Nathan Griffith Says He Doesn’t Like Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace & Talks About Getting Along with David Eason: “David Doesn’t Even Whip [Kaiser] Anymore!”

“I like what I like!”

Nathan Griffith‘s relationship with his baby mama, Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason, may have improved, but the same can’t be said for Nathan’s relationship with Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace.

The former Teen Mom 2 dad— who shares six-year-old son Kaiser with Jenelle— recently took to Instagram Live to air out his true feelings about Jace. In the Live session, Nathan made it clear that he is not a fan of the 11-year-old…but he does like David now.

“I don’t want Kaiser around Jace. I don’t like him. I don’t think Jace is a good kid, and that’s my opinion,” Nathan told his followers.

Nathan went on to explain the reasons he dislikes Jace (who lives with Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans), stating that Jace is not nice to Kaiser.

“I think Kaiser has a big heart; I think he’s very loving and I think Jace picks on him because he’s smaller,” Nathan said. “So I don’t like Kaiser around Jace, and I’m sorry.”

(Video footage used with permission from Instagram account @kittyjakers)

Nathan’s surprising admission comes shortly after Jenelle announced that she and Nathan had come to a custody agreement for Kaiser. (You can read about the specific custody arrangement here.) 


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In another recent Instagram Live session, Nathan talked about how he now gets along with Jenelle’s husband, David, whom he accused of abusing Kaiser multiple times in the past. 

“David is a lot more aggressive than me,” Nathan said in the Live. “But some of his thoughts and philosophies actually run hand-in-hand with mine. I just think David has a problem representing himself professionally…Some of his philosophies and the way he thinks is not totally wrong. I’m not going to sit here just because I like the guy or don’t like the guy, and say something biased that I think he’s doing something wrong.

“Me unprofessional? That’s a laugh!”

“At the time David went on reality TV, I think he thought what he was doing was protecting his family,” Nathan continued. “I know Jenelle as an individual, and I know sometimes she can piss people off. But at the same time, I know David has the same flare as Jenelle and I know he can piss people off. As individuals, we need to be more tactful in how we handle situations.

“Right now, I go to drop-offs and I go pickup my son and David’s like, ‘How ya doin’, Sir? What’s goin’ on, how was your day? How was the trip?’ He even contacted me the other day and was like, ‘Yo, can you pick up Kaiser? He loves spending time with you.’ David’s actually being really freaking cool and I give him props for it. Whether something switched with him or not, he’s been really freaking cool with me.”

“Best friends forever…or until the next 911 call!”

Nathan then celebrated the fact that Kaiser said David has refrained from hitting him…for three whole months.

“My son said he hasn’t been whipped by David for the last three months!” Nathan exclaimed. “He said David doesn’t even whip him anymore!” 

(Video footage used with permission from Instagram account @kittyjakers)

Nathan also addressed his previous comment about “kissing David’s butt.” (His choice of words were quite…um…”dramastic,” in true Nathan form.)

“I will kiss David’s butt because I want my son’s life to be pros-ful,” Nathan said. (Um?)

“I want [Kaiser] to be safe,” Nathan continued. “And if [David’s] not taking his anger about hating me or anything out on my son, then I’m doing a good job. At the end of the day, the court rewarded them custody— I have 50/50 custody— so I’m going to make my son’s life easy by getting along with them, and I hope they’re mature adults and get along with me.” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

63 Responses

  1. I’m probably giving Nathan way too much credit, but could he be trolling them? He said himself he’d do what he had to to kiss their asses. Boom, his custody situation improved.

    Despite all evidence to the contrary, David and Jenelle won’t admit to physically abusing Kaiser. By presenting it as fact that he is letting go, he leaves a whole lot more room for D&J–stupid as they are–to proudly agree. Poof, he now has his confession.

    Throwing Jace under the bus is disgusting, but it also provides the fools with what they’ll assume is an out the next time Kaiser complains about his treatment on The Land, failing to realize how–whether it’s actually their found or Jace’s– it reflects more poorly on them as parents than on the oldest son with special needs who, at best, isn’t getting the support and supervision he needs, as well as their failure to protect their younger children from him, if that’s the trap they fall into.

    I realize this is most likely wishful and fanciful thinking, but, wouldn’t it be a kick if, after record-levels of ineffectual police and CPS involvement, it was Nathan who turned out to have a secret evil genius long-con plan to successfully save all of the kids from life on the Land?

