“90 Day Fiance” Star Deavan Clegg Claims Jihoon Lee Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With Their Son; Promises to Reveal More During Tell-All Reunion

“Grab that faulty translator egg, we need to have a talk.”

Deavan Clegg of 90 Day Fiancé is slamming her ex Jihoon Lee after fans accused her of denying Jihoon parental rights to the couple’s infant son Taeyang

Critics came for Deavan on social media this week after she shared photos from a recent outing that included her alleged new boyfriend, who happened to be holding Taeyang in one of the photos.

Before disabling the comments on her post, Deavan was asked if Jihoon ever gets to see his son, to which Deavan claimed her ex “wants to forget and pretend we never had a baby.” 

After being accused of lying, Deavan insisted she was telling the truth and told the individual to “wait till the [Tell All].”

In response to a similar question, Deavan again stated that “Jihoon doesn’t want to raise [Taeyang].” She also claimed Jihoon’s family has not reached out to see Taeyang.

Deavan opened up more about where things stand with her and Jihoon, claiming that she had made many attempts to co-parent with him – all of which have been unsuccessful. 

” … I’m blocked on social media, my number is blocked,” she revealed. “I’ve reached out sent photos of my son with no replies. I’ve tried and offered to come to Korea. I’m sick of being blamed when I’m the one trying to co-parent. I was told several times to just pretend it never happened because that’s what this certain person wants.” 

Jihoon, praying no-one figures out the “certain person” is him.

She went on to address the lack of financial support she’s received from Jihoon, saying that she paid for all of her hospital bills as well as everything while she and the kids were in Korea, adding that she’s the one “still supporting [her] son with no help.”

“I’m the one doing everything so why [am I] being attacked,” she asked. “Because I moved on? Because I was tired of being used and not getting any help in return? I tried and this person has said some vile things about my son and has blocked any way of me getting in contact to even send photos of my son? But yet you guys attack me?

“You don’t know what happened behind [closed] doors you don’t know the type of evil that happened,” she continued. “I’m sick of being attacked and blamed and being told I’m a horrible person and I took my son away. You guys don’t know the half of it.” 

Deavan again told her followers to “wait until the Tell All” to hear the full story. 

“Something bad happened that can never be forgiven,” she said.

A week ago, Jihoon confirmed that he and Deavan had split, at which point he also acknowledged Deavan’s new relationship. 

“I want my ex and her boyfriend, just be happy,” he said. “Cause [it’s] her choice and [that’s the] way she will be happy and I’m just [going to] walk to my own way. But we’re still Taeyang’s parents.” 

Deavan, explaining how parenting works to the translator egg…

Jihoon admitted he missed Taeyang “very much” while noting “[Deavan] said [she would come back] every summertime back to Korea with Taeyang.” 

UPDATE! After seeing Deavan’s post, Jihoon posted his own message to Instagram Stories.

“Let me just say one thing,” he wrote. “I always want to see my son. You don’t know how I feel. I don’t want to speak English anymore. Will you stop this childish social media fight?”

Later, in the caption of a photo of his son that was posted to Instagram, Jihoon revealed that, so far, he and Deavan have not officially filed for divorce, and that he does care about his son and is upset that Deavan will have other men around the boy. He also expressed in the comment section of the post how bad he feels for his parents, who will now have very limited access to their grandson.

“The reality is terrible. I know all this s**t,” Jihoon wrote. “Like he’s going to have a new father. Do you know how that feels? My heart is always breaking. It happened without my knowledge. There’s no divorce on paper right now. Do you really know how it feels?

“…Don’t pretend to be a victim,” he wrote in response to what Deavan posted. “I never did that. I’m just a normal person…I’d like to forget the pain. I’m tired of speaking English. Everyone, just watch all the results at Tell All. 

“Did you forget your son? Don’t ask me that stupid question. I’m human too. And no psychopath.”

He admitted that he did block Deavan on social media.

