EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans’ Son Kaiser Removed from Her Home by CPS: Get the Details!

“Peace out, Dave!” 

Jenelle Evans is having a very bad week.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the recently-fired Teen Mom 2 star had her son Kaiser removed from her care on Friday. The boy– whom she shares with Nathan Griffith— was picked up on Friday by a family member.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that the detective that’s currently investigating Jenelle’s husband David Eason for the brutal murder of Jenelle’s dog earlier this month was the one who called CPS and recommended that Kaiser not return to The Land.

“CPS authorized a family member to get Kaiser from his daycare on Friday,” the source said. 


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Greatest helper ever, no place I rather be. 💓👦🏼

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The Ashley is not sure of all the details, but she has been told that there was no new incident that caused CPS to become involved, except for the phone call from the detective. 

“Kaiser will likely be staying away from The Land until CPS can get things sorted out,” the source added. “A judge will be given the case today to sign off on, at least for the foreseeable future.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan has been fighting for custody of his son for almost a year, and is due to face Jenelle in court on May 30 to begin their custody battle for Kaiser.

As The Ashley told you last week, Jenelle’s other son Jace is being kept away from The Land by her mother Barbara Evans, who has custody of the boy. After Barb learned about David killing the family dog, she has refused to allow Jace to be around David.


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Inseparable 💓 #BrotherAndSister

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Currently, Jenelle and David’s daughter, Ensley, is still in their care. David’s 11-year-old daughter Maryssa is as well, as David has full legal custody of her, and has since 2017. 

The Ashley will have more details soon.

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UPDATE! CPS is now reportedly looking into the welfare of Jenelle and David’s daughter Ensley, as well as David’s daughter Maryssa! Click here for more details! 

UPDATE #2! Jenelle has released a long statement, confirming that Kaiser was taken by CPS on Friday and that Jace is not allowed on The Land. Click here for details! 

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  1. So I’m thinking, this was the investigating detective for Nugget’s murder…..I think it might have been discovered that Kaiser actually witnessed everything that happened that day. This officer would have talked to Kaiser, maybe his trauma from what happened was so obvious that he felt impelled to act on Kaiser’s behalf.
    And I’m guessing Maryssa is equally traumatized, but A. has nowhere else to easily go, and B. The risk of a shootout with David is so great that they’ll need a SWAT team.

  2. I seriously started crying when I read this. Best news I’ve heard in a while and I’m my fellow Ashley devotees concur. #Kaiserisfree 👏👏👏

    1. I have shed so many tears for Nugget since it happened. 1 child is a whole lot safer, now they need to get those girls and the other animals out of there, and those 2 can just kill each other.

  3. Jenelle STOP PICKING MEN OVER YOUR KIDS. YOU HAVE LOST TWO OF YOUR KIDS BECAUSE OF HIM. Oh yeah AND he viciously beat and shot your dog and got you fired from your job basically.

    1. Hopefully, Kaiser was easy cause Jenelle and David send him to daycare everyday. But due to Maryssa being homeschooled and Ensley always being around Jenelle and David as well as David being a ticking time bomb, it might be a lot more difficult. Hopefully someone can save them, but who would take them in?

      1. Jenelle says David home schools her. Which means her lessons are what guns will kill what animals and how to skin puppies.

  4. I’m pretty surprised no one from David’s family has said a peep about ANY of this..the dog murder, kids being taken away.. where’s his sister at least defending him and blaming Jenelle? I’m sure there’s a buck to be made in speaking out.

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    About time….. that family z ticking time bomb…thank you to the detective that found probable cause….

  6. NC CPS gets memo MTV has left the building after all these years of paying them off to look the other way.

    No more checks. No more swag.

    NC CPS realizes they will be fried if they don’t get their asses over to Trash Heap Road and get the kids outta there ASAP.

    NC CPS hauls ass to Trash Heap Road, grabs kids. Leaves David’s kids there for interim period while searching for some kind of… suitable related person to care for those kids, God Help them.

  7. It’s about time Kaiser has been removed from the home, Nathan needs to step up and be the father Kaiser deserves. Jenelle is in denial about her role in all of this. David needs to be in prison for murdering that poor dog. The whole thing is disturbing and disgusting..

  8. Maybe the oldest girls Mom was scared of this monster. The monsters may have broke her spirit or will to fight for her child. That monster could have intimidated her. Didn’t the bitch Teen Mom have a lot of money at the time?

