Jenelle Evans’ “I Have Something to Say” Video Recap Part 1: Jenelle Talks About “Corrupt” CPS 2019 Investigation Against Her & Death of Her Dog Nugget

“I even drew on my serious eyebrows for the occasion!”

Jenelle Evans released the first of her “I Have Something To Say” Video series, after months of promising to show her followers “the real story” behind incidents such as her firing from Teen Mom 2, the 2019 CPS battle to get her kids back after they were taken away and more.

The first video— which was posted on Monday and includes cameos by her (also-fired) husband David Eason and her mom Barbara Evans— featured plenty of stories told from the point of view of Jenelle, as well as a bunch of footage of Jenelle sobbing over various things, such as her kids, how MTV held her against her will at the last ‘Reunion’ she attended and more.

The Ashley realizes that, because most of us have actual jobs and can’t devote over 45 minutes of our lives to watching Pinocchio Evans Jenelle tell her Tales From The Swamp, The Ashley has taken one for the team and recapped the entire video for you. The Ashley has also included links and behind-the-scenes info from her own sources that tell another side to some of the stories Jenelle & Co. tell in this video.

The Ashley realizes this is a long recap, but she has done her best to break it into easy-to-read sections for you. She is also breaking the recap into two parts: one talking about the CPS stuff and death of her dog, Nugget, and one part about MTV and her firing from ‘Teen Mom 2.’

The face you make when you realize this crap is over 45 minutes long…

Without further ado, let’s get started…

The video kicks off with Jenelle (using her serious voice that she uses to talk about “serious” issues), explains that she will be telling the real story behind the CPS investigation and court battle that occurred in the spring/summer of 2019 and saw her and David’s kids temporarily being taken away.

“Within the next few episodes, I’m gonna explain the corruption, distress, trauma introduced to my family by CPS of May 2019,” Jenelle says. “I am doing this to expose the truth to what happened, despite all the media reports made. I’m also doing this to share with my fans what has really happened.”

Jenelle starts by saying that “family life before CPS was great,” and the “kids were happy” and doing well in school.

“No one had any concerns from any of the other parties…Maryssa’s grandparents, David’s side, my mom, no one had any concerns. Everything was going pretty smoothly.”

(Except for, you know, little incidents like this…but hey, who hasn’t hid in the attic while they’re husband smashes their front door, right?!)

On the Death of Her Dog, Nugget

The peaceful family fun time on The Land came to a halt that spring, though…

“Then, there was the Dog Incident,” Jenelle says.

(By “the Dog Incident,” Jenelle is referring to the death of Nugget, her French bulldog who was shot and killed by David.)

Then, David’s mug appears on-camera to tell his side of “the Dog Incident.”

“About Nugget,” David begins. “She was a loving dog toward me but she was not loving towards our kids at all. I mean, I loved the dog, the kids loved it but she didn’t love the kids.”

David explains how Nugget would make it so they couldn’t even post videos of their kids to social media (!!) due to Nugget misbehaving in the videos.

“Think of all the YouTube videos we could have posted!”

“She was really kind of mean,” David says. “We put up with it for a long time…she bit Ensley on the face more than one time. The first time it happened, we should have gotten rid of her, but we had been working with the dog and we were trying to reward her whenever she was being nice to Ensley or Jace or Kaiser and it seemed like it was working.”

David explained he was videotaping the day of “the Dog Incident” (when Ensley put her face near Nugget’s and the dog nipped at her) because “we hardly ever had any good videos of the kid playing with the dog.”

After Nugget bit Ensley, David says he “took it upon myself to put the dog down.”

David explained that his family has always shot a dog if they bite somebody.

“Apparently people get their britches in a knot if you shoot a dog. Who knew?”

“I regret it, but sometimes that’s the way it works,” he added. “I wish it hadn’t had to have happened that way.”

In his retelling of the story, David fails to mention that, when Columbus County officials visited him on The Land shortly after the reports of Nugget’s death surfaced, David told them that Nugget was still alive, even though the dog clearly was not. (You can read about that here.) 

On the kids being taken away by CPS in May 2019

Jenelle appears on the screen again, and musters up some tears, telling her audience that this next part is hard for her to talk about.

