EXCLUSIVE! Ryan Edwards Filming for ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ & Dating Someone New In Days Before Going to Rehab

“The ladies still love me, no matter what I do!”

Ryan Edwards got his legally challenged behind into rehab this week, but in the days leading up to his rehab trip, the former Teen Mom OG dad had been living it up. The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Ryan was keeping himself busy by filming for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, and dating a new girl.

As The Ashley previously told you, Ryan pleaded guilty to harassment and was sentenced to probation, GPS monitoring and rehab as part of his punishment for threatening his soon-to-be-ex-wife Mackenzie.

Before the court date, though, Ryan had been filming for the show. The Ashley can exclusively confirm that he and his other baby mama Maci Bookout filmed together at a Tennessee restaurant last week. (Before Ryan was arrested, he and Maci had been working to repair their co-parenting relationship, something that has continued even through Ryan’s recent legal issues.)

“MTV was all over this,” one production source tells The Ashley. “With all of this drama happening, they wasted no time bringing him back and were surprised he agreed, actually.” 

(The Ashley is told that Ryan had been filming for the show even before all of this drama with Mackenzie and the law went down, though.) 

“But MTV still wants to film me, go figure.”

The Ashley’s source tells her that there were no cameras in court on Tuesday, and that Mackenzie has not filmed at all.

Tuesday’s emergency hearing was held because the District Attorney didn’t fully agree with the judge’s decision to allow Ryan to go to rehab. The rehab trip was later approved after it was proven that Ryan would be going to a legitimate treatment facility. 

Ryan was not ordered to be at the treatment center for any specific amount of time, so his “release” date is open-ended at this point. He is required to check-in with the court on April 20, though, for a status update, but Ryan’s lawyer is allowed to represent him at that hearing while Ryan is in rehab.

In between filming and living that three-hots-and-a-cot life, Ryan has also been seeing a new girl. Ryan is currently separated from his wife Mackenzie. The Ashley broke the news that Mack filed for divorce last month and currently has a restraining order against Ryan. 

“Ryan has been seen around town with a woman who is actually the ex-wife of one of his friends,” one local source tells The Ashley. “It is not a healthy relationship, to say the least.”

“He’s all yours, honey. Enjoy.”

In divorce court paperwork obtained by The Sun on Wednesday, Mackenzie wrote that Ryan had become “erratic and violent” before they separated in January and that she’s afraid for her kids to be around Ryan right now. 

She stated in the court paperwork that, after Ryan was served the Order of Protection she filed against him last month, he “vandalized the marital residence to the extent it became uninhabitable.”

“In light of [Ryan’s] criminal and threatening behavior, criminal history and substance abuse, [Mackenzie] is afraid for the safety and well-being of the children in his presence.”

Mackenzie asked that Ryan’s parenting time with Jagger and Stella— the two kids they share— be suspended. She wrote that she was concerned Ryan would take the kids from her, or get them from school or daycare without her knowledge. 

(UPDATE: Although The Sun has reported that Mackenzie requested that Ryan not have time with his kids, The Ashley can find no proof that a judge approved her request. As of press time, Ryan was still allowed to see Jagger and Stella (as well as Bentley– the son he shares with Maci), and had been seeing his kids up until he went to rehab earlier this week.)

The Sun also reports that Mackenzie is asking the judge to designate her as the kids’ primary residential parent, and to order Ryan to pay her child support for both kids, as well as alimony. She also wants him to pay for the damages he allegedly caused to their home and possessions. 

“Ain’t them kids like four or five by now? Don’t they pretty much pay for themselves at this point? Ugh.”

Due to the restraining order she has against him, Ryan is currently not allowed near Mackenzie, her home or workplace. He was ordered on Tuesday to wear a GPS monitoring ankle bracelet that lets Mack know when Ryan is close to her location and/or in violation of the restraining order. 

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  1. No one deserves this but at first she wasn’t preventing him from seeing the kids the changed her mind and wants to protect them. Money hungry much? First thing I’d do is be sure my kids are protected first and foremost then worry about myself if he is as bad as she is now claiming after all these years. Was a bad seed in the first place but she still got with him, let him drive messed up on tv…. Again, not saying she deserves this and I wish her the best but she’s been sketchy from the beginning and was probably upset she wasn’t getting to be on tv anymore. Now he’s filming again hah why is he doing this. I hope he cleans up and stays clean and I hope Mackenzie stays the heck away from him and not go back. She shouldn’t have stuck it out and then have kids with him. Hope she learns from this and does the best for their kids together.

