EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2′ Dad Nathan Griffith Files Motion To Modify Custody Of Son Kaiser: Wants Full Custody & Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason To Stay Away From Kaiser

“Gimme that kid!”

Nathan Griffith is finally making a move to get custody of his son Kaiser.

The Ashley can exclusively report that the Teen Mom 2 dad filed paperwork last Tuesday to modify the custody arrangement he currently has with his son’s mom, Jenelle Evans.

In the court documents, which have been obtained by The Ashley, Nathan requests full custody of Kaiser, and demands that Jenelle’s husband David Eason stay away from the boy!

In the relief custody paperwork, Nathan claims that a “substantial change has occurred” in regard to Kaiser that has and will continue to have “a detrimental effect on the minor child unless the custody order is modified.”

Nathan alleges that David is a “violent person who is a danger to [Kaiser].”

He also states that both Jenelle and David “have drug dependency and substance abuse issues” and mentions the fact that Jenelle and David’s daughter Ensley was born with THC in her system.

“[Jenelle] has been to rehab two to three times but upon information and belief has never completed the prescribed treatment,” the paperwork reads.

In his paperwork, Nathan is requesting “primary care, custody and control of [Kaiser]” and visitation for Jenelle.

Nathan states that he now has a “suitable home” for Kaiser to live in that is “conductive to the health, well-being and development of [Kaiser].”

“The Defendant is a fit and proper person to have primary care, custody and control of his minor child, and that it is in the child’s best interest that custody be modified as such,” the paperwork states.

In addition, Nathan asks that the court not allow David around Kaiser.

“[The Defendant] asks that [Jenelle] be awarded secondary custody in the form of visitation, and that [Jenelle’s] spouse be prohibited from having contact with [Kaiser].”

As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan’s mother, Doris Davidson has attempted to get emergency custody of Kaiser on several occasions, but has not been successful.

She is named on the current court paperwork as the “Intervenor.”

Earlier this month, a stand-off between Doris and Jenelle ended with Jenelle calling “The Law” to come fetch Kaiser from Doris, who refused to return him after allegedly finding bruising on the boy.

Nathan recently told TMZ that the recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that showed Jenelle pulling a gun on a man after a road rage incident may help him secure custody of Kaiser.

“I think this helps me in my situation of getting custody of Kaiser because it shows an unstable environment and a very hectic situation instead of being calm and escalating where it could be potentially more hazardous,” Nathan told TMZ.

The Ashley hears that a court date is planned for next Tuesday to have Nathan’s case heard.

In the paperwork, Nathan states that “other facts will be shown at trial.” (We can assume these “facts” are related to Jenelle and David’s parenting of Kaiser.)

Stay tuned– The Ashley will have more info on this soon!

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  1. Nathan has exhibited his share of violence in the past.

    Maybe this little boy needs a new mom and dad..

  2. I hope Barb don’t ever lose Jace that poor kid has been threw enough for a 8 yr old an Nathan go get what belongs to u yeah your son

  3. kiser need tp be with his daddy jenella is not to fit to be a mom she took a pic of her self in her pantiys and bar she is tasty and kiser is so sweet i just love that little boy jenlla did put out agun in front of jace and no wonder jace say they both r a pice of shit
    i love that show from day one

  4. Honestly, I’m 99% sure he won’t get it.
    I say this because Jenelle gets away with anything and everything. I don’t think she will ever have to face legal consequences until she murders someone. Even then, she’d probably skate off like Casey Anthony. I hope with all my heart that this happens for the well being of that poor baby, but I don’t think it will. I firmly believe she wont face legal consequences for her actions until she stops getting an MTV paycheck. For reference, look at the shit hole she was in during the Courtland era when they weren’t filming. She didn’t have to play pretend for the MTV cameras to avoid getting a bad edit, she had to resort to heroin because she had no health insurance and couldn’t afford to get a script. She made up these crazy and elaborate stories to stay in the spotlight(ie. the whole “someone broke in and killed her dogs”, her saga being in and out of the hospital and getting committed, living in poor conditions and not being able to afford shit, the crazy conspiracy of how Courtland crashed her car, the list goes on) I mean come on, she was using Sulia clickbait to earn cash and concocted the whole fake pregnancy and miscarriage breaking up/getting back together with Courtland for money. Don’t forget selling stories to radar online, even exploiting the Shane guy from Buckwild that they never met to have something to sell to Radar.
    My whole point being, after MTV money stops coming in she may get by on endorsement ads and selling stories for awhile, but soon her life will crumble and it will be the Courtland era all over again. That is when she will have to face consequences. As wonderful as it would be to have their children taken away and paced in a safe environment, I don’t think it will happen at this time. But I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best until then.

