EXCLUSIVE! Ryan Edwards Misses Custody Court Date with Ex Mackenzie: Here’s What Really Happened

“This time it ain’t my fault though!”

Ryan Edwards was a no-show on Monday in custody court, where he was scheduled to appear at a hearing to argue against his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Mackenzie, for parenting time of their kids, Jagger and Stella. After it was reported by several outlets that Mack was awarded “full custody” of the kids, due to the Teen Mom star not showing up, The Ashley spoke to several sources to get the true story of what went down on Monday.

 The Ashley broke the news last month that Ryan filed a “Motion to Adopt a Temporary Parenting Plan.” In the court docs— which were obtained by The Ashley— Ryan claimed that he had been visiting with Jagger and Stella at the home of his mother, Jen Edwards. However, Ryan stated that Mackenzie is no longer allowing the kids to go visit him at Jen’s house, so he filed court documents to demand the judge set up a parenting plan that would require Mack to give him access to the kids, and force Mackenzie to pay for the legal fees and expenses that are result of his filing.

The hearing on Monday was to discuss this filing– not the permanent custody of the kids. (A court date has been set for September to settle the custody plan and divorce permanently.) 

A source confirmed that Ryan did not show up; however, the ‘Teen Mom’ dad was able to prove that his lawyer told him that it was not necessary for him to attend this particular hearing. It’s been reported that Ryan fired his attorney after today’s hearing, which may have very well happened; however, the attorney is still listed as Ryan’s lawyer on the court website as of press time. 

“Don’t tell me no wrong info and expect to get away with it!” 

A court source confirmed to The Ashley that Ryan’s attorney did attend Monday’s hearing, as did Mackenzie and her lawyer. However, things “couldn’t proceed without Ryan in attendance,” so the court hearing for this particular filing has been pushed back to the end of July. This means that for now, legally, Mackenzie is not required to make any changes in terms of letting Ryan see the kids, as there is no court order in place at the time. (The kids have lived with Mackenzie full-time since she and Ryan split in early 2023 following Ryan’s alleged attack on Mackenzie and her filing for divorce. She has had temporary full-time custody since then.)

“Mackenzie didn’t ‘win full custody’ today as it’s being reported online,” one source tells The Ashley. “No one won or lost anything. Everything stays the same. There’s no truth to those reports that are saying that Ryan ‘lost custody’ of his kids because he didn’t come to the hearing.” 

“I reckon I still should get them kids!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan and Mackenzie have been trying to agree on a parenting plan for months. The exes first attempted mediation, where Mackenzie proposed allowing Ryan to have supervised visits with the kids at his parents’ home. Ryan rejected the proposal (and mediation), and instead proposed a parenting plan that asks that he be “designated the primary residential parent” of Jagger and Stella. 

While Ryan asked that he and Mack have a 50/50 custody arrangement, in the Complaint for Divorce (which was obtained by The Ashley), Ryan requested that Mackenzie pay him child support, using the money she earns at her job. Ryan also asked the judge to “vest the title to [marital or separate] property to him as alimony.”


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In addition, Ryan asked the judge to make Mackenzie pay his attorney fees, as well as any legal fees that he incurs for “defending the interest of the children.” Ryan was so adamant that Mackenzie pays him child support that he asked the judge to have “a lien be imposed on [Mackenzie’s] property to ensure the payment of any child support.” 

Mackenzie and Ryan are next due to meet up in court on July 22.

The Ashley will update this when more info is available.  

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25 Responses

  1. Regardless of what the lawyer told him, he should have been there. It’s HIs court case, HE filed the papers, if he cared he would want to be there, putting in the face time with the judge. What was he so busy doing that he couldn’t bother to be there?? Ridiculous

  2. Crazy how drunkard Maci praises this loser. Mac knew what she was getting when she married him & had his babies. Sad that the innocent children have to suffer

  3. Lol. Yeah, it’s always the deadbeat parents who scream the loudest on father’s/mother’s day and they don’t get to see their kids.

