5 Cool Pieces of ‘The Challenge’ Memorabilia You Can Buy Right Now: Check Out ‘The Challenge’ Charity Auction!

Perhaps the jar will bring you good luck, like it did Wes?

The stars of MTV’s The Challenge are banding together to auction off their stuff to raise money for Bright Pink, a national non-profit focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. The auction honors former ‘Challenge’ star Diem Brown, who lost her three-time fight with ovarian cancer in 2014. Diem worked tirelessly to raise awareness about ovarian cancer and its early detection signs.

This is not just a signed T-shirt-type eBay auction. While there are plenty of cool signed ‘Challenge’ shirts up for grabs, there are also some really unique ‘Challenge’s props and pieces of the show’s history being auctioned.

Here are The Ashley‘s Top 5 favorite auction items. Be sure to BID NOW– the auction ends TODAY!

Your very own Johnny Bananas “backpack” 

‘The Challenge’ fans will never forget that epic scene from ‘The Challenge: Cutthroat’ when CT Tamburello picked Johnny Bananas up and turned him into a human backpack. While you can’t bid on the chance to have the guys recreate that moment in your living room, you can score your very own Johnny Bananas backpack– an actual backpack with the MTV logo and the signatures of Johnny and CT! Currently, the bid price for this item is $345.

The creepy skull jar from ‘Rivals III’

This jar was used during the Jungle scenes of ‘Rivals III,’ holding white and black skulls that competitors had to pull out of it. Although it’s not signed by any cast members, the jar is an authentic piece of ‘Challenge’ memorabilia! The bidding for this item is currently at $315.

The chance to watch the “Dirty 30” cast fight it out on stage

This auction item currently has the highest bid price at $3,150 but it’s no surprise, being that it includes two tickets to the taping of the “Dirty 30” Reunion! The taping, which takes place in New York City next month, will feature all the cast members coming back to talk about the season’s biggest moments. This prize also gives the winner a chance to take a selfie with the “Dirty 30” cast!

A ‘Camilanator’ action figure

The Camilanator finally got her own action figure– kind of. ‘Challenge’ vet Camila Nakagawa signed this “Terminator” action figure to represent her alter ego, the “Camilanator.” Currently the bid for this item is $202.50.

An authentic piece of Diem Brown memorabilia 

‘Challenge’ fans have the rare opportunity to buy something representing Diem herself. The Ashley’s favorite auction item is this name banner that dates all the way back to ‘The Duel!’ (‘Member when it was still called ‘The Real World Road Rules Challenge’?!)

“Diem Brown stood strong underneath this banner against 19 other Challengers for a top prize of $150,000! A beloved member of ‘The Challenge’ family, she will always be remembered as a fierce, honest and true competitor!” the auction description reads.

This banner has a current bid price of $405.

Check out these items and other cool ‘Challenge’ stuff by heading to the eBay auction here!

(Photo: MTV)

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