More Details of Ryan Edwards’ Arrest: Heroin, Cocaine & a Glass Pipe Found on the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star

“I guess this would be classified as one of them ‘ugly’ months…”

Ryan Edwards was arrested on Friday and charged with harassment, possession of controlled substance(s) and possession of drug paraphernalia. The former Teen Mom OG dad is now out of jail, and the details surrounding his arrest are beginning to trickle in.

According to the arrest affidavit— first obtained by The Sun—and later secured by The Ashley—Ryan had a glass pipe and two baggies of white powder on him at the time of his arrest Friday.

“After placing Mr. Edwards in my vehicle, I searched the inside of his wallet and located a glass pipe and two baggies of white powder,” the arresting officer wrote in the arrest affidavit.

The officer noted in the report that the substances in the baggies appeared to be heroin and cocaine. 

“One baggie appeared to be very white, more consistent with cocaine, while the other appeared slightly darker, more consistent with heroin,” the officer wrote, adding that the drugs weighed 1.8 grams in total and are being sent for testing.

Ryan’s newest muggy…

According to the arrest affidavit, Ryan is not currently on probation.

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan’s wife Mackenzie took out an order of protection against Ryan on February 8, after Ryan posted a revealing photo of her— as well as many cheating accusations and other vile things about her— to Instagram. Ryan violated that protective order on Thursday, prompting officers to go to Mackenzie and Ryan’s home on Friday to arrest Ryan. Although they didn’t find Ryan at the house, they did find that the house had “sustained considerable damage.” (We can deduce that they believe the damage was done by Ryan.)

The cops then went to Ryan’s work and arrested him for the harassment warrant and for violating the Order of Protection. When the cops searched Ryan, they allegedly found the pipe and bags of drugs on him.

(In case you’re wondering, Ryan has been working for a heavy equipment manufacturer near his home.)

Raise your hand if you’re a bit surprised that Ryan actually had a real job…

Ryan is currently facing three charges: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of a Controlled Substance and Harassment. His next court date has been set for March 30.

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Ryan has a long history of run-ins with the law and substance abuse. Days before his arrest, Ryan had been praised by Dr. Cheyenne Bryant— who worked with Ryan and his baby mama Maci Bookout after Teen Mom Family Reunionfor taking big strides in rebuilding his relationship with his oldest son, Bentley. (He also shares two younger children with Mackenzie.)

Neither Maci nor Mackenzie have publicly spoken out about Ryan’s arrest or charges.

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(Photos: MTV; Hamilton County Sheriffs Office) 

16 Responses

  1. Addicts can easily relapse when surrounded by chaos and negativity. Or maybe like their wife cheating on them and being an all around Hag.

  2. 1.8 grams of cocaine and heroin is a pretty small amount. I think in States like Washington it’s even de-criminalized. Not saying it’s good just, legally speaking.

  3. Ryan will look older than Larry in just a few years if he lives that long. In the meantime, how long before Jen, Larry and Ryan blame Maci for being the trigger to this meltdown/relapse?

  4. I’m glad Ryan is working, but who knows how long he’s going to remain employed with the drug charges especially. That’s a liability.

  5. I don’t think Mackenzie will admit that Ryan was always a POS and she was wrong blaming others for his behavior. She thought she was going to ride the MTV train at least and that came to an end when Maci got them fired. Sadly that doesn’t prevent this POS from appear on tabloids for his shitty behavior

  6. Mack knew what she was marrying, and she did it anyway, so I have a hard time sympathizing for her. She did a shitty job protecting her 1st son from this mess, and then she brought 2 more innocent souls into it. She was selfish and shame on her. Hopefully she’s learned her lesson and will protect her children in the moving forward, instead of marrying a smack head to get on reality TV.

    Rhine needs to get his act together before he ends up dead, killing someone, or incarcerated for years. His behavior is despicable, and he sounds very scary when he’s cracked out. I am glad Mack has that order of protection against him, and now she probably sees why Maci and Taylor had one in place for so long. Rhine sounds terrifying. Anyone who can shoot/kill a dog or a cat can kill a human.

    1. Completely agree. It’s really hard to feel bad for Mackenzie when she willingly married and got pregnant by someone that she knew was in really bad shape. I feel bad for the kids though. They didn’t ask for this. I hope Ryan gets help and everything works out for them all.

  7. Mack and Rhine were doomed when he drove her buzzed/stoned/lit to their wedding or was it on their wedding day. Seems like she liked him for the “limeight” now she’s lost weight and is out for fun.

    So sad for Bentley and the 1/2 sibs

    1. I mean to be honest… she was in the purple cloud of him being a good person, looked like an idiot blaming Maci on national tv, then decided to continue to pro create with him and came to terms with the fact that he’ll always be an ass, drugs or not. I don’t think anyone can blame her for being tf out of there ?. Looks like the cows have finally come home and she’s done defending his lack of moral character. And the weight loss and glow up (and I never liked this girl ?. She was just as bad as Ryan pointing fingers) maybe she’s gained her self esteem back and doesn’t feel the need to be trapped with his ass anymore

  8. I wonder how Mack feels about how she’s treated Maci all this time as she’s experiencing this….

    People like Rhine never change. Once a creepy, vindictive asshole….always a creepy vindictive asshole.

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