“Then on May 10, 2019, CPS took my children away,” Jenelle says. “First they started with Kaiser…”

(Jenelle then shows a screenshot of The Ashley’s article, which broke the news about Kaiser removed by CPS.)

“I received a voicemail from the teacher at Kaiser’s school. It said that his grandmother [Nathan’s mother, Doris] came and picked him up. She had no rights, she had no grounds, she had no custody. The dad, Nathan, he has supervised visits with Kaiser…

“[The teacher] said that day, CPS had came to the daycare and actually was asking her a bunch of questions. They interviewed Kaiser and they didn’t tell her any details about that interview, or any allegations or concerns that they had,” Jenelle said. “They just went back, told Nathan’s mother, ‘Go pick up Kaiser,’ and she drove from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, all the way to Leland, North Carolina, to pick up Kaiser.”

Jenelle added that, “the social worker took it upon herself to tell all the other parties to take away my children.”

Jenelle names that actual social worker and states that she “illegally took my children out of the home with no signed judgement saying that she had any grounds to; no signed paperwork.”

Jenelle said her lawyer instructed her to go get Kaiser, so she drove to Doris’ house, but Doris didn’t answer the door. (Naturally, Jenelle had David filming from the car at Doris’ house.)

When Jenelle didn’t get Kaiser, she says she called the social worker, who Jenelle claims refused to tell her what the allegations were against her, unless she signed the kids over to foster care or a relative. Jenelle says she and her lawyer then called the superintendent of CPS of the county, but (shockingly) their calls were ignored.

“It’s like they didn’t realize it was Jenelle from TEEN MOM calling! Geez…”

Later, Jenelle plays a video of a video call she has with Kaiser, who tells her that Doris told him that he would be staying with her forever.

Barbara on why Jace wasn’t allowed on The Land & her feelings on David at the time

Jenelle then called her mom, Barb, who refused to give Jenelle Jace for Mother’s Day Weekend, due to CPS telling Barb not to allow Jenelle to have Jace.

Barb then comes on the screen to explain why she kept Jace away from Jenelle that weekend. (Of course, the real story is a lot less cordial than Barbara and Jenelle are making it out to be here. This incident, in fact, caused a feud between Barb and Jenelle, which you can read about here.) 

“CPS called me and told me I was not allowed to take Jace to her house,” Babs says, adding that she never saw any CPS paperwork. “They just told me on the telephone that they did not want me sending Jace to Jenelle’s house for Mother’s Day. They just told me there was some calls made to their office and at this time, they felt that it was unsafe for Jace to be at Jenelle’s house. I just thought it was kind of strange but I said OK.

“They would not give me an explanation at that time,” she added.

Babs insists that, even after the dog was killed, she didn’t have “any concerns” about the kids’ safety.

“I thought this call was really kind of weird,” she said. “It really took me by surprise…Jace didn’t really understand it either. He just said ‘OK.’ Because I couldn’t really explain to him why he couldn’t go.”

On why CPS told her they took the kids away

Jenelle pops back in, sobbing that she had to spend Mother’s Day without her kids, except Ensley.

 (She did have David with her to pat her on the back with his giant meathooks, though, so there’s that…)

After crying into the goat stand that David built for her for Mothers Day (as you do), Jenelle called her lawyer for an update. The lawyer told her that CPS was trying to get the judgement signed to say they could take the kids away, and that he demanded to be there and told what the allegations against Jenelle were before the papers were signed.

“And what did they do? Behind lawyer’s back, without him being present, went and got the papers signed to legally take my kids away!” Jenelle exclaims.

Jenelle said she then found out that CPS had interviewed Jace at school, and he had told them he doesn’t like David’s “anger problem.”

“Apparently I have an ‘anger problem.'”

“Number 2, was the Dog Incident,” Jenelle says, which she (surprisingly) agreed with CPS for investigating.

Number 3 was when the CPS agent interviewed Kaiser at his school.

“She said, ‘Do you like David? Do you love David?’ All the regular questions. And all [Kaiser] said was, ‘I don’t like when they call David when I’m in trouble at school.’ That is it. No hitting. No neglect. Just an anger problem by David.”


“That is all their allegations against us!” Jenelle proclaims. “And they took my kids away like that.”

Jenelle throws in there that there were “a bunch of little allegations in there,” but she doesn’t reveal what those are.

