Jenelle Evans & David Eason Are Reportedly Being Investigated by CPS In Regard to Custody of Daughters Ensley & Maryssa

“Hold on to your youngins!”

Please file this as a “report” until The Ashley can officially confirm it! 

The Ashley broke the news this morning that Jenelle Evans‘ son, Kaiser, has been removed from her care as of Friday, and, according to Radar Online, Kaiser is not the only kid in care of Jenelle and her husband David Eason who may be yanked from The Land!

Radar reports that CPS is also reportedly looking into the safety of Jenelle’s and David’s youngest child, daughter Ensley, and David’s oldest daughter Maryssa who, as of press time, remain in the care of the Easons. “CPS is looking to take Maryssa and Ensley away too,” a source told Radar.

The site also states that Child Protective Services has tried to contact the former Teen Mom 2 stars, but David and Jenelle have been reluctant to get in touch.

“CPS wanted to talk to Jenelle and David, but they both refused to talk to them,” the source told Radar. “David cussed CPS out.”

Maryssa and Ensley are the last of Jenelle and David’s combined five children who remain in the couple’s care. David is not currently allowed to see his son, Kaden, whose mother, Olivia Leedham, recently received over $5,000 in back child support from David by court order.

The Ashley told you last week that Jenelle has not been allowed to see her oldest son, Jace, since her mother Barbara Evans heard about David shooting the family dog last week. The Ashley’s sources told her that Barbara refuses to allow Jace to go to The Land and/or be around David. Radar states that, since then, CPS has visited Jace at his school and has instructed Barbara to keep Jace– whom she has custody of– off The Land, which is reportedly A-OK with the nine-year-old.

“Jenelle was told that Jace doesn’t want to go over there at all,” Radar‘s source stated. “She was told Jace is terrified of David because David is escalating.”

Jace was not on The Land at the time David killed Jenelle’s dog, Nugget. Kaiser, Maryssa and Ensley were home, however, and Jenelle has admitted that Maryssa took the dog’s death especially hard. 

After The Ashley broke the news about Kaiser being picked up by a family member at his daycare of Friday, TMZ reported that the local authorities have not attempted to go on The Land to discuss the care of Ensley and Maryssa, “partly because authorities believe it’s treacherous to enter the property given David’s temper combined with his firepower.”

In the past, David has made it no secret that he will not tolerate trespassers on The Land and is willing to shoot anyone he deems a trespasser. 

David currently has full legal custody of his 11-year-old daughter, whose mom is David’s ex Whitney Johnson. He was granted legal custody back in 2017, and Maryssa’s mom was given a specific visitation schedule, provided she follows certain parameters spelled out in the agreement regarding drug and alcohol use. To The Ashley’s knowledge, that arrangement still stands as of press time.

Although she initially denied The Ashley’s report when she broke the news Monday morning, Jenelle has since confessed to Us Weekly that Kaiser was, indeed, taken; that Jace is not allowed to come to The Land and that Maryssa remains in their custody.

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(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Instagram)


  1. OF COURSE Jenelle denied the Ashleys story! She wanted to MAKE MONEY off of it! Just like she made a lot of money off the Nugget murder articles! Jenelle is JUST as rotten as David, SHE IS NOT A VICTIM!

  2. I’m not downplaying addiction but what kind of human being is Maryssas ‘’mother’?! He clearly has a type. Drug addcits that he can control and get so warped he has full control of the kids.

  3. I cannot believe that CPS and law enforcement won’t go conduct their interviews bc they’re afraid of David!! Wtf!?!? There are kids in danger and this Neanderthal is throwing weight around and keeping authorities away? Isn’t that what SWAT is for?

  4. In that pic, maryssa looks so tense and like she doesn’t want her fathers hands in her shoulders.

    She looks tired scared and stressed.

    Hell even ensley looks stressed

  5. Given all that has happened in the last few days, I have a juicy theory to share: what if MTV has been using its financial and legal resources to hold off or to minimize CPS intervention? They did so in order to control (1) the negative backlash that would arise if CPS took away Jenelle’s kids or (2) more likely, the narrative story arc. However, now that Jenelle has been officially fired, there is nothing to hold authorities back.

    This is probably just a crazy conspiracy theory, but I’d love to hear your thoughts regardless.

    1. I don’t think you’re wrong, but I don’t think they were necessarily using financial or legal resources. I’ve posted before – in NC, EVERYONE is a mandated reporter. That means all the people that would come film on The Land. And they never reported, not once. In fact, I think there was a story here from TheAshley where someone in production flat out said they were ordered by higher ups to NOT report (which is so much horse manure there aren’t enough shovels in the world).

      What scary is that the daycare never reported, but I’m guessing that was Juhnelle’s money that kept them quiet. Barb couldn’t do it because Juhnelle would just rant that it was her mother that hated UBT and was trying to screw them over.