  9. So happy Kaiser is out of there. You know damn well the cops wanted to help but they can’t just take yours kids away and these two were doing just enough for that not to happen. Ensley is little and won’t remember much but poor Maryssa. At her age and knowing how crazy he is I’m sure she has to have anxiety. Sad part is loves her dad and is in for a real heartache and it will be his fault. I will give Janelle credit for being good to her. She’s a good kid. Good for Babs too. That may help the judge make a permanent decision for Kaiser. Like a poster commented earlier, its best the girls are taken like Keiser was. I believe David’s dream is a shoot out.

  10. I hate to admit this but cps removed my 2 boys because of a DV situation when they were not even one and two. You know what I did?….. I left his ass and got my boys back within 3 days enough time to pack move sign a lease etc and prove we were all safe. It’s sad this broad chooses men over her kids. That’s the lowest of low. I hope she and David rot in hell.

    1. I also had to stay in a DV shelter for a few weeks even though I already had a place secured- this was not inly for our safety but for much needed counseling…. Noone could know where I was and it was a nasty shelter but I did not care. I had no money or means to move no job etc but figured it out because my boys are my world. I bet she’s scared but she has so many resources that many other women like myself don’t have. It’s just selfish….

    2. This is exactly what a real mother does. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to feel stuck in that situation. Obviously Jenelle isn’t leaving David to get Kaiser back, as he’s been gone for almost 4 days now. My heart breaks for those kids. They know their mother chose a man over them. I’m sure your boys know you picked them over a man; I’m sure they’ll always love and respect you for that.

    3. I hope that you are proud of what you did for your kids and for yourself. Proud might not be the right word. You were definitely brave, but I don’t think brave quite covers it. Your kids are lucky to have someone fighting for them.

      Jace and Kaiser are lucky to have people fighting for them. Hopefully Ensley and Marissa find people to fight for them.

  11. From US Magazine / According to sources, Kaiser is currently with his father Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris. The Ashley was the first to break the news.

  12. Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye.

    This is the beginning of the end for these two swamp dwellers.

  13. Fucking finally they decided to step in and fucking do something. If they let him go back to Jenelle then throw cps away.

    1. Let’s see how long this good news last. They are both scumbags, Jenelle has always been one,dont feel sorry for her. She is a pos just like him. I’d walk on fire for my kids, how does she allow that pos to treat/speak/abuse her kids like that? And don’t give Ensley to his mother,another POS. Get those kids out of there.

    2. It isn’t up to CPS. They make the case and present it to a judge. It’s up to the judge as to what happens based on the information provided. I assure you, the CPS worker wants to save every child from horrendous situations, but there are laws in place that tie their hands.

  14. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Go check out the click bait on her Instagram about her son’s removal. I’m like wow, can you get any lower???

    1. Just don’t click on her link! That heifer is making big bucks for her clickbait shit. Go on Twitter and find it. Everyone posts it without her clickbait link.

  15. Now Jenelle is PROFITING off of Kaiser’s CPS removal with her “official statement” click bait article on IG!!!! She is such a worthless human being! Who does that to their child?! Why do I even ask?!? They are such low life bottom feeders….I swear the judge better not drop the ball on this this time and Kaiser remains OFF of that God forsaken Land!

  16. Awesome job on getting the exclusive Ashleysrealityroundup!
    It’s about time someone of authority stepped in a took a serious look at the dysfunction that is D-bags and Jen-smells relationship.

    Now we need to save ensley. Breaks my heart she’s getting her big brothers kept from her because her parents are losers. She’s got to be so confused right now. ☹️

  17. “TRAP BABY” that didn’t ‘work’, Nathan smartened up, and ‘got out of Dodge’!😛

    “Favorite” @TheAshley TERM…………”as you do”😂😂😂😂😂

  18. I don’t feel bad for her and I think the other kids should be removed. But I also feel worried that all this will push her too far either back to drugs or she will get into it with lurch and one of them will end up dead

    1. She can do a heroin hot shot, and I wouldn’t care. I said it before…I wish he had killed her instead of the brutality of Nugget’s death. And I ain’t taken back my statement.

    2. Jenelle is still on drugs, can almost guarantee that . Maybe not all the heroin she used to be on while with Courtland, but she’s definitely on more than marijuana.