On her history with CPS, which began when Jace was born

Jenelle then launches into her long history with CPS, who has been on her tail since she had Jace.

“CPS has tried to come at me since I had Jace,” she says. “When I had Jace they made me sign papers, scared me into signing papers, voluntarily giving my mother temporary custody, because they said I was neglectful, I didn’t know how to measure a baby bottle and give him formula. All these fake allegations that weren’t even true.”

Jenelle admits she didn’t bother to read the paperwork before signing it.

“Why? Because I was so scared of going to court and fighting,” she wails. “I was 17 at the time! I needed time to learn! I did know how to measure a baby bottle. I would feed Jace his baby food.”

She even made baby videos, guys!

(Of course she was also doing things like this at the time…)

“So what if I was also getting HIGH! HIGH! with my booooyfriend at the time. What 17-year-old doesn’t?!”

“But all of that went unnoticed!” Jenelle cried. “So CPS had me sign my kid to my mom. I was so insecure for so long, because I was backed up against a wall! Backed up into a corner, for years. I was so scared.”

Then, out of nowhere, Jenelle switches to talking about MTV, and how they “owned” her.

“I was owned by a network, and then because of being on this show, and because of being on TV, I have people calling CPS over the years!” Jenelle says. “I had them show up in Myrtle Beach, I had them show up in Brunswick County, which is where I used to live with my mom, New Hanover County, which is Wilmington [North Carolina], and Columbus County.”

Jenelle stresses that all of these CPS investigations have all been closed.

“They have been investigated, they interview the kids every time and they do home safety assessments,” she said, adding that Columbus County CPS has checked on her on The Land three times before Nugget was killed (or, as they call it “The Dog Incident.”)

“I have nothing to f**king hide!” Jenelle yells. “Nothing to hide! And they thought I did. They thought I had secrets and I don’t have any secrets.”

Jenelle then tells everyone not to believe “any of the media” and instead “believe my voice!”

“The media on the Interwebs are evil. I tells ya, I even shut down my AOL email account!”

Jenelle demands people, “believe what I tell you!”

(Of course, she didn’t tell people which version of her story they should believe.)

The Ashley will be recapping the second half of the video and will post the link here! Stay tuned…

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  1. It’s time to grow up and become an adult. Your not a teen mom anymore you are almost 30 years old. All your children should be places in protective custody because clearly you two can’t get your lives together. Get a real job like a grown up woman and man should do with children and quit living on your social media. Time to clean up your act and therapy or something, at least not for yourself for your children. I have watched you on teen mom since you been on and it’s always someone else’s fault and never yours. Grow up, it’s time to play adult and quit blaming else for you mistakes and take responsibility for your choices.

  2. And she’s leaves out one of , if not the most important parts to the story. That would be.. I got all over social media and told the world that my husband killed my dog”

  3. If the dog didn’t like her nasty ass kids, rehome it. Dont encourage said nasty ass kids to put their face in dogs face, that has already expressed his dislike of nasty ass kids. That dog would have been scooped up on his first day at the pound, if they weren’t too damn lazy to call for a pickup or drive him over there. Such a waste of a life. I really wish & hope for terrible, awful, bad things happen to her and fuck wad forever and into eternity.
    RIP Nugget. You’re in a better place now.

  4. So I’m confused… Babs is now agreeing that CPS were wrong to take Jase from Janelle’s custody and actually she’s a great parent?

    She’s happy to partake in this BS video but won’t give her custody?
    I’m definitely not saying she should give Jase back, just don’t sit there on her side like the world’s against her and nothing was her fault when you know there’s a reason you can’t let him live there. The girl’s a mess and should not be allowed to drag any of those poor kids down with her.

    1. @Kitty I don’t think that Barbara is necessarily agreeing. I think that she is doing whatever she needs to to be in her daughter’s life. She’s just learned to let Jenelle be Jenelle & do what she has to do to keep a civil relationship. Because when this marriage crumbles, & it will, she’s gonna need all the evidence she can get to make sure she keeps that kid. Besides she loves her daughter, & as a parent, you are always there for your kid no matter how mentally unstable they are or no matter how many crappy decisions they make. It’s life.

    2. Babs is one of the biggest flip-floppers of all time as long as money is involved. Screw the safety of her grandchildren. Now since Jenelle has been fired she is no longer getting MTV money so she’s now back pedaling in hopes of a return. She’s no better than her POS daughter.