      It’s a sticky web, but I absolutely blame MTV/the production company/the producers/the “security”/the camera guys/the sound guys.

      1. How about blame the two people who are responsible—Janelle and David. Yes, there are others who have culpability and all these children have been failed on so many levels. Reportedly cps has been to the land many times. Did they actually see the children? Why didn’t they remove the children? Was Janell being monitored for drug abuse since she tested positive when ensley was born? Did the hospital report? So many questions and so many things we will never know.

        1. I’m not not blaming those 2 shitheels. However, they weren’t gonna change, people that were on The Land knew that, and yet they still did nothing.

          Frankly, that makes them about as bad a Juhnelle and UBT.

  6. Poor Maryssa. She is of age when she should develop her first crush and have fun with friends and she has…….none of those. She is kept isolated by these two turds. (Sorry to all turds) I mean seriously, I hope they take BOTH out of the home, Ensley is still of age when she is too young to know what is going on, others are SCREWED already.

    1. It’s truly unfortunate. The only ones who are affected is the children. My question is where is the little girls mother? And for all ppl like David to have full custody is wild to me.

      1. Someone asked where David’s daughter mother is. She has supervised visits with her due to drug and alcohol abuse. It sounds like she is doing well and maybe a viable placement if her screens have been clean. She may need support from dhs but that would be my go to with the limited information I have. I worry about the baby. Barb has said she’s too old to start over. Ifshe were-placed with the department she’d have a decent chance at being adopted due to age and gender.
        Maybe Maycie could take her. Doesn’t she want to adopt. (Read with the intended sarcasm). I’d take her in a heart beat if I wasn’t afraid David would find her and take me out!

        1. Jenelle had children to keep a man. Worse type of females. Once the men don’t want them, they don’t want the child(ren).

      2. She does get visitation with her bio mom and that side of the family now, they need to fight for her, and her mom needs to get clean and priorities her daughter over drugs.

  7. I don’t understand how the authorities in NC do things. Who ever heard of the authorities staying away from a home because they’re afraid?? This is not a thing! If that was how the police handled things in every area, the whole world would be a free-for-all of people killing each other and committing other crimes. This part makes ZERO sense to me.

    1. I lived in Charlotte NC for 2 years and in Charlotte they do thier job. Not well. I think they focus on minor things and ignore serious issues. No joke I’ve had this opinion years ago. Sad.

  8. I wish Maryssa would just call 911 and tell them what’s going on! She might be scared to death to follow through though, because if she rats her Dad and Jenelle out, they won’t be happy.

    1. Where does she have to go once she leaves? Foster care? I only ask because I’m so confused as to why David was the best choice to gain full custody…where are her maternal grandparents?

  9. The cops will probably wait until Nathan & Jenelle’s court date on 5/30 to take David in for questioning about Nugget. Everyone knows that Jenelle is too co-dependent to leave Lurch the Land dweller behind, so this is the perfect opportunity. He most likely won’t be armed, since he won’t be allowed into court with his guns.

    Katrina will watch Ensley and Maryssa will go to her grandparents’ house so that Lurch can stick to Jenelle like glue, and hopefully CPS will get the chance to finish what they started. These kids are so much better off out of the toxic swampland.

  10. I cant even imagine the psychological stress that maryssa is under since she is of age to understand what’s going on. To see Kaiser taken away because the people you live with are deemed dangerous has to just terrify the poor girl. She probably feels trapped since her mom doesn’t seem like a good parent either. Just have to pray her and ensley have bright futures. Also, get the animals TF out of there!!!! Why r they allowed to have animals? So many things wrong with this situation. Also thinking about maryssa homeschool. She must not have friends or much social exposure. Which makes her situation even more heartbreaking. I cant imagine how hard this must be for her, yet she has to get her education from her backwards ass dad who she is so obviously terrified of.

    1. Maryssa is also old enough to understand that Kaiser has someone who desperately wants him back. Ensly has Barbara who does not want to do this again, but will since things are this bad. She has no one. I’m very curious the last time Maryssa was allowed to go to school. We really don’t know how isolated she is and what David has told her about “outsiders.” She might not even have any friends. It’s so sad.

      1. The isolation has started a long time ago. First they took her out of cheerleading, then they took her out of school.

    2. Shit I’m sorry I down voted by mistake.

      I’m so so sorry, I do completely agree with your Comment.

  11. I’m pretty sure Kaiser was picked up from daycare, not “the “land” so there was a much lower risk. I also think it says he was picked up by family so I wonder if dad has him.

