Gypsy Rose Blanchard Announces She & Ken Urker Are Expecting Their First Child: “I Want to Be Everything My Mother Wasn’t”

Apparently the “D” was fire…and fertile…

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, star of Lifetime’s Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up, is going to be a mom.

The 32-year-old revealed Tuesday that she is currently 11 weeks pregnant and expecting her first child with boyfriend Ken Urker. 

“Ken and I are expecting our very first child come January of 2025,” she shared on YouTube and Instagram on Tuesday. “We’re both very excited, this was not planned at all, it was completely unexpected, but we’re both very excited to take on this new journey of parenthood. … .” 

Gypsy’s announcement comes nearly seven months after she was released from the Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri, for her part in the murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. 

As those who have followed Gypsy’s story know, Gypsy married husband Ryan Anderson while behind bars, though the two went on to separate in the months following her release from prison. (She has since filed for divorce.) Shortly after separating from Ryan, Gypsy reunited with Ken, to whom she was previously engaged while in prison. 

On Tuesday, Gypsy– a victim of her mother’s Munchausen syndrome by proxy–  told her social media followers that she’s excited for “all of the things I wish I could have had when I was little,” before pausing and getting emotional. 

“ … All the things that I wanted in a mother, I want to give to this baby,” she said. “You know, knowing that I am a mother now and I’m happy and I just want to be a good mother for my child. I want to be everything my mother wasn’t.

“I feel a shift in myself,” she continued. “When I found out I was pregnant, none of anything else mattered– the drama on social media, the feud between creator and me– all of that drama just all faded, it didn’t matter anymore. All that matters is making sure that I’m healthy, the baby’s healthy, my relationship with Ken is healthy and we are moving forward in a positive way.”

Gypsy also mentioned the “crazy mood swings” she’s experienced over simple things since becoming pregnant, notably when Ken “breathes wrong.” 

“Like, poor Ken,” she said while laughing. 

Gypsy ended her announcement by telling viewers that everything she’s experienced in her life has made her who she is today and led her to this moment.

“ … and that’s a blessing to say that I made it,” she added. “That’s a success story.” 

As for her romance with Ken, Gypsy says she is hoping it will go the distance (unlike her marriage to Ryan).

“Ken and I had a wonderful talk about the future for him and I and we both agree that we both grew up in broken homes,” Gypsy said. “I grew up without a father pretty much and he grew up in a family where his parents got divorced and I think we both agree that neither one of us wants our child to be in that situation.

“Whatever we face, we’ll face it together,” she continued. “We have a baby now. We have something that’s bigger than us. So whatever comes our way, whatever arguments we have, drama gets thrown at us on social media, we’re going to stick together. We’re not breaking.”

Gypsy wasted no time in posting a link to her and Ken’s baby registry. Just four hours after her announcement, nearly everything– from a $269 baby swing, to multiple strollers and carriers— on the list was already purchased by fans.

Gypsy’s estranged husband has yet to comment on Gypsy’s pregnancy news.

Watch Gypsy’s full pregnancy announcement below. 

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(Photos: Instagram; YouTube) 


47 Responses

  1. I just do NOT understand how people have made her “famous” when the reality is, even with a horrific childhood (people live with the same or worse, and go on to live their lives and do NOT kill their abuser)… she killed her mother. Period. She is basking in all of this. It’s sickening to me- I don’t care what anyone thinks. Who in their right mind is buying all of these things for her and her baby?! Like who are these insane people she calls fans?! Imagine… not only buying $100’s of dollars in items or on an item, for a complete stranger (who really has benefitted more than anything, from her situation) but a stranger that essentially killed her mother… The entire registry is purchased and I would assume nothing was purchased by her. The whole thing is weird and Gypsy comes off very entitled and she literally has zero reason to be.

      1. hannah, i truly hope you have something better to do than act like a disgruntled troll🤣 otherwise, this behavior is just pathetic

          1. @kails, @sir & @pres ~ seems we all have the same mental picture of this hannah creature…🤣

          2. Trust me, there is not one single person on the planet that would ever want you to clutch their pearls. Also, that’s not as clever of a response as you think, it doesn’t even make an iota of sense.

            Continue being mad that everyone here knows who you are, no matter how many names you change, or how much of your “story” you change.

        1. Oh I have better to do!!! Like to raise MY THREE SONS to realize that they will be NOWHERE without a female

          1. You do realize that, assuming they’re real (and I’m pretty sure we all know they aren’t, but, it’s your lie, you can tell it any way you like) those three boys will eventually be three men. Will you then hate them too, and find them to be useless since you have, quite literally, said ALL men are useless? What a terrible home life those not-really-real boys must have.

            Pears and tots!

    1. She said herself that her mom taught her how to lie and manipulate to get things and she is doing exactly what she was taught to do. She manipulated a guy to kill her mom for her and now he’s locked up for life and she’s out bouncing from guy to guy and getting knocked up.

      1. Ken secured his bag by knocking her up. He said himself on his 1st moments on her show that he didn’t think she would “blow up” and be this famous when she got out. He dumped her in prison & then he saw a large paycheck & fame when she got out so he came crawling back. Wrecked her marriage & has guaranteed himself a paycheck. When they inevitably break up she will be paying him child support because he will make sure he gets primary custody on the basis that she killed her mother & isn’t fit to raise a child. Congrats on securing your paycheck Ken. Well played.

