EXCLUSIVE! Ryan Edwards Files Court Documents Demanding His Ex Mackenzie Allow Him to See Their Kids

“Gimme them kids…and stuff.”

Ryan Edwards‘ nasty divorce from his ex Mackenzie just got even uglier!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter dad recently filed court documents, demanding that Mackenzie allow him to see the two children they share. In court documents filed on June 20— and obtained by The Ashley— Ryan (who finally got himself a lawyer) asks a judge to construct a temporary parenting plan that will force Mack to let him see their son Jagger and daughter Stella.

In the “Motion to Adopt a Temporary Parenting Plan” filed by Ryan and his attorney, Ryan claims that, until recently he had been visiting with Jagger and Stella at the home of his mother, Jen Edwards. However, Ryan claims that Mackenzie is no longer allowing the kids to go visit him at Jen’s house.

“Mother has recently refused to allow Father to exercise any parenting time with the minor children,” the docs read. “This is not in the children’s best interest.” 

“Ryan Christopher, you go get those kids this INSTANT!” “But Maaaa…” “NOW, Ryan!”

Ryan asks the judge to set up a plan that would require Mack to give him access to the kids, and force Mackenzie to pay for the legal fees and expenses that are result of this filing. 

It doesn’t appear that Mackenzie has filed an answer to Ryan’s request; however, the exes are set to meet in court in July to discuss the matter.

“How dare she keep Stella and….the boy who ain’t Bentley away from me!”

It appears that Jagger and Stella visited with Ryan (while Ryan’s current live-in girlfriend Amanda Conner was present) a few weeks ago, but not since.


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Mackenzie made it clear on social media after that visit that she was not thrilled that many fans were fawning all over Ryan for being a great father. She reminded fans of all the awful things Ryan did to her (and their kids) in 2023, including completely trashing the home they lived in.

(In one video posted to Instagram Stories last week, Mackenzie showed off some of the hateful things Ryan had written all over one of the walls of their home. Mack showed that she had attempted to paint over Ryan’s writings but that they were still visible.) 

Some of Ryan’s wall-sized, um, “diary entries,” before Mackenzie painted over them…

While Mack hasn’t filed a response legally, she has made it obvious that she is no fan of Amanda, who met Ryan while they were both in rehab last year. For the past few weeks, Amanda and Mackenzie have been lobbing shade at each other via Instagram.

On Sunday, Mackenzie posted an Instagram Story that was obviously about Amanda, taking aim at the fact that Amanda lost custody of her own son years ago due to neglect.

“I’m so nosy…I want to know how your kids are in your bio but not in your custody,” a meme Mack posted read. 

Amanda seemingly replied to Mack’s post via her own Instagram Story.

“I’m so nosy…I want to know how you sleep with half your co-workers and still lose your job,” a meme Amanda posted read.



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Ryan and Mackenzie are still currently in the process of divorcing. They are due to meet in court to discuss their divorce case in September. They are still trying to settle the custody agreement for their kids.

As The Ashley reported in April, Ryan created a proposed “parenting plan,” demanding that he be “designated the primary residential parent” of Jagger and Stella, but with him and Mack having a 50/50 custody arrangement. (Jagger and Stella have been living with Mackenzie full-time since she and Ryan split in early 2023 following Ryan’s alleged attack on Mackenzie and her filing for divorce.) 

In the Complaint for Divorce (which was obtained by The Ashley), Ryan asked that Mackenzie pay him child support, using the money she earns at her job. Ryan— who has made millions during his nearly 15 years on MTV— also asked the judge to “vest the title to [marital or separate] property to him as “alimony.”

In addition, Ryan asked the judge to make Mackenzie pay his attorney fees, as well as any legal fees that he incurs for “defending the interest of the children.” Ryan was so adamant that Mackenzie pays him child support that he asked the judge to have “a lien be imposed on [Mackenzie’s] property to ensure the payment of any child support.” 

Because of a mutual restraining order issued to both Mackenzie and Ryan in April, Mackenzie only speaks to Ryan’s parents in regard to  visitation with the kids and has no direct communication with her ex. 

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Hamilton County Sherriff)

45 Responses

  1. I think rhine is absolute dogshit. His parents should’ve been sterilized before he was conceived. “Mack” is a hemorrhoid, though. She’s a raw, sandy asshole and I hope it keeps her up at night the way she acted towards and about Maci. The only ones I feel sorry for are the kids.

  2. I wouldn’t want Ryan’s trash ass girlfriend around my kids either, why does she need to be there? Supervised visitation at a facility, after seeing all the horrific evidence that he did trashing the house and nearly killing their mom.