      1. WTH totally agree! Everyone forgets in all the praising of Barbara, that she raised Jenelle (& another daughter who has a similar relationship with her mother.) Where theres smoke there is fire. She is not the #1 Mom or Grandma that some people make her out to be. Yes, she stepped up & took her grandson in but that doesn’t make her a suitable or positive influence. It just makes her the lesser of the 2 evils when compared with Jenelle- which, lets be serious, isn’t that difficult! We have seen her interactions with Jenelle, they are both unhealthy communicators.

    3. Teenagers can’t be diagnosed with Personality Disorders so I used to wonder how, statistically, so many of the teen moms turned out to be clearly Borderline or Narcissistic personality disordered. Then I had an “Aha moment”! The MOMS! When they were interviewing/screening the families they chose pregnant teens with disordered moms knowing that statistically that improved the odds the daughters would be too and the drama was practically guaranteed to follow.
      Babs and Jenelle have a pretty typical BPD mother daughter relationship pattern.

      MTV is pretty evil for conceiving of this – the show was never about what it purported to be – like a cautionary tale/hardships of teen parenthood. It’s been about exploiting the drama that is inherent with Personality Disordered pathology.

      1. Or, people with maladaptive coping skills, troubled home lives, and strained support systems would be more likely to get pregnant as teenagers as well as film it for a major TV network. And starring in a reality show about their own lives as an immature, impressionable teen mom would exacerbate those cluster b symptoms, as well as insulate them from consequences and any need to develop better coping skills and emotional regulation

  5. Bitch shut up. The real tragedy here is the fact that you actually got them back! Jenelle and David are toxic and are the real danger for your poor kids.

    You have cps on your back because you are a shit mom, and always have been.

    And I lost the very little amount of sympathy I had for babs ..

    These people dude

  6. This bish sure has a lot to say, but never actually does anything to help the disgusting situation her kids are in.

  7. The old saying comes to mind: When someone shows you who they are, believe them.
    I believe lurch & pinocchio . Losers – party of 2

    Pray for those kiddos !!

  8. I dont understand why CPS got involved with Jace.
    I mean she fed him….what more do they want from a 17 year old?

    I think that mentality sums it up.

    1. I don’t remember her ever mentioning during season one of Teen Mom when she signed Jace over that CPS was threatening her. If that was really the case why isn’t Barbra backing Jenelle up on that statement? And if that’s true and Jenelle was threatened by CPS to give custody to her mom why hasn’t her mom given Jace back yet? I mean she’s been arrested multiple times, charged with felonies, got high with Kieffer on tv, stole her mom’s credit cards, physically pushed her mom out of her room, didn’t show up one day a week to care for Jace when she was supposed to, moved constantly, married a man she has accused of pushing her down in a fire pit, breaking down the door while she hid in the attic, murdered a dog in front of her kids, and pistol whipped her friend IN FRONT OF HER KIDS but yeah….CPS FINALLY taking her kids was the problem. Girl you didn’t mind being “owned by a network” when you were cashing $400k checks per season. Just stop. Stop the pity party. Get a real job. Get your kids in therapy and get in with your life.

      1. On the show, it was made to look like Barbara got her to sign over custody and everything was voluntary on Jenelle’s part; it was shown to be more of a family issue between Barb and Jenelle. If I remember right, it came out later that CPS had been involved since Jace’s birth, because he was born with THC in his system. Jenelle wasn’t abiding by CPS’s conditions, and she was given an ultimatum by them (not by Babs), that she either signed over custody to her mom or Jace would go into foster care.

        So yes, she was technically “threatened” by CPS, but MTV very conveniently hid all of that. And any GOOD parent would do whatever it takes to hang onto their kid, and it sounds like Jenelle had plenty of chances with Jace, but still chose to go out and have a “lah-dee-dah time”, and I’m guessing she also skipped out on some required parenting classes, which is where she could have learned to properly measure out formula (if you want to believe that part of her story). As others here have stated, the goal of any CPS investigation is to keep the family together, or to reunite the family if the kids have been removed from the house. The problem with that is that parents also have to do things like attend classes, pass drug tests, and sometimes go to counseling. All things I’m sure that this idiot has never done, because she won’t meet a man or have fun at those things.

