Married ‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards Allegedly Caught Sending Tinder Hookup Texts: Exclusive New Details!


Ryan Edwards has some ‘splain’ to do to his new wife!

The Teen Mom OG star, who married Mackenzie Standifer in May before promptly checking himself into rehab for substance abuse issues, has allegedly been caught soliciting some sexy time from a random girl on Tinder!

Radar Online broke the news that Ryan had allegedly been seeking out a little “fun on the side” last week via the dating app, and a girl he allegedly spoke with on Tinder received graphic pics of Ryan’s, um, “Mamber” as well as a series of messages from Ryan, who was reportedly trying to arrange a hook-up.

(For the record, The Ashley is not confirming this story to be true on her own; however, Radar Online claims that they have confirmed that the messages did, indeed, come from Ryan’s phone number.)

In the messages published by Radar, Ryan reportedly states that his wife is out of town and, despite being married, he “still likes to have a little fun.” He asked the girl if she was “dtf” (look it up) and then they discuss their potential fornication. Ryan even sends the girl two photos of his junk, exclaiming “ME ME Hard.” (As you do…)

Eventually, the pair allegedly decided to meet up at the Food City near Ryan’s home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but it’s unknown if the rendezvous ever actually took place. (I mean, who hasn’t met up at the ol’ Food City at least once for some nookie?!)

(You can read the full text transcript here.)

The Ashley does have a bit more info on the girl who sold these texts and pics to Radar!

The Ashley’s source tells her that the girl (whose name is unknown) was initially surprised when she came across the person who claimed to be Ryan on Tinder. During her interaction with him, the girl sensed that she had a story to sell, given that Ryan is a newlywed on a popular reality show.

In a series of posts made to a Facebook group, the girl openly admitted that she may just hook up with the MTV star to sell the story.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal the posts the girl made to the anonymous Facebook group before selling the pics and texts to Radar.

When you thought you were going to Food City to get a little pickle tickle….but you just got in trouble.

“Y’all I met Ryan from Teen Mom on Tinder and I’m freaking out. He’s married and wants to hook-up. What do I do? I really want to send this s**t to TMZ,” she wrote.

“Update on Ryan from Teen Mom: He’s sent two ‘live’ pictures and it’s definitely him. He even sent some of his d**k. I really wish I could show people this.

“Y’all: do I sleep with Ryan from Teen Mom and sell my proof, or have morals because he’s married?

Soo I just sold all my screenshots of my conversations with Ryan Edwards…”

Meanwhile….somewhere in Tennessee…

The girl later posted in the same group that she has since received a call from Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie, who is none-too-happy to hear about the girl and Ryan making plans to get it on behind Food City. (Obviously, if Ryan was texting this girl, her phone number would be on Ryan’s phone, which is probably how Mackenzie got it.)

The girl confirms that she sold Radar plenty of proof that the texts and photos in question are from, so we may see more coming out soon.

Mackenzie has not responded publicly to Radar‘s story; however on Friday she posted a photo of herself with a telling caption to Instagram. In the photo, Mackenzie’s wedding band is in full view, making it seem like she was trying to let everyone know that she and Ryan are still together. She also added his last name to her Instagram username.

UPDATE! Just as The Ashley suspected, Radar Online had even more juicy tidbits to add to this story. On Monday, they released the texts that were allegedly exchanged between Mackenzie and Ryan’s Food City mistress!

As The Ashley previously reported, Ms. Food City told her Facebook pals that Mackenzie had called her after the story broke. In a series of text messages, Mackenzie and the girl discuss the situation.

Radar Online confirmed that the texts sent to Ms. Food City came from Mackenzie’s phone number.

“I want you to stop,” Mackenzie allegedly tells the girl. “Guess we will have to do this the hard way.”

To see the whole text exchange, click here!


(Photos: MTV)

84 Responses

  1. She’s bad ass with a good heart. Soft but strong. Unapologetic and honest. She’s the type of woman you go to war beside, the type of woman you •m a r r y•

    She’s the receptacle of all your social diseases…

  2. While dirty is definitely fitting, if Jen 2.0 is gonna go with house analogies to describe Ryan, I’m thinking more “structurally unsound.”