    1. He’s with Nathan and Doris.
      I believe Doris collected kaiser from day care last Friday.

  12. It’s sad that she is picking him over her children she needs help just like he needs help they both have issue’s that seem to be getting worse.He might snap and shoot her she would want to be careful but she seems to go from one abusive relationship after the other I hope that the children are sent to someone who will keep them safe because they don’t seem to care about their safety at all

  13. Maryssa is really terrified of David, it’s obvious from her body language in every picture. I feel bad for her because, without therapy, I worry is might never recover.

    I agree with what others have said. The cops probably aren’t scared of David but they definitely worry about a shootout/ hostage situation. It’s not unheard of for parents to murder their children instead of letting CPS take them. David seems unhinged enough to do that and Jenelle is so spiteful and hateful she’d rather David murder her daughter than admit she’s wrong about something.

    I’m happy Kaiser is our but a part of me is worried every time I check this site that there’s going to be an article about things going too far on THE LAND. A dog was bad enough!

    1. The safest way for the law to get in there and see about the girls is to wait until David goes to court for other charges and lock him up. Then CPS and law enforcement could go on the land. They probably,were trying to do that last week when they were gonna lock him up for child support but as we all know Jenelle cut him a big check for $5000 so he,could go hovel up on the Land again. THANKS MTV! without your enabling none of this would have been possible. Nugget would still be alive and with a good family because Jenelle could have never afforded a French bulldog without MTV checks.

  14. To everyone saying the cops are “scared” I highly doubt that’s the case, more than likely they’re trying to avoid a shootout/hostage situation with the unstable David.

    Either way, something needs to be done to get the girls out of there asap; every day they are there is more psychological trauma they’re enduring.

  15. To everyone saying the cops are “scared” I highly doubt that’s the case, more than likely they’re trying to avoid a shootout/hostage situation with the unstable David.

    Either way, something needs to be done to get the girls out of there asap; every day they are there is more psychological trauma they’re enduring.

  16. I hate to bring race into this and I REPEAT I HATE TO BRING RACE INTO THIS, but man if that was a black man they would’ve went all through that house to get those kids. I’m sorry, but its so true. If they feel he is so dangerous, then why are they risking those babies lives. That police station is a joke. I’m so happy Kaiser is gone, because that’s the kid he hated the most. This whole situation is horrible and I really hope Janelle wakes up because he’s single handedly ruined her life. I wish she gets away and tried to rebuild her life back up. Horrible situation! I pray for her and the kids.

    1. If you HATE to bring race into this then DON’T. It’s not about that, those kids are in real danger. Let’s stick to the subject and keep race out of it.

      1. Lol if you read further I did “STICK” to the subject and furthermore this is an open forum. I really hate when people get touchy feely when you state the obvious. I brought that up because I found it utterly ridiculous that the cops are not wanting to go on his property, but you have a blessed day.

        1. It’s true though. If this was a black family or another monitory, Child Services would have been all over this. It’s David’s white privilege that allows him to get away with such horrible crimes. Race has a lot to do with this unfortunately

        2. Not touchy feely here. I just don’t like when someone plays the race card when it has nothing to do with the subject.

          1. To everyone saying the cops are “scared” I highly doubt that’s the case, more than likely they’re trying to avoid a shootout/hostage situation with the unstable David.

            Either way, something needs to be done to get the girls out of there asap; every day they are there is more psychological trauma they’re enduring.

          2. Once again you’re only focusing on a brief portion of what I said. Also, if you weren’t touchy feely you wouldn’t have responded to a stranger on the world wide web. You would’ve just disliked and kept it moving. Your statement of “I just don’t like when someone” is a statement regarding your feelings, which brings it back to being in your feelings about a strangers comment on the web. Lol Your opinion is your opinion and I have one as well. As I stated before have a blessed and highly favored day 🙂

    2. This probably isn’t about the police being afraid David will harm them. This is about the police and CPS being afraid that David will harm the children. In case he’d rather see the girls dead before letting CPS take them. He is unhinged and this is a fragile situation.

      1. Oh I totally get that 100%. Its so many risk factors in this whole thing, but I feel the longer they wait he will feel untouchable. This is sad all the way around.

      2. I think you’re probably right. Those girls are in extreme danger, and IMO that will only increase as time goes on.

    3. Let’s be frank. If David was black, law enforcement likely would have sent a SWAT team and shot him dead. Ensley would never have gone home from the hospital with Jenelle when she tested positive for illegal drugs at birth.

    4. Naw don’t apologize for bringing race into this because it’s the truth. It is said that David is the most dangerous man across three counties in NC I read somewhere. That’s serious. Dude is racist, homophobic, and a walking terrorist. Dude upload a full arsenal of weapons and ammo, propping secret service to come out, yet not one out those three counties that deemed him dangerous haven’t issued a warrant to search their home. People so scared of this dude because of his temperament that s detective had to inform CPS that Kaiser grandmother to get him from daycare because they that scared to go on their property, that’s bad asf fr.

