I don’t understand how he thought he was aloud to touch someone’s truck like that?? And it was not even parked that close to his “precious boat” they should have just left and minded their own business! Karma is definitely come back to these two!

  20. Ashley do you think that the judge continued this case in order to let the custody and cps investigation play out first?

  21. I find it disgusting that this ogre felt he had a right to touch someone’s else’s property. I’m glad the law has finally caught up with these two.

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