Mackenzie Edwards Says She’s “Not Safe” Near Husband Ryan In Newly Surfaced 911 Call; Her Father & Co-Worker Ask Authorities To Help Mackenzie

Trigger Warning: This story contains mentions of domestic violence. 

Before ‘Teen Mom’ dad Ryan Edwards was arrested last week, his wife Mackenzie Edwards — as well as her father and co-worker—called 911 multiple times in the last two months, with Mackenzie revealing at one point that she did not “feel safe” from Ryan.

As The Ashley told you, Ryan was arrested for violating a protective order filed by Mackenzie, as well as for harassment, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. In the petition she filed on February 8 for the order of protection against Ryan, Mackenzie mentioned several times that Ryan allegedly got violent with her or made threats against her, sometimes in front of their children.

On Friday, The Sun revealed that Mackenzie– as well as her father and her co-worker– made calls to 911 over the past few months trying to get Mackenzie help getting away from Ryan during his alleged violent episodes.

The most-recent 911 call on record was made by Mackenzie on February 8 (the same day she filed for the protective order). According to the call transcript obtained by The Sun, Mackenzie sought help from emergency personnel and indicated that she plans to divorce Ryan.

“County has been to my house several times in the past month for a domestic I’ve had going on with my soon-to-be ex-husband,” Mackenzie told the 911 operator, before asking how to make a report with the county about the situation with Ryan. 

Mackenzie allegedly asked if an officer could meet her to hear a recording of a threatening phone call she received from Ryan that same day. (Click here to read the chilling details of that particular call.) When the operator suggested the officer come to Mackenzie and Ryan’s house, Mackenzie insisted they meet elsewhere. 

“I am not safe at home,” she said. “Is there any way they can meet me in [the city of] Harrison?” 

Before this, two other 911 calls had been made on Mackenzie’s behalf in response to Ryan’s alleged abusive or threatening behavior. One call– made by Mack’s co-worker– coincided with an alleged violent incident on January 15 that Mackenzie wrote about in her order of protection petition.

Mackenzie claimed that, on that day, Ryan allegedly began punching holes in the doors and windows during an argument and then grabbed Mackenzie by the neck and held her against a wall in their home. She says he then threw her down in the hallway, before opening his pocket knife and putting it to her back.

“This was in front of children. I tried to leave, he smashed my phone, took my car keys,” Mackenzie wrote. 


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For that incident, Mackenzie’s co-worker called 911 and told the operator that Mackenzie had texted and asked for help. (The co-worker stated that, although Ryan had allegedly smashed Mackenzie’s work phone, Mack still had use of her personal phone.) 

“A co-worker texted me to get some help on some stuff,’ Mack’s co-worker told the 911 operator. “In the message, she said her husband smashed her phone and put a knife to her back. I was calling to see if I could get a welfare check on her? When I was on the phone with her, I could hear him shouting at her in the background and then she hung up really quickly and said she had to go. 

“I spoke to her physically on the phone at 4:58. That was a 15-second phone call. She said at 4:52, ‘I need help.’ She said Ryan just smashed her phone and put a knife to her back.”

Police were dispatched to the home to help Mackenzie on that date.

The next related 911 call was made by Mackenzie’s father on January 24, which, according to Mackenzie’s order of protection petition, was the date that Ryan allegedly got violent with her again while their kids were allegedly present.

“[Ryan] came into [my] bedroom where I was laying down. Pretending like he’s going to punch my face,” Mackenzie wrote. “Breaks bed with me in it. Getting in my face yelling. I went to get kids and leave. He wouldn’t let me leave. Threw me down in living room. Threw menthol nicotine in my eyes.”

Mackenzie said her father called the police after that incident. When the cops came to the house, they reportedly found a loaded assault rifle in the home. (Mackenzie claimed that Ryan owns at least three guns.)

