EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Cuts Mom Barbara Off Again After Barbara Refuses to Allow Jenelle’s Son Jace Near David Eason

“You can’t be my friend anymore!”

Jenelle Evans‘ relationship with her mother, Barbara, is back to being estranged, after Barb made it clear to the Teen Mom 2 star that her son Jace is not allowed to be around Jenelle’s dog-killing husbandDavid Eason!

The Ashley can exclusively report that Barbara told Jenelle that Jace will no longer be going to The Land if David is there. The Ashley’s source tells her that this went down last week, and that after Barb told Jenelle that, Jenelle blocked Barbara from contacting her and blocked her on Instagram.

“Barbara is still in contact with [the people from MTV] and she said that since Jenelle isn’t leaving David, she can’t allow Jace to go see Jenelle because she knows that will mean Jace will be around David,” the source said. “She was horrified [about the dog’s murder].”

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Barbara has had custody of Jenelle’s oldest son nearly his whole life. While Jenelle had frequent visitation, and, as of the last few months was enjoying a good relationship with Barb after months of estrangement, the killing of Jenelle’s dog and Jenelle returning to David has changed all that, according to the source. 

“Barbara told Jenelle she is contacting her attorney to get something in place banning David from being around Jace,” the source tells The Ashley.

Jace was not present when David killed Jenelle’s dog, as he was on a cruise with Barbara. Jenelle has confirmed that her other children, Ensley and Kaiser, as well as David’s daughter Maryssa, were all at home on The Land when the killing occurred, though.

As The Ashley previously told you, Nathan Griffith— the father of Kaiser– is also trying to keep David away from his son. He and Jenelle are due to face off in court on May 30 to battle for custody of Kaiser. 

“Barbara is very upset that Jenelle has chosen to return to The Land and David,” the source said. “She is sad that Jenelle has cut her off again for trying to keep Jace from her, but Barbara wants to protect Jace from whatever else may happen [on The Land].”

The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources confirm that several members of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ production team have reached out to Jenelle and offered her help, following the killing of her dog.

Barbara has not commented publicly on David or the killing of Jenelle’s dog, but other ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast members have released statements on the incident. 

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64 Responses

  1. Reminds me of that old commercial….how many licks does it take to get to the centre of a Tootsie pop. Does ANYONE know?

    Nothing works with this borderline personality disorder, selfish, severely damaged “human”. Next week she’ll be in the hospital for some mysterious illness once again. Just like at the reunion she had stomach pain and demanded a trip to the hospital (which she didn’t get). That’s the shreds of her conscience trying to kick in and sadly, those poor little cells are damaged too.

    Hopeless is not a word I use often. It definitely applies here. She’ll be “living off The Land” and selling her chicken eggs (the ones David doesn’t use for target practice) and who knows, maybe start a weird little commune called “Swampville”. But, she will NOT get it together for herself or her children. Ever.

  2. I’ve been following Teen Mom 2 since it started. Throughout all of the women on the show, jenelle is the only one who have remained the same; Immature. It’s a sad situation honestly, I didn’t celebrate her firing like many have because I wouldn’t want anyone to have financial hardship, but instead of her getting marriage counseling, she should talk to someone. She is very codependent on men, her need for validation by the men she had in her life is really sad. She have never been single on the show. The best thing she need to do honestly is talk to a therapist, a life coach, divorce David, her a restraining order, move from NC, closer to her mother, focus on her and her kids only. She need to rebuild herself.

  3. I’ve been following Teen Mom 2 since it started. Throughout all of the women on the show, jenelle is the only one who have remained the same; Immature. It’s a sad situation honestly, I didn’t celebrate her firing like many have because I wouldn’t want anyone to have financial hardship, but instead of her getting marriage counseling, she should talk to someone. She is very codependent on men, her need for validation by the men she had in her life is really sad. She have never been single on the show. The best thing she need to do honestly is talk to a therapist, a life coach, divorce David, her a restraining order, move from NC, closer to her mother, focus on her and her kids only. She need to rebuild herself.

