‘Teen Mom’ Cast Members Release Statements on David Eason’s Actions; Express Concern for Jenelle Evans

“Don’t compare us to that swamp monster!”

MTV has yet to speak up publicly regarding the brutal murder of Jenelle Evans‘ dog Nugget at the hands of her husband David Eason, but Jenelle’s cast mates (who had remained mysteriously silent on the topic at first) are speaking out, condemning David and encouraging Jenelle to leave her husband!

Kail Lowry, Briana DeJesus, Dawn Spears (the mother of Leah Messer) and others who appear regularly on ‘Teen Mom 2’ have released statements on what happened last week.

While most of the cast did not speak out at all when the news of the dog’s killing first happened, The Ashley can confirm that MTV and the show’s producers did not have anything to do with that silence. No gag order or anything like that was issued to the cast, multiple sources have confirmed.

Briana, who is friends with Jenelle and has remained an ally for her throughout the drama of the last two seasons of the show, told Radar Online, “I am very disturbed to hear about the alleged dog incident. I don’t care who you are, but hurting animals is not ok and my heart is breaking over this.”

Kail published an official statement to her social media accounts on Sunday, writing that she is “sickened by what happened to Nugget.” She also urged Jenelle to take her kids and get help. (Read her full statement below.) 


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Myself and my company @potheadhaircare do not and never will condone animal cruelty.

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Leah’s mother Dawn Spears hit the Internet over the weekend to let ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans that she feels it is unfair to lump all of the girls on the show together, and that she, Leah and the rest of the cast condemn what David did. 

“I would like to say that just because David done this DOESN’T in NO means represent what or how the rest of the TM2 cast treat their animals…so for assumption to be made that ALL the moms are this way you are wrong and sick too!” Dawn wrote on Instagram. “We are animal LOVERS and would NEVER do what has happened and we find it disgusting. Don’t put blame on others due to someone’s sick behavior. We love animals.” 


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(Remember…the schools “aren’t well” in West Virginia…)

Leah herself told a fan on Twitter that she wants everyone to know she is nothing like David. 

“I think the behavior from other cast does reflect on us… and it’s good for our viewers to KNOW we do not condone the evil and hatred behavior!” Leah tweeted. 

Randy Houska (who has actually been threatened by David in the past) also posted a few tweets in regard to David killing the dog.

“Didn’t Jeffrey Dahmer kill pets?” Randy tweeted. “You aren’t ‘protecting your family’ when you shoot a 10 pound dog that your daughter was tormenting.”

To date, MTV has not released any sort of statement regarding what happened or about Jenelle’s future on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ The Ashley has attempted multiple times to obtain a statement and has not yet received a response as of press time. 

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  1. LOL at Randy’s comment but also scary because it’s legit anti-social personality behavior…….David is DANGEROUS.

  2. I think MTV is in a tough spot. They can’t reprimand David because he is already fired and banned. They can’t necessarily fire Jenelle because she wasn’t the one who shot Nugget. And they just gave her another chance to redeem herself, so they really can’t go back on that or use those reasons either. If they did fire her, I definitely can see Jenelle and David go after MTV for some sort of wrongful termination like Farrah did. At this point, MTV basically gave David the ammunition to do whatever he wants without consequences from them. Unless he violates whatever agreement Jenelle and MTV agreed on.

    So, say to go, MTV. You reap what you sow. It’s only a matter of time before you lose even more advertisers. You should have fired her when you had the chance.

  3. Fuck you MTV for remaining silent on such a serious issue. Ugh.

    Also I died at Dawn’s comment. The schools REALLY aren’t well in WV. I know Leah doesn’t intentionally treat her pets poorly but I can’t help but remember that scene where the kitten was snuck into the van and I spent the whole time watching so worried it would get stepped on, get under the pedals, jump out the window and get run over… that was awful and so stressful.

  4. No he was clearly shocked and rambling because he was worried I do the same thing. I was also in the military. Maybe you just don’t understand…..

  5. Nathan’s 911 call is so piss poor, he sounds like a real moron. First of all, this is 911, he is dumping his life story like he’s at therapy! The dispatcher didn’t really understand what he wanted, he didn’t sound panicked for his son at all.. I had a bad childhood, I’m a combat veteran, he didn’t even have Jenelle’s address in front of him! Nathan sounded more like a full of drama trouble maker than OMG help me, I feel my sons life is in danger and need help right now.
    As far as Kails reply I say, fu*k fu*k fu*k you kail and your hair care! Make a product YOU need kail like an acne or weigh loss product. Hmmmm I have good hair so let me sucker people into thinking it’s all from my product.

    1. Nathan has brain injury which plays a huge role on how he speaks and tries to get his thoughts across. I’m not a fan of the guy at all but to me he sounded like he wanted to know where his son was and if he was safe.

  6. Was it really necessary to put in that schools are not well in WV? Though it may be true its true in many places. And a lot of southerners talk like that and spell like that.

    1. Are you not familiar with The Ashley’s style? It’s a tongue-in-cheek funny référence and callback to other articles. It’s all in good fun.

  7. Wow that was hard to read… Now we know where Leah gets it from… I seriously thought Money Hole Rd. was a joke until I googled it and yeah…WOW…. Bye Jenelle all your money went down the hole. You should have left him. Everyone would have supported you even if David has your meth smoking videos. What’s more important? Your image or your kids???? EXACTLY….