  2. Nathan, You are just as sick and twisted as the other 2. We were cheering for u to get Kaiser out of that house (The Land) and u are gonna walk off and leave him? What happens when David explodes again? Kaiser could be his victim. Man, you have totally lost your mind. You don’t wanna be bothered with him either. That poor precious lil boy! God, please take this child away from this family. They aren’t fit to raise animals much less children. Karma will get you someday Nathan and I hope it’s soon. Same as the other 2 idiots

  3. 1. Jace is the enemy now?
    2. David is a philosopher now?
    3. David not whipping Kaiser ANYMORE so it’s all right now?
    4. Who are the responsible adults in this mess? ?

    F U Jenelle! My heart breaks for your kids ? U should protect them.

  4. What a coward. How can you dislike an 11 year old who has been through a lot and then in the same breathe like the man who use to whip your child ?

  5. I don’t know what we all expected from this moron. He dated and procreated with Jenelle Evans, clearly there’s something wrong with him mentally.

    1. I still stand by my thoughts that he trapped her in hopes of gaining z-list fame and a few checks from MTV. He never loved her. He had no regard for the innocent life he was about to ruin by being so stupidly selfish and having a baby with her knowing good and well NEITHER ONE OF THEM were capabale of raising a baby. He doesn’t have custody of his daughter and Jenelle doesn’t have custody of Jace. The 2 of them had no business having a baby together.

  6. Nathan is a joke. Yeah he likes David now. As ling as someone else takes care of his kid he is fine. He doesnt like jace because he, Janelle and David cant mind fuck him.

  7. Look, if my child was being bullied by her older half sibling I would be upset too. But I would NEVER say negative things about a child especially publicly. That is an issue Nathan should take up with jaces mother (barbara) and his part time babysitter (jenelle).

    1. Nathan is a dirtbag. I used to like him but he is so slimey. He hasn’t whipped your son in three whole months?? You now LIKE your son’s abuser but don’t like his 11 year old brother?? Holy crap. He just digs his own pitiful grave. Bottom feeder.

  8. At the end, Nathan is saying what we all knew from the beggining: David IS abusing Kaiser. And to think few weeks ago Jenelle tried to prove their kids where happy and they loved David… what a piece of trash. What a shameful parenting. I’m sickened.

  9. Because David doesn’t hit your son anymore it’s ok? So if you had a daughter and someone was sexually abusing her but stopped and didn’t do it anymore that it’s ok? Man aren’t you Father of the Year? NOT! You’re just sucking ass to get to see your kid and it sounds like none of you fucks are fit to have kids. Your justifications are so outlandish. Seriously you guys are three peas in a pod. Please stop reproducing and put your kids in good, loving homes and give them a better chance at life.

  10. Nathan sucks. I can’t believe he publicly said he doesn’t like an 11 year old. He’s talking about Jace like he wasn’t abandoned as a child by his drugged out mom, she was smokin weed all while she was pregnant with him, he has ADHD, the list is endless with Jace’s issues. In all honesty, all of those kids are probably going to be bullies based on their environment. I remember Babs a few years ago saying Jace didn’t like being around Marissa because Marissa was mean to him. With parents like Nathan, David and Jenelle, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaiser develops a hard exterior himself and becomes a bully…not to mention Ensley looks like she bites.

    1. Exactly, but Ensley also looks emotionally neglected as well (could be from Jenelle’s weed smoking while pregnant too). Ensley never smiles and appears developmentally delayed.

      CPS also allegated that Ensley was physically and/or sexually abused while in David and Jenelle’s care.

    2. Agreed that the kids are or will all be bullies. All of the adults in their lives handle setbacks with aggression. Get cutoff while driving? Pull a gun. Domestic dispute? Get physical. Misbehaving kid? Whip ’em. Feeling inadequate? Shoot AR-15’s in the backyard or take some steroids and hit the gym for “MY GYM TIME!!”.

      Unless a decent role model enters the lives of the children (a teacher, coach, etc), that’s all they’ll know and that’s what they’ll emulate. At least Babs got Jace into counseling – doubtful Janelle will do that for the other kids. Jace will probably find out what Nathan said which is terrible.

  11. Bullying a little boy, really? Hasn’t Jace had enough drama in his life already? And if he does pick on Kaiser, slam Jailnelle and Sasquatch for how they raise them and not intervening and correcting bad behaviors, but to say you don’t like him? But you like UBT?? Fuck you. Period.

  12. Dog murdering, collar bone cracking, piece of sh*t David should have NEVER been “whipping” Kaiser at all. Let alone ceasing it for just the past three months.

    And by Nathan babbling this utter garbage makes it even clearer that without his mother Doris as babysitter, Nathan still has little time to spend with Kaiser. So thinking David is suddenly so freaking “cool” and leaving Kaiser to suffer on THE LAND would be the best bet so he can go on his “trips.” Even to the point where he says David calls to remind him that Kaiser wants to spend time with him?

    Bottom line, I think longtime TM2 viewers like me might agree that poor Kaiser was SCREWED from the day Nathan screamed at Jenelle to get an abortion.