        1. She still does and that closet video proves she’s on the meth. Where’s her teeth? I highly doubt David only broke those back bottoms. Hed break the fronts too. Her tops are already fake as hell. There’s a ton of reasons why people lose teeth but it’s so obvious in her actions and her skin eyes etc…. they both smoke and rage on the meth!

  19. It’s about time…and he better not EVER be allowed back there either. It took that POS murdering their dog, and not the name calling, threats, and welts on Kaisers behind, to get him out of that house….well at least Nugget didn’t die in vain…let’s hope Nathan gets full custody now.

    1. The thought of Jenelle being forced to pay Doris and/or Nathan child support for Kaiser is very, very satisfying. I’m certain they will go after her for that which Kaiser is entitled. We should take bets now for how long it will take for Jenelle to go broke and get tossed in jail for unpaid child support.

  20. Jenelle all you have to do is kill David. Your defense will be dv. Everybody will believe you. You will get no time. 😂 Just shoot him once and make it a good one.

        1. D and J are probably already each planning the demise of the other. They want to cash in on some of that big Lifetime movie royalty money.

  21. So the sheriff said David is the most dangerous person in the 3 counties, the cops are scared to go to his house to question him because he has a scary sign & owns guns. But its a safe environment for the 2 year old & 11 year old?

    If only the the cops had guns too.
    There are 2 other kids still in the house.

    They are his kids so i dont think he would Physically hurt them, but now that Kaiser is gone who knows.

    1. The concern is likely that it could turn into a hostage situation that could end in casualties (IE the kids being killed). They are probably going to play the waiting game for when they are close enough to civilization to get the girls out, unless their hand gets forced. David is obviously more and more unhinged so anything can happen, you can’t just do with maniacs.

    2. bc they don’t have anyone fighting for them to get removed. Kaiser’s custody stuff was already in the works. The girls have no family members fighting or even wanting to get them. Kaiser did. Hopefully eventually all will be taken. Bc they should be.

    3. They could take a SWAT team out to the swamp . If he’s that scary, he’s loving hearing that. POS bully.

  22. Omg this is AMAZING news!!! I keep checking to see if The Ashley has updated anything lol I’m so glad he’s gotten out of there. Now they have Ensley, Marissa and the pitbull to get out of there. But kaiser is the most neglected out of all of the children so this makes me so happy to hear that. Please CPS stand your ground and do not let that innocent boy back into that house.

  23. I’ve always felt sorry for Kaiser, he always seemed like an afterthought. That creep husband of Jenelles was so mean to him. Can you imagine what went through his little head, seeing that sweet puppy beating to a pulp, then shooting it. I hope and pray Nathan gets that poor baby some therapy. It makes me want to cry,

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      It does look like a bruise in the second pic!

  24. With law enforcement seeming to be ever mindful of how they even approach this situation, it’s beginning to sound more and more like a Waco/David Koresh armed standoff with sick A-hole David taking a stand on his swampy mud pile known as THE LAND, along with innocent children and Princess Dumbass a.k.a Jenelle as his hostages.

    So glad my sweet little Kaiser is finally OUT of that house of horrors for now, and I continue to pray for little Ensley and Maryssa who asked for NONE of this foolishness by virtue of being born to two meth-headed jackasses.

    1. I agree with the undertones in this case. I don’t want it to end with everyone drinking the koolaid because David is “saving” his family. If he will beat and murder a dog over nothing, I don’t want to thing what insane thoughts he has in his head over his family.

      Jenelle really needs to hit rock bottom, go to rehab and learn to love herself without a man and take responsibility for her life. How she acts right now, she is a straight up sociopath!

      1. Yes I agreed then too! I don’t know how people don’t see this and get all of the kids out now! If she wants to stay oh well but precautions need to be taken. He is armed and dangerous. Fritz Klenner all over again

  25. Best news today.

    Just don’t give him back to her, he was only a pawn to her in the first place.

  26. I’m happy these kids are being removed. David is a loose cannon serial killer in the making, they all started by killing animals. I hope Ensly is also removed for her safety. Janelle is the worst ever how on earth can you stay with him. Now that you are no longer his meal ticket your days are numbered. Bet you paid his child support too. WOW

  27. My god, the last fortnight or so has been like Hell has frozen over! Should I be glad that these pieces of shit seem to finally be seeing consequences, or should I be suspicious? You know what they say: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  28. I think that was the best choice for the boys to stay away from David and the land it is not safe for them at all and they are more safer with other family.