  9. David looks like he hasn’t bathed in anything but muddy, shit infested swamp water for the past 6 months. I feel like I can smell him through the screen.

    1. Jenelle always looks dirty and smelly too.
      She’s so full of it,,….we all SAW how you treated Kaiser terribly even before you met David. You were an uncaring mother, throwing a baby in his crib alone when he’s screaming from an ear infection. You were negligent when you let your ass face husband beat this same child with a stick.
      You’re a rotten mother when you simply cannot be moved to keep your children safe and secure, was Ensley screaming alone in her crib the night you TOLD the 911 operator she was downstairs alone with David?!
      Stfu Jenelle. You’ve got those poor kids, just stfu.

  10. I tried to rate the article but it would only allow me to put in 5 stars. Sorry, wasn’t worth 5 stars. Maybe 3 at the most. I didn’t like all the sarcasm and there was A LOT! Yes, that girl is a mess but because a lot of her life is an open book people think they know everything about a person/person’s life. I don’t particularly like this girl’s actions (and even more so od David’s)but it’s not right to assume complete knowledge of the intricacies of their lives. As for CPS, I hate them with a passion. They moved without following their own rules and got away with it. CPS stands for Corrupt Political System for which it is very corrupt. Look into what Pres Clinton signed into law for CPS. Disgusting! All I’m saying is: quit assuming about people’s lives. You do more damage than what you think. And it’s not funny. And I know it’s done for money. Bottom line! Ok, rant over! Thanx for listening!

    1. Kim, just so you know, no one is asuming nothing. There’s proofs and facts all over the internet incriminating these two, and denying this by now is nonsense. Telling the truth and clarifying facts DOESN’T MEAN BEING A TROLL OR A HATER. Jenelle & David have made more damage on inocent lives than you think.

  11. CPS wasn’t coming her her, they were coming for David and she was crying like she didn’t have a choice. They told her she can have them but keep them away from David For now and she refused so she doesn’t get to cry. She chose who is more important which is always David.

  12. 1. They have actual “Dog Training” programs. Relying on your simple husband to do it is irresponsible.

    2. Jenelle is considered a D List “Celebrity”. She could’ve made a post, explaining that she needs to re-home the dog to a family with adult children or no children, taken applications to weed out irresponsible people. Add a rehoming fee. With how many followers she has– she would’ve found SOMEOME. They mention having a lot of dogs who don’t “work out”. STOP BUYING DOGS!

    3. They could have taken the dog to a local humane society.

    3 better options right there than to BEAT the poor dog, taunt your wife with killing said dog, traumatize your daughter who wouldn’t leave her room after her “father” shot and killed the dog. The dog didn’t even break her skin. It was an obvious warning to get her to back TF up. And yeah, let your baby get in the face of a dog who’s nipped at her before. Morons.

    Jenelle and David have nothing else to do but bring shit up over and over again. Each time “forgetting” important details. Shame on Barb for entertaining them like they aren’t the problem. I feel so bad for their kids and animals.

  13. Jenelle’s pathetic excuse for CPS removing custody to Jace version 2020: they only removed him because they said I made his bottles wrong.
    In all the years after that she hasn’t been able to proof she can make a bottle?

    Uhm…the cameras were there. Dirty bottles and nappies on the floor and her refusing to take care of baby Jace.
    Her mom told her she would call CPS when she would abandon Jace again and go to that party. When CPS arrived the next morning, she was still not home.

    1. Exactly.. we all have eyes and saw what happened on Teen Mom. As soon as Jace would go to sleep she would leave for the night to go party. It’s incredible that over 10 years later she doesn’t see the problem with that.. She willingly signed her rights away, and then made no effort to be a present mother.

  14. David is really trying to justify murdering a puppy by demonizing the poor thing, not admitting that he didn’t teach their bad ass daughter Ensley to keep her face away from the dog, and all he had to do was rehome the dog. Then the whole racial thing, well Jenelle sent Kieffah texts dropping actual “N” bombs and was able to stay on the show for YEARS after the fact, so Babs can go somewhere with that excuse…and Babs…Babs, Babs, Babs…one minute shes fighting them in court, the next she’s defending them. PICK A SIDE, and either keep enabling your trash daughter (that she raised) and her shit head husband, or stop it. She’s a hustlin flip floppa.

