Lifetime Announces Premiere Date for New Gypsy Rose Blanchard Docuseries ‘Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up’: Watch the First Trailer

“And the D– I mean, the spotlight— is FIRE!”

Gypsy Rose Blanchard wants to share more of her story.

Within months of the debut of the highly successful Lifetime docuseries, The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, the parolee is once again teaming with the Lifetime, this time to show what her life has been like since she was released from the Chillicothe Correctional Center in Chillicothe, Missouri, for her part in the murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard.

Debuting June 3, Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up follows Gypsy as she reunites with her now-estranged husband, Ryan Anderson, reconnects with her family and gets accustomed to living in the public eye.

“You know my story, now let’s see what I do with my life,” Gypsy says in the trailer, which shows her being asked for pictures by admirers, dealing with death threats, getting a plastic surgery consult and facing the possibility of going back to prison for violating her parole.

Lifetime announced the new series in early February with a video message from Gypsy and Ryan.

“You heard is here first – I am so excited to announce my new docu-follow coming soon to @lifetimetv!,” read a post accompanying the video. “This series picks up in the days immediately before my release from prison, and will be an authentic, raw and revealing look at my new ‘normal.’ Thank you to everyone who continues to support me on this journey!”

A few days after the announcement, Lifetime previewed by the new series by sharing a scene of the couple in their hotel room within hours of Gypsy’s release, eating McDonald’s and talking about their future.

The broadcaster further teased the series in a post in March that read, “Gypsy Rose Blanchard has openly shared her life with Lifetime and our cameras from the moment she was paroled. Her story, including her relationship with Ryan will continue to unfold on ‘Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up,’ debuting this June on Lifetime.”

During the course of filming, the relationship between Gypsy and Ryan broke down, as evidenced in one moment in the trailer where she says, “I just don’t know if I’m going to be happy in this marriage, eventually I’m going to want a divorce.”

She filed for divorce last month, after which Ryan took to social media to thank people for supporting him and to promote ‘Life After Lockup,” saying, “Y’all will see what really happened on Lifetime, we were filming a lot, so stay tuned for that.”

Gypsy’s first reality show– ‘The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard’– broke viewership records not just at Lifetime but at its parent company.

“It definitely surpassed even our wildest expectations,” executive producer Nicole Vogel said during a panel discussion at Deadline’s Contenders Television: Documentary + Unscripted event. “It’s been our number one most downloaded property ever across all of A&E networks. It’s been the highest social-performing property and buzz for us across A&E networks. So, it really has been a hit.”

Despite the high viewership numbers for the first series, the trailer for ‘Life After Lock Up’ has received many negative comments online.

“Lifetime television should be ashamed promoting this calculated, twisted con woman – this is a new low even for Lifetime,” one person wrote.

“Why do people care so much about her?” someone else commented. “She needs to live her life out of the public eye and get her act together.”

“I honestly didn’t think they were gonna release this. She’s pretty much cancelled by 95% of people,” another commenter stated. “Yeah when she first got out she had 50/ 50 percent of haters & lovers but now since so much has come out, the lovers decreased while the haters increased.”

“Oh geez, quit glamorizing this girl and encourage her to do impatient mental health treatment,” someone else suggested.

‘Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up’ debuts Monday, June 3 on Lifetime.

Watch the trailer below!

(Photos: Instagram, Lifetime)

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  1. I tried watching her a bit to try to understand what all the fuss is about but I don’t get it. She scares me because she is so manipulative. She is a dangerous person who was literally groomed to manipulate and I don’t understand the fascination and appeal at all.

  2. Just wow. Are they going to release the Epstein rape tapes too and give the money to Ghislaine? How are the producers and her handlers the only ones that can’t see she is a sociopath con artist? Most of the internet has figured it out fairly easily from roughly 3 hours of tv and yet the people getting PAID to figure these things out and protect us from these kind of folks are just staying quiet all of the way to the bank. The thing about Gypsy is she is getting sloppy and doesn’t have her crazy con artist mom to guide her anymore. Normally mommy would just move them to a place where they were not known. Gypsy will have to rely on internet anonymity to conceal her actions in this day and age which she has no skills in. Having three alts on Insta doean’t count unfortunately. So, imho, it will be a very short time before this blows up in her face. I feel bad she had the childhood she had, but she showed she learned nothing except for running cons during that time. Thankfully she isn’t super bright so it will most likely be an obvious racket she knows like insurance and gofundme campaigns, popping up when the money runs out to tell more stories. The thing is I can never figure out where the money goes. I guess recently she had plastic surgery but prior to that I didn’t see flashy cars, nice clothes, hewelry (the bank of the conman). playstations or any of it besides oversized stuffed animals lol. I figure there must be a cache Dee Dee was hiding somewhere. Anyway a toast to her future of onlyfans, crypto and fenty…

