Nathan Griffith Reveals Why He Made Amends with Jenelle Evans & David Eason: “If I Have to Kiss Their Butts for 12 More Years I Will!”

Hell (aka The Land) must have frozen over…

Jenelle Evans recently announced that she and her husband David Eason had ended their years-long feud and custody battle with Jenelle’s ex-soulmate, Nathan Griffith. While many Teen Mom 2 fans were skeptical that Jenelle was telling the truth about making peace, Nathan himself recently confirmed that he has, indeed, made amends with the Easons for the sake of Kaiser, the son he shares with Jenelle. 

In a comment left on Instagram, Nate revealed the reason he settled the custody battle for Kaiser with Jenelle, and is getting along with David now, despite having accused David of abusing Kaiser in the past. When someone questioned why he would be willing to befriend someone like David, Nate provided a lengthy explanation.

“Yes, let’s make enemies with someone who is with my son 75% of the time. That makes perfect sense,” Nate wrote sarcastically. “Let’s show my son how immature two grown men can be. That’s awesome! Why didn’t I think of that?”

He later added, “David and Jenelle have my son. So, if I have to kiss their freaking butts for 12 more years I will.”

Jenelle…trying to keep herself from gloating about Nathan having to kiss her butt…

(Jenelle recently revealed that, as part of their new custody agreement, Nathan no longer has to be supervised when he has Kaiser. She also stated that she and Nate were able to settle their custody battle out of court.)

In his comment, Nathan said he wants to show Kaiser that he and David can get along, despite their differences in the past.

“I want my son to learn compassion, love, kindness, maturity and how to be a MAN,” he wrote. “Not a childish fool that holds grudges and puts his son in a worse position.”

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  1. It’s not all Nathan’s fault. The court system is set up to side with the mother majority of the time by default. It’s a shame and disgusting. So many fathers end up not being able to get custody even though they’ve proven to be the better parent. Jenelle is a prime example of this. She is not a suitable parent and yet she still has her kids.

  2. I’ll play devil’s advocate here. Nathan has tried for years to get custody of Kaiser, and he has been unsuccessful for various reasons (including his own criminal behavior and stupidity). His mother has also tried, but has had to give up a couple of times due to taking care of her husband, who is in poor health; she is also not getting any younger, and can’t be expected to parent an energetic, small child 100% of the time. CPS gave Kaiser back to Jenelle, and they have allowed her to keep all of her children, over the objections of many.

    Perhaps Nathan has realized that the court system will never give him Kaiser. He has tried that several times in different ways, and I can only imagine that he has spent a lot of money on legal fees, only to continue to see his son stay on The Land. Maybe Nathan realized that his best hope for getting Kaiser is to make nice with Jenelle and David, and hope that when they see him as a pal and not an enemy, they won’t feel the need to “win” so badly, and he will be allowed to spend more time with his son. Most importantly, because David seems to see Kaiser as an annoyance, maybe a friendship of sorts between David, Jenelle, and Nathan also means that Kaiser will be allowed to ask to see his dad or to talk to him, and he won’t be belittled and abused for that. Eventually, their collective guards will be let down, and before anyone even realizes what is happening, Kaiser is with Nathan the majority of the time. Nathan wins, Kaiser wins, and Jenelle and David also feel like they won, because they “let” this happen – Nathan didn’t beat them in court and CPS didn’t take Kaiser away.

    I realize this might not be what is going on, but I’m really hoping that it is, and that Nathan has realized that this is his only hope for getting Kaiser. The courts have failed Kaiser, so it’s time for his dad to kiss a little butt, eat a little crow, and come out ahead in the end. It might take awhile, but that could be what Nathan’s hoping for. Let’s face it: Kaiser didn’t luck out in the parent department (but he’s still luckier than Ensley). Sadly, Nathan is the better of two evils.

  3. 12 years? He cannot possibly think they will really last that long. No one really cares about Kaiser and it’s disgusting

  4. Horrible parents on the same page coparenting…

    Do you think they have already asked Nathan to be a character witness for them regarding Olivia’s lawsuit?!

  5. Cant he do all of that without kissing their butt?
    But then again we are not talking about “normal”…rational people so…

    1. It’s baffling Nathan considers him hating Jenelle and David for abusing and neglecting his son as a “grudge”

  6. Unreal! Maybe Nathan should work as hard at getting his son away from his abusers as he does at the gym and kissing ass!

    1. What could he possibly do?
      She pulled out a gun infront of Jace
      911 calls for domestic violence twice a month.
      Failed drugs including while pregnant
      Beat & shot an tiny innocent dog
      After all of that CPS has done nothing & they wont do anything until something more serious happens (hopefully it wont happen to the kids)

  7. The only thing your showing your son is he can’t count on you to protect him because your “kissing up” to his abuser!

  8. Great job there Nathan! I see you’re ok with showing your kid you side with his abusers and are just content with leaving him in that situation. Great father! Why didn’t you think of that? (Said in sarcastic tone).

  9. Oh, Nathan. If you’re all best buds now, why don’t you have at least 50% custody?? So at least half the time you know your little boy is safe, while you plan your next move? You can’t even do that for Kaiser, your son? You are losing valuable time. Childhood trauma is forever. Kaiser needs to know that you tried with everything you had to save him, not that you did a few things when it was convenient. When it didn’t cut into your drinking and carousing too much. May God have mercy on your soul.

  10. Nathan, please get it together and get that precious little boy out of that house and to safety! He deserves that, and at the very least, you owe him that!

  11. Way to go Nathan. Scream for years how Kaiser is being abused. David beat and kill a dog in front of Kaiser. Then you just act like that swamp house is ok. I see why you were with Jenelle because your a piece of shit too. I hope you get prison time for your 5th dui. If Kaiser gets hurt physically it will 100000000% your fault.

    1. No it won’t be his fault. CPS did a louzy job and so did the judge.
      Nathan begged the law to help him and all it got Kaiser was even more stress.
      Making the situation as good as it can get for Kaiser is all he can do right now. Nobody will help him or Kaiser.

      And by the way, that picture cracked me up The Ashley’s.

  12. Why doesn’t he have Kaiser 50% of the time? JS if everything is awesome he should have him 50% of the time. Sadly his feelings for her clouds his judgment. Remember gloating how much she has changed? Never trust her a leopard doesn’t change their spots, especially this one.

    1. Nathan is in legal trouble a lot. Right now it’s for another dui and I believe the other one is in regards to stalking and threatening a woman.

      1. True, now Kaiser is in schoo, but the last few years he could have had more custody if there werent legal issues and distractions. Nathan only had supervised visitation until recently (after the @$$ kissing). I wonder where his daughter lives and if Nathan lives in Florida due to that situation.

  13. Well this is a guy who not only date but impregnanted Jenelle after he saw how she abandoned Jace. Why would anyone expect him to be capable of making good decisions?

  14. Wow!
    Well Nathan, I was admittedly probably your last supporter…until this.

    The ONLY thing this is teaching Kaiser is that being abused is acceptable by his father!
    Well that and that education, development, manners, basic human skills, etc are not important.

    Hes talking as if the beef is solely between swamp and him but its absolutely NOT!
    That is in no way a “kiss their ass” situation, it’s a fight with everything you & your entire family have to get them to safety!
    No one cares about childish adult beef, (especially flaps?), Kais well being is the ONLY thing that matters!

    Almost wonder if they cut child support down…not like the swamp but this is fishy.

    He needs lessons from Olivia!

    1. I give it three months max before it spectacularly falls apart and they are hurling insults at eachother again via social media. All three of them are ignorant fools.

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