  15. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Yess! This was some of your best work. Bravo! The third person injections and lightly sprinkled sass was perfection!!!!!

  16. “they felt that it was unsafe for Jace to be at Jenelle’s house. I just thought it was kind of strange but I said OK.”

    Thought it was strange?! It’s literally what she has been saying SINCE DAY ONE!! C’mon Babs, you can’t think everyone is *that* dense.

  17. UM?! David is acting as if killing your dog if she misbehaves is normal. There is a thing called dog school, there are also tons of professionals who can help you if you have a problem with your dog acting out, there’s no need to kill the animal. Seriously…

    Jenelle is so full of shit, it’s coming out of her mouth. Only you can believe your own lies (and your delusional fans that is…how can this woman still have fans though?!)

  18. She needs to have accountability. Where are all these videos of nugget acting crazy? What about all of the 911 calls and the statements she made to the courts for separation?

  19. Pathological liars talk and talk and talk believing if they talk long enough people will actually believe their bullshit. The problem is, Jenelle and David are so stupid they don’t realize we have all known they are full of shit for years! It doesn’t take a genius to read directions on formula, that’s not why Jace was taken away. She was negligent and she knows it. She wasn’t bullied into signing him away, she willingly did. She could have not chosen psychotic dick and gotten her shit straight and gotten him back but, made the choice not to.

    Let’s not play, David – you murdered that dog viciously because you are a bully and you enjoyed it. It’s the only thing that makes you feel like a “big man” beating on helpless dogs and children. I don’t give a shit about Jenelle. But, speaking of children…there are pictures of Kaiser from David of welts and marks all over his back. Nathan has called 911 several times. Marissa was terrified to go back.

    I expect this from Jenelle and David. It bothers me that Barbara is now acting like she is clueless. I hope that she continues to protect Jace.

  20. I do not claim to be an expert when it comes to the policies and procedures of CPS but even I can see that Jenelle’s claims are bull shit.

    Jenelle, you have changed the details in your “truth” far too many times for us to believe a word that comes out of your mouth. You told the 911 dispatcher that David broke your collarbone, but then later claimed he was only trying to give you a drunken hug. You tell us that you are so scared of David who is trying to break down your front door while you are hiding in the attic with your kids only to turn around and tell us David doesn’t do anything wrong. He’s the perfect husband and your kids love him. You decide to leave David and ask friends to help you move your belongings off the land but then David assaults your friend AND YOU SIDE WITH DAVID!!!!!!!!!

    What is wrong with you?!?!?!1 Stop trying to convince us that steaming pile of bull shit are you dishing out is a chocolate pie. No one is buying it.

    Barbara—I’m kinda disappointed in you for participating in this ridiculous mess of a video. Maybe you are doing it to keep a closer eye on your daughter so when she finally grows up and decides to leave David for good, Jenelle knows you are on her side. That’s really the only reason I can imagine for playing party to this steaming load of cow excrement. Be better, Barb. Please. Your grandkids deserve better.

    1. when Jenelle was hiding in the attic from angry psycho lurch, she said in the 911 call that she left her kids downstairs. She didn’t take them with her to hide, she thought only about herself. Again. Putting her kids in danger, again.

  21. Also a dog whose only way of communicating is physical should be shot for supposedly hurting their kids. But David shouldn’t even though he hurt Jenelle and the kids too?

  22. My small dog doesn’t like kids either. They are unpredictable and can hurt her easily. Strangely enough I never felt the need to shoot her…

  23. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]





  24. I love revisionist history. And I love someone who’s so committed to rewriting the past I’m her favor that she completely overlooks that the truth played out on TV, and in real time on Twitter (when she lived on it, before it was just a clickbait account). Bitch we saw the truth, and we heard it in your own words, when it went down. You aren’t fooling anyone with 2 brain cells.

    1. My grandmother always said you can’t fix stupid. So Jenelle if you would keep your mouth shut, the world really wouldn’t know how stupid you are. If you tell the truth the story will never change, but if the story is constantly changing then somebody is lying.

    2. I don’t fully disagree but in the interest of being fair, many stay at home moms send their kid to daycare or preschool part time so they can run errands, go to the gym, grocery shop etc. I’m staying at home currently and if it weren’t for covid my kid would totally be in daycare part time. I would like to avoid this generalization. That being said I can go back to work whenever I please because I am educated and qualified (not lazy). But these people have no idea what it’s like to make it in the real world.

