Jenelle Evans Releases Statement Confirming Her Son Kaiser Was Taken by CPS; Says She’s “Not Considering Divorce” from David Eason

“It’s no big deal! This happens to everyone guys!”

Jenelle Evans called The Ashley a liar after The Ashley broke the news that Jenelle’s son Kaiser had been removed from Jenelle’s care by CPS, but Jenelle is now changing her tune and admitting that The Ashley’s story about Kaiser being taken was, indeed, correct!

The former Teen Mom 2 star issued a long statement to Us Weekly on Monday, confessing that both of her sons— Jace and Kaiser– are being kept from her and her husband David Eason (just as The Ashley told you). Jenelle also gave the magazine an update on her marriage.

In the statement, Jenelle revealed will not be divorcing David (even though in the course of two weeks he’s contributed to her losing her job on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ temporary custody of one son and visitation with the other, and her dog Nugget.)

The Ashley has broken down Jenelle’s statement into easy-to-read blurbs for your convenience!

On her current marital status:

Jenelle told the magazine that she plans to stay married to David, provided he goes to a counselor with her to get those “talking words” out in the open.

“No, I’m being totally serious. You can’t bring guns to the counseling session!”

“My relationship with David now is still in a healing process, of course,” Jenelle stated. “We are going to start going to marriage counseling because he feels as if we both need it. I completely agree. [I’m] not considering divorce unless he refuses counseling with me.”

On what happened with Kaiser:

Jenelle confirmed that Kaiser was taken on Friday from his daycare by a family member and has not been in Jenelle’s custody since then. However, in her statement she says she’s upset that she wasn’t consulted or told before CPS took her son.

“I don’t think CPS needs ya permission to take ya kid, Juh-nelle!”

“Kaiser was taken away Friday without my consent, before Mother’s Day, and I have been in touch with my lawyer pertaining this matter,” Jenelle told Us Weekly. “Kaiser was taken from his daycare by his grandmother with no notice or call to me. CPS told Doris to take Kaiser without my consent and still have no legal paperwork signed by the judge stating my kids are taken from me.”

Jenelle seems to be the most upset that Kaiser was taken without her knowledge.

“My legal team has been on this since it [occurred],” she said. “I’ve been fighting to get my son back, as they went behind my back and removed him without my consent.”

On her current status with Kaiser’s dad, Nathan Griffith:

As The Ashley reported earlier this month, Nathan has been fighting for custody of his son for almost a year and is set to face Jenelle on May 30 to begin their custody battle in court. In court paperwork filed last year, Nathan asked that Kaiser be kept away from David and that he be given full legal custody, with Jenelle only having visitation. (Before this, Nathan had only supervised visitation with Kaiser.)

Jenelle interpreted that…differently…though.

“Nathan is to have supervised visits and only supervised by [Nathan’s mom] Doris,” she told Us Weekly. “Surprisingly, me and Nathan have been getting along, so I’m willing to maybe let his visits be unsupervised. Me and Nathan have been in contact during all of this. He doesn’t want Kaiser taken from me.”

On the status of David’s custody of his daughter Maryssa:

Maryssa remains on The Land (along with David and Jenelle’s daughter Ensley) for now, although Radar Online is reporting that CPS is now investigating the girls’ welfare. Last week, Jenelle confirmed that Maryssa was home when David killed the family dog and that Maryssa was so upset she did not come out of her bedroom until the next day.

According to Jenelle’s latest statement, though, Maryssa is now only upset because of how David is being portrayed in the media.

“David has full custody over her and still homeschools her,” Jenelle said of her stepdaughter. “Maryssa has been with us since everything has been going down. She is frustrated with the media she sees online about her father because she knows the truth what goes on in our household.”

As The Ashley told you previously, David has full legal custody of the 11-year-old, and has since 2017. 

On why Jace can’t come to The Land and be around her and David:

Jenelle confirmed that The Ashley’s report from last week— which stated that Barbara was refusing to allow Jace to be around David following the dog’s murder— is true. However, in her statement, Jenelle says the reason Barb is withholding visitation for her and Jace is because she’s bitter about Jenelle losing her job on ‘Teen Mom 2!’