    1. Thank the Lord!!!! These two suckholes always thought they were above the law. Their sad ass world is crashing down on them now.

  29. 😭🙌🏽 YES! This is fantastic news for Kaiser. I hate that it took Nugget being murdered for action to be taken, but I am THRILLED that actual progress is being made.

    I wonder why CPS took Kaiser, but left Ensley and poor Maryssa.

    Also, this explains why Jenelle has been posting sweet Kaiser memories and tweets. She is so predictable.

    1. Maybe Kaiser said something at daycare? I don’t believe Jenelle for a minute. I believe David beat Nugget in the house with the kids there. I can see Maryssa running for her room, but Kaiser was probably frozen in terror. It was such a horrific thing that he was bound to either block it out of his mind (repressed memory) or talk incessantly about it. I’m glad if he talked, and I think he did. Enchilada can’t talk & the kid is growing up with all kinds of turmoil & violence around her so she’ll think it’s just normal behavior. I wish Maryssa’s mother would step out of the shadows and at least try to get her daughter out of that house of horrors.

      1. They took Kaiser from daycare. I’m going to assume they are working in a way to get the girls out as well. Atleast I hope

    2. Unfortunately lurch has custody of Melissa and Easley is their child it will take one of the 4 left in that house to get hurt or killed before they have a reason to

    3. It’s because kaiser has people actually rallying for him to be safe (Doris and Nathan) but there’s really no one to do that for ensley or Maryssa… it’s heartbreaking too because Maryssa has already been “given up” aka abandoned by her own mother and now she’s stuck with these two monsters.

      I wish I could scoop her up and take her away from that craziness. I can only imagine what’s she’s seen and heard happen between those two methheads.

  30. They need to get Easley out too. Why would they take one and not the other. Who is advocating for her?

    1. Due to David having guns all over the house the people at CPS are basically scared to death to even go on the land. That’s why Maryssa and Ensley are still there, Kaiser was at daycare so that’s why it was a little easier. Poor Maryssa, poor girl probably has a bad case of PTSD by just living on that circus of horrors.

  31. This is why Maryssa is home schooled. David is basically keeping his kids hostage on the land. They were able to safely remove Kaiser because his unemployed mother and her loser, unemployed husband send him to daycare so they don’t have to deal with him and CPS was able to remove him from the daycare. But Maryssa and Ensley don’t go anywhere. I fear for what will happen if CPS has to go remove the girls from the land with David there.

    Also, there’s the question of who will take the girls. Kaiser has Nathan and his mother. Ensley could be sent to live with Babs. As far as we know, though, Maryssa has no one. Her mother was deemed a less fit parent than David and David’s family is just as bad as he is. She’d be sent to live in foster care.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if CPS and the police are trying to come up with a plan to remove the girls safely and for where they’re going to go once they’re out.

      1. The other 2 are safe because they are Lurch’s. Only explanation that makes sense. Not that it makes sense, but you know what I mean.

    1. No doubt if that happened, David would shoot and kill cps, for going on to
      The land and taking the girls.

    2. I don’t know if Babs could take on more. She is already working her hardest to provide Jace with a somewhat normal(ish) life. In a way, I’m glad Jace has his trust fund, Ensley was never on the show, so there is no back up for her.

  32. I have a sad feeling that this will be “resolved” in a few days and Kaiser will be back there. I only say this because its taken this long. They are concerned about the dog killing incident, which i absolutely agree with they should be and love love love dogs myself, but there was clear documented bruises on Kaiser multiple times and they didnt care enough to push for the removal and change of custody for his safety then??!!! I just dont see them giving Kaiser to anyone else. Seems like David has them all scared to approach the property. Its depressing. I hope Kaiser can get away and Jenelle only gets visitation center only supervised visits.

  33. From the other articles I’ve read it seems they took action on Kaiser and also Jace’s visits because both boys weren’t on The Land when action was taken. Kaiser was at daycare & Jace obviously with Barb.

  34. Good news, maybe Jenelle will wise up by now. No child or pet should ever be around or exposed to such violence and her Mother Barbara has ALWAYS done the right thing fos Jace.

