‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Made Shocking Threats Against Wife Mackenzie Before His Arrest: Read the Chilling Transcript

Mackenzie Edwards took out a protective order against her husband Ryan last week, claiming that the Teen Mom OG dad had threatened her life. The threatening phone call allegedly took place just days before he was arrested and charged with harassment, violating the protective order and multiple drug-related charges.

The arrest affidavit– which was first obtained by The Sun and later secured by The Ashley— provides details of the terrifying phone call Ryan made to Mackenzie in which he claimed men from a “club” he had recently joined were going to come to Mack’s work to question her about things she did that were “disrespectful” to Ryan.

“What’s about to happen to you is gonna be ugly,” Ryan told Mackenzie during the phone call— which Mackenzie recorded. (She later gave the video to the police as evidence.)

Ryan’s newest muggy…

Mackenzie— who told cops that Ryan has a “history of domestic violence issues” with her—stated that Ryan called her around 2 p.m. on February 8. She said she only answered the call because she and Ryan share two kids together, and the call came from the landline of Ryan’s workplace. (He has been working at a heavy equipment company in Chattanooga.)

The officer wrote that Mackenzie played him the videos she had recorded of her and Ryan’s phone conversation.

“I heard what sounded like a male with a hushed and raspy voice speak,” the officer wrote in the affidavit. “The voice in the video was difficult to understand.” 

The officer then transcribed what he called “the most-threatening part of the video.” 

In the chilling transcript, Ryan first advises Mackenzie to lie to “the dudes who come and ask you, they’re gonna come ask you at work.” 

Mackenzie asks Ryan who is coming to her work, and he responds by telling her that he’ll “take the f**king ass whoopin’.”

A confused Mackenzie again asks Ryan who is coming to her work.

“The people in the club I f**king joined Friday,” he responded, before alluding to the fact that the people in the club plan to hurt Mackenzie due to her alleged disrespectful actions toward Ryan.

“You know it’s a big no-no to be married and have your wife disrespect you in that kind of way but I said I’d take the ass whooping because I didn’t want the outcome to be [unintelligible] for you, and that ain’t fair,” Ryan responded. 

Ryan and Mackenzie in happier times…

Mackenzie seems confused, asking Ryan what club he’s talking about.

“It’s the black— you know what club it is,” he responded. 

Ryan then seemingly tries to get Mackenzie to admit to whatever “disrespectful” actions he thinks she committed.

“If you don’t tell me the truth right now, God, you’re gonna f**king regret that,” Ryan said.

“I don’t want to be with you,” Mackenzie tells Ryan.

“Look…I guess you didn’t hear me…What’s about to happen to you is gonna be ugly,” Ryan responded.

After listening to the 1.5-minute-long recordings of the phone conversation, the Hamilton County Sheriffs Office determined that Ryan had committed harassment.

“Mrs. Edwards repeatedly confirmed that she interpreted this as a legitimate threat on her life,” the officer wrote. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan made a series of Instagram posts last week about Mackenzie, whom he has accused of cheating on him. The posts included one in which Ryan posted a revealing photo of Mackenzie (along with a caption calling her a “spineless sl*t,” among other things.) 

On Wednesday, (the day Ryan posted a photo showing Mackenzie wearing a leather jacket with seemingly nothing underneath it), the Chattanooga Police Department took out an active warrant for harassment against Ryan. (A post on the Hamilton County Sherriff’s Office Facebook page on Friday states that Mackenzie was listed as the victim in that incident.)

On Thursday, Ryan continued to post things about Mackenzie, and also violated the protective order when he called Mackenzie’s father. One day later, Ryan was arrested at his job, where he was found to be in possession of a glass pipe and two baggies of powder consistent with heroin and cocaine

Ryan is currently out of jail and is next due in court on March 30. 

This is not the first time someone has taken out a protective order against Ryan, claiming he threatened their life. Back in March 2018, Ryan’s other baby mama, Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney took out protective orders for themselves, their children and pets after Ryan told Taylor he was going to show up at their home and shoot him in the head.