“It’s no fair at all dude!”

“My mom is keeping Jace from me, nobody else,” Jenelle told the magazine. “I only had Ensley with me for Mother’s Day this year. And my mom is taking it out on me for being let go from MTV.”

(Although it has yet to be officially confirmed by MTV, Barb will most likely not appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’ anymore, as she is related to Jenelle’s story. Jenelle being fired from the show will have big financial consequences for Barb as well, as she is paid what the original dads on the show make, from what The Ashley has heard.)

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. Just thinking out loud…. should it not be the kids’ show??? let Barb film the story of Jace???

  2. Does she really think CPS needs her consent to take her children from an unsafe environment? What a psycho 🤣🤣

    1. That was my question too. What makes her think taking her children out of a dangerous situation SHE put them in requires consent?? Tell that to a judge and he’ll laugh in her face.

  3. Hey Ash- any chance you could do an article on what Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh Wilson posted on Facebook? She is heavily implying that Ensley was removed by CPS and is in a foster home, location unknown. She says she would be willing to take in Ensley if “need be”, but I thought she didn’t even have custody of her own kid(s)? Normally I would trust what a family member says, but her Jenelle’s sister has posted some things that were very untrue previously and it doesn’t seem like she’s in a great place so I have my skeptical glasses on. She made a rant post about how she’s sick and tired of people contacting her asking about her family’s personal business, but then goes off makes public postings…about her family’s personal business (that was sure to stir up controversy and questions!). Attention seeking, or seed of truth?

    1. TMZ put this on their website. is about to be an empty nester … because Columbus County Child Protective Services are about to remove her 2-year-old daughter, Ensley, from the home … more fallout from David Eason’s dog killing.

      Sources with knowledge say CPS is trying to locate Jenelle, David and Ensley … and we’re told authorities are fearful of entering their property because they believe David is extremely dangerous. There’s a social media account claiming to be Jenelle’s sister that just said CPS has made its move and taken Ensley … but we haven’t confirmed that — however, we know that’s the plan and it’s imminent.

    1. I’m really questioning this since it came from Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh’s Facebook, and she’s been known to stir the pot, and sell less than accurate stories. Hoping TheAsh will write about this to set the record straight! A lot of people are trying to find info.

  4. This is the downside of reality TV. They have allowed someone who is a psychopath profit from neglecting and abusing her children, being a drain on society and the legal system, and spewing hate and lies. I typically look for the best in people, but as this story grows, I find myself more and more disgusted with those who enabled her and those who won’t stand up to fight back against this.

    Some reality stars have faded, some have gone on to build empires. Yes it’s for entertainment, but I am not entertained by Jenelle. She is someone who got pregnant and cashed out on it.. and managed not to parent her kid WHILE still being paid for it.

    Why did it take a dog being beaten and murdered for things to come to a head? And what is going to happen WHEN (not if) something else happens? Will everyone stand by and said we did the best for those kids/animals?

    Her 15 mins of fame is over and it’s time for her to learn how to be a human being.

    Sorry for the rant – she just sickens me.

  5. Jenelle Evans is reportedly in jeopardy of losing custody of her two-year-old daughter, Ensley, following her husband David Eason‘s killing of one of their family pets.

    As the fired Teen Mom 2 star fights to get her four-year-old son Kaiser back after he was taken by Child Protective Services (CPS) at the end of last week, a new report claims she’s been forced into taking Ensley out of the home she and David share.

    On May 13, The Blast revealed that Jenelle has been warned that if she doesn’t leave her home with her daughter, CPS could intervene and take Ensley from her.

    “[Jenelle] has been advised by officials to keep 2-year-old daughter Ensley at a friend’s house and away from the home she shares with husband, David Eason,” the outlet wrote.

  6. It will be The Waco siege #2

    At the swamp On money hole rd.

    Please get ensley and maryssa off that land.

    Maryssa has contact with her moms side of the family, they need to fight for her.

    And poor ensley will end up in the system.

    1. Sadly, I don’t think there is anyone to rally for Maryssa. (From what I remember her birth mom is a real piece of human garbage… picks drugs over her own kid).

