Reality TV Villains Including Johnny Bananas, Jax Taylor & More Reportedly Set to Star In Upcoming E! Reality Series ‘House of Villains’

Let the games begin.

A bevy of bad guys and gals from reality TV are slated appear in the upcoming E! reality series House of Villains, which will mark the return to television for quite of few of the contestants. 

The rumored cast list, which was first reported by the sleuths on Vevmo, will include “villains” that hail from some of the biggest and longest-running reality shows on TV, including The Bachelor (Corinne Olympios), Survivor (Jonny Fairplay), The Challenge (Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio) and Big Brother (Rachel Reilly).

“A bunch of bad apples and a rotten Banana… what could be better?”

Villains from the Bravo network (Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules) and Netflix (Shake Chatterjee of Love Is Blind) will also reportedly participate in the upcoming series, along with Anfisa Arkhipchenko of 90 Day Fiancé; Bobby Lytes of Love & Hip Hop Miami; Tanisha Thomas of Bad Girls Club and longtime reality TV star Tiffany “New York” Pollard of Flavor of Love and I Love New York fame. 

Other rumored cast members include Danielle Staub of Real Housewives of New Jersey and Omarosa of The Apprentice. While neither have been confirmed, Jax randomly tweeted about Omarosa recently, hinting that she may be involved in the show after all. 

The fired former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star is also the only cast member to confirm (to multiple fans) on social media that he is part of the ‘House of Villains’ cast, and he’s currently the only cast member to have the upcoming show’s hashtag in his Instagram bio, because…Jax

“This is the craziest thing I’ve ever been apart of in my life but having a lot of fun….,” Jax tweeted on February 10-– three days after the show was set to begin production. 

Heidi Montag of The Hills and Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom were also reportedly contacted for the series, though it doesn’t appear that either will be part of the cast. 

“I am the Number One Celebrity In Our Nation, not the Number One Villain!” 

Possibly the most interesting casting choice of ‘House of Villains’ is the show’s host: Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, the con artist/faux heiress and subject of the Netflix series, Inventing Anna.

Anna was released from prison just months ago and is currently on house arrest, so while the logistics of her participation in ‘House of Villains’ is unclear, she is expected to host or be involved in the reality series in some capacity.  

E! has not yet announced the series and has not confirmed Vevmo‘s report regarding the cast or other details. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV; Twitter) 



  1. If there was any evidence I needed to support my belief that we as a society only reward bad behavior, here I present to you, the polished turd known as Exhibit A.

    I won’t be watching, thanks.

    1. This was my exact thought when I read about this show! The more horrible you are in today’s society, the more fame and money you’ll get. It’s despicable.

  2. Farrah said she is off to Japan on the 20th for am escort gig so she’s def out. It was said she was never actually even approached about the show, just rumored bc or her reputation as being the villain. But she won’t end up on anything ever again with her blatant racism she can’t control. Now she is making porn with the title “WIGGER” attached to it because racists don’t recognize their racism.

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