      1. In this scenario there’s not one but two stay at home parents, one full time child and a couple of part time children. It shouldn’t be too hard to divide the child/household tasks and still leave enough time for errands and the gym and getting high high high. They sent Kaiser to daycare full time since he was very little (they called it “toddler preschool”) because they couldn’t deal with him. Different thing. She was still complaining about having to drive kids to and from school and daycare, though, even that was too much work for 2 adults with nothing else to do.
        All that being said, it was probably for the best that Kaiser was also exposed to normal adults for the biggest part of the day from a very early age on and was probably fed and treated a whole lot better than he was at home. There’s no way they did it with his best interests in mind though, they did it for themselves.

    1. In that respect she has a lot in common with someone with a bad tan and a worse dye job who lives in a big white house.

  25. The Ashley is the real VIP for watching this so we don’t have to! Thank you! Jenelle and David will blame anyone and anything other than themselves. CPS doesn’t randomly or illegally take children away. I just wish it turned out different for those kids.

    1. In their delirium of QAn0n conspiracy theories, the CPS abducts children to give them to Democratic pedophiles. They therefore see themselves as the heroes who fought evil and saved their children.

  26. Does she expect us to forget she signed jace over to her mom on tv because she wasn’t “ready to be a mom” and just wanted to party?

  27. Jesus god that bitch has created so much turmoil in her children’s lives just in the past year. All of the 911 calls, David killing the dog, kids getting removed, kids coming back, she finally leaves David, moves the kids to another state, starts boinking some dude in Massachusetts, gets back together with David, exposing her kids to her awful TikTok videos… All within 15 or so months. That’s exhausting. And idiot Nathan keeps getting arrested during that time too so his son can never count on his dad coming to the rescue.

    And that’s a pretty typical year or so with Jenelle – we’ve seen the revolving door of men, more kids, heroin issue, gun waving car chases (even David disapproved of that one). What a waste of space and oxygen. And the children suffer. She’s almost 30 and will never change. We’re shaking our heads in disgust as disinterested observers. Imagine how her kids who are living through it must feel.

  28. At least she got her tubes tied, won’t screw up any more kids. A good mother picks her children over a man. She NEVER does, and her kids know that their mother doesn’t have their back — Can you imagine what that feels like?

    She is worthless because of this.

    Mr. & Mrs. Eason, Get a regular job, do some honest work for a change, stop getting high and/or abusing prescription drugs, and then maybe figure out how not to be a shit person. It’s not that easy to do the right thing.
    If you can’t handle a dog or a kid without losing it, call someone.

    Get a fucking clue you selfish fuckwits.

  29. First of all, thank you for subjecting yourself to 45 minutes of Jenelle for the recap!

    Secondly, “I wish it hadn’t had to have happened that way,” is such a classic abuser apology. David wishes the dog had behaved better, so he wouldn’t have been forced to shoot it. Poor David, the dog left him no choice.

    Like magic, responsibility for the abuse has been placed on the victim. It happens all the time. If you are ever made to feel that you are responsible for someone else’s horrible behavior, run like hell.

  30. When are these two dumb fucks going to fade into obscurity? No one believes you Jenelle and we certainly don’t believe your dumb ass husband. You don’t just shoot a dog like that you re-home it asshole. Like you should seriously re-home your kids. I don’t care what you say, you’re unfit to have them. You can’t even take care of yourself. The story on that poor pup has changed so many times. You are a pathological liar. If you weren’t lying you wouldn’t have to keep repeating a (different) story about the situation each time. I cannot believe judges, cops and whatnot are believing your obvious lies! Seriously Jenelle. We. Don’t. Care. Move the fuck on and stop thinking that if you keep talking that we’re going to believe you. You’re just trying to convince yourself of these lies but you’re so stupid your stories are constantly changing! Go away! Go to Wal Mart and see if you can get your mom’s old deli position because that’s about all you’re qualified to do. Clearly no one is interested in your faux medical certificate and your desire to save people’s lives. You need to work on saving your own pathetic ass first. You never take any responsibility for anything that happens in your life, it’s always someone else’s fault. Maybe if you start taking some responsibility for the shit you do and try to make things right, your life wouldn’t suck so much. You only get one life Jenelle and it goes pretty damn fast. Don’t regret the shitty life you’re creating for yourself. You don’t get a chance to do it over. Bye girl bye!