  35. According to TMZ Ensley is still there because:
    As for David and Jenelle’s 2-year-old daughter, Ensley … we’re told she’s still in the home, and partly because authorities believe it’s treacherous to enter the property given David’s temper combined with his firepower.

    Sounds like that would be a reason to definitely go get her smh

  36. I’m not saying her husband did right by killing the dog at all, but it’s terrible that the boy wasn’t removed from the home when there were allegations of David abusing the little boy! Only AFTER David was accused of killing the dog was anything done!

  37. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Good news, maybe Jenelle will wise up by now. No child or pet should ever be around or exposed to such violence.

  38. If CPS removes all the children from the home…and Janelles tubes are tied…then this may be the end of Janelle and Lurch’s abusive parenting. Gosh I hope they put a safety plan in place for Ensley and Maryssa. Even if they placed them in foster care together.

  39. Do you think UBT started using his talking words about Nathan when the Dect. Showed up? And he figured he couldn’t leave his child there? God I hope it’s something along those lines and nothing worse.

  40. Well now we’ll see exactly what her priorities are. She claims it’s her children,but I’m not convinced. Obviously neither is the any one else regarding the welfare of those children. I totally agree with the action that has been taken regarding these children. She’s some kind of poor EXCUSE of a mother…TOTALLY PATHETIC!

  41. I read on TMZ that jace and Kaiser cannot go back by Oder of CPS and Ensley is still there because I doubt David would allow her removal without it getting violent

    1. Except that Jenelle filmed herself in the car with just Endtable just a while ago. CPS and the law enforcement people could pull her over & remove the kid. If David pulls his weapon, well — don’t the cops have guns too?

  42. Thank you Jesus!!!!
    Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus!!
    Thank you Dick Tracy!finally the right officer went to the SWAMP!!!
    I hope CPS is in trouble.

  43. Since there was already hope for Jace and now there’s hope for Kaiser, will there/is there hope for the two younger girls. I mean Maryssa already has some possible PTSD going on unfortunately after not only witnessing what happened but by just living on the land or how I like to call it the circus.

      1. If you hit the thumbs up icon a couple of times it will change to a positive response.

  44. So a detective/law enforcement is finally doing their job? At least partially. What does it take for people to see that children do not belong there. I have to wonder what judges are seeing that convinces them not to remove the children – while Nathan is not perfect, he seems a lot more stable than Jenelle and David. Jace is very lucky – and while Jenelle has said she is going to get him back, she really hasn’t made the effort.

    I regret this now, but originally I did think that Nathan was a positive influence on Jenelle. He seemed a little more stable and encouraged her to put her focuses on other things. This girl needs to check into hardcore rehab and learn how to be a human being. She has no idea who she is and anything that she self-identifies with..except maybe Ke$ha.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      All the kids need take away i glad Barbra keep Jace away too i bet Kaiser Happy not be at the swamp

  45. Jennelle needs a big wake up call one that says no man is worth losing your children for…wake up before he hurts you or your daughter. Your losing everything girl…so very said..

  46. Hallelujah praise God that some action has been taken to remove Kaiser from the home. Now u need to remove Ensely. If u feel it is unsafe for Kaiser to be in the home, then it is unsafe for Ensley to be there also. Please don’t wait for another death to happen.

    1. She already deleted it and posted some nonsense that the post wasn’t made by her. She really is a messy a$$ b*tch.

  47. You see what happens when MTV and their big bucks arent protecting her anymore? MTV were enablers to their abusive behaviors. Since she doesnt have money anymore she cant pay for expensive legal maneuvers to get her way. Shame on you,MTV!!!

  48. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Wtf, the dog biting @ the baby an the father shoots it, I would too. Cops shoot dogs when they attack people. Why isn’t anyone going on an uproar about that and the CPS removes a child cuz his stepfather shot the dog, but allowskids to remain with abusive parents, the only reason anything is happening is cuz she’s on tv

    1. It was a pup that the kid was tormenting, whilst David filmed it, the pup was terrified ( it nipped to defend itself) didn’t bite or break the skin.

      David best and tortured that pup in front of the kids, then shot the poor thing.

      I pray you didn’t have kids or animals you pos.

      You need to do some fucking research, you have really pissed me off, with this comment.

      The cps quote rightly removed those kids from
      An abusive home.