  3. Id say he needs to provide child support and supervised visitation at a custody place like what Chelsea did with Adam, and have the clause in there no significant others can be around during that time.

  4. It’s real classy and mature to slut shame your boyfriends estranged wife when she points out you don’t have custody of your kid after he files for primary custody of their kids

  5. I will say this- Ryan only wants to see those kids out of spite for Mack. And honestly, if he can trash a house the way he did and threaten to kill her, why wouldn’t he do that to the kids in general, let alone out of spite for Mack? I dunno… The only way I’d let him see them if they were my kids, is supervised 100%. And while I think Mack should just shut up about all of it, Amanda certainly needs to shut her mouth if she were smart- which clearly, she isn’t. This isn’t HER battle…

  6. For fuck’s same, Mack & Amanda need to shut the fuck up with the bickering.

    Rhine shouldn’t have jack shit for parenting rights. Anybody who is supporting this shitwad having those kids in his care are idiots. I mean did yall forget how he trashed their fucking house in a rage, and some of yall think it’s acceptable for those kids to be in his care? Go give your balls a tug.

    This is obviously Mimi Jen & Larry back on their bullshit. They did the SAME THING TO MACI, documented via TM, always encouraging him to go to court so he can ‘see his son’ when in reality he never wanted to & made zero effort. Have several seats.

    How do so many dysfunctional people find each other and end up procreating? Damn.

  7. I wouldn’t trust Ryan to have custody of a stick, let alone an animal or child.

    I think what happened is Jen and Larry weren’t following Mac’s rules, so she stopped letting them see the kids. So Jen is filing this in Ryan’s name, on behalf of herself. Mac has every right not to let those kids around any of the Edward’s family.

  8. Those poor babies! Ryan shouldn’t be anywhere near them. Let’s all be really honest right now, Ryan is not sober and he damn sure isn’t celebrating a year of being sober. Not with the way he has been acting in regards to Mack (calling/texting and threatening and finding RIDICULOUS reasons to show up to her home “i NeEd mY cOmPuTeR cHaRgEr”). He trashed the home HIS CHILDREN LIVE IN. Rubbed his shit on their walls! Threw their belongings around! What the FUCK makes ya’ll think he needs to be around those children?!? Oh right, he’s their “father”. Go sit the fuck down somewhere with Ryan and Amanda and be fucking mad.

  9. He doesn’t wanna see those kids, he just wants to make Macks life hell. I hate that he’s forcing me to take Macks side, because I cannot stand her, but after he DESTROYED their house like a rabid animal, he doesn’t need unsupervised visits with anyone.

  10. If Ryan turns into a decent, respectable, responsible man that takes accountability, he should be given the chance to be a father. But he should prove himself first and “be on probation”. To trust him after all the crazyness and character faults he’s shown through the years, would be stupid. The childrens well-being must come first. Ryan never cared much before? Never ever seen him being paternal. Be gives a selfish, ignorant impression & seems to be stunted emotionally. Safety of the children are prio one. After his dangerous behavior towards the mother & himself, he should have a very humble attitude. Ryan has always been entitled, even though he hasn’t accomplished much.

  11. Jen–this is clearly something YOU want, not Ryan–and that’s fine, but in what right mind did you ever think it was better to have RYAN file the papers instead of you???? That reduces your credibility you dum dum!

  12. Yeah, this is Jen and Larry because Ryan isn’t really hands on and shows more affection to his dog, which is so cute, but I rarely see pictures of him holding or even touching one of his kids, at best, its a group photo and he’s just standing close, but the dog … I’ve seen a few of him holding the dog

  13. I’m not taking away from what Ryan did when he was all strung out (keep in mind that Mackenzie had apparently been cheating on him), what he did was really f**ked. But, as long as there is 2 birth certificates that say that Ryan Edwards is the father of Jagger Edwards and Stella Edwards, guess what??? The guy has rights. If he’s staying sober, working his program, working a job, and staying out of trouble, he has every right to have access to his kids. Mackenzie is pretty transparent, this isn’t so much about Ryan and what Ryan did, it’s because she doesn’t like Amanda. If Maci was available, and Ryan had gotten back together with her after rehab, Mackenzie would be doing the same damn thing.

    1. You are absolutely taking away from what Rhine did, and you sit here trying to justify his actions because Mack cheated.

      Enjoy your 20+ downvotes.

      1. I was just going to say the same thing. I don’t care if she was f’n an entire football team. The guy is a lunatic, druggie, spoiled man child and completely unpredictable. He abused Mackenzie. Nothing makes that ok. He could have just divorced her for cheating.

