Breaking News! ‘Teen Mom’ Dad Ryan Edwards Arrested For Violating Protective Order Filed By His Wife Mackenzie; Allegedly Had Drugs On Him At Time of Arrest

The Ashley has not been able to locate Ryan’s latest muggy…yet.

Ryan Edwards is back behind bars.

The Teen Mom OG dad was arrested in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Friday and remains behind bars (as of press time), after he was charged with violating a protective order filed by his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, on Wednesday. 

At the time of his arrest, Ryan— who has struggled with a drug addiction for years— was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and “two bags of suspected narcotics.” He received additional charges for that.

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan made a series of Instagram posts this week about Mackenzie, whom he has accused of cheating on him. The posts included one in which Ryan posted a revealing photo of Mackenzie (along with a caption calling her a “spineless sl*t,” among other things.) 

On Wednesday, (the day Ryan posted a photo showing Mackenzie wearing a leather jacket with seemingly nothing underneath it), the Chattanooga Police Department took out an active warrant for Harassment against Ryan. (A post on the Hamilton County Sherriff’s Office Facebook page states that Mackenzie was listed as the victim in that incident.)

On Thursday, Ryan continued to post things about Mackenzie.

Mackenzie removed nearly all photos that feature Ryan from her Instagram account, and removed the word “wife” from her Instagram bio. (Ryan also changed his Instagram bio to something that looks like an attempt at insulting Mackenzie.)

That same day, Ryan was served with an Order of Protection that ordered him to “immediately vacate” the residence where he and Mackenzie live. 

On Friday, Mackenzie went to the Hamilton County, Tennessee Sheriffs Department. It was revealed that Ryan had broken the protective order when he contacted Mackenzie’s dad the day before.

“It was discovered that Ryan had violated the Order of Protection by contacting her father on February 9, 2023 advising him to let Mackenzie know he would be at the residence that same day to gather his belongings,” the HCSO reported.

Ryan and Mackenzie in happier times…

HCSO stated that deputies went to Mackenzie and Ryan’s home to arrest Ryan but he was not there. Although they didn’t find Ryan, they did find that the house had “sustained considerable damage.” (We can deduce that they believe the damage was done by Ryan.)

The cops then went to Ryan’s work and arrested him for the Harassment warrant and for violating the Order of Protection.

Ryan is currently facing three charges: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Harassment. The Hamilton County Magistrate’s Office will next set Ryan’s bond for violating the protective order.

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know Ryan— who shares two kids with Mackenzie and son Bentley with Maci Bookout— has a long history of drug addiction and legal issues. However, in recent months, Ryan had been praised for working to reestablish a relationship with Bentley.

UPDATE! The Ashley has discovered that Ryan’s court date has been set for March 30 to deal with the drug and harassment charges. It is unknown if he will be behind bars until that day or if he will be able to bail out. 

UPDATE #2: Before Ryan was arrested on Friday, he spoke to The Sun, claiming that Mackenzie was cheating on him and stating that he was ready to divorce her.

“She left [our kids] with me… I definitely feel sorry for my kids. I thought that they needed to see us together and work it out,” Ryan told the site. 

“She got caught cheating on me. I tried to make her better, but you can’t make somebody want something. She’s a coward,” he said.

“I don’t understand how she could let a hot stud like me go but you know how them women are!”

“She got mad because her image won’t be the same. That’s all she’s about, is how she looks.”

Ryan seemed to indicate that he felt Mackenzie was too needy.

“When I wasn’t there every second of her life she felt like I didn’t love her enough or whatever, I don’t know,” he said. “I love the person I thought she was, but when I found out who she really was, you can’t love her.”

He also told the site that he was “ready” to get a divorce and wanted to “find a good woman.” 

“Good luck with that one, bro…”

Neither Mackenzie nor Ryan have filed for divorce as of press time, though.


The Ashley will update this story when more information is available…

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(Photo: HCSO; MTV; Instagram)

55 Responses

  1. Mac knew damn well Rhineeee was going to have something on him when the cops showed up to pick him up on a “violation”. That’s why she got them involved. Now it’s everywhere. Another mugshot. She’ll get full custody; all a part of the plan. SICK.

  2. Ryan is a classic example of a boy whose emotionally needy parent did everything for him, shielding him from the consequences of his actions. He was taught to create excuses for his bad decisions and justify hurting others. Jen nearly blew up her marriage to enable her son. Ryan will always believe he is right and everyone else is wrong.

    Ryan will never grow up emotionally, and his children will suffer the consequences of the actions of the adults around them.

  3. Mack is looking smoking hot!! I hope she’s slinging that strange in my neighborhood. Sorry Ryan, let a real man step up.

  4. Dammit Ryan, things were going so much better.
    He didn’t want to be married to her anymore for years already it appeared.
    A divorce would have been an idea.