    1. Yeah, we went through this shit a few stories ago with Lazy-Ass Catelyn and her kids in daycare for no good reason. Obviously this is a widely accepted practice among lazy moms. ???

    2. In Kaiser’s case, I support him going to daycare; the less time he spends in that house, the safer he is. And it also means that other people see him and can look out for him. Maybe he is actually spoken to in a tone other than yelling there, too.

    3. To be honest. Kaiser is delayed. Like all of her kids. At least the ones she raised. Kaiser and Ensley have Speech problems. They both need help with social interaction. Day care will also help with potty training. Kaiser was held back in kindergarten. With covid and being taught by Jenelle he probably will be held back again.

      1. Kaiser is a beautiful little boy who already looks defeated; Jace 2.0. I could not, has a Grandmother ever support Janelle having witnessed the damage she has caused to her kids. Shame on you Barb. As an adult and parent you are entrusted to make the best decisions possible for them. We are all fallible and make mistakes, but what has been done to those little ones are repeated deliberate acts with no regard to their well being. It is well passed time to continue to provide Janelle of a platform. But honestly, I feel the same way about most of the Moms on all of these Teen Mom type of shows.

        1. Bubbles, I tried to upvote your comment on Kaiser. Spot on assessment. He does look defeated. Product of his environment so sad.

        2. What could Babs have done about Kaiser? She’s been the best thing in Jace’s life but with Jenelle’s “my mom took my son” narrative I’m sure she kept her other kids far away from her mom. If there’s anyone who could have done anything it was Nathan’s mom Doris, who already takes care of him on Nathan’s time because it’s supervised. She even had a case against them a couple of years ago but suddenly dropped it (probably paid off or threatened).

    4. Look, I am the last person to defend Janelle LOL but daycare is good for a multitude of reasons. Socialization, early skills to help them in school, communication etc. But yeah in no way am I defending her but many kids with stay at home parents go to daycare for those reasons.

  31. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I work with the courts and foster system in another state and the social workers and cps do everything they can to not take the kids away. The way she tries to spin this is crazy. These minor things she won’t disclose are most definitely contributing. The end goal is reunification and social workers do all that they can to keep the family together. It’s only when the parent or parents won’t change that they don’t try for reunification. Her story is just so bogus I can hardly stand it.

  32. If CPS were truly looking out for the best interests of those kids, they would have been involved much sooner. Multiple counties and reports??? There should have been mandated parenting plans put into place with benchmarks to be achieved as well as mandated drug tests and family counseling at the very least. As far as I am concerned CPS has failed the kids.

    1. They might have said something about it in their report. Too high for it often. But we know the bottles were just part of the issue.

    2. And never gave her back custody for years and years after the kid stopped needing formula, oh boy I’m crying over here. Does she expect people to believe her lies or does she actually believe them? I can’t decide which is worse.

  33. I agree Jenelle! You were a great mom to Jace! Yeah, some thc was found in his system when he was born, yeah you were out partying every other day, yeah you were using drugs and getting arrested, yeah you said “Jace doesn’t need me, he’s got my mom”, but c’mon, it happens to everybody all the time. And let’s not forget that being a felon ain’t illegal!

    1. Wow Janelle you have sunk to new low. Her and her gorilla husband will do anything to stay relevant. Whats next? He will be selling her ass online soon. I really wish they would get those babies out of there. Smh

  34. Jenelle, You clearly will Never get it. NOT EVER…. Why people can’t stand you or the reasons.
    So, just shut the F**k up. Your “Narrative” is a work of fiction.
    I mean, seriously, you are waxing your armpit hair for money. Wow, congratulations. You really showed everybody.
    Now you and your hubby need to Kindly F**k off.

  35. Just when you think these two POS people couldn’t sink any lower! I think a piece of bread has more insight than Jenelle.

  36. She needs to go to prison and take that dog murderer child abuser with her! You both make me sick!!! Rot in hell you skank and that horrible pussy of a man, who beats and shoots a small dog to death!!! God won’t have either of you, and the Devil don’t want you!!!

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