Inside Ryan & Mackenzie Edwards’ Totally Destroyed Home: New Photos & Video Show Shocking Damage Allegedly Done By ‘Teen Mom’ Dad

Last month, The Ashley told you that the home Ryan Edwards and his wife Mackenzie once shared was completely destroyed— allegedly by a very angry Ryan— but now we’re getting our first look inside the ravaged house to see all of the jaw-dropping damage!

The Sun obtained photos and videos from inside the Teen Mom OG dad’s house after it was torn apart and trashed. As The Ashley previously reported, the police report from the February incident stated that everything in the Tennessee home was “completely destroyed”, with spray-painted walls, ruined appliances and nearly everything in the home wrecked (except for Ryan’s possessions and some of his kids’ things).

In the officer body cam footage obtained by The Sun, Mackenzie can be seen walking through her destroyed home with the police in February.

(Photo courtesy of The Sun)

With guns drawn, we first see the cops opening the door to the garage, which has minimal damage. From there, the cops head to the kitchen, which is torn apart. Everything appears to have been thrown out of all the kitchen cabinets, and some of the drawers on the kitchen island have been ripped out.

The police report, previously obtained by The Ashley, gave further details about the damage found in the kitchen.

(Photo courtesy of The Sun)

“The refrigerator was tipped over and leaned against the counter, and the doors were open and had been written on in permanent marker. I observed a loaded AK-47 style rifle on the kitchen counter,” Deputy Hazen wrote in the report.

“The microwave had been spray painted blue, the dining room table was flipped over and had been spray painted with profanities, as had the patio window and other walls in the house. There was also writing in black marker on the walls.”

(Photo courtesy of The Sun)

White paint had also been splashed around various parts of the house. 

Next, the officers head to Ryan and Mackenzie’s bedroom, where “SLUT” had been spray painted on the bed’s headboard. Long messages had also been scrawled all over the walls of the bedroom in black marker. 

(Photo courtesy of The Sun)

Ryan– who had previously been making social media posts accusing Mackenzie of cheating on him— allegedly wrote about Mack cheating all over the home’s walls.

“Most of the graffiti on the walls were allegations of infidelity against Ms. Edwards,” the officer wrote. “There was also glass all over the floor as several windows had been broken. Deputies observed a wedding photo hanging in the hallway had also been written on.

In the video, the officers take photos of the extensive damage in each room. As they walk, you can hear broken glass and other items being stepped on due to so much stuff being thrown on the floor.

(Photo courtesy of The Sun)

In the master bathroom, the mirror has been shattered and items have been thrown all over the floor and sink area. 

The video also shows that the walls in the hallways have been spray painted with messages (although The Ashley isn’t able to make out what words have been painted there.)

The police report stated that the bedroom “had an odor consistent with fecal matter” but that none was located. However, in the body cam video, an officer actually mentions that there is poop present in the master bedroom.

“Watch your step, there are some feces in here,” one officer told the others.

Eventually, the group made their way to the completely destroyed basement, where broken toys, ripped apart cabinets and graffitied walls waited for them. However, Ryan’s tools and belongings remained untouched. 

“He didn’t destroy his stuff,” one officer notes in the video.

“Funny how that works, isn’t it?” another one responded. 

The Sun also obtained a video of Ryan being arrested that same day. When asked about the damage done to his home, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ dad— who was named a suspect in the police incident report—denied having any part of it. 

“I was framed, I tells ya!”

“I did not do that. I got evidence. This is crazy. The officer said I can move my stuff out… I’ve been to my house, I saw what was done to it,” Ryan said in the video.

A cop then asked Ryan who destroyed the home if it wasn’t him, and Ryan blamed the guy he thought Mackenzie was dating. 

“The person that is with her I guess. I stayed at my parents’ house. I left my mom and dad’s house. That’s what I saw Thursday. It was like that yesterday. I have my camera and SD cards,” Ryan— who looked dirty and disheveled— told the arresting officers in the video.