    My heart truly breaks for this little boy.

    1. The ONLY time I’ve felt sorry for Jenelle is when he said that crap to her when she was pregnant and was in the car crying. I know that hurts deep. He is such a pos.

    2. Whipping? He whipped a child?? Is that legal in the us? It sure isn’t in the Netherlands. Can somebody call the police please

    3. First off David is polite to Nat because he’s a Bully/Pus#& and he is only mean to women kids,elderly people. Because he thinks he can whip their ass. Does he really think David wanted him to get Kaiser because Kai likes being with him? Moron he wanted to get rid of the kid because it would benefit him. Not spanking Kia for 3 months? I know he has a TBI but how could he ever have been a Marine? Can’t wait for Kia to bulk up & kick David’s butt.

  13. “He hasn’t hit him for three months!” Are you for real?! He shouldn’t have hit him AT ALL. PERIOD! This kid needs to be taken away from CPS, he’s still pretty young and with a loving family he might forget about all the horrors he endured in the first few years of his life. I feel so sad for him, what a family to have! Mother is crazy, dad is stupid and step dad is an abusive maniac! Gosh, and experiencing this in the first years of your life, I can’t even imagine. I’m still on the team SAVE KAISER!

    1. I was shocked when I saw his quotes!!! “he hasnt whipped Kaiser in 3 months!” what??!! CPS and the judge not to mention the idiot parents have failed all these kids.. Poor Kaiser. And I think we all know how poor Jace will probably turn out but Nathan did not need to comment on him and say he doesn’t like him. That was wrong. Now how is it going to be between him and Jenelle when he just made that comment about Jace? Sad all the way around. Also, Jenelle is getting chunky. wow. YES I will body shame her ass because of how she treats her children and pets.

  14. Soo you’re okay with your son being left in the care of adults whom have beaten him- “ in three WHOLE MONTHS”, friendly with them now even, but you don’t like an 11-year-old child who has been exposed to the same toxic, nay ABUSIVE, behavior his entire life is now acting out?
    None of these kids have a single competent or unconditionally loving parent looking after them.

    1. I think it’s because of Babs. Jace is raised by Barbara and of course Jenelle has a strained relationship with her own mother so he probably doesn’t want to get on her bad side…again. That’s why he is kissing up to David too. But it won’t last.

  15. It it EASY to have it stipulated in court that a stepparent cannot physically discipline your child! 3 months and no whippings” My Gawd!!

  16. Nathan is a piece of garbage and so is anybody who would procreate with Janelle. Poor jace has been doomed from the start not saying its right for him to pick on sweet little Kaiser but the kid has no positive role models in his life

  17. This just makes me dislike Jenelle even more, so it’s true that David would hit jace and take his anger out on him, and his piece of crap mother did nothing to stop it. If it wasn’t for David and Nathan getting along kaiser would still be getting mistreated. The word mother fits her big, she didn’t protect him

  18. Everyone is raging about Nathan and I just want to say that Kaiser is the cutest kid out of that bunch. You can tell he’s a sweet kid. Let’s hope that doesn’t change as he gets older.

  19. Ok. I’ll start saying that I think Nathan is an idiot. But as far as Jace, I agree with Nathan. Jace did several acts on camera that made me believe he will turn out to be a bad person. Just because he is 11 doesn’t mean he is nice or good. Nathan knows more than us, he actually knows the kid. My step son was so bad since a very young age, when he was 12 he was just horrible n threaten to kill us several times, we ended up not getting him anymore for our safety and At 17 After a girl turn him down he killed himself.

    1. I think Jace’s issues stem from emotional manipulation from Janelle and abandonment issues. Look, it has to mess with his head to be in between gramma and mom, and to see his other siblings living with his mom. I wish Nathan acted like the ADULT and didn’t publicly say things like this. The kid still has a chance, with continued counseling, to maybe turn out stable. Sounds like the boys should maybe have counseling together.

    2. I will say in some cases a child has/will have issues that is not the fault of the parent. It is the job of the parent to get that child help.
      But it really pisses me off that you lay blame on Jace. He has enough of that from the family he was born in. He is told he is a liar, manipulated by every adult in his family, not wanted by his mother that put men before him, has watched Abuse, been abused, been put in violent dangerous situations, the list goes on.
      No one had Advocated for this child.
      My hope is as he gets older he makes the choice to end the cycle and gets help. I hope that for all the kids involved.
      Have some Empathy for him. He can’t help the family he was born into.