  5. Meanwhile, instead of spending quality time with Kaiser, Jenelle is at a Kesha concert with Lurch, posting it all over social media! Smh!

  6. I’m just going to pray that Nathan gets full custody of Kaiser. North Carolina, don’t let this little boy down. He’s been through enough.

  7. Good luck, Nathan! Save Kaiser! Thank you, Barbara, for giving Nathan the information you’ve been giving him. #TEAMSAVEKAISER! I hate Lurch and Jenelle.??

  8. I wish him luck, pretty sure the most he can hope for at this time is 50/50 custody. Even with all the evidence pointing to David being abusive and Jenelle being bat shit crazy. I wouldnt be surprised if this might affect David’s custody and visitation of his own kids innthe future.

  9. I got this news first thing yesterday. I hope Nathan gains custody of Kaiser. Fingers crossed. Nathan, if you get him, please don’t let Kaiser down. You’re all he’s got. I mean, parentwise.

  10. Very important Nathan: if you are using last weeks gun episode to go against Jenelles character… point out the fact that she reached for a Concealed weapon and enabled the gun, and followed this person, 100% premeditation.. that’s a sick and dangerous mind!
    As far as keeping Kaiser from David , big problem as he’s her husband now. So, Nathan needs to use that to his advantage: impossible to keep the child from her spouse making it the best option to remove Kaiser from the house of horror.
    This is just my opinion, here’s two more episodes that raise an eyebrow.. both Jenelle & David passed out while cop bangs at the door for several minutes , finally they surface with obvious holes punched in the wall/ door
    Another, Kaiser being made to hold his BM and now his urine too.

    1. I’m not even positive keeping the gun in the door is considered concealed.. could be wrong though. Even then, it’s fully accessible to all those kids on the land where it was 🙁

      1. Well let me help you out if you’re not sure, why pull it from down inside the door pocket and put it in a convenient unconcealed spot??? It’s irrelevant anyway, we see her get the firearm , we hear the click of a round , we see her follow him . Should she have fired it would be premeditated attempted murder!
        Although, these cops in the south, who knows with them! Left Jace with a loaded gun, took Ryan’s gun and drugs and let him go and let’s never forget .. they allowed Travon Martin to be murdered!
        What does it take to be a cop in south, a shake of a lucky eight ball??

  11. Better late than never! F*cking hell, this kid needs to get the hell away from The Land! If the paperwork says Nathan is stable now, I hope it stays that way and gets his child, he is SO MUCH happier with him than he ever was with Jenelle!

    Then it’s Ensley’s turn (and Maryssa, I keep on forgetting she lives with them, her mother is just as unstable as David is tho, poor girl) and their house should be empty! But even if that happens any day, she will be knocked up the second she loses custody of all her kids, if she is not already again.

  12. I read a story the other day and it was about her being pregnant again! I would like the Judge to award Nathan full custody and give Jenelle only supervised visits at a mediation center, like Adam has to do for Aubree. Let’s just hope the Judge in this case is as good as the Judge in South Dakota where Aubree, Adam and Chelsea live.
    Sadly Jace is a screwed up little kid from being always in the middle of Barbara and Jenelle’s arguments…kids are what they are by age 5…their upbringing and treatment from birth to age 5 shapes their future and their personality. There really isn’t much hope for either of the boys…and who knows what poor Ensley will turn out to be with the chaos she is surrounded by 24/7.

  13. IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jenelle is a straight up sociopath. Zero empathy, not an ounce of self-awareness, and incapable of caring about anyone other than herself and whatever ex con she’s shacking up with at the time. TM2 has only reinforced her belief that she can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants without consequence, so losing custody will be the best outcome for both her and Kaiser. Even though I don’t fully trust blind items, I’ve read about 50 over the past few months that have said she and Lurch are both on meth that they get from a dealer in LA, which is why she refused to go without him to the reunion. Either way, I don’t trust either of those goons to raise or even be alone with a child, no matter who it belongs to. Despite Nathan’s faults, I genuinely hope he wins.