      Sad thing about ensley is barb is ALREADY raising one grandkid and I imagine can’t afford or isn’t able to support another. You get two irresponsible idiots making babies and the grandparents pick up all the slack! (Speaking from experience here too. Currently raising my 3yo grandson with no help from birth parents whatsoever.)

  7. No way they’ll find a therapist to work with, unless it’s over skype and prepaid.

    No one in their right mind would agree to work with two people who are both volatile, armed, and unable to admit to their faults. There is 0% chance of a positive outcome there.

  8. Poor Maryssa. She’s with them 24/7. No school, no team sports, no friends, no extracurricular activities like dance or karate. When was the last time she was seen off of the land? She has to be one of the loneliest little girls on the planet right now.

    1. Exactly!!! Alarm bells went off big time when they said they were “homeschooling” her. That to me reads: no access to teachers, who by law need to report suspected abuse/neglect; no being around peers her own age, which IS SO IMPORTANT when you’re a young woman; no social activities supported by the school i.e. Dances, school bazaars, field trips, etc… and you just know they that he knows exactly what he’s doing.
      She’s probably just a live-in servent slash babysitter to them. I grew up in a very abusive household and was the oldest on nine so I feel I know a little of what she’s going thru and it terrifies me. One of my brothers was my birth fathers step kid **like Kaiser and Jace is to david*** and my dad HORRIBLY abused my half brother! Seeing that really messes you up (I have horrible depression and anxiety from it… )

  9. I was one of those who cried “FREE KAISER!” all the time. I’m glad this boy was taken away from them, they have no business caring for this child. Now I am waiting for Nathan to finally wise up and take care of his kid!

    1. Right?!? Nothing makes me angrier then when I remember that he was actually planned for CS!!! They couldn’t wait till maybe they were married (but that probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference in the end), be together for at least a couple years, or thought it over just a tiny bit more!?!? Like hmmmm… maybe I shouldn’t be trying to get pregnant right now when I have no steady job, no steady place to live, fighting for custody of the first kid I had that I couldn’t take care of!!!!
      But no she treats having kids like getting a new puppy.

      Kaiser has been handed such a shitty deal (Jace too!) and now he’s living his live with all this negativity around him. He can’t just be a little boy and be happy. He’s got to deal with all this BS. F Jenelle. I hate her guts to what she’s done to these sweet little boys.

  10. Hang on. HOLD THE DAMN PHONE.

    David is…homeschooling Maryssa?

    That’s actual bone chilling information. Not just because the man’s borderline functioning- at best, but because the level of isolation and control the guy has over his family/property (same/same) is legitimately frightening. I mean…total domination on the land. Professor UBT (Filling the Street with Uppercut University) completely regulating what knowledge he allows his child to have is the elbow getting tighter in the choke hold he has on those girls.

    I’ve seen people making comments about fearing UBT engaging in ammo fueled standoffs with law enforcement and the like, but I thought they may be slightly dramastic in order to get a point across. Those scenarios seem a bit more plausible given each new piece of information that trickles out.

    I don’t care for Jenelle. I think she’s a jerk…and lazy…and rude af…and has mind-blowingly misplace sense of entitlement…and she can be sooo manipulative when she finds someone more broken and less bright than she is. There’s no doubt. Jenelle has been a real garbage person in a lot of ways to a lot of people for a long time…BUUUUUUUUT…I honestly think she stopped being the Jenelle we all know and can’t stand a couple few minutes ago. She’s been some sort of “The Land” version of a Stepford Jenelle for a second. We’ve seen this girl put guys ahead of basically everyone and everything in the past, with the exception of herself. We’ve seen her dick over her mother and her “best friends”, have her “soul mates” arrested, and ditch her own children, but she always looked out for number 1. End of the day, I believe Jenelle knows, with certainty, that in realty she has no way to maintain her lifestyle w/o that MTV $$. She’s jumped ship when she had to in order to save herself.

