‘Flip or Flop’ Star Christina Anstead is Expecting “Miracle Baby” After Struggling with Fertility Issues in the Past

“Guess we better squeeze a nursery in these plans!”

Flip or Flop star Christina Anstead (formerly El Moussa) is currently expecting her third child (and first with new husband Ant)—a “miracle baby,” according to the couple, given Christina’s past struggles with infertility. 

Christina, who shares son Brayden, 3, and daughter Taylor, 8, with ex-husband/co-star Tarek El Moussa, happily announced the news on Instagram earlier this week.

“@ant_anstead and I are so excited to announce #babyanstead coming this September!! The kids are all so excited to meet their new sibling,” Christina posted.

In addition to Brayden and Reese, Baby Anstead will join siblings Amelie, 15, and Archie, 12—Ant’s children from his previous marriage. Ant shared his excitement in a comment on Christina’s post with, “Blessed! #MiracleBaby.”

He also went on to share a sonogram pic of the newest family member, surrounded by some fun snapshots of the baby’s future siblings.

The newlyweds— who tied the knot in December in a surprise ceremony— stated that their baby is due in September.

Christina has been open about her pregnancy struggles. In a 2015 interview with People, Christina discussed the pregnancy complications she had before and during Brayden’s birth.


According to the magazine, before getting pregnant in 2014, Christina went through two attempts at in vitro fertilization, with one of the attempts resulting in a miscarriage when Christina was eight weeks pregnant. While her third IVF treatment was successful, Christina had to take a lot of precautions due to her high-risk pregnancy. 

“I had to be really strict,” she said at the time. “I had to do one full week in bed. For 13 weeks after that, I couldn’t go for a walk and couldn’t lift anything over a gallon of milk.” 

“At around six weeks pregnant I started spotting, so I thought we lost the baby again,” she continued, though the scare ended up being a false alarm and she and Tarek ultimately welcomed Brayden via emergency cesarean section. 

The new pregnancy is just one of the many things Christina has happening in 2019. Her new show, Christina on the Coast, is set to premiere this May, and will follow Christina as she builds her home redesign business.

Christina’s ex, Tarek, has yet to comment publicly on Christina’s pregnancy. However, he’s staying busy too, as he will also be starring on his own HGTV show sometime this year.

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(Photos: HGTV, Instagram)

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  1. Both her kids look exactly like Tarek. I also find this chick annoying but she seems happy with her new husband. Congrats to them!

  2. They got married in Dec and she’s due in September… but she wasn’t pregnant at all when they had a surprise wedding? Not that I care, but it’s really annoying she’s acting like somehow *they’ve* struggled – miracle baby – he had two kids, she already had two kids, and gets knocked up in the first year of marriage.

  3. I try not to judge anyone’s journey, but the term “miracle baby” kind of rubs me the wrong way when she already has two children. Not saying she hasn’t struggled, but it seems a bit insulting to women who have really struggled with NO children.

  4. What is it with reality tv people saying they have fertility issues. Stop saying that shit when you already have a little of kids.

  5. Im betting that baby will be born “early” That doesnt look like a 3 month sonogram. Sudden marriage making more sense

  6. She can be so annoying and I’m tired of her name being in the headlines, that being said I’m happy for her and her new husband.

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