‘The Challenge’ Stars Respond to Resurfaced Video of Paulie Calafiore Telling OGs They Should Stick to ‘All Stars’: “Nobody Trying to See Old, Overweight People Still Competing”

Paulie, revealing the number of friends from ‘The Challenge’ he’s made over the years. (Probably.)

A resurfaced video of Paulie Calafiore calling out OG Challenge stars has some vets from the MTV franchise firing back at the Big Brother-turned-‘Challenge’ competitor.

Last week, @challengetea911 on Instagram posted a video of Paulie (which had allegedly been made by the four-time ‘Challenge’ competitor years ago) in which he ranted about the show’s OGs, telling them their “time is done,” and that the show’s fans don’t want to see older people compete.

“You sure about that?”

“It’s time for the OGs to know their place, which is on All-Stars or anything else that possibly gets going, and the main show needs to go to the new hungry people,” Paulie said. “And, ya know, if you dominate ‘All-Stars’ and you think that you can come back and hang with the young bucks, cool. But your time is done, you had your moment, stop holding onto it. 

“We all know you wanna be famous, you’re a little upset that back when you were in your prime it wasn’t happening, but like, ain’t nobody trying to see old, overweight people still competing,” he continued. “Come on, get out of here.” 

“Leave the taglines to me, pal.”

The second slide on the post by @challengetea911 featured a recent poll that was recently taken by nearly 13,000 fans to gauge their interest in the upcoming season, The Challenge 40: Battle of the Eras. (As The Ashley previously told you, the upcoming season features 40 competitors representing four different “eras” of the franchise, including the OGs.) Despite Paulie’s claims in the video, the poll results showed that fans were least excited to watch Era 4, which happens to be the “era” Paulie will be part of. 

While many of the comments on the post– including one from OG Aneesa Ferreira– pointed out that Paulie had posted the video long ago, others noted that Paulie’s remarks inadvertently dissed his girlfriend, longtime ‘Challenge’ competitor Cara Maria Sorbello, who recently appeared on ‘All-Stars’ and is set to appear on ‘Battle of the Eras’ as part of Era 2. 

“‘Young bucks?’ Really, Paulie? You realize you’re in your mid-forties, right?”

While Paulie’s video may not have been recorded recently, his sentiments still managed anger a number of OGs from ‘The Challenge’ franchise, some of whom went on respond in the comments. 

“We could lash back and say mean things too,” Tina Barta, OG and ‘Battle of the Eras’ Era 1 competitor, wrote. “Such as, ‘We wouldn’t have to come back if you could hold ratings.’ But, who am I to be talking?” 

“Yeah, so wrong,” KellyAnne Judd of Era 2 added. “Also, it started off with young overweight, unhealthy people. That was fun! I think we like fun.” 

Tina also joked with OG Rachel Robinson– who is competing as part of Era 1 in Season 40– that Paulie’s era of cast members “pulled [her] out of retirement.” 

“I will forever throw that out!” Tina added. 

“He is so CRINGE!” ‘Challenge’ OG Veronica Portillo commented. “It’s people like him that are chasing fame, not Era 1 people that literally started not even knowing the extent of what it would become. He should stick to hosting swinger events & documenting them for [OnlyFans].” 

“Noooo [Paulie] nooooo!” former Real World star and ‘Challenge’ competitor Ruthie Alcaide added. “Love ya man. The people LOVE the OG’s, don’t be a stunod hahaha” 

Trishelle Cannatella went on to call out Paulie’s accusation that the OGs “want to be famous,” predicting that Paulie’s own future in reality TV will be cut short. 

“ … literally no one is asking him back for any other network so good luck when you blow out your knee and you are on unemployment,” she wrote. “Meanwhile, myself, Teck [Holmes], [Johnny] Bananas, Wes [Bergmann] and CT [Tamburello] are booked and busy. THIS clown. I turn down shows he begs to be on.” 

Veronica went on to echo Trishelle’s comments, before accusing Paulie of projecting. 

“He will just be unemployed with a blown out knee [because] we don’t get those benefits including disability when signing ‘Challenge’ contracts,” she wrote. “His ‘they want to be famous’ statement is true projection on his part.” 

Paulie has yet to comment on his resurfaced video. 

‘The Challenge 40: Battle of the Eras’ premieres August 14 on MTV. Click here to check out the full cast.  

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