Not Off the Hook! Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star David Eason Required to Attend June Court Date to Face Charges in “Self-Towing” Incident (Exclusive Details!)


“Geez, you tow one stranger’s truck illegally and you have to deal with all this ruckus…”


David Eason has not managed to worm his way out of the charges he received back in December after posting a video of himself “self-towing” a stranger’s truck while his wife Jenelle Evans giggled and filmed it!

A New Hanover County clerk confirmed to The Ashley on Monday, following David’s court hearing that morning, that David is due back in court on June 3 to answer to the charges, which include one misdemeanor count of “Injury to Personal Property” and one charge of “Tampering with a Vehicle.” 

The clerk confirmed to The Ashley that the victim, Terry Hill, will be issued a subpoena to testify at the June court date and that David will be required to attend that court date.

“If he does not attend, an order for his arrest will be issued,” the clerk stated. 

As for what happened in court on Monday, the clerk stated that a continuance was issued. It is not known if David has retained a lawyer on his own dime, but a public defender has NOT been obtained or assigned to represent David, the clerk said. 

“He may be trying to do it on his own,” the clerk stated. “There is no attorney listed on file [for David in the case]. Either he or his attorney was required to attend [the hearing] today.”

As for why the continuous was requested by David (and/or his attorney), no reason was given, but the clerk speculates that “They’re trying to [push] the case out as long as possible.” 

As The Ashley previously reported, the former Teen Mom 2 star was officially charged on December 23 with two misdemeanors, stemming from the video he posted of himself “self-towing” a stranger’s truck because David felt the truck’s owner had parked too close to David’s boat. The video, which was filmed in June but not posted until December, gave the truck’s owner, Terry Hill, enough evidence to file the criminal charges against Mr. Jenelle Evans.

“Courtesy of On The Land Towin’!”

In the incriminating video, which David posted to his new YouTube account on December 19, David can be seen hooking a winch to Terry’s truck that is parked behind his boat. He then uses his own truck to try to pull Terry’s truck backward. When his first attempts fail, David declares that he has to “drag it f**king sideways!” Terry’s truck starts screeching as it is pulled backward aggressively. Jenelle can be heard cackling behind the camera.

“Pulled that motherf**ker out of the way!” she declares gleefully.

(You can watch the swampy self-towing shenangians go down in the video below. Be forewarned, though, that the video contains some naughty language.)

In the time since the incident occurred, Terry has refused to drop the charges against David.

This is not the only court case David currently has pending. Next month, he will face a charge of “Communicating Threats” that stems from his altercation with a local real estate agent in January. The real estate agent claims David threatened her with a gun while she was parked near The Land.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available on either case.

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  1. Is anyone else realizing a bunch of the negative David and jenelle posts all have about the same amount of dislikes? Poor Marissa must have a new project in computers this week.

    1. It’s not just on this article it’s on others too. I’ve asked a question trying to get clarification and it’s downvoted lol.

  2. THis is a little off topic but I had to see if anybody had the same thoughts as me. When crap hits the fan with her and David which I find will happen at some point. What the heck is going to happen to this huge farm they seem to be accumulating? I have a hard time believing Jenelle will continue to care for this herd of pigs, chickens and ducks if she’s alone. On that note it’s weird that’s she’s the 4th teen mom to house farm animals.

    1. I doubt she’s actually caring for the animals now. She has a long history of disappearing and abused/neglected pets.

    1. Hmmm..It says there are 20 comments, but I can only see three until I post a comment. What’s up with that?

  3. How long does it take to get punished for whatyou do over there?? Damn his jailtime would have been over over here. Just switching from date to date is wrong.

    1. Yes i am a hater of self entitled people that do what they want when they want. I am also a hater of verbally & physically abusive people, especially when they need to bully a child. So i will hate hate hate.

      1. Don’t waste your time responding with a human response. It’s probably the unemployed manic living on the land lol lots of free time

  4. He’ll get off with a small fine like always, moving on. At some point, shouldn’t mtv be held responsible for keeping these two crack-addled menaces on the payroll. I know Lurch is technically not, but Jenelle is and she clearly cosigns all of his shenanigans. As mentioned many times in the past they fired Farrah for “adult activities”, but at least all the chaos she unleashes is verbal cerebral assault of those within earshot, the things from “The Land” are teetering on the brink of destruction and will likely take others with them.

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