    Uncle Frankenstein’s Bad Touch Monster is a whole different story. I think we can all agree that Jenelle mostly sucks, like, in general… but I take a few steps back and look at this picture as a whole… and it looks like she’s trapped on the land too. Even if she can literally get up and leave, I’m not sure it’s really that simple. David found in Jenelle someone that was incredibly broken (someone that thought she was strong, independent, healed- all the better), desperate for affection, that thrives off make attention, and that needed structure. He has slowly isolated her- no worries though, because he’s always there for her. Someone to rely on. He’s a bug in her ear reminding her that these are the people that left you and screwed you over while I was here for you, protecting you and our family in our home on OUR LAND. Them/us. It can be very powerful over time.

    My personal experience of waking up and realizing: “holy shit! I’m in a cult! This is effed! I gotta get out! How do I even do this? I have nobody outside because I burned every bridge and I don’t know how to talk to normal people anymore!” was hard. I imagine this is similar, but possibly harder with millions of eyes on her…and people like us having made comments all along the way.

    Basically I want David (who seems like he’s probably in a bunch of Men’s rights Reddit subs, amiright?) to have his ass handed to him. I hope he’s broken some sort of law that is punishable with jail time. I want Jenelle to get away from that man and that land. I think she should take the baby and go to Barb. Be with her mother and her son. Kaiser should Stay with Big D and his father. Barb, Jace, Jenelle, and Ensley can bond and heal. Therapy? The earth and absorb the land into the hell pits of fire.

    That’s the end of my novella.

    TL;DR : Jenelle sucks, but is, in this case, probably a victim of abuse by control (at least) along with all of the others at the Frankenstein hands of UBT. Everyone should flee and the land should disappear into the flames of hell.

    Also, David thinks he can be a teacher! He’s such a dummy though!

    1. But she did have that opportunity last week. He would have gone to jail if she didn’t pay his 5k in back child support. She could have said no left while he was locked up and still had her kids and her job. I’ve left a DV situation I know it’s hard but when they told me to pack and leave or they would take my boys- I packed and moved in 24 hours. My boys are more important then anyone or anything else in this world. Jenelle just isn’t a mother never has been never will be.

  11. Seems that ever since some viewers have seen Jenelle she’s always fighting for custody. First, her ongoing battle with Barbara over Jace, and now with Nathan and Doris over Kaiser. And who knows? CPS may determine that a fight for Ensley may not be very far behind.

    Always. Fighting.

    Jenelle, in case you were wondering, this is NOT in any way, shape or form the sign of the quintessential “great mom.” A great mom never loses custody of her kids to begin with by putting the needs of her random “soulmates” first. But hey, you just keep up the fight, girl. Hopefully, one day soon judges will finally wake the F up, and your battles will be lost. And when it happens, then (and only then) will these innocent children have some peace and normalcy in their lives, instead of non-stop domestic terror, gun violence, animal slaughter, and…oh, yeah, your reckless line up of SOULMATES.

  12. She’s like so casual about how fucked up things are going for her. Her husband beats her tiny dog to death and shoots it in the head. Her kids are being taken away from her. She’s been fired from a ‘job’ where she was making quadruple amount of money compared to the average household. And she’s like meh- gonna try some marriage counseling and man those CPS guys are dicks!! Seriously- this chick is SICK!! Crazyville!!!

  13. Jenelle is so trifling….she’s more pissed at her mom for protecting her son, than she is at her abusive husband. Notice how she made this about her not seeing Jace on Mother’s Day?…Jace obviously told CPS that he doesn’t want to be around David, and Barb is doing what’s best for Jace…then again, Jenelle has never understood the concept of what doing what’s best for your kids…

  14. Can someone let Jenelle know that CPS doesn’t need your “consent” to remove your child? Idiot.

  15. No even a week with no job and they are already starting to haul kids out of the place. Just a matter of time until the pressure builds too much and someone reaches for a gun. Janelle is so afraid of being alone she’ll live with a mentally unstable person and risk her and her kids lives just to project the illusion she’s happy.

  16. Why does she still think she can spin things that everyone saw play out on social media? She said plenty of things here to highlight her non-existent grip on reality, but let’s start with this one: Barb publicly said that she wouldn’t let Jace go to The Land or be around David because she was worried about his safety around he great unwashed Neanderthal. And she said it BEFORE MTV made the firing announcement. More proof of how Jenelle rewrites everything in her mind to convince people she’s the victim.

