‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Ryan Edwards Released From Jail: Here’s What He Was Sentenced To For His Drug Charges

“I can go? How the hell did I swing that one?!”

Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards has been sprung from jail, after spending over a week behind bars!

Radar Online reports that, early Tuesday morning, Ryan was released from the Tennessee jail he’s called home for seven days. (The Ashley can confirm that Ryan is no longer behind bars.)

Ryan was supposed to remain in jail until his scheduled court date on August 6, but Radar reports that his court date was moved up. A spokesperson for the Hamilton County Jail confirmed this, and also revealed what sentence was given to Ryan for his crimes.

Last week, a Nashville-based criminal attorney stated that Ryan could face over two years behind bars, based on his charges, but his actual sentence was much, much lighter.

“The first count of simple possession of heroin-petition to revoke has been dismissed,” the spokesperson told Radar. “For the second count of possession of heroin-petition to revoke he was given 11 months and 29 days suspended sentence.”

(Just FYI: a ‘suspended sentence’ means that a jail sentence is in place, but that the defendant doesn’t actually have to go into jail to serve it immediately, if at all.)

Basically, as it stands right now, Ryan will not serve any more time behind bars. Instead, he was given six months of probation and required to serve five public work days.

“When you say ‘work’ do you mean, like, actual labor? ‘Cause I’m not much for the work and such…”

Ryan’s original August 6 court date remains on the court calendar as of press time, however.

It appears that, as long as he abides by his probation terms, Ryan will be able to be present for the birth of his second child. (His wife Mackenzie is currently about seven months pregnant.)

Mackenzie has yet to speak out about Ryan’s release (although she did post a photo from their wedding day to her Instagram on Sunday). Last week, she called out the “haters” who were saying negative things about her and her husband.

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  1. Ryan needs to serve allot of time seeing how he apparently gets away with so much I don’t understand why he is out of jail he needs to serve a good term in prison

  2. Thank goodness he’ll be there for the birth of his lucky baby. This child has hit the parent lottery!! God help the kid.

  3. That’s the problem with these people – it’s always someone else’s fault. There’s never any accountability or responsibility.

  4. oh wow the east coast hill billy towns like Jenelle and Ryan are too much. Same with Adam in South Dakota, they all think the are above the law and apparently they are correct. Dont ever move to CA bitches, just sayin.

  5. Do we know is the suspended sentence was conditional? It’s very likely that it was and I suspect Ryan will have to do another drug treatment program.

  6. Ang again, he is having a baby. I don’t think he will be present at birth, prob sleeping and then come to see him, hopefully at least sober.

  7. I wonder if Ryan’s friend’s dad, who is also a judge, got Ryan’s court date moved up and if he had anything to do with Ryan being given probation instead of jail time.

  8. And now we understand why Maci was so adamantly opposed to MTV filming Ryan. She knew it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. It’s only a matter of time before it happens again. It’s incredibly sad because, if Ryan doesn’t get healthy, one day Bentley’s memories of his father will be replaced with MTV footage of Ryan asleep behind the wheel nodding out

  9. Dang I don’t know why I’ve spent my entire life not breaking laws. Seems like you can do whatever the heck you want and never have to pay for it. Jenelle, Ryan, Adam…same story different day. Our justice system is embarrassing.

    Is Mackenzie really still claiming that any negative remarks about Ryan are from “haters”?? WTF is wrong with her?! We’re normal people hoping he doesn’t kill himself or someone else on the road, hoping Bentley doesn’t have to watch his Dad go 6 feet under, hoping her new baby is safe with his own father. I’m too old to be an “online hater” just for the hell of it. I’m seriously terrified for Ryan’s kids and his mom for how they would deal with it and I highly doubt I’m the only one. Whatever Mackenzie.

    1. I live in Ohio, in an area hit hard by this opiod epidemic, and rehabilitation is almost always a requirement for drug offenders around here. I wish it would’ve been a requirement for him, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. He needs real accountability, and I think a lengthy rehab stay is his only real chance at kicking his habit for good. I hope jail was at least a wake-up call.

  10. At this rate the next headline we’ll read is “Ryan Edwards dead at 30.” I feel badly for his children.

  11. I have been through a similar incident, well, multiple incidents, spanning over the course of a decade, with my own family member. She too was given a slap on the wrist, time and time again. Although she’s currently serving time, she was still given a super light sentence in this instance. Her children were removed from her care a few years ago, but the courts still continue to be lenient, time and time again. You have no idea how frustrating and disheartening these kinds of things truly are, let alone how much it reduces the trust people have in the judicial system, until you experience it.

    The courts are doing him NO favors by letting him off, regardless of his parental, or marital responsibilities. They are not helping him, they are not helping his family and they(and this is the most important part) are NOT helping his children(Bentley and the one not yet born).

    I am the mother of a child born into a similar situation, and it took years to get someone to finally listen, because some people are given repeated “second chances”. The courts don’t care, because they don’t have to see the fall out. They don’t have to make constant appointments for the children affected, they don’t have to deal with the emotional support, the behaviors, the physical and mental abuse these children go through. It pisses me off to no end to see people constantly getting a slap on the wrist.