According to the transcript of that 911 call– obtained by The Sun— Mackenzie’s father Bob Standifer told the operator that he was worried about his daughter as well as his grandkids, Stella and Jagger.

“My daughter called me. They’re separating. I could tell she’s upset. She said, ‘Dad, will you come get me?’ We got two kids there, a three- and a four-year-old,” he stated. “I don’t know what’s going on. If he’s not letting her get out of the house or what.”

Bob then told the operator that he was alerting authorities about what was happening so they could assist him with helping Mack and the kids.

“I thought I might walk into something I don’t need to walk into as far as where he’s not letting her get out, and me and him get into an altercation,” Bob said. “I don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law so I figured I would let you all know… I think this is escalating.”

He also confirmed that Mackenzie claimed she got nicotine in her eyes, and that Ryan had a “fair amount” of weapons in the house. 

“He’s got assault rifles, two 45 pistols, army-issued pistols,” Bob told the operator.


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When asked whether or not this was the first time Ryan has allegedly been violent with Mack, Bob stated that, to his knowledge, Ryan hadn’t behaved this way toward Mackenzie before.

“I don’t think he’s ever gotten physical in the past. I know he’s put a hole in the wall once. But I don’t think he’s gotten physical towards her,” he said, adding that Ryan has a history of drug use. 

After Ryan violated the protective order one day after it was issued (by calling Bob), cops went to Ryan’s home to arrest him on February 10 but he was not there. (The house had “substantial damage” done to it, though.) Cops found Ryan at his job and arrested him. During the arrest, it was discovered that Ryan had a glass pipe on him, as well as a bag of what appeared to be heroin and one that appeared to be cocaine.

He was charged with possession of a controlled substance as well as possession of drug paraphernalia.

Ryan is now out of jail and back to posting memes to Instagram about being in an unhappy marriage, etc. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan made a series of Instagram posts last week about Mackenzie, whom he has accused of cheating on him. The posts included one in which Ryan posted a revealing photo of Mackenzie (along with a caption calling her a “spineless sl*t,” among other things.) 

Mackenzie also returned to Instagram for the first time since news of Ryan’s arrest and alleged threats went public. She posted a religious quote, along with the line, “Just because I carry it well doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.” 

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  1. All I can see is the car swerving all over the road. Sober passenger cutting off the camera for the junkie driver. So like omg sorry he was abusive, but you could have killed innocent people enabling a junkie. You picked him, he was high when he picked you. Worth it for a show, but that’s the end of it. I always loved Jen and Larry for how they treated Macie but they raised a bum.

  2. The comments are wild. A few showing the correct response, empathy, while the rest is a cacophony of “DV is bad, unless the victim is someone I don’t agree with or even like, in which I will laugh and turn this into my entertainment. You knew what you got into, Mack!”

    DV is scary. No one deserves to be a victim. No one. There is no excuse anyone can make to excuse it. To the ones making the nastiest of comments, congratulations! You are continuing to silence and shame victims. Good job. We love to see it.

  3. Awwww trouble in paradise. Buckle up buttercup you knew Ryan wasn’t worth a dàmn when you married him.

    1. A victim of domestic violence is never asking for it and doesn’t deserve it, despite what you think.

      I pray you never find yourself in a situation like this, only to have others smile and tell you “buckle up, buttercup. You knew what you were getting into.”

  4. FYI. He doesn’t have an “assault rifle”. An AR does NOT stand for assault rifle. You can’t have an assault rifle in the US.So IF that’s what he has,they should be confiscating it. But how is he even allowed to own any guns?

  5. Who keeps bailing this idiot out of jail?!

    Larry is an a$$.
    Jen acts helpless. I have no sympathy.
    Mac doesn’t deserve this, but also had many, many large flapping red flags and still chose to bring children into this. I hope that she makes better choices in the future.

  6. Like Mackenzie or not, it’s a sad situation. I hope she can focus on the kids and not jump into another relationship/have more kids.

