Ryan Edwards Reportedly Overdosed While Driving His Truck Before Friday’s Arrest; ‘Teen Mom’ Star Rushed To Hospital & Given Narcan

New terrifying details have been released surrounding Ryan Edwards‘ most-recent arrest.

Court records obtained by The Sun on Monday revealed that the father of three was found unconscious in his truck around midnight on Friday. The truck was still running and was left in “drive” mode after Ryan allegedly snorted a substance and passed out. Emergency responders had to administer Narcan (a medicine that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose) and were luckily able to revive him before rushing him to the hospital. 

As The Ashley previously reported, the Teen Mom OG dad is currently behind bars in Tennessee after Friday’s arrest. (He was charged for DUI, possession of controlled substance(s) and violating his previous probation terms). Up until a day or so before the arrest, Ryan had been in a court-ordered rehab in Texas attempting to get clean after his latest relapse.

According to the court documents obtained by The Sun, police found an “unconscious and unresponsive” Ryan in his truck on Friday night. (As The Ashley told you, the ‘Teen Mom’ star was found at the state college in Chattanooga.) His truck had hit a curb, which luckily caused the vehicle to stop.

Cops used a lockout kit to get into Ryan’s truck and paramedics quickly went to work on saving his life.

“Ryan Edwards was removed from the vehicle and placed in [an ambulance], where he received Narcan and eventually regained consciousness,” the court paperwork obtained by The Sun reports.

Ryan— who has battled addiction for years— was found to be in possession of several controlled substances.

Ryan’s mugshot from his arrest on Friday…

“A quick search of Ryan Edwards by EMS turned up a small bag of what appeared to be a crystal-type substance and a second small bag of what appeared to be a blue powder. Also in the pocket was a paper receipt that had been rolled up,” the court records state.

Later at the hospital, Ryan allegedly admitted “he snorted a powder before waking up in the back of an ambulance.

It is unknown what the blue powder substance is; however, the DEA issued a warning last year about “rainbow fentanyl,” which is fentanyl that comes in pill or powder form and is brightly colored to look like candy. (It’s unknown if the blue powder was, indeed, fentanyl, though.)


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Once he arrived at the hospital, Ryan refused to submit to a blood test. He was soon arrested for DUI and possession of a controlled substance. He is currently being held in jail with no bond until his hearing on April 20. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan pleaded guilty to a charge of harassment against his soon-to-be ex-wife Mackenzie. He was also charged with possession of a controlled substance stemming from his arrest in February. In March, a judge ordered Ryan to go to rehab after Ryan pleaded guilty to the harassment charge. He was also ordered to wear a GPS monitor, have no contact with Mackenzie and maintain the terms of his probation. 

Now that Ryan has not completed the terms of probation and rehab he was required to, he will be doing some serious jail time. He was given an 11 month, 29 day sentence, which was suspended due to him agreeing to go to rehab and complete the probation terms. Now that has been revoked, Ryan will likely be spending the next year in jail.

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  1. Unless you have dealt with an addiction it is no ones place to judge anyone I am sure he as any addict want things to be different but it takes control I think we all need to remember that this is a human being that has young children & family that pray everyday for a miracle for this demon that has control to disappear & for their dad or son to come back to them! Addiction is not a joke & destroys many families & we should all be praying for Ryan & his family not helping put him six feet under! He doesnt need any help pretty sure he feels bad enough about himself & his life! Think if it were you or your loved one!

    1. I hope you show Mack and their children as much if not more empathy as you do Rhine.

      Addiction is terrible, I hope he finally gets the help he needs, but until then I hope the victims of his violent abuse are safe and are able to sleep at night now knowing that he can’t k!ll them.

      1. I can and will judge someone who holds their wife down, put a knife in her back, and throws dip in her eyes. Threatens to shot her. Breaks the windows of their home, spray paints profanity on all their furniture and walls, breaks their fridge, breaks her phone so she can’t call the police, and leaves a gun on the table to tell her if she was home he would have shot her.

        At a certain point, drugs can’t be solely responsible for someone’s actions.

