‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards Blasts Wife Mackenzie In Late-Night Instagram Rant; Claims He’s Planning To Divorce Her

“After I endured years of your gray Brillo-pad-like hair?! This is how you repay me Ryan!?”

Ryan Edwards is apparently not happy with his wife Mackenzie, and the Teen Mom dad decided to take to his long-abandoned Instagram account to let the world know!

Ryan— who shares two children with Mackenzie– blasted her in a new post (and in a comment posted to one of Mack’s old posts), insinuating that he’s planning to divorce her and that he believe Mack has been unfaithful to him. 

Around 2 a.m. Tennessee time on Sunday morning, Ryan posted a meme from something called “Cheater & Cheater Quotes” that states, “I trusted you but now your words mean nothing to me, because your actions spoke the truth.” He added the following caption to the post: “Your regret is coming… the good lord showed me what I need but not what I wanted.”

“…but for once I’m not involved at all. Thank the Lord!”

This marks the first time Ryan has actually posted to his Instagram account since 2018. (He does regularly post random Instagram Stories from it, though. He recently posted a Bible quote about how annoying a “nagging wife” is.) 


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Ryan’s Insta-rage was apparently not satisfied by posting the cheating meme. He next went over to a post on Mack’s Instagram and left a brutal comment, ensuring fans would know that his post was definitely about his wife. 

“Take wife down off this,” Ryan— obviously referring to the part in Mack’s bio where she describes herself as a “momma, wife, friend”— wrote in the comment section of a photo of the two of them posted in July.

“I’m not proud of being married to someone who stays out in bars and goes home with other guys…” Ryan continued. “Tomorrow can’t get here fast enough! Don[‘t] you know what happens when u lay with dogs? Wait look who I am talking to.”

“I’m not gonna lie. I’m offended by what you’re implying here.”

Ryan goes on to mention that his past substance abuse issues aren’t a factor in this incident.

“And then blaming it on my addiction, yea divorce is the right thing,” he wrote. 

(Ryan’s comment has since been deleted from Mackenzie’s Instagram post.) 

Mackenzie and Ryan have been officially married since May 2017 (although they had their made-for-TV wedding in November of that year.) This is Ryan’s first marriage, while it’s Mackenzie’s second. (She got married at age 16 to the father of her oldest son, Hudson.) 

Mackenzie has yet to comment publicly on Ryan’s divorce and cheating statements. However, as ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Ryan doesn’t exactly have a stellar fidelity record himself. (Who could forget the “Food City Floozy” scandal of 2017?)

“Y’all don’t forget about nuthin’ do you? I was just meetin’ her for hair-stylin’ tips!”

We will next see Ryan on “The Aftermath” special at the end of Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2, which is currently airing.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)

40 Responses

    1. I disagree. This was when Ryan was deep into drugs (before it was made public). His eyes were bugging out of his head and it was obvious that he had a problem. Ryan was not responsible for his son, getting a job and was still co-dependent on Jen for support. Maybe this was Larry cutting off the $$ train and hitting rock bottom. Tough love. They were enabling him for 30 years. Larry had had enough.

      1. Im more along the lines of talking about what he said about Jen after she left the room.

        At the end of the video the person from MTV said they didn’t want to cause problems between him and Jen then Larry point blank said “I don’t care, if she has a problem with it she can pack her shit and leave.” What loving husband says something like that?

        And as far as Rhine goes, he came back home (probably at Jen’s request) but he’s still a leech and Larry is still excusing his behavior.

        1. While I may not like the wording, I do not blame Larry one bit for saying it. He’d had enough with Jen constantly babying and making excuses for their son’s bullshit. He was angry and fed up, and she had no intention of EVER stopping. She’d said so, repeatedly, “he’s my son, I have to support him”, as if enabling his behavior is the only way to support him. I can see why in the frustration of the moment, someone might say something like that, loving spouse or not. It’s beyond frustrating when people aren’t willing to admit the behavior they KNOW they are engaged in.

          Granted, the both enabled him, at least Larry eventually realized what they were doing. Although I think they both still enable him, and I don’t think they ever intend to really stop, Jen lives with intentional blinders on and has never admitted that they do, ever.

          1. I get why Larry said what he said, i just think he could have said it better. I mean damn, thats your wife man, you may not like what she does but you still need to respect her.

            And true, he finally realized what Rhine’s behavior was doing to them but then after kicking him to the curb he took him back and allowed him to still leech off them while still making excuses for him.

            You remember the reunion where Taylor and Larry literally went toe to toe and I honestly thought they were gonna wind up throwing punches, Larry was taking Rhine’s side while Taylor was trying to open their eyes. I was seriously routing Taylor on, it’s too bad he backed down and left.

            I get that addiction is a disease but its not a reason to excuse his behavior. Rhine was crap before the addiction came about.

  1. Mac married Rhine for the fame and money and she was perfectly fine getting into a car with him, knowing full well that he was high, high, HIGH! and that he could have seriously injured somebody. They are both toxic, awful people who deserve each other.

  2. As everyone else pointed out, I am waiting to hear how this will be Macy’s fault.

    Will Mack become public enemy #1 to Rhine’s parents and take Macy’s spot? Will Mack force Rhine to start/keep using?

    Now there will be more things for Rhine and his parents to not take accountability for.