      1. I am with you! When you have small kids, you teach them how to treat animals. My kids have always been taught not to put their face into a dogs face. And Trisha, you are a stupid fucking bitch and you are probably related to the Monster Mom and her Monster Dog killer husband. I hope you rot in hell with them!!! You dumb ass! Did you not watch the same video we all did? Stupid Bitch!

  49. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    So how come this detective decided it was not safe for Kaiser to be in the home during the investigation but not Ensley?

  50. Why not Maryssa and Ensley? Dog? Pigs? Chickens? Shut the whole Swamp down. Then David and Jenelle can smoke themselves to death.

  51. I’m so happy for Kaiser. I hope he never goes back. Nathan has his issue but he’s 100000 times better than Jenelle. I think the girls are slightly safer since they’re David’s biological children but I still think they need to be taken too.

  52. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    GOOD!!! Now get that monster arrested!

    1. Awesome job on getting the exclusive Ashleysrealityroundup!
      It’s about time someone of authority stepped in a took a serious look at the dysfunction that is D-bags and Jen-smells relationship.

      Now we need to save ensley. Breaks my heart she’s getting her big brothers kept from her because her parents are losers. She’s got to be so confused right now. ☹️

  53. Yaaaaaaassssssss

    Two more to go. Though I believe David treats his own kids better than he does the boys that are not his. How was that Mothers Day Janelle?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this just increases the violence in the home. Angry Jenelle leads to yelling and a worked up Lurch. I’m surprised they all made it out of this weekend alive.

    Hope it’s Doris that has little bun bun.

    1. Omg amen. I bet she put that pic of them two up as a way to be like look, they’re always together and now you separated them and it’s not his best interest… holy heck I hope this remains and they can actually have supervised visits. That boy needs to star clear of that freak of a step dad.

  54. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    What about the other kids? Why take one but not them all?

  55. And perhaps the loss of her children will be the reality check Janelle needs. Is she willing to loose her children for that monster? Maybe…we will have to wait and see. I think Kaiser is an acceptable loss. Jace was already. But if she has to give up Ensley too? Maybe…

    1. I doubt it. I don’t think Jenelle cares about her kids. No MTV and no kids mean she can back to being a full time druggie.

    2. Jelly started talked about wanting a little girl when she was pregnant with Jace. I don’t think her tying her tubes after having a girl was a coincident. She’s going fight hard to keep Ensley.

  56. Ahhhhhh, it makes sense now. This is why shes been posting videos of Ensley and no evidence of Kaiser.
    Smh, Jenelle, you’re on the first thing smoking to DEMISE. Get your stuff together…

  57. As good as this is, there are still 2 children left. We should all be scared for them. For a call to be made about 1 specific child, makes me wonder what happened to that child. If Kaiser isn’t safe, I don’t understand why the other children aren’t.

      1. Exactly. I suspected CPS was involved when Ensley looked clean and had combed hair. And she’s been posting about Kaiser in a loving way, so that’s another clue. She only ever does that when there’s a custody or CPS thing going on.

  58. So she really has chosen her piece of shit husband over 2 of her kids.

    If that’s not a wake up, nothing will.

    What I don’t understand is the Ensley and maryissa. It’s either safe or not? I know kaiser suffers more than the others, but it’s still a toxic abusive environment.

  59. And the Junkie is posting pictures of Headsley, as if “EVERYTHING IS FINE”, as usual. Thank God, for Kaiser, but what about the rest of the hostages? Maryssa and Headsley, next! NO CHILD is safe, in that swamp!

    1. You shouldn’t make fun of the child even if you don’t like her name. Not her fault her parents are who they are.

      1. I was not making fun of the child, nor her name. I was referring to her “egg donors” inaction!

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Has anything been said about his daughters mom? Where is she in all this?

  60. THANK JESUS!!!!!! I pray this little boy is protected moving forward. Best news I’ve read in a long time!

  61. This makes me so happy. I’ve been so worried about him for a long time. It’s about time they did something!!!Hopefully they get the baby and Marissa out of there

  62. Holllyyyyyy shittttt hopefully this will be her wake up call but probably not!! I am so happy!

  63. It’s about time. I’m not sure how they can only find Kaiser in danger & not the other children though.

    1. Does anybody else find this situation eerily similar to the one recently in the news? The little boy who was beaten to death after CPS had been to their house 17 times in his short 5 years of life? He was even born with drugs in his system just as Ensley was.

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