    1. She has done the right thing by leaving, and I can support that as I have been through the same situation. The best thing Mackenzie can do now is focus on healing for herself and the kids. It’s going to be a long road, but hopefully with the right help, she’ll come out on the other side a stronger and better person. You can do this, Mackenzie.

  7. I wonder if Jen and her brother still own the house Mack and Ryan live in. Did they ever buy it? I remember Larry was pissed because Jen was gonna sell it to them for way less than what it was worth. I think they’re dependent on Ryan’s parents in a lot of ways.

    1. I don’t know about the house your talking about but according to The Sun Online Ryan and Mack found a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house that was listed at $319,000 but bought it for $309,900.

        1. Yeah. Ryan had been living in it for free. It was nice. It was on a lake or a river, can’t remember. I think Jen’s parents left it to her and her sibling(s). Jen and Larry had a fight about it on an episode. Larry to Jen: “You better sell it to him for what it’s worth! I mean it!” Maybe it’s the house they bought.

          1. I remember that argument, that’s actually when I started turning against Larry because when he called Ryan a bloodsucking leech Jen left the room crying and Larry told the interviewer that he didn’t care that he hurt her feeling and that if she had a problem with how he felt she could “take her shit and leave”

            I wanted to jump through the TV and strangle him, I mean he has every right to feel the way he felt about Rhine but to say that he didn’t care if he hurt her feelings and she could take her shit and leave just really ticked me off…like how could she love a man that treats her like that?

        2. @T I don’t. I understand his frustration. My brother is an addict and my mum is exactly like Jen. Feels sorry for him, enables him and is soft. My dad is like Larry. Frustrated, trying to hold him accountable, dealing with my mums devastation every time my brother effs up. It’s hard on relationships.

          1. @Leah’s Meth Pipe, it’s on YouTube if you or anyone else would wanna look it up

            There’s also another YouTube video from Being Edwards that features Larry, Jen and Mack where Jen asks Mack if she’d like to hear their love story to which Mack replies “Yes, please take me down memory lane.”

            Larry looks straight at Jen and says “Is it really a love story?”

            I mean, this guy makes me sicker as time goes by…kinda like Rhine…as I said, “Like father like son”

    2. no Rhine live in that house on his own for short time. I think they still rent it out for extra cash.

      Mack and him bought a house, separate from his parents.

  8. So she’s finally opened her eyes! Wonder if she’ll make amends to Maci? Ha ha seriously doubt it.
    LADIES if you learn about someone’s history of DV and they like to put their hands on women. Like we saw him do to Maci. Don’t think you’re anything special honey. It’s going to happen to you. It’s just a matter of when, not if! His parents need to get their ass to Al Anon and stop helping to kill himself. I’m surprised he hasn’t OD yet. Ryan’s headed to an early grave. I’m glad Maci protected her son.

    1. The same Maci that is seen drinking Bud Light with her husband in almost every time she’s shown? The same Maci who bashes Ryan to her son every chance she gets? Plus, without the incidents with Ryan, Maci probably wouldn’t even be still on the show. Watching her and her unemployed husband drink beer gets boring.

      1. What the fuck is your problem?

        We all know Maci has faults like drinking too much, but shes not a falldown drunk and at least she isn’t a drug addicted loser like Ryan.

        She’s trying to protect her kid from that idiot by telling him the truth so he doesn’t think his dad is a perfect little angel like his Mimi and Papa are depicting. She keeps it real, and Bentley is a better person for it.

        And just because he isn’t working when they film doesn’t mean he doesn’t work at all, some people choose to do odd jobs for people as employment instead of a 9 to 5 (its often times more dependable and it allows for more family time) and maybe Maci has decided to be a housewife…there’s NOTHING wrong with that. I do however wonder what happened to their TTM t-shirt business?

        Just my opinion but if more parents chose to do that more often instead of working outside the home and letting the the kid(s) raise itself/themselves then maybe we’d have more maturity in this world and less selfishness?