      2. Ryan is going to end up getting some of that fentanyl that’s killing people and he’s going to end up dead like so many others if he doesn’t change what he’s doing. I understand drug addiction is such a tough thing to beat but ordering someone to go to rehab does nothing but waste that resource for someone who really wants it because if a person isn’t ready to get off drugs no rehab in the world is going to be able to help them. A drug addict has to want help and have a little will power to do the work it takes to get clean. Ryan isn’t there yet & I pray he gets there before it kills him. I put a lot of blame on Jen & Larry cuz they have coddled him & took up for him when he was wrong and they’re always there to make excuses for him & do whatever they can to enable his bad behavior. I put that blame on them early on but Ryan is a grown ass man with 3 children now. He needs to grow the hell up. I dont think his parents ever gave him any boundaries or punishment when he was younger. He is a spoiled entitled brat who thinks he can do whatever he wants with no consequences

  2. I think it is foolish to think going to jail will save anyone. He will just be dealing commissary for drugs. Improve his criminal networking. And maybe calling the OG of the block daddy. Jail only keeps drivers on the road safe at this point from his wreckless choices.

    1. I can’t speak to his particular situation but in my own experience, paper scrubs are given to those who are perceived to be a threat to themselves or those who are on suicide watch. Overdosing can be seen as an attempt, so depending on local policies, that’s probably why.

  3. He doesn’t want to get clean, so jail is the best thing for him at this point. Like dude, you have 3…THREE kids. Get your shit together.

  4. Idk why you keep saying his probation has been revoked because it hasn’t been. Only a judge can revoke his probation or they could decide to continue his probation with new sanctions imposed. Everything is up to the judge and what the judge decides and maybe, hopefully the judge will revoke his probation but it hasn’t been done yet. He hasn’t even seen the judge and revocation doesn’t just happen automatically. Like I said, only the judge can revoke his probation.

  5. He’s going to kill himself. Plain and simple. He’s had so many opportunities over the years to get clean and he just seems to be getting worse. Speaking from my own experiences with substance abuse and sobriety, you absolutely cannot be forced into making that change. It sounds lame, but it really does have to come from within. He’s clearly not interested in being sober right now and the threat of jail doesn’t mean shit to him. I honestly feel so bad for his kids, especially Bentley. He’s old enough to understand everything that’s going on and that has to be heavy for a kid his age. I think it’s great that he has Taylor to at least see an example of stability. I really feel for Maci as well. She has to constantly be navigating how to explain Ryan’s messiness to their kid. I just hope this doesn’t impact any of their kids in the future. They don’t deserve this shit.

  6. Honestly, the very best place for Ryan now is behind bars. He is a danger to himself and to others. I hope that this is the wake-up call his parents need to stop enabling him and I also hope that this is the wake-up call he needs to get his act together. His children deserve a sober and present father.

  7. I hate to say it, but even Amber The Couch Dweller had enough sense to know that jail was the only thing that could set her straight at the time. Obviously it didn’t work in the long run for her messy ass, but Ryan needs a full stop at this point if he wants to come out of this alive, and it certainly isn’t rehab that’s going to do it. A cold prison cell and gen pop may just be what he needs to wake the fuck up and realize he has a problem and the resources to work through it, unlike many others who aren’t as fortunate.

    As for Jen and Larry, they need to take their asses with their tails inbetween their legs straight to Al-Anon and face the music. This will only get worse the more they deny the reality of the situation, and its time to admit their faults and begin the process of healing while Ryan is in the clink where he belongs. It’s time to grow up, people.

    I can only hope that Maci continues therapy for Bentley and that Mac enters her and Ryan’s kids into it as well. These children are innocent and will be feeling the ripple effect of their addict father’s actions for the rest of their lives. They are the ones who deserve all the love they can get right now.

  8. I’m telling all y’all, anyone who will listen- jail is the only thing that is going to save this persons life. Not only is it best for Ryan, but best for all his kids and exes.