  4. Janelle is going to learn the hard way, unfortunately. She is the typical abused spouse. Dave the douchbag probably has her believing she can’t survive without him. I truly wish he would disappear. Perhaps shoot himself by accident, of course.

  5. Glad Janelle was fired from Teen Mom. Barbara needs to keep Jace far away from David and his abusive criminal behavior. I feel Terrible that Kiser is stuck living in that home.

  6. I think out of respect for poor nugget
    Jenelles pic should be removed from all the recaps on the Ashley site, it’s like it’s promoting this bitch and all the crap she does.

    1. I totally agree how can someone still be married to such a psychopath and put her children in danger as well as herself, I could never love someone that can easily hurt a defenceless animal without any discourse for his actions, Janelle is as sick as him, to let her kids or any kids see such violence and make it look that it is ok to use that kind of action

  7. Good. God only knows what or who he’s going to get mad at and kill next. He’s made it pretty clear he hates Kaiser. Nathan and Doris need to get the little boy away from Jenelle until she leaves David. Enough is enough.

  8. I am really curious as to what is so wrong in Jenelle’s head that she is this desperate to have a man (any man will do) in her life to make her feel whole. Ever since 16&P there hasn’t been a span of 30 minutes when she didn’t have a soulmate in her bed. There have been a number of filmed incidents where Jace expresses his desire to spend time with her (without her current soulmate) and it just doesn’t happen. There was the time she pumps him up to go to St. Thomas while they’re driving in the car, he expresses excitement to go then tellingly asks if David is going. Any real parent would see this is a sign but Jenelle just asks him “you like David right?” as if he’s going to tell her no. The fact that she was on the couch recovering from having an abortion with the baby from soulmate #6,297 and she was rummaging through dating sites and ended up meeting Nathan. There is something very clinical about her, there should be ample grounds for Nathan to have her psychologically evaluated as to her fitness as a parent. All of the authoritative bodies out in NC are seriously out to lunch.

    1. She’s beyond codependent. She has “daddy” issues. She just wants to be loved and doesn’t care who gives it to her. She may have had a shitty childhood where she wasn’t given the attention she wanted, so she goes and gets it anywhere.

      1. Well remember when she had a tantrum on Babs on the stairs and said that Babs never “nourished” her as a child (I think she meant to say nurture, but this is Jenelle we’re talking about)…I also remember one reunion Jenelle said that her and Babs were getting along better because Babs finally dumped her boyfriend. I’m pretty sure Jenelle’s a product of her environment…Bab’s clearly did a shit job raising her…I just hope that Babs learned from her mistakes raising her other kids, and corrects those mistakes with Jace. Seems like Babs is trying her best to do right by Jace.

  9. Well, this proves more than ever that Jenelle puts her relationships with men above her relationships with her own children.

  10. Just imagine what Jenelle would do if Barb was married & her husband did what scumbag has done!! She would do exactly as Barb is and if Jenelle actually took a moment to think about that she’d realize that! Only person she should be furious with is that mooching low life! He knows what Jenelle has been thru to finally get to a place where she sees Jace consistently & the custody issues w/ Kaiser! He just destroyed all of that for her he definitely doesn’t give a shit about her or her kids! Nor does he care about his own!! He probably scarred Maryssa for life!

  11. Can’t Barb request supervised visitation? Like how Chelsea had it setup. Aubree had to see Adam at some center. That’s the only way she can guarantee no David.

    It pains me knowing that Kaiser is probably getting abused. Nathan or his mom needs to get full custody. Why they haven’t request an emergency custody hearing I have no idea. They have more than enough evidence to show that Jenelles house isn’t a safe place.

    1. Barb doesn’t have to do anything, Jenelle terminated her parental rights. Every time since she signed that paper that she has gotten to see her Jace was a gift from Barbara. Fuck Jenelle. Fuck David and most of all FUCK MTV for keeping silent.