In his protective order request, Taylor wrote that Ryan also threatened to show up at his son Bentley’s baseball game and confront Taylor and Maci. In Maci’s request for a protective order, she wrote that Ryan “has left voicemail messages threatening to show up at my house and take my son. He has made threats to show up and hurt me if I don’t answer my phone.

“I fear for my son’s safety because of these threats and proof that he drives while under the influence,” Maci wrote in court documents. “His behavior and actions are getting worse, I am fearful for my three children and myself, and what he may do, based on his threats.”

In May 2018, Maci and Taylor were granted a two-year restraining order against Ryan for themselves and their two children. (Their request to keep Ryan away from Bentley was dismissed.)


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The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…

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(Photos: HCSO; Instagram; MTV)


  1. I wonder what the DV history was Mac mentioned to police. Clearly this has been ongoing for awhile. I feel bad for the kids, they are innocent and the ones who truly suffer.

  2. Wish my guy could just find a nice girl who doesn’t drive him to these measures. Keep swing champ, there are still some decent girls out there.

    stay lit

    1. You’re nuts . He doesn’t deserve a decent partner and if he has one the loser addict he is pushes them away . He’s a loser who needs help

  3. I have never been a Mac fan but this is beyond not being a fan of someone. No one deserves this. No one brings abuse on themselves. Abuse isn’t “getting what she deserves”. Wow, just wow at the comments.

    1. You gotta admit that if she wasn’t defending Ryan for the same exact behavior that she’s now enduring then it would be alot easier to feel sorry for her.

    2. She did bring it on herself. She was shown EXACTLY what she was getting. He’s been an addict for a decade, of course he’s been abusive before. The wedding ride tells you she knew all about him before wedding and having 2 kids with him. No sympathy

  4. This is just sad. I dont like either of them, but not even MacKenzie deserves this. And they have kids, nobody needs this.

    Ryan is clearly not in his right State if mind, its just downright sad.

  5. As others have stated… obviously she shouldn’t have married a man high on drugs,and I’m sure she now sees why. But no one deserves this. Ryan needs some serious help. I’m no fan of Mack but I would be surprised if she is actually cheating. It’s probably all in Ryan’s crazy drugged out mind. I had an ex with an addiction and he would constantly accuse me of cheating or wanting to cheat, I never did and never gave him any reason to think I would. He would just come up with these outrageous scenarios. Had he been on harder drugs I could absolutely see him doing exactly what Ryan is doing. I feel bad for mack and even more so for the kids. As soon as I read what Ryan had said about her last week and him topping it off with ‘and no I’m not on drugs’ or however he worded it I knew that was a dead give away that he is on drugs and things were about to get a whole lot worse.

    1. Same story here, except I belatedly found out my ex was addicted to opiates. But he acted just like Ryan, even when he wasn’t using. And he was always accusing me of cheating on him, when I was not doing a thing.

      I am no fan of Mack, but no one deserves this. I’ve lived it and it’s hell, especially when you have kids. I’m sure this has all been going on for a long time and she’s just finally fed up and has the courage to end it. Everyone always says Ryan’s problem is that no one has ever held him accountable for his actions; well, Mack is holding him accountable and she’s trying to protect herself and her kids, also. I hope they stay safe, and Ryan gets a long jail sentence along with some treatment that he actually takes seriously this time.

      1. Trying to protect her kids, is that why she left them in Ryan’s “care” to be with another man?

        Got it, I call bs, next?!!

        She’s only out for #1 aka herself!!

        I can’t stand neither one of them, they’ve both been crap since day 1!!

        1. The kids were left with him while Mack was out with another man *according to Ryan*. We know he isn’t the most reliable narrator – history has proven that. Until I hear it from someone other than Ryan, Larry, or Mimi Jen, I’m not 100% buying that story.

          I will agree with you in that I don’t care for either Ryan or Mackenzie and she has absolutely behaved questionably many times in the past. It still doesn’t mean she deserves to be abused physically, verbally, financially, or psychologically.

  6. He is a POS, and she is a POS. No one deserves to be threatened like that, of course, but none of what he says or does is even remotely surprising to anyone. It’s not to her either.