Ryan’s story didn’t hold up, though, after he was searched by police. In the police incident report, the officer noted that, “Upon searching Mr. Edwards, I observed white paint on the tops and sides of his boots which appeared to match what I observed on the floor of the Edwards residence.”

As of press time, no charges have been filed against anyone for damaging the Edwards’ home.

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan was sent to rehab last month and ordered to have no contact with Mackenzie, who is currently in the middle of divorcing him. Earlier this month, though, Ryan left the Texas rehab he had been staying at and was arrested back in Tennessee for DUI and possession of a controlled substance on April 7.

He is due in court on Thursday to answer to the new charges, as well as the consequences of not completing rehab and his other probation requirements. Ryan is currently in jail, where he has been held without bail since his arrest on April 7. 

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(Photos: Used with permission from The Sun; MTV; Hamilton County Sherriff’s Office) 

32 Responses

  1. This is what happens when parents baby and cover up EVERYTHING for their kids. Not making them take responsibility for what they did wrong. Bang up job

  2. No one deserves this. Mackenzie doesn’t and the kids damn sure don’t. I hope he gets several years in jail and then court mandated rehab and outpatient services for a year after he’s released. He’s been a terror to everyone around him and will be enabled to the point of hurting someone very badly. This will end I’m tragedy unless some serious legal consequences and medical intervention happens. Hope Mack & kids can get somewhere safe far away from him.

    1. I think Jen babyed him a lot but the dad I think at the end started getting tired of him I really hope he gets help because he really needs help that’s terrible what he did to the house where his kids have to live.

  3. Oh. My. God. This is much worse than I had pictured and what was reported… He pretty much ruined the entire house. How awful! What a freaking psychotic f**k! A serious man child! I’d say he’s mentally ill but obviously due to the damage done without touching his own stuff, this is intentional- Narcissists know EXACTLY what they’re doing. I think that word is thrown around too freely most of the time, but he is ABSOLUTELY one! I hope he’s seriously punished and has to pay for what he’s done. I would also NEVER let my children be around someone so out of his mind with rage!

  4. What a shame. Looks like it was a nice home too. The reality is Ryan will not even suffer for it either. He can’t pay to fix it. I know I wouldn’t want to continue living in that house anyway. If Teen Mom really does represent a cross section of American kids growing up and are 5 years away from being adults it’s very scary. We have one starting fires.One commenting how his mother just uses men to get pregnant. One kid that killed her dog. 6 parents off the top of my head with drug and/or alcohol problems, domestic violence, animal abuse…God help them all.

    1. I haven’t heard about the teen mom, kids, starting fires or saying that the mom uses men to get pregnant. The only one I think I know about is Sophia and the dog. Who said their mom uses men?

  5. This filthy POS did this to his young children’s HOME!! He needs to be locked up for a long, long time. He is a danger to Mac, and the children. For their safety he needs to stay LOCKED UP!!!

  6. His children and Mac do not deserve this. His parents need to get a grip and stop making excuses and bailing his sorry ass out. A cold cell is the only place Ryan should be for a very long time.

  7. Holy. This is beyond. In no universe did I expect to see a full grown man do this to his family’s home. What a giant child Ryan js. Not a big Mac fan but she and her children doesn’t deserve that even if she cheated. Unreal.

    1. And also don’t forget he cheated on her too. He was caught hooking up with chicks on Tinder right after their first wedding so who is he to talk?

      Honestly, I think Ryan is really fucked up because of the drugs so I don’t even think he realizes how hypocritical he is. I don’t think he’s ever going to get clean unless he’s locked up for a long time. I hope to God he is. It will save his life.

  8. wonder what excuse his parents will give for this..they always have an excuse for him and his behavior….maybe now its time they stop making excuses and make him stand on his own 2 feet

  9. This is beyond drugs. The rambling paragraphs on the walls and on the refrigerator with Sharpie is way more than meth or heroin. There is serious mental illness going on here. The destruction done in this house is beyond comprehension. I have never been a fan of Mackenzie, but I cannot imagine how devastating it had to be to see her home, her children’s home, ravaged in this manner.