    As far as Mac goes – she was a monster too. I wonder how she will like being on the other side. Hopefully Macy stays away from her.

  3. Both of them are pos people. It wouldn’t surprise me if both had been cheating on one another the entire time. We know he tried, and probably did. Why would it come as any surprise that she did the same? We all know why they were together to begin with and it wasn’t love that kept her around, lol.

    They are both horrible parents too (yes, there are worse, but that doesn’t make them good). Ryan is, well, because of everything we know he is and has done, or not done. She is because she allowed that shit around her children, defended that shit, did nothing to help, blamed everyone and their mother for their family problems, and has continued to do all of that for the last 5+ years. She knew the danger she was putting not only herself, but also her children in, and CHOSE to allow it. She wasn’t some kind of victim or something here.

    They are perfect for each other, in that they’re both shitty, neither one is really genuine, and they’re habitual liars. I feel bad for the children involved, however, because they are innocent and it sucks that they have been dealt a raw deal by both parents.

  4. While I am no Mack fan…wasn’t he trying to hook up with chicks from Tinder in a grocery store parking lot?? Doesn’t feel too good when the cheater gets cheated on. I don’t feel bad for him.

  5. Obviously Maci will get blamed for this somehow!
    I am actually surprised Mack cheated-if she has, it’s not like Ryan has ever been faithful to her and she has stood by him during his drug abuse, rehab and of course terrible personality. She also seemed to really love him while he, esp in the last series they were in treated her like an essential pest.
    It’s funny how men who have routinely cheated on their partner and are forgiven every time get extremely mental over being cheated on once.
    I have a feeling there is more to this than the posts. Who else thinks Mack has reached the end of her patience with him and has a long, long list of his poor behaviour and cheating ways.

  6. I said it’s wrong that Mac did him and not other way around as in Ryan’s thought process. Hopefully cleared that up

  7. Hmm .. kinda strange this is happening a little before he is doing af special or am I the only one thinking this?

    Its just a mess and no one cares. Be adults and keep it private ..

  8. I’m no fan of Ryan, or Mack, but airing out your dirty laundry like this is garbage. Y’all still have kids!!! Kids who (presumably) love both of their parents. Kids who definitely will be able to find all the ways you publicly shamed their parent. And yet again, the children are victims of situations they did not create.

    Ryan, please. You haven’t been a good father but you can change. You can be a good father and an example to your sons. Treat your children’s mothers with respect and decency. If Mackenzie really cheated on you, and has made dubious life choices, file for divorce and move on. But there is no reason to perpetuate late-night finger pointing.

    Although, as I am writing this, if we heard you filed for divorce, the interwebs would probably throw the blame on you. Either way, you lose. But you can be a good guy in the eyes of your kids and their opinion is what matters.

    Really, y’all are toxic and I don’t know why I care enough about this situation to even write a comment. One day, I will view the Teen Mom universe with grave indifference. I know that day will come. Man, I hope it comes.

  9. Why donI have a feeling I’m going to side with Mack in this? I don’t like this. Someone scrub this couple and all of Teen Mom from my brain.

  10. Rhine is proof that maturity stops when addiction begins! I am just curious how she will blame Maci for this, too!!?

    1. That makes sense since Dalis said he went to rehab when they were dating, and he was around 23 then.

      Of course its Maci’s fault. /s

      If Maci had just said with Rhine like his parents wanted then he would still be with her now and would have never been able to marry Mack because he would be still with Maci.

    2. Can cosign this. Fifteen years sober and the dumbest most unkind things I ever did happened during that period. You’re getting down voted by people who probably have never been addicted to anything and think you’re shaming us. You’re not. It’s the truth. Addiction is a disease but that doesn’t mean accountability goes out the window and that’s the new message from young people who aren’t battling addiction. Nothing is ever your fault ever according to them. That mindset is going to get more people killed by their demons.

      1. They also say your mentality stops growing around the time you become famous and for Rhine that was around 20 when he got on TV.

  11. As The Ashley said about Amber, “Ain’t that the couch calling the recliner comfy”
    It’s wrong that Mack did it to him, not other way around. Idk if he ever cheated but by reading previous comments, I’ll believe yall.

  12. Nah, don’t tell me high and mighty Mack cheated on her husband? They are a couple of losers who deserve each other. If he divorces her, she’ll be bashing the same man she made excuses for really fast

  13. It’s weird that this is happening right after it came out that Ryan and his parents are back on good terms with Maci.

  14. Time for his mom and dad to swoop in and Blame other people. Mac is thick and if I was at the crub and seen her I’d be down.

  15. I don’t care how you feel about any one person, cheating is wrong and morally reprehensible. Shame shame shame.

    1. Yep! There is no excuse. If Ryan did cheat on her in the past like people are saying (we don’t know anything for sure) and she couldn’t handle it without feeling like she needed to get revenge, then she should have left. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  16. Mack has been covering Rhiiine’s ass for years, his cheating, his drug use, everything. What did she expect? This man-child is still acting like a spoiled 12 yr old. I bet Mack’s gonna say Maci was triggering him.

  17. I look for Maci and Mack to become besties now…2 baby mamas against a deadbeat.

    Isn’t that what happened when Taylor and Adam split up? Taylor and Chelsea practically became besties because they had a common enemy.

  18. I have a feeling Jen and Larry will end up blaming Maci for this. They blame her for everything else wrong in his life.

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