‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ Stars Kiaya Elliott & Kayla Sessler Join OnlyFans; Get Compared to ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham

“We may as well start an OnlyFans while we still HAVE fans!” 

With the future of MTV’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant still officially uncertain, two of the show’s stars have launched OnlyFans accounts to keep their cash flowing.

Kiaya Elliott and Kayla Sessler are among the latest reality TV stars to offer content on the subscription-based website. The girls shared the news of their newly-launched OnlyFans accounts on their respective social media pages this week, while making sure to tag each other in their matching photo captions.  

While plenty of other reality TV stars have turned to OnlyFans to supplement their income, this marks the first time any of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars have joined in on the nudie pic fun, (unless you count Farrah Abraham, who has been on the site for a long time).


Speaking of Farrah, plenty of Kiaya and Kayla’s fans brought up the Backdoor Teen Mom and asked if the ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls were planning to take their careers into the adult industry a la Farrah. Kayla made it clear that she does not intend to flash her “backdoor,” Farrah-style, or post naked photos (despite some of her followers asking for them). 

“Don’t do nudes or p0rn, gone get fired like Farrah,” one follower told Kayla, to which Kayla guaranteed there would be “none of that!” 

Kayla told another fan there would be “NO NUDES” and advised them not to “subscribe if that’s what you’re looking for.” (In case you care, it costs $9.99 a month to subscribe to Kayla’s non-nude posts.) 

Kayla took some flak from her followers for joining the site, but her former ‘Young & Pregnant’ co-star Lexi Tatman defended her in the comment section of her announcement post.

“People ain’t understand that [OnlyFans] isn’t just for p0rn and nsfw,” Lexi commented. “You’re a grown a** [woman] you get that coin!”

Still, another critic suggested Kayla instead “apply this energy to getting an education and a career.”  Kayla replied to the comment that it’s a “good thing I’m in college.”

Kiaya, on the other hand, seems more open to the idea of baring all on the site. She has posted not one, but five Instagram photos this week promoting her OnlyFans page, leading some to criticize her latest business venture. 

“That [‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’] money done dried huh,” one person commented, to which Kiaya replied, “Nah can’t never have too many bags.” 

While Kayla has been firm in her no-nudes policy, Kiaya has hinted that her account will be a little more NSFW. In a photo posted to her Instagram on Monday, she covered the lower half of her body with an emoji, encouraging fans to subscribe “to see the uncovered pics.” (It will cost you $9.99 a month to see Kiaya’s “uncovered pics,” by the way!) 


Several of Kiaya’s followers asked if MTV will permit Kiaya and Kayla to keep their jobs on ‘Young and Pregnant’ if they post adult content on the site.

“No judgment at all but will MTV keep you on after this we all remember Farrah and she got fired?” one person asked, referring to Farrah’s infamous 2017 firing, which happened in part due to her continuing in the adult industry.

The ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls likely won’t have to stress about that. As The Ashley previously reported, Teen Mom OG has been officially renewed for another season, and Teen Mom 2 will likely be officially renewed in the coming weeks. ‘Young and Pregnant,’ however, has been on the line for months. As of press time, no “official” decision has been made (or announced to the cast and crew), but The Ashley’s sources tell her that the show “is likely done” due to its poor ratings. 

Kiaya and Kayla are certainly not the first to hop aboard the OnlyFans money-making train, with Unexpected stars McKayla Adkins and Laura Barron previously launching accounts on the website, as well as cast member Rilah Ferrer‘s mom, Rosa

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(Photos: Instagram; OnlyFans) 


  1. Did Kayla and Luke break up? I’m so curious how the boyfriends/baby daddy/sperm donors feel about their child’s mother selling themselves on these sites. I’m trying to not be judgmental. It’s not the path I would choose for myself but I also don’t have children depending on me during a pandemic where some states have unemployment approaching 30%. I guess its one way to avoid welfare and homelessness.

    1. Nope! She posted a video on her insta story asking him what he thought about her onlyfans and him saying something along of the lines of “make me some money” (can’t remember what exactly he said.

  2. Also… is it supposed to be attractive to squish half your boob out of a bikini? Is this a new trend I’ve missed?

  3. I’m truly baffled at the renewal of OG & 2 and not Y&P. The original girls are such a snooze fest I barely remember what happens each episode where the girls on Y&P are ACTUALLY young and struggling and interesting.

  4. Kiaya and Kayla probably would have become strippers if MTV hadnt come along anyway so a fans only is still an upgrade from the pole.

  5. Why would anyone pay 10 bucks a month to see nudity or near-nudity? There’s millions of free pictures on the internet of that sort of thing. Yikes

  6. MTV has made all these people into lazy unmotivated Worthless people . They all got a taste of a fast pay check and now are willing to stoop to any level to make a buck. I see very few ( if any) getting respectable work.. degree or not.
    Look at what these two are doing now, look at Farrah, and Jenelle! Jenelle has tried so many ways to make fast cash and made a laughing stock of herself. Seriously, if she would have taken some money and invested in something like Avon she probably would have been less in the negative than she is now.
    They’re pathetic and I feel sorry for their parents that have to say this is what my grown child does for a living

    1. they were already lazy and unmotivated…hence taking easy way out and selling themselves (not literally).

  7. What the Heck! Was that really Lexi posting? Lexi is a very smart,motivated, well spoken woman. I hope she isn’t dumbing herself down on SM.

  8. Everyone seems to ask what would these girls do after the show ends? What will they do once their MTV money runs out?…Well…it looks like they turn to porn. Makes sense because sex is what got them famous in the 1st place…it seems to be the only life skill they have…Sad.

  9. What did MTV expect to happen when you coddle a bunch of pregnant teens into adulthood without encouraging them to get an education and life skills? Only a tiny handful have done that and will become successful in adulthood but then we have a bunch of Kails, Jenelles, Catelynns, Farrahs and these two that do not know how to cope with reality. These shows need to get cancelled, they have brought nothing positive to the table.

    1. I don’t think so much Kail…while her choice in men is atrocious, she seems to have actually seized the opportunity she’s been given and started new ventures, does the whole social media thing, and finished a BA…but Amber, Catelynn, Jenelle, Rhine, and (maybe) Leah, they’re going to have it really rough once the show ends…doesn’t Catelynn owe something astronomical like $800k to the IRS?? I didn’t throw Briana, McKee, or Cheyenne in there because they had jobs before being cast on TMOG and TM2 permanently so they may be more resilient….the other ones better look at what’s happening to these 2 chicks and Farrah, and get their shit together quick.

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