  2. Ryan needs to grow up. This also isn’t his first time around in treatment so he should know that dating in your first year is HIGHLY discouraged. Plus, he’s not just married still, but FRESHLY out of the marriage AND this is a friends ex-wife… He is just a true gem. His priority should be staying sober/recovery, and his kids… not a new girlfriend. I really do not think he will ever change and likely he’s going to have nothing to little to do with the kids he has with Mackenzie, just like his relationship with Bentley. Although, with the way he has been as of late, and his drug use- I wouldn’t allow my kids to see him- ESPECIALLY as he’s not even trying to see them anyway. It’s just really sad, honestly. Also, I am sorry but I laughed WAY too hard when it said that he “threatened” her with having gang members come to hurt her. Like, what gang members does he know? What a loser!

  3. I never knew I’m gonna say this but: Mack is the smartest one in all of this. Why film with a literaly psycho Maci, money doesn’t stink, eh? And this new chick….esp if she’s an ex of one of his best friends (and prob knew him personally before)…no words. Does she want fame?

    I’m glad Mack kept Jagger and Stella away from this guy, Maci should do the same for Bentley. (But we’ve seen before she still wants to film even his most private moments, your son can decide for himself now, you know that right?)

  4. Why. Just why?
    In the year of our lord and savior 2023 why aren’t people googling the people they are dating? I am old. I met my partner in 2008. When I was dating back in ye ol’ times I was researching people like I was the damn FBI.
    I wont even comment on MTV. We all know they are desperate.

  5. sadly i wouldn’t be surprised if maci started making mackenzie look like the bad guy in this scenario especially for what she’s rightfully demanding, don’t forget what maci was saying about andrew after amber did the same thing ryan did

  6. I would watch again if Cory, Ryan, Farrah, Janelle, Kail & Joe & Javi, and Adam & Chelsea we’re all filming. I see no reason to watch a bunch of boring segments. We literally have Amber and her couch to keep us going. I don’t need any further baby daddies from Kail, I’ll stick with Javi and Joe. I would appreciate more Jeremy too. Make it awkward or don’t make it!

  7. MTV is surely scrapping the barrel bringing back a violent drug addict to boost ratings. And Maci?? She got Ryan and Mackenzie fired so Bentley doesn’t have to watch his trainwreck dad on TV and she agrees to film again now?? Is she so desperate for this sh*t show to not be cancelled??

  8. It makes me sick that MTV continues to pay insane amounts to people who consistently break the law and/or act like immature drama lovers just to make money off their poor behavour.

  9. He’s such a piece of sh*t. And this is very unsettling. Not to mention how messed up in the head do you have to be to starting dating Ryan knowing what he’s done!?

  10. Rhine is the definition of a man who needs a mother at all times, whether it’s his actual mommy or a woman to play mommy.

  11. This is just gross. MTV is at it again exploiting people for their gain. This man has stopped filming how long and now he gets a personal segment. The one and done with Maci should have been it. But of course…MTV. Laos him and the new girl are probably getting high everyday. There’s no way this is a regular healthy relationship, as the ex wife of a friend. She knows as does the whole of US with his antics. This is her getting her 5 min

  12. Who the hell does this guy think he is and how deep does he have to fall before he sees he can’t go on like this?
    Not for him, certainly not for his kids.
    He decided to have two more and he better step up

    1. This is just gross. MTV is at it again exploiting people for their gain. This man has stopped filming how long and now he gets a personal segment. The one and done with Maci should have been it. But of course…MTV. Laos him and the new girl are probably getting high everyday. There’s no way this is a regular healthy relationship, as the ex wife of a friend. She knows as does the whole of US with his antics. This is her getting her 5 min

  13. It’s not surprising Ryan is filming, just so he can get more drug money. I’m surprised Maci filmed with him. I understand trying to fix a coparenting relationship for Bentleys sake, but filming it is another story. Ryan has been filmed doing many irresponsible and questionable things throughout his time on the show.

    Who knows the amount of trauma all of Mac and Ryan’s kids have been around too, in addition to Bentley. Who’s going to get custody of the dog though? Ryan will care about that. Maybe that’s why he agreed to film; drug and lawyer money.

  14. Well, when you get thrown off the horse, you need to get right back on. Good for him, I hope this one doesn’t cheat on him, my bro have been through enough.

    stay lit

  15. The last thing Rhine needs right now is a new girlfriend. These women who pursue him are clearly mentally ill and are with him to solely to get on TV.

  16. He’s gets away with everything, and his ego has expanded some more..
    He’s lost his damn mond.

    I get that he and Maci are trying to work on co-parenting for Bentley, but is Maci siding with Ryan?

    1. I posted the comment before I finished it.

      Guarantee Ryan and the new girl bonded over drugs. She’s outta jer mind, too. I wonder if she’ll film..

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