    At least there aren’t kids involv….oh.

  3. Of course Mack blames the girl that Rhine messaged… of course. Rhine will never have to take accountability for his actions. When was a kid, he had Jen defending him…now he has mini Jen defending him.

  4. Any grown man that kisses his mother on the lips has issues. Any woman that marries a man that is high as a kite and nearly crashes because he is high on the way to the wedding has issues. Congrats Mack and Rhine, you are more unstable than Jenelle and Lurch.

  5. I mean I dunno what Mackenzie is expecting….that Ryan is some stand up guy? He married her when he was high and completely out of his mind….I wouldn’t expect anything more out of him….And her post is extra corny….It’s clear as day that they have a miserable relationship….shes not convincing anyone but herself that they are “happy”.

  6. “Me me hard”. Excuse me while I vomit. How this douche gets any action in the first place is beyond me. I just cringed so hard, I might be having a seizure.

  7. Her instagram post is stupid. That’s a post Ryan should put up, not her. But he probably hasn’t even figured out yet that they are married.

    1. Or maybe she can hold Ryan accountable for his own action instead of blame shifting onto someone else? Just a thought.

  8. It makes me feel so awkward that she’s so proud he married her that she put that IG post up after all this broke. GIRL he was HIGH as a KITE when he married you. If that’s the “type” you strive to be, well…I don’t know what to say.

    … … I have second hand embarrassment for this silly girl.

  9. Mack, leave him now. Before you’re tied to him forever with another child. He’s a lying cheating drug addict and he’ll never change.

  10. All I want to know is if his pubes are as gray as his hair… Guess I’ll have to make a Tinder profile now and find out…?

  11. Also it’s hilarious that she’s showing off those wedding rings like they represent a solid relationship or commitment or even a wonderful wedding day. Girl, your husband literally slept through most of your vows. He was high as a kite & probably doesn’t remember marrying you. His mother was sobbing at what a disaster it all was. You fought the entire ride to the ceremony site (parking lot). He went to rehab the next day instead of a honeymoon trip. Then he gets out after like 3 weeks in a joke rehab, and you post a pic of him on a party boat with a beer in his hand. So let’s not put out some quote like you are someone to be respected, or a badass or a strong woman. No. You’re a damn fool.

  12. Did nobody see this almost identical story on the Grace Report back in June or early July?! Except for that poor snap-chatter he supposedly apologized for his hairy nutsack, sent a video of himself beating off, and whispered sweet nothings such as, “all this prenut will go inside you,” (as you do). What girl wouldn’t want to drop her panties for that class act?!

  13. She’s so dumb ? Also – I smell a “sex addict” statement coming soon… followed by another trip to the ‘hab

    1. Back to the hab? Years of addiction was maybe 4 weeks in rehab.
      Cheating on his wife is two visits to their house doc, max. After which Mack will praise Ryan wherever she can.

      1. I just got notified about your comment. I read it and immediately started laughing. You’re SO right!

    1. Doesn’t she?! I don’t like to be rude about people’s appearances but she really does look closer to 40 than 20.

  14. I laughed so hard reading that article on starcasm, this is gold. All that’s happened is, he sobered up, realised he’d basically married his mom and looked for a bit of side piece ? I don’t even feel sorry for mackenzie, she took advantage of his drugs haze and got married knowing full well he wasn’t in the right frame of mind… And now she’s gonna “stand by her man” (stand by her new found ‘fame’ and MTV $) ha!

  15. Mack, Mack, Mack tisk tisk you’ve only been married 114 days 3,613 hours, 350,240 seconds and you still haven’t figured Rhine out. It’s time to pen an open letter to teen mom og fans and tell them what’s going on!!
    After all you asked for it and your getting it!! Fame and fortune!! Because I can’t think of any other reason you married a man who was high af. Custody issues with your son, is it all really worth it?