    1. David can’t handle, “talking words,” and his mother is a whining, lying wet noodle. Nathan never tried to attack her. she’s a liar, just like her butt hole of a son, and b**** of a daughter-in-law.

  14. Oh man I’m really hoping Nathan wins! Knowing Jenelle’s twisted luck in life, she will probably win and then we will all have to suffer the gloating videos and social media posts her and David make of their fake love for Kaiser! Hopefully there is some justice in this world and poor Kaiser gets the results he deserves from this case! Keeping my fingers crossed! #freekaiser #freekaiser #freekaiser

  15. I’d be so freaking happy knowing that Kaiser will be safe from David’s abuse. Pleeeaase make this happen, judge!
    Also, not gonna change my name until it’s happened.

  16. Jenelle needs to learn a real-life lesson and have something like this happen. She thinks she’s invincible and can just do whatever she wants and everyone else is in the wrong. There’s NO responsibility taken for anything, EVER. She’s about due for a good dose of Karma, and God knows that innocent little boy deserves so much better than what he’s living right now..

  17. Don’t fight it, Jenelle. You can have double the fun on mother-son post therapy night.

  18. I’m all for team Nathan / Dorris getting custody, but does Nathan even have a job? He’s at least 30 now and not sure if he’s worked in years. If he’s still unemployed then that won’t help his case. Not that Jenelle and Lurch really work either.

    1. I believe Nathan gets a large disability check from the military for his PTSD. He mentioned this several times back before Kaiser was even created. But he also worked selling time shares I think, then at a gym and maybe as a bouncer. If memory serves me right, he may even have a college degree.

  19. This is the best news I’ve heard all week! Nathan does have violence issues in regards to ex-girlfriends and probably some alcohol issues, so those are not going to help his case. It seems that he hasn’t been in trouble for a couple years now though. Fortunately, he is BY FAR the least of the two evils. At least he is stepping up and there won’t be fears about Kaiser being abused and neglected.

  20. Praying for you and Doris, Nathan! After seeing gun-slinger Jenelle, and knowing what David has always done to Kaiser, I truly believe it’s a matter of life and death! Stay clean, and stay committed to saving your son!

  21. I don’t think Nathan is the most stand up guy in the face of the earth. That being sad, David is SCARY and Jenelle will never put her kids first. I hope Nathan gets custody and that his mom helps him out in raising sweet Kai.

  22. I want Nathan or his mother to be granted custody of Kaiser. Jenelle proved her fitness as a parent during that road rage incident. She lied to the police, and tried to blame Jace for telling the truth.

  23. “The Defendant asks that Jenelle be given secondary custody”? Jenelle is the Defendant Nathan is the Movant who filed the Motion, unless Nathan’s Motion was filed in response to something Jenelle filed. Misprint or did Jenelle file something against Nathan?

    1. Jenelle first filed however long ago to get full custody. Nathan is moving to change the current order, so he’s still considered the defendant. It’s easier to keep track of who is who that way.

  24. Nathan reminds me of my uncle. He’s kind of a screw up, can’t do the relationship thing AT ALL, but he loves his son more than anything else. I think Nathan is the best case parent for Kaiser seeing that Jenelle can’t even manage to show the poor kid an ounce of love.

    Ensley, though, that poor girl is so screwed.

  25. “Conductive to the health…” Ahahaha, I love it when these people try to play grownup in with the courts, but seriously, I don’t think it’s going to happen because Jenelle has proven to be the Teflon Don of the Teen Mom franchise and has NEVER suffered any real consequences. It seems like Nathan might actually be getting his life together, but the fact that he has Doris in his corner is a big plus in my opinion. Kaiser is in serious emotional and physical danger on “The Land”, I think since Kai looks so much like Nathan it’s a constant reminder to Lurch of Jenelle’s previous soulmate and that irks him to no end. I can’t imagine the drama that goes on in the household on a daily basis, I’m sure even the mosquitos in the swamp are traumatized.

    1. Based on one of the last episodes he might also have Barb in his corner. She was giving him some great advice about writhing everything down. He also needs to save all text messages.