      1. That’s not true. She signed over legal and physical custody, but Jenelle still has parental rights. She got visitation in 2017, but before then she saw Jace only because Barb allowed it. Now, she has a visitation schedule. Barb retains sole custody.

        1. Streets Full of Uppercut: I remember that too, that was when she and Lurch would film Barb all the time trying to get “evidence” to present in court to get Jace “back”, but she just ended up getting every other weekend or something like that.

  12. This was such a sad situation
    We know he wont go to jail & Jenelle wont be fired & these 2 will never be held accountable.
    But hopefully 1 good thing will come from this & a judge will see how dangerous David is & give Nathan full custody of Kaiser

  13. I’ve been watching family court proceedings on YouTube from Clark County Nevada. The courts are public and allow for court observers. Someone who lives out that way should go attend the custody case for Kaiser. And every time David goes back to court for Kaden. I also hope that Nathan is paying for representation in the custody case. It helps so much to have someone that does this day in, day out to present your information in the best possible light. And how to best respond.

    1. I agree. Nathan needs someone to help him. He isn’t smart enough to present his case himself, and he comes off as smarmy and fake. He also gets very dramatic and exaggerates things. Jenelle isn’t a good liar but she does come off as more ‘real’ than Nathan. I can’t see Nathan winning if he’s doing all the talking himself. He definitely needs some kind of advocate.

  14. Fuck Jenelle and her bullshit. She makes me sick choosing this dog murderer over her family

  15. Well the good news here is that if Barb is blocked from contacting Jenelle, that means that they can’t make plans to meet up, and Jace won’t be able to go over there at all, right?!?!

    In obvious news, what a low move to block your mother over that thing you call a man. How appalling and disgusting, Jenelle.

  16. Kaiser is in danger there. He needs to be removed from that hellhole before May 30th, that leaves so much time for David to pull other psychotic stunts. I actually fear for that child’s life? Jenelle on the other hand, deserves everything she has coming for her. I just hope those poor kids aren’t there to witness it.

  17. If Jenelle wasn’t a complete piece of sh!t than she would file restraining orders, file for emergency custody of Maryssa, and take all the kids and RUN. She has so many resources she could be using but instead chooses to put her children in danger. A rational person would not do this. She needs to smarten up and fast!

    1. Basically if she hadn’t paid all his back child support this fool would have gone to jail and she could start all the processes for getting him out of her and the childrens lives… but nope! Cut her mother off for saying she wasn’t going to allow Jace to be around such an abusive unbalanced a$$. She’s not going to file anything against David and those kids, especially Marissa and Ensley, are stuck. Hopefully a judge with side with Nathan and Doris over Kaiser and get him out of there

    2. Jenelle most likely only tolerates maryssa!!!
      She won’t want her, hell she doesn’t even fight for her own

  18. Oh look, Jenelle chose a man over Jace AGAIN. She will never change and I have zero sympathy for her. Those kids though…my heart breaks for what they must endure on The Land.

    Glad Barb did the right thing but Jace. I know she was staying quiet to stay on Jenelle’s good side, but that trash isn’t worth it. Jace is the priority and his safety and well-being has to come first.

  19. Tell Jenelle to get HER walking shoes on. Barbara needs to protect that boy. If Jenelle is that stupid, she needs to have all of her kids taken away, including Ensley. Next, he’ll be trying to kill the kids.

  20. It’s the only move a responsible parent could make. I wish someone on Maryssa’s maternal side would get her out of there. I hope Nathan goes balls to the wall for custody and the Judge grants it. Jenelle is an unfit parent – nothing has ever really changed. Her comfort takes precedence of the welfare of thos kids. You just KNOW many more unsavory things have gone on in the Swamp that she’s hidden from the public.

    1. You know for sure more stuff goes on in the Swamp that hidden from the public. Jenelle only reports it when Lurch does something to her. She would,never report when he does something to the kids or animals that doesn’t affect her sorry azzxzz.