  16. Why is everyone surprised by this? Ryan has been known to do this type of thing in the past. I guess he can’t quit any of his bad habits! Sad for Bentley. He’s old enough to start reading about his father and seeing him high as a kite driving and getting hitched. I hope he has put the smack down but I know from experience it’s not that easy. A week or two in rehab isn’t enough. It took me almost 10 years to be completely 100% sober. Mackenzie would leave him now if she were smart! I think she likes the attention and fame way too much to leave him. Teen mom can’t last forever- should be interesting what happens in the future.

  17. I was about to say the same thing – Mac’s IG post seems to be saying, “But I’M the one he MARRIED, so obviously, I’m totally fine with him banging random chicks; they don’t mean anything to him, I do!” Ah yes, Mac…clearly, you’re so strong and you and Ryan are #relationshipgoals for the rest of us.

    And anyone else feeling shades of Corey and Leah with the Food City hookup??

  18. For Mackenzie I can’t help wondering how many months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds (just like her silly letter to Maci) it’ll take for her to finally dump Ryan’s DUI driving to his own makeshift wedding, dick pic sending, womanizing ass.

    Instead of trying to be a “Jen 2.0” enabler, and desperately holding on to someone as if he were the last man on Earth. Someone who first and foremost appears to need drug TREATMENT more than any b.s. 30 day stint in a nameless rehab facility could ever provide.


  19. If he really did that, I’m pretty sure he is not at all sober. Sounds what a person on drugs would do. I could be wrong tho.

  20. I can’t wait to hear how this is all Maci’s fault. I really wanted to like this girl, but now it’s just embarrassing for after she made such a scene defending him. This isn’t the first time that he’s been caught, once a cheater, always a cheater. You can’t resolve an issue like that when the guilty party doesn’t see a problem with their actions, which Rhine clearly doesn’t. She’s an insecure, immature little girl so desperate for a fairytale​ with this fool that she’s perfectly fine looking like a moron for the entire world to see. She’s trying so hard to prove she’s still special with this picture, it’s giving me second-hand humiliation. Rhine is forever stuck in a teenage mindset, he’s only interested in getting wasted & showing off his weiner to any girl that’s willing to look at it. I feel sad for their children, they’re both pathetic.

    1. “She’s an insecure, immature little girl so desperate for a fairytale​ with this fool that she’s perfectly fine looking like a moron for the entire world to see. She’s trying so hard to prove she’s still special with this picture, it’s giving me second-hand humiliation.”

      This perfectly sums up Mac. And it’s not badass to put up with getting cheated on by your brand new husband.

  21. And somehow Mackenzie (and Jen) will find a way to blame Maci, Tinder, Food City, Radar Online/TMZ, the upcoming solar eclipse, Maci, Thursday’s, the weather, Maci, and Ryan’s “recovery” for this latest humiliation. Anyone and anything but the pathetic man-child she married, and Jen raised.

    I actually do feel sorry for Jen and Larry. They aren’t perfect but they don’t seem to deserve such a dick of a son. Jen clearly loves Ryan and loves being a mom. It can’t be easy to have an addicted rat bastard for a son. I wish for Jen’s sake that Ryan would get his shit together and be a actual man who accepts responsibility for his actions, instead of a man child who takes no responsibility for anything.

  22. Tip for guys: junk is not cute. Send pics of your abs, your face, your strong arms, your butt, hell even your thighs. 99% of girls don’t want to see a close-up of your junk. It’s a major turn-off.

  23. Oh Mackenzie, so we’re gonna play “Oh it doesn’t bother me if my husband has sex with other girls because I’m the one he comes home to at night”? That’s cute sweetheart. Keep trying to convince people that’s how you feel about it.
    Side chicks don’t bother you because you’re the only girl he loves and you’re so lucky he picked you to be his wife, right? All other girls are just hoes & you don’t care about them because you are the one he MARRIED, right? HAHAHAHAHAAA Good one.

    You know you might have a fan or two if you were ever actually real and not a Jen-clone trying to hush-hush all your problems and sweep them under the rug.