  2. hostile hannah out here caping for trashy 🗑️ grifters like it’s her job. 🙄🤣🥴
    hmm, she must be a grifter herself… 🤔🧐

  3. My question is, who the hell needs 3 strollers and 2 bassinets? I cannot believe the amount of diapers/money they got. This is insane. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    1. Things break, it’s always good to have backups (strollers, car seats, bassinets, etc)

      Things aren’t cheap if you havent noticed (thus the money).

      And it’s insane how many diapers one child can go through in a months time (thus all the diapers they received)

      1. I feel like “Hannah” is Gypsy or maybe someone close to her because… damn, you are defensive and you also make zero sense. I had twins 12 years ago and didn’t “need” this much stuff for TWO babies. We were struggling financially and somehow still were able to purchase the majority of the items we needed… especially furniture, strollers, bassinets… There is always secondhand items as well. Sure comes off like her mother- straight grifter

          1. Aw, well, no one else seems to share that opinion, Hannah. Poor dear- you seem very triggered and quite frankly, unhinged 😀

      2. I have 5 kids. I’m well aware of how it works. Never did I need 3 strollers or 2 bassinets. I sincerely hope you don’t have a son considering the way you talk about men.

        1. I have 3 sons and they know how I feel about their “father” and I raise them to realize that without they wouldn’t have clean clothes, they wouldn’t have a hot meal when they get hungry, and they’d be living in filth because men can’t do anything for themselves (I’m surprised they can wipe their own asses

          1. It’s so nice that you have kids just to tell them how doing things for them is such a burden. I bet your sons definitely pick up on your hatred. I also have a nasty ex husband and I was severely abused by my stepfather and abandoned by my biological father. I still have faith in people. I’ve don’t therapy and I’m taking the meds I need. I suggest you seek help because you are not in a good place mentally.

          2. I have faith in people too…I choose to have faith in the female race and that us women don’t need men

        2. I never tell then they are a burden (because they’re not) but I do tell them that if it weren’t for me now and their future girlfriends, fiancées or wives then none of that stuff would get done.

          1. That is a pretty generalized comment. I know plenty of men that do a LOT. I do agree women do more overall, especially when it comes to raising children, but men aren’t entirely useless. That’s a pretty toxic standard to set for your children. Sure hope none of them are male.

          2. Why not just be a decent mother and instead of teaching your poor sons that they’ll grow up to be useless and completely reliant on women, you teach them how to actually do those things for themselves? My six-year-old son can do his own laundry and, with very little assistance, cooked boxed etouffee and rice for supper tonight.

            My heart goes out to those poor boys of yours (if they’re even real) because I cannot imagine how they must feel about themselves with their own mother telling them that they’ll never be capable of doing the most basic things for themselves. You do realize that you’re raising them to become the kind of men you hate so much, right? You’re basically telling them to not even try to be useful and just seek out a woman to attach themselves to solely so she can care for them. How sad.

          3. Newsflash- after any of their potential significant others meet you, they’ll run for the hills lol.

          4. Common denominator in all instances of “males” in your life acting like asshats, is you.

            I still don’t believe you have any children. In fact, I hope you don’t, because if so you are an abusive POS (anyone that can speak like that about their own children, is abusive, full stop), definitely not a decent mother whatsoever. IF you are a mother, I hope the day those children turn 18, maybe even before, they go full NC on your ass and you’re left to wallow in your heartache until you slowly wither into a pool of your own putrid karma infused puddle of nothingness.

            How can you actually talk like that about your own kids? JFC no wonder they say things like that to you, you’re a see you next tuesday to the nth degree to them, and they’re children. I’d tell you to do it yourself too! You’re the adult, you’re the parent, it’s not hard to be a half decent one. They’re only giving you back what you give them, they’re mimicking your behavior and attitude. That’s what happens when you’re a jerk.

          5. “Are you stupid?” No, I am not and no, you didn’t previously say you had sons… But yes, I can read, hunny and I see now you HAVE confirmed you are raising sons, in a completely dysfunctional, disgusting and toxic household. For the record Hannah, I’d rather be stupid than completely and utterly unhinged, destructive, virulent and noxious as you LMAO. You are literally raising MALE children, yet spewing complete hate for ALL males in general. Are YOU stupid?!

    2. Nobody ‘needs’ multiples of anything. This would be a totally different situation if she presented a separate list to the public & had simple things like diapers, wipes, onesies, etc. But this girl is asking for whole-ass furniture. Fuck that.

  4. I feel bad for Ryan, seems like he was really blindsided and hurt by her running away. You can’t seriously marry someone and then so easily leave them, find a different man immediately, and get pregnant all in less than a year. Given gypsy has no coping or emotional skills, she is probably going to be on this path her whole life.

    1. Ryan was a rebound…Gypsy said that herself. She jumped from Ken to Ryan in a blink of an eye…and what about Gypsy being blindsided and hurt when Ken dumped her? Nobody thinks about that…everyone always seems to want to think of the guy first…TYPICAL!!

  5. WHO exactly are the pathetic ‘fans’ buying this grifter baby gifts? does she not have actual friends to attend a baby shower?
    (obviously a baby is good news, just seems so gross and beggary to post the registry)

    1. I think a new baby in a happy, healthy, loving, secure and safe environment is good news. Whatever relationship these two have is none of those.

    2. Seriously, she’s doing the same shit her momma did, different method. Grifting. Ridiculous that some people can’t seem to process that & automatically jump on the defensive. It’s hilarious. ‘Why the fuck do you care?’ Bitch let’s talk about how triggered you are because we are coming in with rational points. Sit your ass down lol.

    1. He definitely liked control of her. I think he was actively trying to get her pregnant just so she wouldn’t leave hime. Creepy for sure!!!

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