      2. Taylor owns a clothing line, it’s those ugly shirts that they are always wearing. TTM.

        He’s also a retired motocross racer.

        And Maci owns a social media management business, where she manages other D-list celebs social media.

        Plus Taylor and she are on a reality TV that also pays them.

        You might like to think that reality tv isn’t work, and it’s not traditional work by any means, but he’s been on screen for about 10 years. He’s getting money.

        Taylor is also a very active father and he’s Bentley’s baseball coach.

        Taylor has custody of all three of his kids (and I include Bentley in this because he’s a better father to Bentley than Rhine has ever been).

        Maci’s kids are alive, healthy, and well taken care of. She’s never been arrested or had any of her kids removed from her care.

        The same can’t be said about Rhine.

  9. I really hope Jen supports Mack through this. She has a habit of defending and making excuses for Ryan. It must suck to have raised such a POS though.

    1. Well, Jen did marry a POS after 30 days all because he knocked her up so she had to have realized her son was gonna be one too. She should have just raised the baby without him!!

      Larry has emotionally beat down Jen for so long, I think maybe that’s why she defends Rhine so much…she’s feeling guilty because she should have left Larry’s ass long ago and saved herself and her son the grief.

      Like father like son and poor Jen is caught in the middle.

      Everytime Larry goes on one of his rants she just says “Okay Larry”, “Thats enough Larry” or she just walks off crying.

      1. Oh, wow! I didn’t know any of that. She definitely appears to be harboring guilt. I just thought it was because she spoiled Ryan, not because she stayed in a bad relationship. She needs to do the right thing now though and support Mackenzie. Fu(k Ryan. He’s a lost cause.

      2. Jen also had some fertility issues after Rhine, and I think she always wanted a big family.

        I think also Larry shamed her for it too.

        Larry is extremely verbally and emotionally abusive. And I would guess physically too after Taylor told him to not scream at Bentley and shake the baseball cage after Bentley had an unforced error at a little league game and Larry got in Taylor’s face and told him to square up. And Taylor didn’t back down. Jen had to pull him away.

        1. Oh yeah for years Jen would make Bentley sleep in the same bed as her when he would spend the nights. And Bentley, Maci, and Rhine thought it was weird.

          But now thinking about it. Maybe Jen thought she was protecting him from his grandfather.

          Now I’m just speculating.

  10. Yes Mack is in a scary situation (a situation she doesn’t deserve to be in) but she could have very well prevented it by tucking tail and running when she had the chance.

    But instead she married and had kids with this animal!!!

    At least Maci had the common sense to get out while the gettin was good!!

  11. Ryan is becoming a lot like Butch. Drugs over his kids, violent, arrests, court, jail, rehab, rinse repeat

    I hope his kids won’t push Mackenzie to leave a party early so Ryan can come when there’s an active order of protection against him. I hope they see trough him and give up on him sooner than Ty could.

  12. Was Ryan always a violent prick? I thought he was just a big lump of laziness. Anyway I hope Mack and the kids can get away safely.

    1. Thats what i am wondering. Everyone keeps saying Mackenzie deserves this because she didnt listen to Maci (and NO ONE deserves this). but did he hit Maci or something? I dont remember

  13. Ryan has always been a psycho. Remember when he shot innocent cats? I feel bad for their kids, seeing their father act this way. Take those kids and go.

  14. I’m only sorry for those poor children. Mack knew what she was in for and has put up with it and dragged those kids through it. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. She knew how he was in the begining even, but hey, let’s keep having kids and bring them into this hell. Yeah, real smart. Ryan just needs to be dealt with, obviously by another means than drug court or whatever HASN’T been working. He is such a waste of human skin.