    She really is irredeemable.

  17. In this case Jenelle being stupid worked out for Kaiser. It sounds like something happened or Kaiser had marks on him and he told the daycare what happened, daycare called authorities and the ball started finally rolling.

    1. There is photographic proof and tv proof that kaiser is being mistreated, no need for him to tell day care, as we have seen for ourselves.

      I believe it was a sheriff saying David is a danger that clinched this

  18. Jenelle is screwed. Custody battles are vicious before the kids can talk. Once they get 5 or 6 and can say who they want to live with and explain why, the courts take that in consideration. Kasier was probably,telling that officer “save me.” If Kaiser says he doesnt want to go back to Jenelle, the she is f@cked. That’s why she never got Jace back. Jace was telling his therapist and the court that he didn’t want to live with Jenelle. She’s so dumb even though she ignores what her kids are saying, other people are listening.

  19. CPS took your child without your consent?

    Um, yeah, that’s kind of their thing. If they needed your consent to take your child they’d just be a daycare or something.

  20. Jenelle is clearly trying to bribe Nathan out of taking her to court by giving him unsupervised visitation. She knows there’s a good chance he would win. If Nathan caves (which sounds likely), Kaiser might not have a chance unless CPS find a way to keep him from David permanently.

    1. As if jenelle give him unsupervised visitation.

      She’s saying this only because, kaiser is now in the care of his father and grandmother.

      She thinks by saying that, she’ll look like she is being reasonable.

      She thinks we are stupid, it’s none of her business now, he was taken away from her.

      I hope she loses all parental rights

  21. Uh Jenelle? If CPS needed consent to take away your child, they wouldn’t be CPS. Like, their whole job is taking children without consent. That’s what makes them………..CPS.


  22. She has always been David’s daughter, Jenelle doesn’t even call her by her name till she’s been called on it. Remember what she did to her toothbrush?
    Ashley don’t forget they also lost visitation of “David’s son” Kaden
    I can see Olivia dancing now!!

    1. Like is she really this damn slow?! NOBODY WHO GETS THEIR CHILD TAKEN AWAY BY CPS GETS CONSENT!! It’s not a damn summer camp! I legit can’t wait until those kids are away from her. That’s when David will truly snap and kill the both of them.

        1. OMG! What a monster mom! I am heart sick over this for that little girl. What was her reasoning? What kind of person would do that?

          1. If MTV Productions let this be shown and didn’t intervene, then there is a real problem here! I googled it and I couldn’t find any film of it. If it was shown, let me know. I will put them on blast!

          2. You can look it up on Twitter. David’s sister Jennifer saw her do it. It was in 2017.

  23. Since Kaiser is now off “The Land”, is it too late for MTV to make a “Being Jessica McHenry” special? This is not a joke.

  24. There’s nothing else to say that hasn’t already been said about this delusional moron.

    I will say though that if you are trying to get to the linked US Weekly story, you may have to click BACK TO TOP to see the full article. I’m not sure why but when I’ve been clicking on the US Weekly stories from The Ashley’s stories I have to do that.

  25. I love how her first comments are not about how she misses her children, but are instead a sales pitch for an appearance on Marriage Boot Camp!

    I hope everyone keeps flooding WeTV’s various social media platforms with the message that all advertisers will be contacted if they give Jenelle and David paid “counseling” on MBC!

    Unsurprisingly, her love for her children is not mentioned at ALL! She could care less about any one of them. She uses them as props to build up her image, and crutches to hold on to their fathers until she gets dumped.

    Nathan probably told her that he did not want her to be cut out of Kaiser’s life, meaning that she can have supervised David-free visits. The rest of her comments are even more ridiculous! Delujenelle at her finest, as usual.

    As for David, he is evil personified (they both are, actually) and he makes Kieffah the meth dealah look like a Saint in comparison.

  26. I’m honestly trying to decide which news has been better recently: Jenelle getting fired from “TM2” or Kaiser getting taken away from her by CPS?

    Both will benefit the children in the long run. I feel like I’ve had an early birthday.