    He needs to get 100% sober. No alcohol, no weed, easy with sex. He’s a severe addict, he can’t handle it, never will be able.

  5. Sad.. there are kids involved here. Bentley is old enough to see this and so will his friends. It’s just sad for everyone that this dirty family laundry is being aired in public for all of us to see.

  6. His poor kids. Bentley has been dealing with Rhine’s crap his whole life! It’s so unfair! Bentley’s also a young teen now, and that is such a vulnerable time. Praying that he stays strong. The little kids with Mac just have NO ONE decent and stable. That is horrifying! None of these “adults” are willing to focus on the needs of their kids. Ever. Praying for all the kids.

    1. Yep, I agree, poor Bentley. Can you imagine the other 2 kids who actually had to live and be parented by these idiots? They will all be scarred for life I’m afraid. Hope all 3 kids get therapy soon.

  7. He has always been a POS, the drug charges are absolutely no surprise. Although saying he violated the order just by contacting her father to let her know he needed to be in the residence she wanted him out of, is ridiculous. It is literally in the order for him to vacate that he has to inform them so she wouldn’t be there when he retrieved his stuff, it always is. He should face the charges for everything else but that isn’t a violation when a third party is contacted. That’s not considered harassment anywhere else, unless he contacted her directly. The harassment charge will likely be dropped.

    She called that in as a violation of the order because she too, is a vindictive POS, she’s always been one. Neither one of them are good parents, but they were perfect for each other because they both had the same issues. I don’t doubt for one moment that she, even if she doesn’t currently, has had her own fair share of drug and alcohol issues over the years. She might be clean and sober now, although I doubt it given the way she’s always behaved towards his drug use (no one defends drug use the way she did, unless they too have their own demons).

    Both of them have likely been cheating on one another the entire marriage, it’s pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain. The kids are the ones who are harmed by it all. The fact that she wanted the kids in his custody and not her own speaks volumes about the POS she really is. She feared for her life, so much she called in a violation, but didn’t mind leaving the kids with him….wtf? Those kids need a better, loving, home, away from both of them. Then he can get locked up, she can go off and pretend she’s still 19 and child-free, the way she’s been acting for years anyway, lol.

    1. Exactly.

      I remember when Bentley went to Jagger’s birthday party and when Maci asked if he talked to his father, Bentley replied “No they were in the bedroom most of the time.” You can’t tell me there wasn’t some form of drug use going on between them because who in their right minds wouldn’t be at their child’s b-day party?

      I wish they’d take Jagger and Stella away and give them to Maci and Taylor, yeah they have their issues but they are loving and caring parents and at least that way the siblings could be together.

    2. Third party contact with the party in an order of protection is always illegal in my state. To retrieve property, the arrangements always need to be made through the sheriff’s office or other law enforcement agency. Calling her dad and saying, “Tell Mack I’m coming to get my stuff” would absolutely be a violation here.

      Also, I’ve read that the harassment charge is stemming from him posting the half-naked pic of Mackenzie on social media, not due to the contact with her father.

      1. Him re-posting a picture she already put out there on the internet publicly wouldn’t be considered harassment either (note I am NOT saying I think he should’ve done it, it was a shitty thing to do, and he’s a shitty person with or without doing it).

        But in all states, that isn’t the rule for orders of protection. It’s only a hard and fast rule in, at least some states, that he cannot contact her directly, but contacting a third party wouldn’t result in a violation. If it is one there, then it is. I know it isn’t one everywhere because I tried to call in a violation for similar reasons (on someone who was actually calling the third party specifically to harass) and was given that information by not only law enforcement, but also lawyers and a judge when we went to court.

        I still don’t quite understand how people aren’t grasping that despite everything he has done (that we know of, and plenty we don’t, I’m sure) and everything she’s said about him (especially to get the protection order in the first place) she STILL left the kids with him in his care.

        He’s a POS, no doubt I’ve always said that. She’s not any better, whatsoever, though. If he’s such an unsafe person (and I personally have always said he is) why in the HELL did she leave the kids in his custody?

    3. “If you are on the receiving end of an injunction (restraining order) or you have obtained one in your favor, third-party contact will be expressly prohibited by the terms of the Injunction. An Injunction, be it permanent or temporary, is a court order the prevents one person from contacting another.”

      No contact means exactly that, no contact.

      1. No contact, in this context, doesn’t always include third parties. It does in some states, apparently, but definitely not all of them. I’ve had personal experience where it did not apply (and it should have, given the nature of the contact in my case, but clearly, it’s not a hard and fast federal rule).

        1. This is according to

          “The harassment must be part of a “course of conduct,” which is a pattern of conduct made up of two or more separate acts that are committed by the stalker directly, indirectly, or through third parties.”

          He only contacted his soon to be ex fil once (not two or more times)…so no harassment.

          So y’all need to get off President of the Peanut Gallery’s back.