  8. I know the schools ain’t well, but what is Mama Dawn trying to say with “…and got [the dogs] all their shots and contracts”…?? I’m picturing The Girlses holding a pen to a puppy’s paw, helping them sign all those “dog contracts” Leah needed to get for them.

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    We should all write TM & MTV sponsors and require them to quit their collabs!

  10. Where’s Barb’s statement? I know Barb has been a darling on this show with fans, and she’s help Jenelle a lot, but lately I’ve been liking her less; she raised this girl. 😒

    1. Apparently Babs is ow cut off from Jenelle for bothering to speak against David. Same old same old. She works really hard to get on her terrible daughters good graces only to be slapped down when he does something sane.

  11. I have a theory on why she hasn’t been fired yet. So, we all know that she doesn’t get paid when she isn’t in a episode. We all know that the crew will not step foot anywhere near NC, or David. So while all of the other girls are filming for 9B, Jenelle isn’t filming. When it comes time to air the season, no Jenelle footage so no pay. When the time comes for season 10 contracts, she will not be offered one. So, in essence she has been fired. Of course, this all hinges on whether or not they even attempt to film for 9b.

    1. The Radar article said all the other girls are filming 9b, except Jenelle. It also claimed she’s basically been let go since the reunion in April, MTV just hadn’t announced it. But… if they’ve lost major sponsors over the backlash, why wouldn’t they just go ahead and announce it? I’m thinking something was said on the call from the MTV head honcho that bugged David – about 72 hours later is when Nugget was murdered

  12. Until jenelle is fired I will not be watching teen mom. And don’t say but she didn’t do kill the dog, she supported David by days after the incident when she was saving his a$$ from jail.

  13. This is not a good look for MTV. It reads as though MTV is waiting to see if this blows over and to decide if they need Jenelle for ratings or not. They need to do the only thing appropriate here which is to take a stand against animal cruelty and IMMEDIATELY fire Jenelle. The more that goes by, the more MTV is damaging it’s reputation.

    1. Agreed. This isn’t going to just blow away with the wind like many other scandals have. I will not be watching Teen Mom or MTV at all until they take action (if they even do). Choosing to do nothing is still a choice, and while I understand there are likely legal reasons behind their silence, I hope they will take a stand against this absolute insanity.

      1. Me too. The fact that Kaiser is the spitting image of his dad honestly makes me far more concerned for his welfare than anyone else in this situation, given how much David hates Nathan.

  14. I’ve contacted mtv showing my disgust at the way they coddle jenelle and stand by whilst she uses drugs abusers her kids and animals, and alllows DV, and allows lurch to be the c u n t that he is.

    Shame on mtv and shame on teen mom producers.

    1. Do you have e mail contact for MTV ? Or even snail mail. :0)
      I will also send a message. Sent one to Subway this weekend.

      1. If you Google “TM2 Sponsors Reddit” the first result should be a page with a current, updated list of all companies that advertise on Teen Mom as well as the contact information for MTV.

    2. DEJE, Hi did U get a reply from MTV ? I sent them an E-mail and they responded saying they have already cut their ties w/ lurch (david) . And that he does not represent MTV.

  15. Can you imagine what life is going to be like on “The Land” once the money dries up. If they make it out alive, I predict David will be holed up with some kind of backwoods militia, the children will be scattered to the four winds and Jenelle will be strung out/pimped out in a trap house somewhere. They have no life skills and now that both of them are social pariahs the chance for a normal life is long gone.

  16. My guess is MTV is planning to fire Jenelle and she is aware so she is avoiding their phone calls. This leaves MTV unable to make a statement until they talk to her so they don’t have any legal issues after letting her go.

  17. MTV is hoping that by ignoring this, it will just go away. Not sure that is going to work this time.

  18. Did anyone else have trouble making out Dawn’s post??

    I swear MTV is being so tight lipped because they’re hoping that will all just go away if they don’t say anything. They love rewarding Jenelle and David for TERRIBLE behavior. The fact they gave him a chance to stay on the show if he apologized for his homophobic slurs, just further proves that they’re not about to fire Jenelle…MTV has literally let those 2 get away with MURDER.

  19. Why hasn’t MTV said a damn word about this?? Are they just hoping it will blow over? So disappointing. They don’t acknowledge what David has done to Kaiser and now they’re ignoring what’s been done to a family pet. This is sick.

  20. Come on Chelsea, this sickens me to see Taylor immediately spike up to the horrific abuse, along with several other huge celeberities. Disappointed is an under statementhe to explain how we feel!

  21. I really wonder if MTV is going to ever release a statement or if they’re just going to stay silient & hope it goes away.

  22. Does anyone wonder if this has happened before? Didn’t they claim their last dog “ran away”? I can’t help but wonder if this has happened before, Dirtbag was remorseful and promised never to do it again and then poor Nugget….

  23. David is a sick, disgusting, imbecile… I will no longer watch TM2 if janelle isn’t finally fired. I’m so sick of these 2 a-holes…. Janelle is not going to leave this clown. Her kids and animals are in serious danger. These 2 morons lovvve drama.

    1. I agree…I’m not watching tonight’s episode, and I hope the ratings DROP. The only way I think Jenelle should be allowed on the show is if she is in the process of divorcing David…other than that, FIRE HER. By them still employing her, they’re ultimately rewarding David as well.

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