Judge Signs Off On Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith’s Custody Agreement for Son Kaiser: A Breakdown of How it Will Work

Kaiser, wondering how long these two will get along this time…

The lengthy custody battle between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith for their six-year-old son Kaiser has officially come to an end. 

The former Teen Mom 2 star revealed recently on social media that she and Nathan finally had a plan to share custody of Kaiser and according to TMZ, a judge has signed off on the agreement, which will involve Jenelle and Nathan, as well as Nathan’s mom, Doris Davidson. 

Court documents state that Jenelle will retain primary custody of Kaiser, Nathan will get him every other weekend and Doris will care for him every 5th weekend. When Nathan is unable to care for Kaiser on his scheduled weekends, Doris will be able to fill in on his behalf. 

Doris always has (and often shaves) Nathan’s back.

As for holidays, Kaiser will spend Thanksgiving at The Land on even years and with Nathan on odd years. 

“Let’s be honest, every year is odd with these two as ya parents.”

Kaiser will spend Christmas mornings with Jenelle and the later part of the day with Nathan, whom he will stay with until December 27. During summer break from school, Kaiser will spend six weeks straight with his dad. Nathan also has dibs on Father’s Day, while Jenelle will have Kaiser on Mother’s Day. (We can assume that means Jenelle will no longer spend her special day crying into a goat-milking stand, as she did in 2019 when her kids were removed by CPS.) 

As part of the agreement, Jenelle and Nathan will share legal custody of Kaiser and both have to establish and agree on exchange points for drop-offs. While visiting Nathan, Kaiser cannot be more than two hours away from Jenelle and neither parent can trash talk the other in Kaiser’s presence.

“Thank you for not mentioning anything about talking trash on social media.”

Just last week, Jenelle revealed that Nathan had given her husband, David Eason, a new Donald Trump flag, hinting that things were all good between the two parties, despite Nathan previously accusing David of physically abusing Kaiser. When questioned about the gesture on social media, Nathan confirmed he had in fact made peace with The Land dwellers

“David and Jenelle have my son,” he said. “So, if I have to kiss their freaking butts for 12 more years I will.”  

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Poor Kaiser. I wish he had one parent who loved him and put his needs before everything else. Now I just pray that he is not being abused. His sweet little face haunts me.

  2. How can 2 satans come together and make such a handsome,sweet child. How can he then get a step parent as David. The system has let this child down. I can only hope he doesn’t turn out anything like his parents.

  3. He such a cute kid, the cutest of the three she haves ..

    Sadly he has shit parents. Should had been put up for adoption the same way Jace should have been ..

    She was never supposed to take care of anything living …

  4. Every single adult involved in this (aside from Doris), SUCKS.

    We all know Nathan is a fool, we have known this ever since he said “dramastically” on National TV…and I am 100% positive that he has always had selfish intentions and motives, and only pursued and procreated/attempted to trap Jenelle in hopes of a little bit of Z-List fame and a check…Not taking into account that he was bringing an innocent child into this world with a psycho for its mother, only to essentially abandon that child and leave him with 2 abusive pieces of shit that have no business being any type of parental figure to that child. Shame on everyone. Kaiser is the one that loses.

    1. Can you imagine so shitty that Janelle and David are awarded Majority custody over you?!? Omg. Every other weekend? I truly feel for Kaiser an Maryssa. I can’t imagine how miserable that home is.

      1. Him not getting primary custody actually has absolutely nothing to do with how shitty he is or is not. Courts will, nearly always, side with the biological mother. Even in cases of clear child abuse, they still often side with the biological mother. This is especially true of courts in NC, which are as backasswards as it gets when it comes to things like family court cases.

        I’m not defending Nathan, or any of the shitty things he’s done, in the least. But he didn’t have any chance in hell of getting primary custody, they would have never awarded it to him. We have SEEN the abuse Jenelle and David dish out, as have the courts, and they still sided with her, which is pretty damn common, sadly

        It takes a hell of a lot to remove a child from a biological mother’s custody. I know because I’ve been through it, even with actual video and medical record evidence of my child’s bio mother beating him senseless, they still wanted her to retain custody. Very few places in this country actually side with the children=.

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