EXCLUSIVE! Bar Smith Gets Additional Felony Charge Added to Existing Charges; His Mom Shen Williams Clarifies His “Kidnapping” Charge

When you’ve got three felony charges (and four eyebrows)…

Bar Smith faced a judge in a Nevada courtroom on Monday…and it did not go well for the Teen Mom star.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Bar was hit with an additional felony charge that was added to his already extensive list of charges from an incident that occurred on July 7. As The Ashley previously reported, the baby daddy of Ashley Jones was arrested in Henderson, Nevada, on the date and has been behind bars ever since. (As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Ashley and Holly– the daughter she shares with Bar— currently live near Las Vegas, while Bar resides in California and is on probation. Ashley and Bar had been living in separate states and split a while back.)

The Ashley can confirm that, on Tuesday, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter dad was charged with “Residential Burglary Constituting Domestic Violence,” which is a felony. (It appears that this charge is given in Nevada if the defendant entered a dwelling with the intent to commit domestic violence.)

Bar was already facing a felony second-degree kidnapping charge, as well as a felony charge of “Coercion Domestic Violence with the Threat Of or Using Physical Force.” Bar was also given a misdemeanor charge for Harassment, and was cited for owing at least $5,000 in child support.

The Ashley can confirm that a criminal complaint for the new Residential Burglary charge was filed on Tuesday, and Bar is set to go before a judge on Wednesday for a Felony Arraignment for that new charge. 

So there’s that…

Bar’s previous charges were handled at Monday’s hearing, where he was given a public defender who helped him have his bail set at $35,000, on the condition that Bar stay away from the alleged victim if he’s let out of jail. When he’s released, Bar will also be placed on Level 4 Pre-Trial Compliance Unit monitoring, which is the highest level offered in Nevada. (Interestingly, Bar’s Teen Mom 2 co-star Nathan “Why Am I A Guy?” Griffith is also on Level 4 PCU monitoring in Nevada.)

 “We’ll have the same ankle monitor, Bar! Welcome to the chain gang!”

Anyway, Bar remains behind bars in Nevada as of press time. 

After news of Bar’s arrest circulated The Interwebs, Bar’s mom Shen Williams posted a series of comments on a “Teen Mom Fans” Facebook page’s post about Bar’s charges. She denied that the person whom Bar allegedly kidnapped was his daughter, Holly, as some fans had been speculating.

“All I can say he definitely did not kidnap Holly,” Shen wrote on Tuesday. 

“You ain’t using it while you’re in the pokey, son! Let your mama look fashionable!”

“…I’m not sure on all that happened but he definitely did not kidnap Holly,” Shen told another person in post’s comment section. “We will make public statement soon. I’m gathering details [about] what happened. Since it’s [an] open [case] I won’t hurt the situation.”

The Ashley is working on getting more info regarding Bar’s charges and case, and will update when more information is available. 

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16 Responses

    1. I think it’s nice he has an extra set in case the other ones disappear, the downside is looking constantly surprised.

  1. Shen should stay out of it. She doesn’t need to make a statement of any kind. She always has a lot to say for someone whose children have all been arrested for violent crimes…

  2. Bar’s charges are much more serious than what Ryan has done. Any time you have an actual victim, the case is more serious. Ryan plays the, “I am a drug addict” card and that works pretty good with the court system. The court system in the U.S., generally, gives addicts and alcoholics many, many chances. For profit rehabs go hand in hand with the court system. Kidnapping and gun charges are “violent crime” and prosecutors/Judge’s do not like those. Bar is going to serve a real prison sentence.

    1. I think it depends on where you’re located to. My ex did some heinous shit to me 20 years ago. Destroyed my house. He got a magistrate ticket “Harrassment subjecting another to physical contact” didn’t even get arrested. He went on to abuse his next victim not once but twice. Total time he got was 18 months. And one of those times the cops showed up while he was bashing her head off the street. Where I live they don’t take DV seriously. I think the same for Ryan’s case. California and Nevada probably have stricter laws.

      1. I’ve heard California is super strict. Like in the Bay Area if they get called out for DV someone is going to jail no ifs, ands or buts about it.

        1. Yeah, California is super strict about DV because/since of Nicole Brown Simpson. My ex-husband threw me to the ground by my head and was arrested and spent a few nights in jail, and then had to complete extensive domestic violent classes he had to pay for, plus a hefty fine, and an automatic restraining order was put into place. This was for a first time offense for anything.

    2. i wont be surprised if this gets plead down or dismissed. If the victim(s) don’t cooperate it’ll be hard to push the case forward. But he’s got a rap sheet and isn’t he already on probation?!? This is at least gonna violate that.

    3. Ryan tried to strangle his wife. DV in front of his children.
      Completely trashed his family’s house. The difference is that he didn’t walk into a house he didn’t own and that she only had their children to witness it.
      This is not worse. Nor is it less worse for Bar’s victim.

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