  27. The fact that she keeps repeating CPS took Kaiser without her consent… um yeah that’s kind of what they do. They do what is needed and now allow these kids to keep being subjected to neglect and trauma. Like wtf? CPS is by no means perfect but do you really think abusive parents freely say oh yeah take my kids (basically my paycheck) away? Delusional and dumb doesn’t begin to describe it. There’s a special place in he** for mother’s who allow their men to do these things to their kids.

  28. I remember first reading about David when Jenelle started dating him a few years ago and how he was arrested for domestic violence. From the start he sounded like bad news, especially given Janelle’s track record for scraping the bottom of the barrel. But Babs sure was right when she screeched that he is the worst boyfriend (now husband) she’s ever had. It was obvious he was an aggressive, potentially violent loser but I don’t think too many people expected him to turn out to be such a scary wacko.

    Maryssa is the one my heart breaks for the most. Hopefully she isn’t too damaged. From the little bit we’ve seen of Doris, she seems to be sane and stable – moreso than Babs so at least Kaiser is in good hands. However, she isn’t young so hopefully Nathan can get it together enough to be able to raise Kaiser on his own or with a partner who is caring when Kaiser is a teen. The interview with his ex Jessica on the ‘Being Nathan’ special was concerning. For the sake of Kaiser, Nathan should pursue as much treatment as possible for his PTSD and other issues including drinking. Perhaps he is doing so – apparently his girlfriend Ashley works in the mental health and/or addiction treatment field and she seems to be kind to his children.

    1. Because they don’t want to be bothered with him. Which she will spin this into Kaiser wanted to play with other kids or she thought he needed to be in preschool setting or Kaiser wasn’t the monsters child.

      1. Honestly I’m really glad Kaiser has time away from the Land and with *normal* people. I wonder if someone from the daycare reported something about Kaiser and that’s what finally prompted removal. As soon as Jenelle said Maryssa was homeschooled, my heart sunk – there isn’t anyone else able to check on her. Also, can we trust Lurch and Jenelle to actually teach something? It’s just another form of isolation for her which is very sad.

    2. He’s been in daycare for years. They called it “toddler preschool” when he started. He was probably too much work for them, still they made another kid after that.

  29. Jenelle so delusional. She’s thinks Babs mad about her losing her job. Oh Jennelley, you didn’t just lose a “job” like a cashier or a cook. You lost a career, a come up,a lifestyle, a life changing golden opportunity, or a Nathan said “you were trailer trash that hit the lotto!” Now its back to the trailer you go. You a lost your kids behind this and just like Farrah you will eventually lose your thousand dollars hair extensions soon too.

  30. CPS does not have an obligation to notify parents. They are there for the protection of the children. She needs to get off that subject and save herself and daughter!

  31. “Im willing to let Nathan see Kaiser unsupervised now.”

    Um Jenelle.. Kaiser was TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU. You no longer get to decide things for Kaiser.

    God shes dumb.

      1. What? When? Maybe he will tell what he saw witnessing the brutal murder of Nugget. Those kids need to know it’s okay to tell. That monster probably told them if they say anything, he would do the same to them. They’ll have to feel safe before they anything. I just wish I was the fly on the wall when she found out Kaiser had been taken from her custody. Then you read the crap she’s saying, and I’m like you have lost all your parental rights, BITCHH!

        1. Jace said it on the show last year, he was talking to Barb and said “Mum and David are pieces of shit”. And Jace wasn’t there when he shot the dog, he was on a cruise with Barb!

        2. Jace wasn’t on the swamp
          When poor nugget was murdered..
          He was on a cruise with barb.

          Kaiser and maryssa were on the land tho.

  32. I thinks it’s disgusting for her to say she only got to spend mother’s day with Ensley, so Marysa is just a piece of crap to you Jenelle? From what we know Marysa’s biological mother is out of the picture so all she has is her asshole stepmother and hitler father.. my heart hurts for her.

    1. They terrified that little girl’s Mom. And the monster bitch had the bank roll to get that little girl. Let’s just pray that those 2 girls and the animals get saved before it’s to late. Bitch monster and the murderer can rot in hell, but I know that much is true! Monster murderer, just remember that your hell is everything you hated in your life, so Nugget will haunt you forever, you stupid, abusive asshole!

