‘Big Brother 19’ Episode 24 Recap: A Double Eviction & a Damn Good Exit

“With every eviction, I’m getting closer and closer to my vacation time! Let’s do this!”

It’s the most exciting night of the Big Brother season! It’s time for the double eviction of “Big Brother 19!”

With an entire week’s worth of action crammed into a single hour, there are always highs and lows. This one is fairly predictable, with the entire house ganging up on their next target. However, there’s a twist thanks to the Power of Veto that sends a pawn home.

We start the episode of with Cody hoping that there’s hope, but he doesn’t think there is. Even Alex admits that the house will do whatever it wants and takes zero responsibility for evicting Cody. Josh still doesn’t like Mark and Elena (aka “Marlena”) and wants to put the target on them for next week.

Josh gets into another fight with Elena. She explains why she didn’t want to be his pawn and he continues to claim that she lied. Then Alex gets into the fight over Elena stealing her money and punishing her. This is basically all a big show to set “Marlena” up as the next targets, which they already were.

“Can’t we all just get along?”

It’s time for the first eviction! Elena goes back to mocking Dominique‘s original basketball poem, but she screws it up. It’s a mess.

Cody says that Alex and Jason played a dirty game and throws them under the bus for trying to target Matt and Paul. They mock him. Matt brags about wanting to eat 1,000 bowls of cereal in the house…as you do.

It’s time to vote. Every single person votes to evict Cody. It’s not really a surprise, but Cody delivers a pretty savage exit walk. He just walks straight out without saying anything, stepping over the coffee table.

“Dude you just stepped on my Twix bar. Come on bro!”

Everyone in the house calls Cody a tool. Cody admits to Julie Chen that he made up his lies about Alex and Jason to try and mix it up. (Perhaps this is why some ‘Big Brother’ fans are calling Cody the worst player in show history?)

He says that he couldn’t even fake being nice because he hates them all so much. He adds that he’s going to marry Jessica.

After Cody gets the boot, it’s time for the HoH Competition and nominations. It’s a shuffleboard competition with two lanes where they must come as close to the edge as possible. The winner gets to pick the next two, so it’s a knockout. This seriously screws over Mark and Elena.

After a few rounds, it comes down to Jason versus Christmas. Jason edges her out to become the new HoH!

Afterward, Paul, Josh and Christmas all encourage Jason to execute the plan. Jason tells Mark that he’s going to give a speech, and then nominates Mark and Elena.

“Dance, my precious puppets, dance!”

Jason claims that Cody threw them under the bus and that’s why he’s doing this. He also says that Elena screwed over his girl Alex.

After a bunch more Jason rambling, it’s time for the Power of Veto Competition.

Matt, Raven and Josh were picked to play. They have to solve three puzzles in the shortest amount of time.

Mark and Jason are the first to reach the second puzzle. Elena gets to the second puzzle while Mark and Jason move to puzzle three. Mark gets his last puzzle and wins the Power of Veto!

Mark is thrilled because he knew he was a target and now he is safe. However, he’s sad for Elena because he assumes she will be evicted. He professes his love for her.

“You can’t have her! She’s mine!”

Long live “Marlena!”

Mark uses the Power of Veto to save himself. Jason nominates Matt.

So Matt used the Power of Veto to save Jason, and Jason puts him on the block. Savage.

The block is exactly the same as it was earlier that night. It’s time for the second eviction.

Elena has nothing to say to anyone and says she’ll spend her birthday in the jury house. Matt talks more about eating cereal.

It’s time to vote. Not surprisingly, everyone (except Mark) votes to evict Elena. (Mark votes for Matt.)

This means that Elena is evicted 6-1!


Elena bids her fellow HGs farewell, and later claims that her relationship with Jessica, Cody and Mark made her a target. Elena admits that she does like Mark and she is open to exploring a relationship with him after the show.

Julie says that Derrick will be the special guest Friday night and a new Temptation twist will be released. There’s a special Friday night episode airing this week!

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  1. Loved that exit!!! People may hate Cody, but at least he wasn’t fake. He straight up told people he didn’t like them. He was the only one who had the balls to try & evict Paul. Sadly, Paul conveniently had safety (which is total BS). Might as well hand the money over to him now b/c he is running the show! And it sucks balls!!

  2. I don’t understand why most people sympathize with Cody and Jessica. They are the most bitter and self-victimizing players I’ve ever seen on this show. They take absolutely no responsibility for ruining their game. Cody had a personal vendetta against Paul from day 1. It wasn’t just because Paul was a vet. Cody just flat out didn’t like him and was rude to him for no reason. If he wanted to get Paul out, he should’ve made that known to his alliance members instead of blindsiding them and putting Paul on the block. And as far as Jessica goes, she could’ve stayed in the house and continued playing if she had taken Paul’s offer to not use her hex that week and send Cody out the door. She chose not to. That wasn’t anyone’s fault but hers. And that fight they got into with Josh was not right. She insulted him and told him he couldn’t spell and when Josh defended himself, her and Cody started making fun of his weight. That was not ok. You don’t ever use personal attacks in an argument. Josh might be annoying but he didn’t deserve that.

  3. Sucks cody got out ??? the only one I kinda like now is Kevin! Josh is the most disgraceful awful player of All time! And hell might as well hand over the prize $$ to Paul! He’s running the show. I won’t be watching anymore of this season until the end.

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