    I still, despite the fact that I think she doesn’t deserve to be threatened, think she is just as bad as he is though.

    Again, she doesn’t deserve to be threatened or treated badly. But something everyone seems to fail to understand here, is that she still left the kids with him. He’s clearly always been unhinged, from day one, she knew this. He has always had anger issues, she knew this. He has always been an addict, user and abusive, she knew all of this. She used to justify it. That doesn’t justify him treating her badly, there is no justification for that, it just shows her poor judgment from day one. Even now, even after this, she STILL didn’t get the kids away from him. She still left them in his care, so she could go out and “do her thing”.

    There is something seriously wrong with BOTH of them and those kids aren’t safe in their care.

  7. Wow, the amount of people basically saying that she should have known.. she deserves… she owes an apology. Seriously, WTF?

    No woman, and I mean.. no woman, deserves to be threatened and intimidated with physical violence. More importantly- she has kids that no doubt, would be tragically affected should something happen to their mother.

    Whether folks think Mackenzie is a bitch or whether everyone is Team Maci or whatever, that’s fine, but lets not forget that like her or not, she’s a human, she’s a woman and she’s a mother. Ryan was an addict when she married him, but that doesn’t mean she deserves to be scared, as I imagine she likely is. I bet the last thing this woman wanted was for all of this to go public and have people say, “told you so.. she deserved it

    1. Yes she’s a woman that doesn’t deserve to be scared, nobody does man, woman or child, but she should have seen it coming.

      She knew he had threatened others before (what made her think she was immuned to that shit?), used drugs…hell the fucker was high as a motherfucking kite the day she married him but she went ahead and done it anyway.

      It’s Karma plain and simple, what goes around comes around.

      Mack, Jen and Larry have defended his sorry ass from day 1.

      Mack is HOPEFULLY learning her lesson, I wonder when something will happen to open their eyes and cut him loose!!! I know it’s tough for parents to cut their kid loose but if they love him they’ll do it, it’s called tough love and it needs to be done sooner rather than later.

      1. While I agree that I hope Jen and Larry open their eyes soon, I hope that nothing physical or even verbal has to happen for that to take place.

        Hopefully what he’s done to Maci and what he’s currently doing to Mack will do the trick, heck I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened with Dalis and Shelby.

        Something tells me these weren’t just your run of the mill mutual breakups.

    2. She doesn’t deserve to be threatened, but it going public is exactly what she wants. It may get her I told you so comments, but it also gets her the attention she always craves too. That’s something she’s always done, anything for attention, not even she can deny that after all these years.

      Again, she doesn’t deserve to be threatened, I need to make that very clear. But she couldn’t possibly have been as scared as she’s playing now, she left the kids with him to go out and party, screw around, and do her thing pretending to be both childless and husbandless. She put them in the danger she claims she’s in, no one else, and she did it willingly. She is no better than he is and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if we ever found out she too has drug and alcohol problems (it would explain, not excuse, a lot of her own behavior actually). She has literally always justified his behavior, even before they got married. She doesn’t get a get out of jail free card for her own choices and actions just because he’s a POS. It’s not that she should’ve known, it’s that she DID and DOES know, and still did nothing despite all the resources in the world.

      She wants out of her marriage, I don’t blame her for that. She wants to go out, screw around, have fun, enjoy her life. That is what it is, whether or not I agree with her choices. What she doesn’t want to do, and this is very clear-it has been for years, is be saddled with kids while she’s doing it, which I do blame her for. She had every opportunity in the world to leave years ago, to not have children with him, to protect the kids. That does NOT justify what he has said and done, at all, it just puts a bit of reality into the situation. They’re both shitty people, just in different ways.

  8. Wow karma has come, hey Mac what was it you were saying when Maci got the restraining order several years ago ? Yeah that’s what I thought, you should be feeling pretty stupid about now. Those poor kids.

  9. Think mac owns someone an apology and jen and Larry are needing to take accountability for always sticking up for their beloved idiot they ruined their great relationship with maci because they stuck up for him poor Bentley has that asshole to put up with plus them say your dad’s great mac a bet looks back and thinks what did I get myself into well idiot I lost all the sympathy for you when you were in that car on your way to your wedding and he was falling asleep

  10. That is scary. I’ve never been a fan of Mack, but this is some dark stuff. I pray she takes her children and bolts. Jen and Larry need to commit him and stop placating him.