    2. It actually might be true that she spent the day with only Ensley. Maryssa’s Mom has visitation now, so she may have been with her. And if she is still allowed off the land to visit her mom, CPS should take that opportunity to get her as well or at least tell the maternal family they can keep her for now. Or maybe, that side is so bad, she’d end up in foster care. Ugh, poor girl.

  33. This is the most delusional human being. I really had hope for her after she left when dipsh1t killed her dog. I’ve lost any little bit of respect I had for her. I hope she loses all of her kids. I hope she keeps losing everything. The minute she went back to dipsh1t, it was over for me.

  34. Considering both of them would be paying child support to their other children they both would get locked up.

  35. 1. CPS stands for “Child Protective Services”. Therefore their goal is the ultimate welfare of the child. They don’t GAF if the mom or dad is “not consulted”.

    2. I highly doubt Maryssa cares about “the media”. She is homeschooled; it’s not that hard to restrict TV and internet access. She is probably upset about what she observes and is told on “The Land”. One of her pets just got murdered for starters. Her parents are abusive, to each other and to the kids.

    1. And her brothers have disappeared, she’s alone there with a toddler. I’d love to be a fly on the wall, over on the Land.
      Fuck you Jenelle. You don’t get to make any decisions about who Kaiser sees.

  36. I really hope Nathan and his mother get full custody of him eventually. And social services don’t need to inform you Jenelle if they are taking your child that is the whole point aka they see the child is clearly in danger so they have to act.

    Always knew David would ruin her what a idiot she has been.

  37. Am I the only one who thinks she looks high in that picture? Also, how is she affording lawyers? Isn’t she broke?

    I can’t imagine being that delusional, it must be nice. This woman is almost 30, how has she never learned how to take responsibility for her actions? Nothing is ever Jenelle’s fault. I use to be the same way…when I was 15.

    It’s time to grow up little baby.

  38. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I knew David as crazy as hell when he said their double wide would last 10 decades. 🤣 hell its not going to last 1.

  39. Well, Juh-nelle and UBT, you better get out there and start scraping some barnacles, because child support for all those kids is pretty important and if you go to jail for non-payment you’ll have to survive without each other.

  40. Lies. Lies. Lies. I don’t know how you have lawyers. When you don’t have a job. Your a piece of shit like Jace said you were. You beat the hell out of Kaiser all the time like Jace said you did. For once in your life admit your a piece of shit. Get out. Take your kids. Divorce the dumb ass. You will never do the right thing because your a piece of shit. So bye Juh-Nelle.

  41. So her mom is mad at her for losing her job on teen mom 2 and that’s why she’s keeping Jace? Sure. It has nothing to do with his safety. Just being petty as usual. Ugh. This girl.

  42. I can’t believe it seriously took the death of her dogs for CPS to get off their ass and remove anyone from that hellhole…
    I’m not surprised Janelle has no intentions in leaving David…..this idiot is damn near 30 and has yet to do anything for her kids safety……

    I can’t with her goofy ass…

    1. CPS can’t just up and take kids away from the home! You all are directing your anger at the wrong people. The court system and judges are the ones who make the call of whether or not a kid stays in the home or gets taken. CPS can have all the same concerns as we do. But if a judge has not given them the green light to take action, then they can’t. I’m a social worker(by the way, most CPS workers are not social workers. They are simply case managers). I don’t work for CPS and have never wanted to. It’s too exhausting and the pay is the lowest of everyone in the social work field. Also, when stuff like this happens, especially high profile abuse cases, CPS gets crapped on, blamed and shamed by the misinformed.

      FYI for everyone- CPS is given orders by the courts and county judge. If the judges in that county don’t make a move, neither can CPS. Stop blaming them.