“I don’t want to get involved in their lives so I blocked them all,” he wrote. “So extreme. But that’s how I organize my mindset. I will never forget my son and love him forever.”

“Right now I fu**ing sorry to my parents,” he wrote.

See Jihoon’s full post below. 

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#90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway #tlc I can't speak all my feelings in English. You see me as a fool. Now I think of him every day. But I can't see him right now, so I spend the day focusing on other things. The reality is terrible. I know all this shit. Like he's going to have a new father. Do you know how it feels? My heart is always breaking. It happened without my knowledge. There's no divorce on paper right now. Do you really know how it feels? Someone's gonna tell me. Don't pretend to be a victim. I never did that. I'm just a normal person. It's been a while since I've seen Instagram, and it's so stupid. I just want to focus on myself right now. I'd like to forget the pain. I'm tired of speaking English. Everyone, just watch all the results at tell all. "Did you forget your son?" Don't ask me that stupid question. I'm human too I'm not psychopath And she said she showed him to me in December and every summer. Yeah, we talk to the translator. But I don't think she knows what I really mean. And I don't want to get involved in their lives. So I blocked them all. So extreme But That's how I organize my mind-set. I will never forget my son and love him forever. Every time I try to be comfortable, I keep seeing things. I want to be comfortable now.

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33 Responses

  1. Do you think Jihoon is just incredibly lazy (due to enabling parents?), or do you think he really tried to find a better job, but no one would hire him due to his criminal record?

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Such a pity Deavan is getting screwed over by her, now, husband, puty he doesn’t give child support as he should, even from s. Korea

  3. I dont care for Devan, especially her mom. But she did try. She moved to Korea TWICE & had to move back to the US when Jihoon couldnt support them because in order to “nap” when he wantec he could only awork part-time. (His own words, he admitted). She couldnt work without a work permit, what should she have done?
    No one in their right mind would have trusted him until HE got an apartment & proved but she was delusional

    I think she went above & beyond.

  4. I don’t blame her for moving on. Even though I feel for Jihoon, he is 30 and isn’t exactly pro-active in being an adult. But having her son and her new dude in matching clothes is a cheap shot I suspect aimed at Jihoon. She had her out of control daughter calling Jihoon “daddy” right away and we saw what happened there. I hope for her kids sake she doesn’t do that again. I am a single mom of three and it IS possible to date without getting the kids involved. I wouldn’t introduce my kids to any man I was dating for a long time and they certainly wouldn’t be told to call any other man “Daddy” except their own. That Dracsilla is out of control and so misbehaved it’s unreal. They allow her to do whatever she wants.

    1. Totally agree!! The cringiest thing I saw was when they introduced dracilla to jihoons grandma as “your great grandma!” Like ??? Surely a 4 year old knows this person is not her grandmother lol

  5. I’m not buying that the kid is even Jihoon’s. Did I miss them talking about a paternity test?

    I remember Deavan saying on one of the first episodes that she definitely has a type and Jihoon fit that bill. But only having sex once and getting pregnant? I know it only takes once, but it seems too neat-and-tidy that they had sex once and now they are in love and having a kid. I think that she already thought she was pregnant before Jihoon even got there the first time.

    1. Why would she lie about him being the father?

      Yes she tried to trap him for his money?
      To move to Korea & live in the lap of luxury?

      If it was a guy in the US she would have a much easier time getting support

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    I really feel Sorry for JHoon.not everything is his fault. This is all new to him having a son.that i know he adores him.He’s not a bad guy.i think Devan is extremely angry and wants to blame Jhoon for not having alot of money.she wants it all to be perfect. That’s not how it works it takes time to adjust for this commitment. Doesn’t she understand how things are in south Korea. She spent money on cosmetic surgery. To make herself more perfect. I think she’s being unfair. She got pregnant.

  7. Jihoon you have been lying to her since day 1she trusted you find a safe place for them to live you didn’t I saw how she was hurting those so call jobs you was suppose to have and she never got anything from you she came to Korea on several occasion

  8. Let’s hope she has decided to buy some condoms. I heard Aseulu is developing a brand called “Slut People Baby Boohole Samoan Sock”. Deavan needs to invest in those before she is with child again.