  15. I hope Mackenzie along with Maci/Taylor and even Jen/Larry are all on high alert right now. He is out of control and escalating. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets to a point where he can’t see how anything can get better, and he decides to take himself out and the rest of them along with him. He seems to have so much anger and bitterness inside of him and a lot of resentment toward everyone around him. He doesn’t seem like he wants to go to a serious rehab or even therapy. I hope for everyone’s sake he makes the decision to turn his life around but if refuses I’d be really scared right now if I were any of them.

  16. He’s likely using again but she probably got tired of having no teen mom cash coming in and strayed. Both need to stay away from each other. She got in to this situation knowing he did all those drugs in the first place but wanted $$$ did herself no good now the poor kids involved. It’s not like she hooked up with him when he never did drugs then went down that road. Hopefully they can start fresh away from each other and get better. Seems a little too staged with so many 911 calls prior to anyone actually helping. Fishy

  17. Ryan is a ass whole McKenzies and leave him long time ago

  18. I would say that he is using heavy drugs and that’s why this is escalating and getting physical when he hadn’t before. (Not sure I believe that honestly) That’s scary because he is capable of anything at this point. How does he think his psycho behavior is going to look in court?

    1. Agree that it’s probably escalating drug use that brought Ryan to this point. Opioids usually don’t lead to violence, but he was also found with cocaine and wouldn’t be surprised if he’s also on meth which can easily lead to violent behavior. I’ve witnessed a meth addict self-destruct in a matter of months.

      This is scary and sad for all involved. Never know what goes on behind closed doors, but Jen and Larry do not seem like violent, aggressive people therefore Ryan would not have been raised that way. They babied and enabled him too much through the years, but they must be devastated too. At this point they can’t deny that he has deep issues which may never be resolved. At least they have their grandkids.

      1. Larry was and is an aggressive person, Jen not at all, but Larry oh yeah. Rhine has talked about how verbally abusive Larry was when he was growing up. How much it effected him, and how much he hated seeing his dad do the same thing to Bentley at baseball, its why Rhine ended up quitting.

        Taylor almost got in a fistfight with Larry, because Larry was screaming at Bentley and shaking the baseball cage at A CHILDREN’S Little League game. And Taylor told him to knock it off, he’s a child, and if he can’t handle his emotions properly leave. (Taylor is Bentley’s baseball couch), and Larry got in Taylor’s face and tried to fight him. And Taylor didn’t back down which made Larry get even more aggressive.

        1. Interesting- that explains Ryan in that case. Sounds like Jen should have left a long time ago. The women and children are the victims in this situation and a monster was created.

      2. Ok. He has def gone off the deep end. I wont argue with that, but c’mon with the “assault rifles”. Can guarantee Rhine does not have assault rifles. Rifles, yes. And “Army issued pistols”? Doubtful. Unless he has a Class III license, he does not have any of those.

        1. Rhine’s dad was in the military, I wonder if they are his guns.

          Rhine is a convicted felon and has a record of threatening to use a gun, I don’t think he can legally get a gun.

          So I wouldn’t be surprised if he just took some from his dad’s gun locker.

        2. Assault rifles stood our to me. Is she calling an AR an assault rifle or does he have an AK?

          If the pistol was truly army- issued, the assault rifle could have been too..

          But where did he get them?

          1. Neither of those are assault rifles (AR or AK). They are just rifles. I highly doubt they are full auto or 3 round burst. Either way, if hes a felon, he cant have guns.

          2. “The AK-47 is an assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the Soviet Union in the 1940s, while the AR-15 is an assault rifle designed by Eugene Stoner in the U.S. in the 1950s.”

    2. I was going to say the same thing. Like he’s using either new drugs or upped his dosage.

      His drug of choice in the past was heroin and that does cause mood swingers, hostility, irritability, paranoia, lack of self-control.

      We know he never took his sobriety seriously. He went to rehab but then “graduated early”, aka left against medical advice. Never followed up with a sober living, NA/AA, he took suboxone ad hoc, which even Dr. Drew called him out for that one.