      1. What everyone is asking for is for cps to take the appropriate measures. No judge wants the blood of a child on their hands, there’s more than enough evidence to suspect abuse and or neglect. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard CPS denied a temporary order. First: it’s pretty safe to say that most cps departments don’t have enough workers. Second: the majority of workers they do have should be required to have more schooling than they do; this would obviously result in a higher wage that the county always claims they can’t afford.
        Third: if CPS did their jobs better we wouldn’t have so many tragedies. The child deaths that do make the news are always reported that cps received reports .. cps was called in Florida by a frantic attorney pleading for their help, cps disregarded the call, that night John jonchuck threw his five year old daughter off a bridge to her death.

        1. The Susan Powell case was one of the worst. Google it. If you don’t know the story, then I will spare you from the details.

          1. Yes, that was a horrific one too. I’m certainly not picking on isaidwhatisaid comments or opinions, I have respect for how others feel even if I’m in disagreement. In this case and in many others CPS has failed these children over and over. I don’t much care about the channels they have to go through, that’s their job and their responsibility to see to it to a FULL investigation.
            Marysa is an 11 girl that probably loved that little dog more than anyone in the house, she had to listen to her father beat it to death and shoot it…at the very least she needs to talk to a professional. How in the hell did she get stuck in David’s custody?

      2. Thank you for clarifying that, seriously. I just know what I’ve always heard, that’s a lot of misinformation out there.

    2. “CPS took Kaiser without even consulting me first” ummmm is this bitch serious????? 🤔 lmao her fantasy… Hi it’s so and so from Child Protective Services, do you and your crazy husband mind if we remove a kid from your custody? Gee thanks!!!

  43. Barb was keeping Jace from Jenelle before she lost her job. I hope all animals and kids are taken away from them permanently and we can place bets on how long before 1 of them shoots the other.

  44. She’s not mad that Kaiser was taken. she’s mad they didn’t inform her first. Because everyone knows cps calls first to set up an appointment to take your kids. And now that he’s gone, they won’t answer calls from cps. She is trash.

  45. Lemme get this straight, David can abuse kaiser, abuse Jenelle, kill nugget and shoot at Jax but her last straw for divorce will be if he doesn’t go to counseling? Am I right? WTF

    1. My favorite part was that David suggested councilling and Jenelle agreed! Thank God David suggested it (note sarcasm) otherwise Jenelle never would have thought of it.

      1. I hope the counseling is not in the form of Marriage Boot Camp. We all know she doesn’t care about her kids, so I imagine she thinks going to Marriage Boot Camp will help. Then they could get the kids.

    2. THIIIISSSSSS!!!!!
      Jenelle IS STUPID AS F**K!!!!
      David has absolutely NO boundaries to cross when it comes to Jenelle,,, he can do whatever he wants, Jenelle is a pathetic doormat! She has ZERO standards, none.
      Absolutely no self respect.

  46. So now she’s the victim? Get those little girls out of there. She said that the little girl was so upset about the dog she stayed in her room all day. That dumb bitch! I just hope this all doesn’t come down to an, “I told you so” moment. I just feel so helpless, and this story has been consuming me for days.

  47. I don’t believe a word she says.

    CPS doesn’t NEED your permission to take your children, dumbass.

  48. Counseling was David’s idea, but she’ll leave him if he doesn’t go.

    Hmmm. Yeah sure Jenelle.

  49. She’s a pathological liar and expects everyone to be as dumb as she is and believe what she says.

  50. And counseling? These two?! That’s means they’d have to admit their faults..I give them 5 minutes into their first session until one of them storms out.

  51. I’m sorry but to choose a man over you’re own children is beyond ridiculous! Jenelle is just as big of a piece of crap as David is. All of those kids need to be taken from that property ASAP!

  52. Woww Jenelle has always been delusional, but this is taking her delusions to a whole other level. From Teen Mom to an ID show, that’s her future with David. Get those girls out NOW!

  53. It’s like she is not capable of telling the truth. Do you know how Jenelle is lying? Her lips are moving.

  54. Oh how I hope this all ends in child neglect and endangerment charges against her. Would be nice to see teflonelle actually go to jail.

  55. I love how she says CPS told Doris to take her child without her consent. CPS doesn’t need your consent, dumbass!

    Thank god someone has stepped in for Kaiser, now lets hope the same happens for Envelope and Maryssa.

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