  17. If Kaiser was removed ALL the kids should be removed. If it’s not safe for Kaiser and Jace it’s not safe for Ensley or Maryssa. #savemaryssa #saveensley

      1. Because David hates kaiser and abuses him physically and verbally.
        He’s not that bad to the girls as they are his.

        He was a bastard to kaiser and that’s why he was taken.

        I’m sure that the police fear the welfare of the girls would be in more jeopardy if they storm on to the land to get those kids out.

        David most likely would shoot anyone in his way including kids animals and the cops.

        They ( the cops) can’t put those girls in more danger, if maryssa was at school, she too would be removed.

        Unless they swoop in whilst David is in court to get the kids, the situation would be so dangerous to just go in the land and take those girls ( unfortunately) it’s so very sad for the remaining kids and animals

  18. No the police nor CPS can go onto the LAND without a court order. It sounds like they don’t have any evidence of abuse against Ensley and Marrisa. Kaiser has school Nathan’s who cant report what they find. Plus if there is a chance David may react violently towards the kids if police go into the Land they have to do that to avoid a David Koresh type situation. To sign up to be an officer you are more brave than most people. They arent scared of David. They are scared of David taking hostages.

    1. I’m hoping they’re gathering enough evidence to obtain a warrant. David thought he could get away with anything, now it’s time to pay the piper. And poor Jenelle can’t just make replacement babies like she has in the past since she just got her tubes tied!

      1. TMZ reported that David cusses CPS out when they ask to go on the Land. Thats why Jenelle and David laugh about how many times CPS has tried to come out there. Officials cant go on your property or search your property without a warrant and probable cause. That maybe why they homeschool Maryssa so she can’t tell,people what’s going on out there. Jenelle and David would sue the whole state of NC if the police and CPS violated their rights.

        1. That’s the main thing you don’t do is curse out CPS. I’m so in disbelief by this whole thing and David is escalating and its like he wanted this whole thing to go down. You’re right though! I just read up on the laws and CPS can’t even enter your home and they need a court order. However, I do know that cops can enter your property just not your home, but they don’t even want to go and knock on their door. Also, if they took one kid why not the other. Just so weird.

        2. Poor Janelle can’t make replacement babies!?!?!?! Ummm this woman should have never been allowed to bare children to begin with. I cannot believe I just read that….

      2. They are actually going to make it easy for CPS by avoiding them. Kaiser has already been removed, CPS is going to get an emergency order for temporary custody , they have every right to believe the children aren’t safe… guilty people dodge authority. CPS will go with the sheriff and emergency orders signed by the judge that states the kids are in county custody.
        In short, they don’t need a warrant if they have a custody order for the kids.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Children can be removed without a court order if there are exigent circumstances like neglect, abuse, or a threat to their welfare.

  19. I’d much rather risk going into foster care than living in that hellhole swamp with those deranged lunatics. At least Marissa could go to a REAL school to get away for a few hours a day instead of being held captive on the laand.

  20. Her interview is laughable. I’m curious how they plan to pay these lawyers with having very little income now. I can see a Farrah-situation in the future where they’re sued for non-payment of services. And David won’t have JE’s money to pay his child support.

  21. David has the.. “over my dead body” mentality. Which means he would kill his family before he lets someone take those girls. If CPS tried, there will be a stand off. Very dangerous situation.

  22. Thank God someone is finally doing something! The girl’s need off The land asap but Kaiser REALLY needed to get outta there. When is Jenelle gonna wake the hell up….she is literally losing everything in her life because of David. I mean losing your job is one thing but there is no man in the damn world worth losing your kids!! But who am I kidding she don’t care, as long as she’s got her soulmate by her side. I swear I always thought the only reason she kept Kaiser was to spite Nathan. She is a very spiteful, hateful person. And that police dept is the sorriest excuse I’ve ever seen in my life!! That’s part of being an officer…dealing with dangerous individuals, NOT refusing to go to the property because your too chicken shit!! Ugh

  23. Let’s say they lose both of those kids, who’s gonna take them? I don’t know Barbs age but I can’t imagine wanting to take in a toddler. Maryssa is kind of screwed since her mom is messed up as well. I haven’t heard of David or Jenelle being close to other relatives, so will they end up in foster care?

    1. David has a mom who may be a hair better than her children.
      What about Whitnèy parents?
      And David’s dad is apparently like him so that’s a big nope.

      1. She brought David up,so she’s not what I’d call a suitable caregiver.

        David’s fkd up, his sisters a mess too.

        Poor maryssa if she ends up with David’s other enabler.

  24. Get these girls out of that he’ll hole, but also get all the animals out,
    As if the girls get removed, David will go on a rampage and torture and kill the remaining animals.

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