  11. I hope Bentley chooses to stay very far away from Ryan. Such an unhinged piece of crap and also screw him for making me side with both Mackenzie and freaking Maci.

  12. What he said is pretty terrifying and should be taken very seriously. No one should ever feel like they have to fear for their safety and the safety of their loved ones. I do hope that she’s making arrangements to either move, change the locks, cameras, security systems, something while Rhine is incarcerated to protect herself and her kids.

    I’m gonna say it again. She owes the McKinneys an apology. Rhine was putting them through the same hell, threatening their lives with violence and she was encouraging it. Doesn’t feel too good when that shoe is now on your foot.

  13. Not necessarily..my ex was worse than Rhine and he thought all kinds of crap. Like cheating on him, stealing from him, and taking his drugs to sale after we were already in different relationships. I really don’t believe she cheated on him considering what she let be seen in TV. I think she has gave him so many chances she just said F**k it… now he is holding that against her bc he didn’t listen in the first place

  14. I mean he’s clearly not thinking straight. Drugs will do that.
    But what has made him think Mack is a cheater. I believe where there’s fuel there’s fire.

    Sort it out Rhine. Don’t be a lost cause.

  15. I think the most surprising part of all this is that Rhine has a job. I guess he really did burn thru all his TM money.

    I hope that Mack and the kids are safe.

  16. whether or not you like mackenzie nobody deserves this! this is really scary and i hope mackenzie and the kids can heal from this

  17. Wait what? He used “black” and “club” in the same sentence? Has he joined the KKK or something?
    F*ckin POS, he’s forcing me to feel kinda sorry for Mackenzie

    1. He was probably full of shit. High as a kite and making it up as he went along. I think he truly believes she’s cheating though. And it makes me question why. It’s no excuse for his drug taking or threats at all.

    2. I was wondering what he meant too however he has been using cocaine and heroine, probably drinking with it.
      There’s a good possibility he doesn’t even remember what he did and who he talked to last Friday.
      He’s unhinged AF and this “club” might only exist in his imagination. He only has a half functioning brain and the drugs tell it all kinds of stories.
      He’s disturbed and he wants to impress and scare Mackenzie.
      He abuses the bible to pretend his wife is a super sinner and that he is a man of God.
      Ryan’s choices and actions in the past 13 years and recently is not exactly what Jesus would have done.

  18. Maybe she will think twice before she marries a dude who is high on drugs just for attention. I mean how else did she think this would end?

    1. Yes that was wrong and I don’t like her. But that has nothing to do with him being a criminal, addict, deadbeat, ahole and bashing and threathening his babymothers. Hope he rots in jail for a long time. The rest has suffered enough.

        1. @Leah’s Meth Pipe, I think Diane meant “bashing” as in talking about poorly on social media, etc, not as in actual physical bashing.

        2. According to Mack he does have a history of domestic violence with her. That’s what she said to the cop. I don’t like Mack but with all Ryan’s issues, this info doesn’t seem farfetched.

      1. The thing is…he was doing those things before she decided to marry him…she knew he was high on drugs, and she knew Maci had a restraining order against him for threats to her family…including a death threat. I don’t know why she would think things would be different with her. I’m not saying she deserved it, but he was literally high on the day she married him.

      2. She knew exactly what she was getting into with Ryan. High while driving to their wedding, her saying bad things about Maci & Taylor, she was fully aware of what was to come.

        1. She wanted to be (and believed herself to be) the one who would change him. Just like Brittany and Jax on Vanderpump Rules. Plenty of women have been in this situation quite voluntarily then are genuinely surprised when the bad behavior returns.

    1. Maybe now that they don’t need to play nice with Rhine anymore to see ANY of their grandkids they will actually not support him this time.

    2. I see them continuing to bury their head in the sand.

      Blaming the show, or … who knows.

      I dont see them taking any blame for not raising him better.

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