  26. I bet there is brand new holes in the wall in that house they brought off Craigslist and decided to drop on a marsh right in the middle of “the Land”. I would also bet those holes are at the height of David’s fist and they have markings of his bleached skin all over them. Nathan might have his problems but it appears that he has a normal girlfriend that doesn’t beat kids, pull guns on drivers she follows home, smoke pot pregnant, and makes homophobic remarks on the internet. I will always have respect for someone who served there country over seas like Nathan and although he has had his fair share of problems they don’t even come close to what happens on a daily basis at the Easons house that is sinking to hell as we speak. If any judge allows this kid to stay in that environment he should be let go on the spot. State of North Carolina please take Kaiser out of that hell hole and send DPS in for the remaining 2 kids before it gets worst.

  27. My learners are that Nathan is granted full physical custody of Kaiser & thatJanelle has to pay him child support based on her MTV earnings. Then I hope MTV terminates her contract.

    1. Then Jenelle’s child support will be decreased. She will have to get a job cleaning boats or something. Olive Garden hostess? Concession stands at a Kesha concert?

    2. And puts on Barb and Nathan and Doris. Wouldn’t that piss her off?
      And Ashley or what ever her name is.

  28. Well it’s about time. Hope it works out. Everyone knows Jenelle and David are high, high, high.

  29. Nathan in nowhere near perfect, but at least its clear he loves his son. Jenelle does not. The best of these two situations would be for Nathan to get custody and I really hope he does for Kaiser’s sake.

  30. Yay! Although Nathan is a d-bag and I would not want him dating my daughter, I sure hope he gets custody of his son. I don’t think he’s a good boyfriend or husband or whatever but I do think he’s a good father. Especially if you compare him to Janelle as a mother. Between Nathan and his mom Kaiser stands a chance. Out of all the kids Kaiser has the best chance.

  31. Hoping Nathan wins. With his mom Doris offering her assistance, I’m sure this poor little sweetheart will FINALLY be able to know what a normal childhood is.

    The only slight drawback beyond this if Nathan does win, is a full on shootout between the cops and known gunslingers Jenelle and David, when they come with Nathan to take Kaiser off that horrible mudslide known as: THE LAND.

    But let’s hope not


  32. So Jenelle’s been to rehab twice….is this current or from before? We all know they are both on drugs for sure, they just know how to manipulate the way they’re done before handed in. Hair follicle tests are needed & the party administering them need to take the follicle sample directly from them—NOT THEM DOING IT AS THEY WILL MANIPULATE THE SYTEM LIKE THEY DO E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.!!

  33. Nathan is the lesser mess up, but I think he means well. I wish they were filming on the land to capture this shit. You know Jenelles head is spinning and she’s spitting fire.

  34. I sincerely hope that Nathan succeeds in getting full custody. Kaiser needs to be with the parent that loves him and will keep him safe. Jenelle hasn’t done that for him. Good luck to Nathan and Kaiser in this custody motion. #SaveKaiser

  35. Yes! Nathan is not ideal, but Kaiser struck out on the parent lottery, so he was never going to be in a great situation. But, Nathan is far superior to Jenelle at this point.

    Jenelle is more erratic than ever and seems to be pretty emboldened thanks to UBT. She was always neglectful towards Kaiser, but allowing UBT to treat that poor baby the way he does is just sick.

    No wonder Jenelle is demanding that MTV not film her never-ending custody issues. Both Barb and Nathan are joining forces to protect the boys from her. Poor Maryssa and Ensley though. No one is in a position to even advocate for them. I can imagine all the horrible things poor Maryssa has seen and heard.

  36. @Ashley
    This is my favorite article you’ve ever written. The only article that could top it, will be next Tuesday when you announce that Nathan has #SavedKaiser

  37. I know you meant “not filming” bc she’s for sure fucking. That’s all she knows how to do. That and get high.

  38. I really hope Nathan gets custody….I know Nathan is a terrible person but at least I wouldn’t fear for Kaiser’s life isn’t his custody and his mom and oils probably be taking primary care of Kaiser.

    1. Nathan’s not a terrible person. He’s got some issues and questionable judgement for sure but i wouldn’t say terrible. Now David, is a terrible person

  39. I think they’re all messed up but Nathan is not as bad as Jenelle and David. I hope she does lose custody and only get visitation . Might make her wake up. 2 of her 3 kids not in her care. Unfortunately she’d probably just play poor me and have more kids to replace the others

      1. Everytime I see your name in the comments, it makes me giggle. That’s all kinds of wrong! LOL!!

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