      1. Babs has been taking him to a therapist and he also received medical treatment.
        At least, he did, Jenelle didn’t want to give Jace his ADHD meds and per the last custody agreement, she has a say in his medical too.
        The child has Andrew’s genes, Jenelle’s and their parent’s and it’s very obvious that Andrew has serious mental health issues, Jenelle does and so do her family members.
        Jace started with challenges in “nature”. As for “nurture”, he has been raised by yelling Babs and neglecting yelling and gaslighting Jenelle. Add trauma from the (physical) fights between Babs and Jenelle, Nathan and Jenelle, David and Jenelle and the things Babs, Jenelle, Nathan and David have done to that boy and it’s only logical that the child develops mental illnesses. Thank God Babs did take him to see someone and thank God Jenelle was/ is also seeing someone with him, that will help him.
        Let’s hope his teachers keep finding new reasons to advice counseling when his caregivers stop taking him. He needs a voice of reason and needs to learn what is normal.
        Jace is a good boy.

    3. How dare you imply that Jace, who you know nothing about besides a few clips on MTV with, is or will become a teen or person like this.

      And how dare you disrespect a boy that died too soon because he obviously didn’t get the mental help he needed on time.

  20. So he has to suck up to David to keep David from beating poor Kaiser? WTF, Nate?! If you have to appease someone so they don’t abuse an innocent child, then said abuser should not be allowed anywhere near your child. Get your head out of your @$$ and get Kaiser away from the Swamp of Horrors!

  21. Nathan has got to be the dumbest person I’ve ever heard talk.. and David is the most disgusting. They’re both a loss. True wastes of people

  22. Does Nathan even understand the correct context for the word “professional”? Dramastic and electronical are in his vocabulary so I think not. How about instead of bashing poor Jace, stop being a waste of oxygen, sober up, get help for your PTSD and reach out to your son’s half-brother and be a male role model to the kid while being an involved father to your son. But it’s easier to continue to be a loser and bash Jace.

  23. So he’s going to give props to a gross man for not beating his kid anymore but will diss a kid online for teasing his brother? Ridiculous! And ensley is just as if more so aggressive against Kaiser but he’s not putting her down. He’s not putting down Jenelle for saying he’s not a smart as Ensley. This all comes after this who YouTube series. I just can’t grasp the stupidity in all this.

  24. We should celebrate David not beating Kaiser. What a piece of shit. F all of em. The devil lives in the swamp.

  25. So we should congratulate David on not whipping Kaiser in the last three months? And you think you are doing a good job? WTF man. I was really rooting for you and now you are just a POS like David and Jenelle. Those poor kids truly don’t stand a chance in life being raised by these POS

  26. Nathan…. I have 6 kids… if I got through one day without someone picking on the other I think I would die of a heart attack! It’s appalling that he would speak about Jace like that… if any kid on this show has a reason to act out it’s him. Abandoned by his mom to party, I don’t know how many “father figures” shoved down his throat, adhd, watching tour mom keep her other kids but never really fight for you… just fight about you… watching mom pull a gun on a stranger she chased down…. I could go in forever with the trauma this poor 11 year old has endured. But hey it’s cool cause David quit whipping Kaiser ugh these people shoulda needed a license to procreate

    1. And being called a liar by your own mother on national tv, when you were telling the truth! If Jace is acting out, it’s not because he’s a bad kid, it’s because he’s lived through more trauma than any kid ever should.

  27. Wow. Where to even start unpacking that mess! Leave Jace the hell alone! He is a child, and you are supposed to be a grown-ass man! Jace was born into chaos, and Barb is doing the best she can. God love her for not handing Jace back to Jenelle and David! If you were a MAN, Nathan, you would be striving every day to get at least 50% custody of Kaiser! You “trust” David to not abuse Kaiser at Kaiser’s peril. Jenelle is useless in protecting your little son. May God have mercy on your soul.

  28. What a A**hole. Jace hasn’t had the best life. Who is at fault for that?
    There is no winning parent in this situation. All these kids know is Piss poor parenting and how to be a horrible human being.

    1. I always wonder if Andrew actually cared about him, how would Jace end up.But he doesn’t so he’s a POS just like his mom.

  29. I think Nathan needs to remind himself that his baby mama basically abandoned Jace and then went on to have Kaiser who has always been able to live with their mother. I also think Nathan needs to remind himself that sibling rivalry happens in most homes. My brother and I used to fight all the time?‍♀️?‍♀️

  30. “And if David’s not taking his anger about hating me or anything out on my son, then I’m doing a good job.”

    Are you fucking kidding me? You are doing a good job if someone who has abused your child in the past doesn’t continue to abuse him?

    Poor poor Kaiser. I feel so bad for him, he has no one to look up to, no one in his corner…

  31. The sad part is, Jenelle and David probably won’t even address this or have a problem with anything he said. Everyone in this situation is an absolute piece of shit in every possible way

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