  9. Deavan & her mother have broken this man down mentally with their constant attacks via the show & online. I can only imagine how bad it is privately when what they have done publicly is so vicious & relentless. I call BS on Jihoon not financially supporting his son. Does Deavan want people to believe that she gave Jihoon his half of their TLC earnings? I highly doubt it. Jihoon has also stated Deavan gets all of his cameo money & he also sends money from his job he has now. Deavan is a liar, lies about little things & big things, she see’s herself as the victim when she is not. Her children are & the childrens fathers are.

    1. The mother does write Vampire Porn novels for a living. So sicking the life out of someone is par for the course. Drucilla i think the female name for Dracula.

  10. Stop putting your business / and life on SM if you do not want people to have an opinion.
    Get off SM and teach your daughter some MANNERS

    1. Did you see how that little girl was just hitting Jihoon, and the Mom and daughter were having tea, and laughing, knowing she was doing that?

  11. I have a feeling Deavan or however you spell her name, is being over dramatic…The way her mom was over reacting when that misbehaved child Driscilla almost ran into the street, and just blamed Jihoon 100% when they were ALL standing right there, makes me think drama just runs through their veins. Driscilla is bad as hell, she was smacking Jihoon in the head last episode while he was watching her and the baby….she needs to be put on a leash, and I’m not trying to be mean or rude or snarky…they seriously need to attach her to leash so she doesn’t run off like that anymore…at least until she’s old enough to behave a little better. For some reason the way Driscilla acts makes me feel like she’s a direct reflection of Deavan, just super reckless in all areas on her life.

    1. YES !! You know the saying, the apple does not fall far from the tree. That child is like a wild animal.
      And the mom is crazy

      1. Driscilla is BAD, and the problem is Deavan obviously doesn’t do anything to correct it. Kid almost ran into the street and they blamed Jihoon. Driscilla has got to be the most misbehaved kid I’ve seen on ALL reality TV, and considering she’s only appeared in about 10 minutes worth of footage over the past 2 or 3 seasons Deavan’s been on, that’s saying a lot.

        1. And why is she always so sweaty?? I have a HIGH ENERGY incredibly active child, literally never stops, but she would NEVER behave like an animal like that!! Where is the discipline??

          1. And I noticed she has caps/filings on a couple back molars – perhaps from Devean giving her bottles at THREE years old!

          2. Driscilla needs her behind spanked good(I don’t mean beat), just a good wake up call. She’s a spoiled horrible little brat and no one disciplines her. I had 5 kids and not one of them act like that. Jihoon will grow up. He’s still young and it’s a known fact woman mature a lot faster then men. But she’s trash jumping from one man to another. What’s that teaching her already bratty daughter. Deavan smother seems like the type that man have jumped around from man to man in her early years. She’s also trashy acting

        2. Driscoll needs her butt tore up (and I don’t mean beat) and taught some manners….she’s aweful!!!! I also wanna know what kind of great job she left in the US to be with Jihoon. I don’t remember her working while she she was living in the states. Did I miss something?

      2. Neither of them should have had a child with the other.
        He does too little, she does too much and they both think they are a prince or princess.

  12. Funny she makes the same assertions with her daughter’s father, then someone on reddit did a deep dive and found out it was all lies. He never had a criminal past, he never stalked her. Blah blah. In fact from the long ago social media posts Devan never deleted she made his life miserable and pushed him out. Quite remarkable, let’s move on again to a new daddy and funny the son and the new bf are even dressed alike. She’s always the victim. Jihoon is not perfect, but get outta here with not taking one ounce of blame.

  13. Literally no one is surprised by this. She has no one but herself to blame for all of the stupid decisions that added up to this situation. The very thing that makes this show interesting is the mind-blowing levels of stupidity of these people.

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