      I mean he’s not sober, he hasn’t been in years, he was either on heroin, on suboxone, or pills. He might have been able to scale back after rehab, but if you don’t take it seriously, it’s just going to come back and worse.

      I hope the kids are safe. I hope she changes the locks and gets a good lawyer. Get those kids away from him. And only allow Jen and Larry around if Rhine isn’t there.

      1. I think Ryan is going to overdose before they get divorced. It’s a shame his family didn’t use the after care at treatment to get themselves healthy! The woman in the family need to get to Al Anon. Instead they’ve enabled this monster and look what you create when addicts are in denial.

      2. A serious opiate addict on suboxone or methadone is a good thing. It means that they are taking the beginning steps to get clean. I’ve known heroin addicts who switched to methadone for a year or two and then weaned off of methadone. They are still clean today.

        1. Being on suboxone is a good thing if taken at a dosage by a doctor and weaning/tapering off the meds over a set period of time.

          That’s not what Rhine was doing.

          He was taking suboxone whenever he felt like it.

          And not attending any type of program or working with an addiction counselor or therapist.

          And considering that they found heroin and cocaine on him when they arrested him, he’s clearly not sober.

  19. As someone that has been in this type of situation, I feel very empathetic to Mackenzie and her children. As much as I strongly disagree with the decisions and comments Mackenzie has made over the years, I really do hope she recovers from this and can find peace. I hope that for Jen & Larry too. They’ve been in serious denial and have made excuses for Ryan’s behavior over the years and it’s aggravated us all but we just need to put that aside and just hope and pray for the best for them. Jen & Larry are not bad people. They just didn’t know how to handle that their only child has severe issues. I can’t imagine how hard this must be for them.

    Drugs are evil and they ruin people’s lives. Don’t do them, guys. It’s not worth it.

    1. Right there with you, having been in that situation, too. It’s unbelievably scary and I hope Mackenzie, the kids, her parents, and Jen and Larry all remain safe. I don’t agree with Mack’s past behavior or decisions at all, but she’s in a very dangerous position right now and absolutely no one deserves that.

      Jen and Larry have enabled Ryan, bought into his BS over and over again, but I can only imagine what they’re going through with hearing the tapes of these 911 calls, seeing the damage Ryan caused to the house their grandkids live in, and watching Ryan self-destruct before them. I don’t see how they can live in denial anymore with all of this coming to light. They need serious help themselves to figure out how to deal with their son, help that doesn’t involve saying, “Well I can’t cry in front of him because I’m one of his triggers.” “Maci/Mackenzie are just heartless with him about his kids and that triggers him.” ? Someone get these parents therapy to teach them how to protect their grandkids from their father, and to exercise some tough love with their son.

      1. Thank you. It was 10+ years ago now, but I didn’t fully appreciate how dangerous things actually were and thought I could control the situation with my ex. I was extremely fortunate to have a strong support system who helped to keep me and my son safe, but it was a scary time.

      1. Thank you. Everything is fine now but I definitely went through hell with some people in my life that were addicts.

  20. Mackenzie has never been one of my favorite people, however, I applaud her for taking these steps. Leaving a DV situation is always scary, and it’s never easy. Unfortunately I’ve been through it too. Mackenzie, get out, and don’t look back. You and the kids will all be better off.

  21. Girl, get far far away from him. Press charges, testify in court, do all the hard things necessary to cut this guy out of your life like a cancer. You have 3 children. Ryan is too deep down this hell hole. GET OUT. Please.

    PS if his enabling parents are trying to get you to do anything other than the above, cut them out too.

    1. I couldn’t have said it any better. Also, how the hell did he get a hold of army issue weapons? I mean, WTF? I hope Mackenzie has documented proof of any injuries that Ryan gave her. It will help her with her divorce petition also. I wouldn’t be surprised if his parents are taking his side as usual. They’re just as toxic as he is.

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