‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Update on David Eason’s Multiple Court Cases, A Beaver Joins OnlyFans & More

“‘Member me?”

From handling multiple court dates to handling your own body parts to make some quick cash, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest ‘Teen Mom OG’, ‘Teen Mom 2’ and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

David Eason has two court dates in one week: Here’s what happened

“In the words of the Terminator…I’ll be back!”

Mr. Jenelle Evans had quite the busy schedule this week, what with his full-time job two court hearings held back-to-back. As The Ashley previously reported, David was due in a New Hanover, North Carolina, courtroom on Tuesday to answer to a misdemeanor charge of Injury to Personal Property and one charge of Tampering with a Vehicle. (Those charges stem from an incident that occurred in 2018 in which David “self-towed” a stranger’s truck that he felt had parked too close to his boat.)

The Ashley was able to obtain an update on that case. According to a New Hanover County Clerk of the Court, David hired an attorney to represent him in this case, and that attorney appeared on his behalf on Tuesday. The case was (was again!) continued until August 31. 

“They could have at least saved us our special parking spot!”

On Wednesday, David had a court date in nearby Columbus County, North Carolina. That hearing was to face two charges— one misdemeanor count of Communicating Threats and one misdemeanor count of Assault With a Deadly Weapon— stemming from when he allegedly pistol-whipped and threatened the life of James Spivey, a former friend of Jenelle’s. David later filed charges on James, claiming that James hit him with a railroad spike coat rack (as you do). James was charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon and had his court date on Wednesday as well.

A Columbus County Clerk of the Court tells The Ashley that David has hired attorney William Gore to present him in this case. (This is the same attorney that represented David during his 2019 court battle to win back custody of his kids.) 

“That case was continued until September 10,” the Clerk told The Ashley, adding that the continuation was agreed upon jointly by the court and David’s attorney. David’s attorney appeared on his behalf. 

The Clerk also confirmed that James’ case was also continued today until September 10.

So…for those of you keeping track at home, David now has one court date a month for the next three months. He will face the towing charge in August, the assault/communicating threat charges in September, and then appear on October 30 in New Hanover County court to face a charge of speeding and driving on a revoked license.

The Ashley will update this when more info is available.

Malorie and her Beaver promotes her newly launched OnlyFans account. 

“Y’all best not miss out on this! It’s a helluva good deal!”

Malorie Beaver has followed in the footsteps of fellow ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ stars Kiaya Elliott and Kayla Sessler by launching her own OnlyFans account. 

The 20 year-old has taken to Snapchat to promote her new money-making venture, as well as Instagram. 


“Your girl made an OnlyFans,” Malorie shared on Instagram along with a SFW selfie. “Stay tuned.” 

Malorie’s OnlyFans’ bio states that she’s “just a single mom trying to make some [money].”

How much money, exactly? Well, for $20 a month, fans can subscribe for access to Malorie’s exclusive content or they can snag a six-month subscription for $90.

At the moment, Malorie’s sister, Rachel, and their mom, Stephanie, have yet to jump onboard the OnlyFans trend.

“I reckon I might have time to snap a few naughty pics for the internet machine.”


Briana DeJesus continues to blow us away with her out of this world baby names. 

Briana, put down the random baby name generator and walk away.

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Briana DeJesus took to Twitter this week to share some baby boy names she’s considering. If you’re wondering, Briana isn’t pregnant with baby number three at the moment; however, she’s proposed a solution to that. (And no, it doesn’t involve her getting knocked up in da club…this time.)

“I want to have a boy so I can name him Astro Cloud or Soren Ray … who wants to go half n half on IVF,” Briana tweeted. “Also nobody from the teen mom franchise better steal my name caus will be heated lmao.” 

“Great, Briana. I was this close to naming my son Astro Cloud Lopez. Thanks a lot!”

As fans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ know, Briana is already a mom to daughters Nova Star and Stella Star…and fans probably also know that both of those names essentially translate to “Star Star.” 

Briana has since deleted the tweets, and did not indicate when we can expect Baby Astro Cloud to burst through her loins…

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16 Responses

  1. What the fuck kind of name is Astro Cloud and Soren Ray… omg Briana is a new kind of dumb. She is such trash.

  2. Gutter scum! These people should be exterminated like the cock roaches they are. Jenelle has become a fat nasty cow.

  3. Please don’t make me look at naked pictures of dumbnelle.
    I can hardly handle the tiktok bikini shit

  4. I really don’t understand how a young mother thinks it’s okay to just have an account to post your naked pictures on. Is this really so popular nowadays that people want to gloat (or, you know, something else, especially middle aged men) at pictures of a 20 year old. And she’s trying to guilt trip people by saying she wants to make money to take care of her kids?! GET A JOB!

    Also, I’m glad I read news about Briana being knocked up wrong…for now at least. But oh my god, do these girls ever think about how they are naming a LIVING BEING who will be stuck for lifetime with this name (unless they change it but changing takes a whole lot of hassle and documents need to be changed etc. ), it’s not just a doll or some puppet you can name as you please.

  5. My violent, drug addict ex-husband also manages to get his court dates continued over and over again, but at least he’s sitting in jail while he waits for court. If only we could say the same about Lurch….

    Is there really that many people paying $20 a month to see some trashy girl’s nudes? And do none of these girls have one single shred of self-respect left?

    Somebody needs to revoke Briana’s naming privileges ASAP. Also, Chris knocking her up would be a great way for the girls to guarantee another season, MTV wouldn’t be able to pass up that drama.

  6. I just want to smack David and Jenelle because the courts aren’t going to do anything! How is it that they can hire attorney after attorney but have no money according to which lie Jenelle is telling that day?
    Another trashy reality “star” going to only fans. It’s amazing to me that Mallory feels the need to say she is a “single mom trying to make money” when she doesn’t raise her own child, her mother does!

  7. If Briana is looking for a sperm donor, Chris Lopez can probably fit her into his schedule, in between the 3 “jobs” he works.

    1. Now now, it’s wasn’t 3 jobs he said he has. He said he has 3 sources of income. HUGE difference. lol

  8. Lurch and Jenelle are absolutely the lowest of the low, total garbage. I never heard anything about this whole railroad spike assault bs until months after the incident. So Jenelle, being the wonderful human being she is is allowing her piece of s**t spouse to not only lie about being attacked by the friend who came to rescue her, she’s allowing him to try to make his first income in like three years by counter suing him. She is unbelievable, I hope anyone that thinks about befriending her is taking note of all this.
    What the hell is onlyfans? Is it just a way of making money? What a world.

    1. Onlyfans is “exclusive” content aka nude photos

      1. Ohhhhhh, that makes sense because the only “celebs” I’ve heard of having this seem like that would be right up their alley aka Karine from 90 Day Fiance, whose allergic to work husband is pimping her page out.

  9. 1st off why wasn’t David Eason charged with shooting the family dog, and killing the dog right in front of the children. He shot it right in the head. Also I don’t understand why these girls want to keep bringing babies into the world right now with this virus going around. They ain’t going to keep making money like before cuz of everything being shut down again.

  10. I’m absolutely dying to know if kail gives this baby Chris’s last name lmao. And her subsequent explanation as to why/why not. Either way it’s gonna sound hella hypocritical! “He has Lowry because Chris doesn’t help” “he has Lopez because Chris is still his father and I love him”

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