    2. Claire.
      I said this myself about maryssa only a few days ago.

      It’s disgusting that no one is fighting for her.

  21. It’s clear as day that’s jenelle isn’t leaving that murderous piece of shit, so it’s time for MTV to let her GO. It’s absolutely sickening that MTV still won’t fire her. They’d rather put their cast, crew, and other kids in danger for some rating.

  22. Nathan get your boy and don’t give him back til she’s rid of that fuking abusive swamp monster.
    Good luck man!

  23. I’m so glad ! Kaden gone.. Olivia won, Jace gone, Kaiser will be gone end of this month. Was it worth it Jenelle for a man with no respect for you, your home or your children. How many busted holes in Sheetrock in your home Janelle … 8 ? Have fun with David. You deserve each other obviously. And soon NO JOB. 2 POS

  24. I hope the animal are removed and rehomed, I hope Nathan gets custody of his son, I hope barb or cps takes ensley.

  25. Glad Barbara has finally woken up. And along with many people these days, I feel ZERO sympathy for Jenelle for not only putting herself in physical danger with this speckled lunatic she continues to call her “soulmate,” but putting her children in constant potential danger as well.

    CPS needs to step into this awful situation, and step in FAST. I have no doubt that David has convinced this idiot that he slaughtered her dog for her own good, and she’s been in bed screwing this monster along with making his child support payments and defending him — ever since.

    What a horrible shame and injustice for the poor children living in that swampy mud pile who unlike Jace, have neither a voice or a choice.

    1. Did you get a reply from MTV ?? I did and they said they already fired david, and he does not represent MTV.

      I think MTV are greedy cowards !!!!

  26. Hallelujah someone’s finally taking action. Poor Maryssa,she’s stuck with David forever. Nathan on the 911 call was talking about himself a lot.

    1. That poor kid already looks like she has Psd.

      What about the grand parents on her moms side? I know her mom isn’t fit to have her.
      But surely she has relatives on her moms side who can step in and fight for her.

      God she has seen some things I bet.

  27. I knew Babs still had some sense!! I could tell that she was only being quiet about her opinions of David so as to not alienate Jenelle, but of course, Jenelle is stupid and that will never change. So glad Jace has at least Barbara to protect him since his mother clearly doesn’t care! I truly hope Nathan and Babs team up again and FINALLY take Jenelle down!!!

  28. So, Jenelle blocks her Mom, no problem. Guess she cares deeply about seeing her son, not. Once again, Jenelle is choosing her dick over her children. I hope someone is watching out for Kaiser and the judge gets him off the land on May 30th.

  29. Good! I was worried that Barb would value her reconciliation with jenelle too much to do this.

  30. Thank goodness Jace has Barb. All those other poor babies are trapped in a living hell. Let’s hope Kaiser is freed from all of this as soon as possible.

  31. Barb is doing the right thing!! What did Jenelle expect??? THANK JACE for having Barb! Now all we need is to get the other kids AND animals out of there, put David in jail!!

  32. So once again Jenelle chooses a dog murdering, psychopath over her own son. Not surprised at all.

    1. Babs needs to not worry so much about Jenelles reaction. Jenelle is a lost cause. She is attracted to the bad boy because she has this “Bonnie and Clyde” dream and she thinks that these angry agressive,type men will be better protectors. Babs needs to keep Jace away from the Land because once he becomes a teenager he will probably step to Lurch and Lurch will overreact as usual to his authority being challenged and it will end in tragedy.

  33. So I guess this means MTV isn’t going to do a damn thing about this. Not being able to film David, the crew are so scared of him they refuse to go to North Carolina to film, many advertisers have pulled their ads and they STILL won’t do anything about her. She’s barely been on this season and ratings haven’t dropped so why are they so desperate to keep her on?? The safety of their own staff is at stake and they don’t care. I’ve watched this series since 16 and pregnant and I’m done. I will not watch another episode of TM2 or TM unless Jenelle is fired.

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