    P.S. Don’t try and make up an excuse for this one, you’re not a good enough liar to pull it off.
    P.P.S. Knock knock, it’s karma, open the door!

  24. Most men in Ryan’s position would probably do the same thing but for the Food City aspect which seems a little trailer-trashy. No offense ment to those who choose to abide in well built trailers. There but for the grace, etc.

  25. Yea mackenzie and Ryan suck but this girl is better than both of them. She’s asking if she should sleep with an MTV star to sell the story?!?! lol sounds like something people question every single day

    1. She was probably getting a lot of mean comments. Although, once this all dies down, I know she’ll be back social media. Mark my words. She likes the attention too much.

  26. The whole thing that is confusing to me is that Mac said that “fixing your marriage” instead of throwing it away is a sign of good self esteem…which sort of makes sense if its a healthy and functional relationship and you just have the normal marriage bumps. But if the person you married is an addict and you knew about it…and now he’s actively trying to f*ck other people…and you’re still defending him…is that really how a mature woman with good self esteem acts? i’m all for marriage and staying through thick and thin but a person like Ryan who so clearly is a moral-less man child is not the type of person you should want to be around your child and -god forbid- procreate with. You cant change people sweetheart! I guess her pride is more important to her than her common sense. Also, wth did her first husband do to make her leave if she’s putting up with all of this crap??

    1. Maybe he left her because he figured out she was bat shit crazy? Seeing as he has custody of their child – who he won’t allow to be filmed – and he’s like 20/21ish, he can’t be too bad a guy.

  27. I want to like Mackenzie, I really do…but the girl is so full of herself and so utterly in denial that it’s impossible. Newsflash: that ring only has as much value as your spouse gives it. He married you, cool. A) that doesn’t make you nearly as special or better than everyone as you think it does and b) he’s still sending dick pics to other people. Your “witty” (you think) caption and shoving your ring in people’s faces just makes this more embarrassing.

    1. Also, the fact that she’s deleting all of the negative comments off of this picture speaks volumes.

  28. I give them a year at best. This is honestly just getting sad- Ryan will be a perpetual child forever and incapable of being father or husband and Mackenzie will hopefully realize she can’t save him and stop wasting her time, and if lucky mature in the process. How embarrassing for Bentley!

  29. Are we even surprised anymore by any of the crap Ryan does? I would feel bad for Mac except she rushed into marriage while Ryan was under the influence and clearly has many issues (besides being a lazy ass).

  30. This may be proof he is actually sober. He rolled over one morning (or afternoon) and saw that ugly rat mug of hers and screamed, “JEESUS GAWD (Leah)!!!”????

  31. I would say that I feel sorry for her but I know she probably won’t divorce him. If she’s crazy enough to marry someone that is an active drug addict then she’s crazy enough to stay married to someone that cheats on her 2 months after her wedding. She obviously doesn’t care about her or her child’s well being. She has other priorities. I do not like that woman at all. Ryan on the other hand…I have a feeling Jen and Larry pressured him to marry Mackenzie. I think they really wanted him to settle down and have another child. I’m just speculating though.

  32. Holy shit! Ryan is obviously no angel but I would never expect him to do something like this. This sounds more like something that Adam from TM2 would do. If this is true, Mackenzie is really going to be humiliated especially since she they’ve only been married a few months and she already has one failed marriage under her belt.

  33. OMG who would’ve guessed (eyes rolling) this could happen. Karma is a b##ch. Ha Ha Ha.

    1. “It has been 5,607,192.6666667 nanoseconds since you knew Ryan was sending pecker pics to other broads…”

  34. Just when you think all the action is going down in the hollar of West Virginia, this foolishness is happening one state over!

  35. Mackenzie took advantage of him and married him while he was under the influence. Now that he is “sober”, he realized that he fucked up and doesn’t want to be with her.

      1. Yeah you know she’s going to want to blame it on somebody it’s somebody else’s doing.. Somebody else should have told her oh my God Maci probably knew so let’s blame it on her.. McKenzie’s an

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