        1. I’m actually not taking away from what Ryan did. And never once did I say that he WAS sober, I said IF. Y’all are some quick to judge people, facts are facts, and until the day a judge strips him of his parental rights, he still has a right to his kids. And I really don’t care if Mackenzie was f**king one dude or having a gangbang with the whole State of Tennessee, the point is that she isn’t a saint either. Not saying that she deserved what Ryan did, just stating that she isn’t perfect either.

  14. Nope, nope, nope, nope. This guy should never gain access to his kids again. If he tried to kill their mother, who knows what would he do to those poor kids when they are older?! Jagger and Stella deserve better than this sad excuse of a father (Bentley too! But he has Taylor who is a great father figure to him). Also this says a lot that Amanda lost custody of his son. I hope these two assholes don’t procreate…for everyone’s sake.

  15. I don’t understand why she would pay him child support? I’m in the U.K. here the parent with residency gets child support from the non-resident parent.

    1. There’s no way he would get custody and child support. He knows that. He’s just trying to make Mack’s life hell by forcing her to respond, pay for a lawyer, show up in court, etc. He’s a vindictive ahole.

    2. He filed to be the primary residential parent and her to have to pay him child support. He also asked for a 50/50 custodial agreement, and if she makes a lot more money than him (no idea what each of them do for work), then yes she’d have to pay even if it’s 50/50.

  16. Myx decided to date a woman like this pos Ryan is dating. This woman was all over the news nationally, even NY times picked up the story about her crazy ass. Well, I took him to court and limited his visits permanently to almost nothing and no overnights. Court papers said: child not to be exposed to drugs, or convicted felons.
    That sealed the deal for him.
    The court system is corrupted if Ryan gets any type of regular visitation with his children other then supervised by a third party (visitation center).
    If McKenzie, Jen and Larry testify that they don’t get along with eachother the judge won’t allow them to be the supervisors. She needs a good lawyer.

      1. She was REALLY good. She has since been appointed to be a Superior court judge by the Governor.

  17. at the end of the day, Mackenzie is only acting this way because ryan didn’t want to take her back after she cheated. she tried really hard to get him back while he was in rebab but he moved on to be with amanda and now she’s mad. so before anybody says ryan shouldn’t be around his kids because of what he did.. keep in mind that a Judge would disagree with that AND mackenzie herself would have had ryan back around their kids had he taken her back. so it’s not at all about the kids safety to her.

    1. Just because she cheated, assuming she did, that had no bearing on her being a good or bad mother. She picked him. She knew who and what he was and married him anyway, and then had kids with him. I think Ryan has issues that go far beyond his drug use, but if he’s clean, he has equal rights to those kids as Mackenzie does. She has no right to keep those kids from their father. Again, legally, both parents are equally responsible. Unless the kids are exposed to drugs or parental alienation (which Mac is guilty of by keeping the kids from him, or either tries to influence the kids’ opinions of the other, it is always best for kids to be exposed to as many people who love them as possible. Jen and Larry were not great parents to Ryan, but they love him and they love those kids. Keeping them apart is cruel to everyone. As Judge Judy says “you need to love your kids more than you hate your ex.”

    2. Ok, this comment… the language and the sentences are so bad written. I can smell Amandas trashy and uneducated vocabulary all over this.

  18. I would be damned if my kids would be in the presence of a so called father who has destroyed their house, trash their rooms, broke his children’s toys, wrote that his youngest wasn’t even his and abused their mother. That’s not even mentioning the fact that he has been arrested multiple times, he has lied his ass off multiple times and pretended he was sober. He has never been an attentive father to his kids including Bentley. Now you add a girl he met in rehab that is also a repeat offender and doesn’t have custody of her own kids. Sorry. I wouldn’t take a chance to put them anywhere near Ryan and Amanda.

  19. not a ryan fan at all and i sympathized so much for mackenzie for what ryan did to her but at the end of the day mackenzie chose to have kids with ryan and he’s still their dad and she has to accept that if she doesn’t want her kids to continue being traumatized and she’s been really annoying and bitter about everything and just needs to go get help and find peace because this isn’t good for their kids either

  20. Ryan is an absolute POS and doesn’t deserve a minute with those kids. Has he paid for the damages he did to his kids’ home and the trauma he’s put them through?
    F*ck you Ryan

      1. Well that judge can get f*cked too. Judges don’t give a f*ck about kids and that’s why Jenelle still has custody of her kids

      2. What evidence has been produced by Ryan to prove he should be the primary parent and given 50/50 custody? He is in and out of court+rehab. He’s committed DV on multiple occasions. He’s got a lot stacked against him. Just cause (according to you) Mack wanted him back during rehab is not proof he should ah e custody.

      3. A judge would give this dude supervised visitation after what he did to his kids’ home.

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