  3. I wish people would stop fan girling over her . She is a master manipulator, a con artist and is more like her mother than she will ever admit . She didn’t get enough time and she’s out her acting likes celebrity when she should have had a life sentence.

  4. Couldn’t be less interested in this whackjob myself and definitely won’t be watching. I’d bet anything she’s no different than her mother. She deserves zero attention.

  5. Unfortunately I think Gypsy gets the art of manipulation from her mother. I feel horrible that Gypsy was put through what she was as a child. She is now free to get TV specials, book deals & plastic surgery to name a few. She has been treated as if she was some celebrity instead of someone who arranged the murder of her mother. We were led to believe before that her father wasn’t in her life and neither were extended family of Dee Dee’s but that had been proven untrue watching the last documentary. I also couldn’t help but to count lie after lie that Gypsy continued to tell throughout the documentary.

    I don’t know what Ryan’s motive was for getting with Gypsy. I don’t think they were a match made in heaven. During the last documentary when she was professing her undying love of Ryan she was simultaneously still talking to her ex fiancé. The same ex fiancé that she has said over and over is just her “friend’ despite evidence to the contrary. I just read yesterday that they now admit they are together. I have a hard time believing anything that Gypsy says so I’m not sure that I believe Ryan was abusive. I find it very telling that she is now seeking spousal support though.

    Nick is absolutely where he needs to be for committing brutal murder. But it doesn’t sit well with me that this is an autistic, low IQ boy who was very isolated that was easy to manipulate. He will die in prison. She is out. Would Nick be in prison if Gypsy didn’t recruit him to kill get mother? Nope. Keep in mind also that there is video of Gypsy eating brownies with Nick after he killed her mother and she is making jokes about how he is going to eat her later.🤢Was she abused by her mother? Absolutely! But the multiple doctors, her father, her stepmother, Dee Dee’s extended family (that Gypsy apparently stayed with during this while Dee Dee was in prison for writing counterfeit checks) all dropped the ball. Having said that finding out that she wasn’t as isolated as we were led to believe makes me wonder if there really was no one that Gypsy could turn to or whether Gypsy was just acting impulsively because she wanted to be a Disney Princess in a real life fairytale and live happily ever after.🙄

    1. Nick didn’t have a low IQ. At all. And he knew precisely what he was doing. Here are some things to know….and these can all be easily verified….

      Early on in their relationship, Nick’s ex-girlfriend contacted Gypsy and warned her that Nick was violent, controlling and possessive.

      Nick wanted to have children with Gypsy, and when their future daughter turned 13, Nick wanted to rape their daughter and take her virginity. He also made Gypsy sign a contract making her his slave, and even demanded that Gypsy call him “master”.

      At his trial, prosecutors were clear that Nick was a sexual deviant with sadistic tendencies who wanted to kill. So he did not kill Dee Dee to save Gypsy, he killed Dee Dee because he wanted to kill someone. Nothing more, nothing less.

      1. Nick was on the autism spectrum with an IQ of 81. An IQ of 81 isn’t horrible but if you pair that with autism it changes things. I think he was a psycho before he met Gypsy and I said that he was where he belonged. Gypsy however is free. Gypsy also did the whole role play slave/master willingly. She dressed up in costumes for him taking on a different persona with each one. She also discussed rape of their future fictional child. They both are sick. I don’t think that Dee Dee would be dead if the perfect storm that was Gypsy and Nick had never come together. I’m guessing if Nick wanted to kill just to kill independently without Gypsy there would have been a lot of dead bodies. There wasn’t. Just Dee Dee.

  6. i wanna try to give her the benefit of the doubt since she clearly lived a very sheltered life before going to prison for nearly a decade, it’s common a lot of people who grew up sheltered wild out once they have their freedom whether we agree with their choices or not, i just hope she makes something positive out of all of this

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