    Lock his ass up for the duration of his sentence. When he gets out, order him to a mandated inpatient rehabilitation program for no less than 90 days, with extended outpatient rehab for an additional 180 days. Remove his ability to have a license permanently, with no chance to ever get it back. Force a 3-5 year probation program which requires community service 3-5 days a week for at least three of those years-wherein the person participating must work with agencies and individuals that have suffered at the hands of addicts. Let them see what the shit they do actually does to others..but don’t let it be people they are personally close with(it means nothing to them). Then, when all programs are complete, bring him back in and go back over everything he did, everything he caused, all the damage he caused, and why such choices aren’t ideal for ANYONE anywhere. If he hasn’t changed his mind by then, lock him up for a couple more years.

    Does that sound strict to you? Good, it should. As a mother of a child affected by an addict in more ways than I can put on paper, and someone that has seen countless people given way too many chances, it sickens me that we treat addicts as if they are fragile beings we need to handle with kid gloves all because …”addicts have a disease, they don’t realize”. Bull fucking shit. Yes they have a disease, but don’t pretend for one moment that they have no idea, don’t pretend we can’t hold them accountable, and don’t pretend the things they do are minor.

    1. Honestly, I believe they give these “light” drug crimes little-to-no jail time because of overcrowding in jails/prisons. Jails/prisons are full of people that should definitely be in there (murderers, abusers, etc.) and SOME drug offenders, but in most states it has to be a pretty massive offense to get jail time (much less prison time), even for repeat offenders. The jails/prisons are all full and they can’t put more people in there because overcrowding leads to prisoner’s rights suits in the courts and bogs down the court system even more.

      Personally, I think people need to do some jail time to learn a lesson, but I also know that recidivism rates are pretty high and, quite frankly, some jails/prisons are so easy it’s like a vacation for some people (not all of them, obviously, but they aren’t all like supermax or max security prisons we see on television). They get 3 meals a day, TV time, they can get college educations, and yet a lot of people get all that, then get out and re-offend. People don’t learn their lesson in jail/prison and we know that Ryan certainly hasn’t learned a lesson (if only cleaning up his act so he doesn’t look like a total butthole on national TV), so even if he did get jail time I don’t think it would have helped any.

      1. Overcrowding is a huge issue, but repeat drug offenders, should be doing time, light offenses or not. While doing their time, they need to be in a rehab program.
        Funding is a big issue and it is because our jails and prisons are so light on inmates in many areas, that funding isn’t going to be supported. I wouldn’t support giving them more funding so they could offer offenders even more opportunities than the average American citizen has at his/her disposal, either. At least, not until they change how things are done.

        The biggest issue is getting the powers that be, those with the capabilities to FIX the problems our judicial and jail/prison systems have, to notice that we need to fix them. This can be directly linked to the long terms people in government offices are afforded, too. The longer they stay, the less they accomplish…we’ve seen direct proof of this, it’s been around for decades now.

        1. Forcing drug addicts into taxpayer rehab DOES NOT work.

          My ex has been in dozens of them over the past twenty plus years. Thanks to Californias drug court. All it does is fatten them up to go out and use again.

          Can’t fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed. No one gets sober, unless THEY want to.

  12. You know the real punishment for him is going to be those 5 public work days. Probably 5 more days than he’s ever worked in his life.

  13. Wait a second, he has to serve “five public work days”, but who will keep the couch warm?! There’s no way he won’t break the terms of probation, so he’ll be back behind bars soon enough. The spin from Mack and co. is going to be one for the record books on this one. I wonder how he was holding up behind bars, something tells me he was probably in some kind of protective custody because of his “status”. He’d better get it together, he will not last a day in big boy jail because they won’t let Jen in to do his laundry or cut the crust off his sandwiches.

  14. Jail for possession of a small amount of drugs does nothing to help an addict and costs a fortune. What Ryan needs is drug court but doesn’t seem like they have one. Hope he gets back into a program and builds a support system with other recovering addicts.

    1. It does far more than you could ever imagine, IF it is done right. The judicial system, however, very rarely does anything right.

      He needs far more than “a program”. If he doesn’t kill himself, he’s very likely to kill someone else. He can still be held accountable while having a support system in place. The problem is, no one wants to hold him, or people like him, accountable, in the first place. Everyone uses the excuse of “disease”. Yes, addiction is a disease, but it doesn’t make us any less responsible for our choices. NOT holding people accountable is irresponsible, on every possible level.

  15. When will my murderer be brought to justice?!?!? MEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWW BURN IN HELL EDWARDS CLAN!

  16. I hate to say this, but I think we all know enough to realize that if he keeps getting a slap on his limp, useless wrist for these drug possession violations, he is going to overdose and maybe not survive. He is surrounded by enablers, who are so afraid of upsetting him by calling him on his shit, that they literally tip toe around him. His parents must be terrified-i feel for them. His wife, on the other hand, is ground zero for his future destruction-her ignorance of the severity of a heroin issue, How she absolutely insists on going on with life like she has a normal, functional, happy, healthy spouse is appalling and shows her lack of maturity. I am sure we all were glad when mtv finally fired them, the only hope Ryan has is to HAVE to work, have some purpose, have a reason to get up since a child doesn’t seem to do the trick for him, sadly.

  17. Wow!!! where do I sign up for this white privilege? I am already white what else do I need Tenessee?

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