    This is so clearly transparent, Rhine doesn’t even want 50/50, he’ll probably drop the kids off at Mimi Jen’s house during his parenting time, he just doesn’t want to pay child support, and if anything he wants to get child support.

    He been in and out of jail for a year, the judge for his court cases might be a family friend, but it’s not going to go so smoothly in family court. When he has to prove that he can be a responsible parent. Being a parent who has shown that he drives high, yeah if Mack wants she can prevent him from driving with the kids, don’t blame her if she did. He is dating someone from her sober house who also doesn’t have custody of her kids.

    He’s probably going to get a visitation center which he has to pay for and if you miss an appointment, you have to catch up on all back pay before they let you see the kids. Rhine should ask for a weekend a month, and he wants primary. Lol. Yeah that’s not going to happen.

  4. Ryan don’t care about his kids he chooses drugs over and over … Ryan mom trying to play mama to her grandkids … McKenzie doing great all this time without him now he wants to play daddy again … And wants her to pay him . Ryan get a job dude and be a man !!! She been supporting your kids this whole time stop doing your drugs and thinking about yourself and what benefits you all the time .::.

    1. I mean Rhine loves Chance more than his actual kids, he might be better at watching a dog for a weekend than his own kids.

  5. Ryan’s parentes: you are playing a VERY dangerous game with your grandchildren. Like it or not McKenzie is their MOTHER! Between both parents McKenzie is the most stable parent. Going against her and pissing her off should be the last thing on your to do list. Back the f down from this fight. Mend your relationship with the mother of your grandkids if you want to see them kids again.
    I was in the same situation, dad and grandparents did so much to fight against me that it became clear to the judge that non of them wanted to protect my child’s best interest. They got nothing. Zero. No visitation and no right to even speak with my child. I moved several hours anway and I bet the grandparents still regret being so nasty to me.

  6. So it’s his mom that wants custody, right? No way in hell a judge is allowing this repeated junkie and DUI driver to be the primary custodian of the children instead of Mackenzie that is neither a junkie nor a felon. And he even wants Mackenzie to pay him spousal support? What an absolute POS.
    Did he repair all the stuff he destroyed at his kids’ home?

    1. Rhine repairing all the stuff he destroyed at his previous home means he’d have to admit/accept accountability. Which won’t ever happen. He’s a straight BITCH ASS boy.

    2. .if I was the one wanting custody I would be at every court hearing..this seems more like trying to punish the mother than a desire to see the kids.

  7. Hoping the judge doesn’t give him a damn thing in terms of custody/$. His relationship with his mother screams that he was breastfed up until first grade.

    1. His relationship with his mother screams that he was breastfed up until first grade.

      Hell, he acts like he still partakes of mom boob on the regular.

      Mimi needs to hand that fucker a binkie and find herself a hobby that does not involve babying her 36 year old son.

  8. So his kids weren’t going over to Jen’s house at all anymore or they weren’t going over there if Ryan was present?

    Regardless, we all know Jen filed this on behalf of Ryan. Too bad his desire to be involved in his kid’s lives has never been there.

  9. nothing is EVER rhine’s fault, it it? 🙄
    that said, it does sound like his atty screwed up. however, as samantha ⬆️ said, he still should’ve checked and double checked if this is truly important to him (and not just to mimi jen).

    1. I am in ABSOLUTELY NO WAY ON RYAN’S side but I’ve been in a custody battle with a pos and for one, of the many, court hearings my lawyer said I didn’t need to be there. He’s a very good lawyer and he’s been incredibly helpful but in this case where he said I didn’t need to be there he was mistaken. Luckily I decided on my own that I would be at EVERY court hearing no matter what. If Ryan’s kids are as important as he keeps saying, roll of the eyes, then he should be at EVERY hearing!!!

      1. Exactly.
        I want to hear every word and see everything going on. I don’t want a play by play.
        I need to see it for myself.

  10. He’s still not taking responsibility and blaming others. If court is for his children, he should have been there regardless of what his attorney said. He never takes accountability and always has someone else do all of his work for him.

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