  9. Sadly we are not going to hear much more about this pathetic person because he’s going to end up dead.

  10. Ryan was actually twenty when Bentley was born. The loser hasn’t had the excuse of having been a teenager the entire time he’s graced our screens.

    Tennessee has an age of consent of 18 and a four year close in age exemption for 13-17 year olds olds, so he was skating on some thin high school sophomore ice there.

  11. I’m glad that Rhine will be behind bars.

    I do believe in rehab, and I do believe in getting people the help they need, and it normally doesn’t happen in jail.

    But I also believe that we need to protect the victims. And his wife and children are not safe with him out right now. And if this is what needs to happen to get them safe, its what’s got to happen.

    He’s not ready to get sober, he might never be ready, but at least now his kids, wife, and Maci will be safe. Maybe a year in jail will finally make Rhine grow up, since his mommy and daddy can’t protect him anymore.

  12. Screw this dude. It’s easy to take pity on addicts who are generally satisfied just to hurt themselves but he’s putting innocent people at risk because HE’S A DOUCHE BAG. Jail his ass up and keep him there or he’s liable to kill somebody.

  13. This is disgusting to read. Maybe this is an eye opener for Ryan’s parents, they need to stop enabling him. Some support groups or counseling would be helpful for them, but they would have to be open to hearing another perspective. Considering Larry tried fighting Taylor the last reunion show the parents were on, it doesn’t seem likely.

    It’s ultimately up to Ryan though to make changes in his life and work a program, otherwise he will end up dead.

    1. The problem is if/when they admit to & get help for Rhines issues they’re going to have to face their own & thats the real reason he is enabled & shelter in a denial bubble

  14. JFC, Ryan needs prison and not a 20th attempt at rehab. How many times as this guy driven under the influence? How many times, are these Judges going to offer rehab to this dude? I don’t care how many “clean days” this guy has, he needs to be off the streets.

  15. Look, the dude’s an a**hole.
    He won’t change because he has always been a self centred and arrogant loser.
    He has three kids to support and he would rather shove crap up his nose; they are all better off without him.

  16. Yikes. He’s at the end. I remember going to rehab fifteen years ago with a few people like him. Some addicts only go to rehab to get out of trouble. He doesn’t want to get sober. Rehab doesn’t work for those people. Jail looks like the only thing that might potentially save his life. Jesus, I’m glad when I was using fentanyl wasn’t big yet. That is one terrifying drug.

    1. Rehab doesn’t work for a lot of people though. I did probably 10 rehabs and I really believe that prison saved my life. Being around seriously violent convicts helped me more than sitting in rehabs reading the Big Book and eating crappy food.

  17. OMG he could have killed someone.
    Going to jail for the next year will probably save his sorry ass life because he ain’t going voluntarily to rehab.
    I’m very sad for his 3 children that surely love him despite him being a POS.

  18. I really hope this is finally rock bottom for him and he gets his life under control. I feel bad for his children, especially the ones that lived with him. Everything he does directly effects them and their futures. I’m that isn’t reason enough for him to get better but hopefully him nearly losing his life is the wake up call he needs.

  19. As predicted. drugs took over his life. I hope that in this year in jail, he gets sent to rehab too…but they tried that already so who knows if there’s actually hope for him. Hey dickhead, you have 3 kids who will be fatherless if you don’t change. (Not like you were a father figure to them in the first place though)

    1. Apparently it wasn’t rock bottom. After they saved his life, he refused a blood test to get away with everything again.
      He’s not ready to change and face the facts yet.
      They better keep him on watch in jail.

  20. to repeat:
    “i’m shocked”
    ~no one

    maybe (MAYBE) this will scare him into getting serious about quitting drugs ~ but the fact that he refused a blood test makes me think not. ??‍♀️

  21. His parents should have straightened him out when he was a teenager that cared more about going out partying than he did about his newborn son. That window of opportunity has long since closed. What he is now is the result of many years of enabling and covering up. I doubt there is any hope for him at this point. He doesn’t seem the least bit interested in changing.

    1. His mommy can’t protect him in prison, so maybe he will finally have to be accountable for his actions now.

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