          1. That gets attached to contacts with Mack. It’s counted as harassment of Mack. Ugh my word! Did you really think this was about Mack’s dad? LOL. Ya’ll need to come up with better witty comments than “president of the peanut gallery’s back”
            You literally posted about the “third party contact” in your post so how do you miss the whole entire point? LMAO

          2. As more info comes out, it’s more apparent that your comment and president of the peanut gallery’s comment sure didn’t age well.

          1. But it’s not harassment unless it’s done two or more times and it wasnt…it was only done once.

          2. The harassment thing is more than likely gonna get dropped.

            Mack is a petty bitch that hates when shoe is on the other foot. Literally everything she took up for Rhine on is getting thrown back at her because shes guilty too!!

            She knows he’s been in trouble before so she is looking for any and all chances to get back at him for what hes doing to her now. She figures “Hey what’s one more charge? I’ll be believed because he’s been in trouble and I haven’t.”

  8. Wow. All these years Mackenzie was attacking Maci and Taylor for filing a protective order against Ryan and now she’s in the same boat. She owes them a huge apology.

  9. Ryan calls his wife a coward, yet something tells me he wouldn’t have the guts to say those things to any of his jail buddies.

  10. This is pretty sad, and I do hope Rhine gets better and doesn’t die, because that seems to be where he’s headed. He is 3 kids dad at the end of the day…not the best dad by any means, but he’s still a dad to young kids and he’s someone’s son.

    Nobody deserves to be harassed, but Mack’s got egg on her face. All that crap she talked on Maci for YEARS, that letter debacle at that reunion, letting Rhine get away with drug use, marrying and making kids with him even though he was a hot drugged out mess, the list is endless on ways she enabled him. This is what happens when you marry someone for money and a little bit of reality TV fame. You end up in a nightmare.

  11. Find a good woman?

    Dude needs to focus on himself and being a better father, not worrying about romance at the painful demise of his almost decade long relationship.

    He seems like one of those types of people who can not be alone longer than 6 months.

  12. They’re both screwed up but I don’t doubt for a second Mack is trying to see what she missed out on now that she’s skinny. She doesn’t seem like a good person.

  13. Who is going to reach out to “The Sun” next to give a statement that everything’s going well? I bet it will be Larry and he will blame Maci.

  14. From what I have seen, she has been a wonderful support system got him. Drugs will make you paranoid… hee is very sick and hee is in need of additional help. Hee shears to be babied too much by his family. He should have never remarried and brought additional children into his world. Judy my opinion.

  15. I’m not a fan of Mackenzie. She’s always come across as a try hard. But if she’s smart, she’ll dip out of this marriage. Ryan has proven time and again that he is not marriage material and he is not mature enough for that kind of life. He’s a “weekend visit” dad at best. Those kids deserve better than what they’re currently experiencing; a messy home life with a drug addict dad who tears up the house. It really doesn’t matter what she did, that is such a bizarre reaction.

  16. Contrary to popular opinion, some addicts need prison and not rehab. I’m sure Ryan has already been in 5+ different rehabs. In prison, drug addicts are very low on the totem pole. It’s much easier stealing from family and friends than it is other convicts.

    1. I don’t typically agree with you but this time I do. Some addicts need jail to clean up. Rehab worked for me once upon a time but my brother was kicked out of the same program and didn’t clean up until he did sixteen months for possession. I think it has something to do with the amount of self control a person naturally has before addiction. My brother has always been impulsive and I’m not. You also can’t have a family that enables you. Seriously, Larry and Jen, LET HIM FALL ON HIS ASS! Best thing my parents ever did for my brother and I was cut us off. Don’t hand him money, if he needs something like groceries or things for the kids, you hand the cash over to whoever he is paying, never to him. And if you think he’s using, CONFRONT him. This is his life your talking about. This isn’t a parental popularity contest. If he wants to get mad, LET HIM!

  17. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I had hoped he wasn’t still using drugs. Here’s proof that he is though and like I said, I’m not surprised.

  18. Y’all knew it was just a matter of time before these two dissolved and started airing out all their dirty laundry online. ??

  19. Poor poor Bentley and all the children involved. My heart breaks for them. I would die of embarrassment if this cretin was my dad. Mackenzie has always been an enabler, and as much as I want to, I can’t feel sorry for her. She married him when he was so high he could barely keep his eyes open while driving, what did she expect? I hope she knows better now and leaves his ass for good.

    1. His kids are the only victims here, especially Bentley that’s old enough to see all this clownery online as well as his friends. Ryan is an absolute POS

  20. I’m very amused by this. He was always a POS and she always enabled him blaming others for his crimes and addictions. She wanted the “wife” title and it didn’t matter to her if her husband was a deadbeat drug addict incapable of accountability. Well Mack, deal with it now

    1. I think she was thinking she would be a reality TV star by marrying him. When that didn’t work, she had trap babies. And she DEFINITELY was his biggest ENABLER!!!!!

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