Jenelle Evans Looks Into Starting Cannabis Business Inspired By One of Her Infamous ‘Teen Mom 2’ Moments

Well THAT sounds promising…

Jenelle Evans is looking into capitalizing on one of her most memorable moments from Teen Mom 2. 

(…and no, she’s not launching a line of clip-in hair feathers or backwards wedding veils– at least not yet, anyway.) 

In a sneak peek of Thursday’s episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Jenelle sits down with a potential business partner named Adriana to get some information on possibly starting her own cannabis business. Joining Jenelle on this foray into the pot-slingin’ biz is her “manager special friend” August Keen.  

“I mean…these soulmates ain’t gonna pay for themselves, ya know?”

After giving Jenelle (and August) a rundown of her business, Adriana asks Jenelle why she’s interested in exploring the cannabis business, to which Jenelle proceeds to cite one of the infamous arguments that went down between her and her mom, Barbara Evans, on ‘Teen Mom 2′ over Jenelle’s weed smoking. 

“Well Juh-nelle, ya friggin’ welcome.”

“Basically, you know, a long time ago when I was on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, it was me and my mom arguing and I was like, ‘It’s about this time of the day I want to smoke,’ and that just resonated with everybody,” Jenelle explains, before revealing her idea to start a brand called “This Time of the Day.”

And just like that, a star– and potentially a cannabis company– was born.

“I think my history is going to have a lot to do with this brand,” she continues. “And then I was thinking, like, moms are shamed for smoking.” 

“Juh-nelle, ya were shamed for bein’ too HIGH! HIGH! on the pot to take care of ya kid!”

In the clip from Thursday’s episode posted by Us Weekly, Jenelle’s potential business partner notes that there are also a lot of women who use cannabis for menstrual needs, to which she suggests Jenelle consider a “spin-off” product called “This Time of the Month.” 

“Yeah, that would be awesome,” Jenelle replies. 

Adriana then reveals that she was a ‘Teen Mom 2’ fan from a young age.

Adriana, already envisioning another J.E. Cosmetics situation…

“What I’m lookin’ for is to, at first, come out with maybe a pre-roll pack and maybe just expand from there,” Jenelle says. “I think it’s really great if I have someone who works together with me because I have so many ideas.”

Watch Jenelle “pitch” her cannabis concept below. 

New episodes of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ air Thursdays on MTV. 

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube) 

13 Responses

  1. I just want to know if Barb is coming back? We need her to make Jenelles segment even a bit interesting. Where are you Barb?

  2. Starting a business based on an a throw away line that was said on a show that has waned in popularity and even then was only popular among a specific demographic, is just silly. Beyond that, Jenelle has proven repeatedly that she has ZERO business acumen, ZERO work ethic, and never sees anything through. So this is just a reach for a storyline to try to prove to viewers she’s “doing big things.” It won’t happen. Even her big return to tv has been met with a tepid response. She needs to start considering her Plan B…an actual job.

    1. “High, High!!” is a classic line, but even then, only to those of us in the specific demographic as you pointed out. Nobody remembers that line Janelle uttered and nobody cares about her at this point.

      Doing “big things” for her would be to get a real job, but now she’s back on the TM gravy train, so that’s probably not going to happen.

      Truly entertaining TV would be to watch Janelle (and a few of the other TM characters) try to hack it at real jobs. Janelle wouldn’t last three days at Bab’s old job at the WalMart deli. But Janelle probably couldn’t get hired there if they require a drug test and conduct a background check.

  3. While this SOUNDS like a good idea….it’s Jenelle we’re talking about here. The girl has ZERO work ethic. Hell, the girl doesn’t have one ethical bone in her body.

  4. So many people who like weed are trying to get on the bandwagon. The gold rush is over, though, and most MJ businesses are bleeding money. And a dope like Janelle certainly doesn’t have what it takes to have her business succeed in a flooded market. JE Cosmetics 2.0

  5. Lol, I think that the fact that Adriana watched Jenelle from young age says everything why she’s in it. She’s just a fan. (Although you gotta be pretty strange to still be a fan of hers after everything she’s done)

    Also, is that REALLY her new sleezebag? Blech…

  6. What person in the world would buy anything that Jenelle has had her scummy, dirty, disgusting hands on? Every single so called business idea she tried to pursue was an utter and complete failure, just like Jenelle. She brings nothing but shame and embarrassment to her children and everyone who associates with her. Except maybe her so called “manager.” Just looking at the picture of him in this story makes me cringe! He looks so shady and trashy!!! LOL! She sure can pick ’em!!

  7. Give it up Jenelle..

    You’re not an entrepreneur. You’re not a businesswoman. You have no business acumen. You have no life acumen.
    And no one wants anything to do with you, marketed by you, associated with you, endorsed by you.

    Just try to find a job somewhere… If anyone will hire you with your resounding lack of skills and inability to pass a drug test.

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