    I blame Jen and Larry for a lot with the way they’ve enabled Ryan throughout his life, and I normally think they need to let Ryan clean up his own messes. Now is the time for them to look at what their son did to their grandchildren’s home, call an end to the excuses, and pitch in with money and some sweat equity to get this literal mess cleaned up. All the money they’ve thrown away on Ryan’s bail should be going to his kids, and making sure they have a safe, clean environment to go home to.

    1. Nah, mental illness doesn’t have people destroying everything EXCEPT their own stuff. He’s just a self centered A Hole.

  10. This is beyond. Forget the drugs. This is beyond any normal response, even with drugs involved. Poor Mackenzie. This is INSANE! This guy needs jail time.

  11. Oh wow. Honestly, the best thing for every person involved, including Ryan himself, is if he is not in any of the kids lives & remains in jail.

  12. This is way worse than reports made it seem. I mean I had an ex “trash” my apartment in college but all he did was take my clothes out and throw them around and spread pots and pans in the kitchen. This is UNHINGED. That’s his children’s home and he took a crap on the floor? Is he related to Amber Heard? Their oldest kid can probably read by now and he spray painted vile things about his mother in his home. I try to give those with addictions grace and understanding because I’ve been there. But this goes way beyond addiction. This is an entitled man spoiled and protected his whole life by his parents entering the real world and realizing it doesn’t revolve around him and spiraling out of control. He’s a dangerous lunatic with or without drugs. He needs to be locked up. Period. He cares about no one but himself. Great job, Jen and Larry. This trashcan is your legacy and it’s your fault.

  13. this makes it quite obvious that rhine’s issues go beyond simply addiction ~ he needs serious mental health help as well.

  14. y’all are messed up if y’all are still making mackenzie look like the idiot here! i’m so glad and proud of her for getting the kids and herself out of that horrible situation. nobody deserves that no matter what they’ve done and i can’t believe he still has people by his side after he trashed the house his kids live in and for treating the mother of his kids like that!

      1. Bc ppl have hated Mac since she first came along. Between driving with him when he was high to the letter with Maci.. they just hate her.

        And some folks think she deserves this for choosing and fighting so hard for this Male.

  15. I hope Mack has met someone lovely who treats her like a queen. In fact I guarantee she has and it’s his superiority in character and achievements which has triggered Ryan so much.

  16. I immediately think of his children. How they have classmates who are very well aware of this behavior. What they have to deal with as a result of this dude’s inability to function as an adult. It’s sad.

    Then I think about his instability. His lies. His clear lack of any accountability. Moreover, those closest to him who continue to coddle his behavior. Mark my words, and I hope that I’m wrong, but his behavior is alarming and he will eventually hurt someone.

  17. He does this to the home where his children live? What an absolute garbage person. The kindest thing he could do for all of his children at this point is to get a vasectomy and be a check in the mail every month.

  18. When I read the police report, I thought wow this is bad. But this is far worse than I could ever picture. I’m glad the kids and his wife are safe. I’m glad that he’s in jail.

    I just can’t imagine one person doing all this, so who helped?

    Jen and Larry, talk your way out of this one. Blame Maci for “triggering” him, or now is it Mack fault? Like, do all the mental gymnastics to blame everyone but Rhine for his behavior, and themselves for raising this POS.

    1. This is one person on a bender, fueled by meth and probably not sleeping for days at a time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more than one day’s worth of work, though. My guess would be that Mack took the kids and left, then it was several days before she got the protective order to kick him out of the house. The diatribes written on the walls were probably done over a period of time, not in just a few hours.

  19. This is so sad, seeing your family home destroyed like that, even your kids possessions. What kind of a scumbag does that to the house his children live in? It’s disgusting. I hope they throw him in jail for a couple of years.
    Congratulations to his parents for raising this absolute POS

  20. No one should ever have to go through this. I would be damaged for life, I would never consider a relationship, let alone trust anyone. Poor Mack, she didn’t deserve this. I’m sure someone will post “she married him when he was high blah blah blah” it happened let’s move on, this is far worse and undeserving.

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