David Eason Denies Claims He’s Seeking Anger Management; Law Enforcement Reportedly Calls Him “Most Dangerous Person In The 3 Counties”

“I’m good with keeping my anger unmanaged, thanks.” 

Despite reports claiming that David Eason would seek anger management after admitting to murdering Jenelle Evans’ dog, Nugget, David is now denying he has any anger issues and says he is not seeking therapy.

(Raise your hand if you’re surprised by this one… No one? OK, let’s continue… )

As The Ashley previously reported, David killed Jenelle’s French bulldog nearly a week ago after the dog allegedly snapped at the couple’s daughter, Ensley. Days later, both David and Jenelle confirmed the allegations, though there are other reports that David also beat the dog before taking its life.

According to TMZ, sources close to David said the former Teen Mom 2 dad was reaching out for a professional to administer anger management, as he “knows his temper has become a massive strain on his marriage.” However, David took to social media to put those rumors to bed.

A screenshot of David’s denial…

“Lies lies lies. Everyday it’s more lies,” he wrote over a screenshot of the TMZ article. “If I had an anger problem yea but no.”

While David might not think his temper is something to be concerned about, the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office seems to believe otherwise. TMZ reports that a source connected to the dog-killing investigation said a contact from the Sheriff’s Office called David “the most dangerous person we’ve seen in the 3 counties.”

You’re gonna need a better disguise than that, pal.

The official reportedly added that the Sheriff’s Office can’t do anything unless Jenelle decides to take action against David herself and that they fear David will do something “way more horrible” if no one stops him.

Unfortunately, recent efforts to do just that (though not stemming from his actions towards Nugget) fell through. As The Ashley previously told you, David was in court on Friday regarding $5,187 in unpaid child support he owed his ex and baby mama, Olivia Leedham, and not paying those debts would have meant jail time.

Fortunately for David (and David alone) he scrounged up the funds in order to keep himself out of the big house.

(Photos: Instagram, Snapchat, MTV)


  1. For the baby boomers comment. they lost control over raising the millennials due to the democratic teachers who dont teach and are more naive than the children in their class. they are too busy complaining about their own lives and gossiping with the kids. and loser democratic celebrities who have know concept of real life. stay on YouTube and keep living in a fuckin bubble thinking you are all stars. real world is going to kick u in the ass one day. also, this is all bullshit anyway, dont you guys think if the man did something he shouldn’t have done he would be in jail? but I see you guys blame it on the police bot doing their job. they do their job and do what’s necessary. it’s all media and entertainment. its television. they get paid for this. whether portrayed as good or bad, they get paid and it’s their “job”. obviously without the drama there would be no show, no tmz and nobody would b getting paid. including this ashley site. so everybody go on arguing back and forth for nothing. nobody’s opinion matters. it’s all exaggerated and fake.

  2. I’m not sure, but the article that I read sounded like David called Jenelle from the courthouse. A few hours later, the back child support was paid. I bet she paid it for him. Disgusting!

  3. Nathan’s 911 call is posted on TMZ. You can hear him talking to a lady in the background about what happened… crazy… those poor children. CPS needs to remove all of them immediately… shame on MTV CPS and the police…

  4. I just wanted to say this in response to the comment about Babs being a Jenelle minion. I agree. However I think it may be due to the fact that she recognizes how dangerous David is and she is frightened for jenelle and the kids safety. Maybe she knows that playing along and keeping quiet is the only way she can remain close enough to keep an eye on them. Surely to God she would jump in or call the appropriate authorities if he becomes obviously physically violent with any of them. I say obviously bc we already know he’s being physical, it’s more of someone seeing 100% undeniable evidence. Then again Babs could be riding the gravy train and not give two shits.

    1. I get what you’re saying, but if Babs lets Jace go back around those psychos, then she’s just as stupid and as bad as they are. It’s time for her to stop tip toeing around, and playing “nice” and start getting serious.

    2. I agree. I think Babs is doing whatever she can to stay in Jenelle’s life because she knows David is a monster. I think she sees that a devastating fallout between Jenelle and David is inevitable and they are going to need her more than they ever have before, especially Jenelle. And it looks like that’ll be happening sooner rather than later.

  5. I agree with David he doesn’t have a problem. People that are around David is the problem. Jenelle staying with you is the problem. All the kids that have to be around you is the problem. Pets having to be around you is the problem. Anyone, anything being around you is the problem.

  6. When is MTV going to finally fire Jenelle?? Have not enough big sponsors pulled their ads? Unless she is in the process of filing for divorce (which we all know she’s not), MTV needs to release a statement, and fire her. It’s not like they won’t be able to find a replacement.

  7. I see this ending very badly. I believe David will kill the children and Jenelle and then lead the authorities on a manhunt before ending his own life.

  8. Anyone who believed he was getting help for his anger problems is extremely naive. He’s way beyond having anger issues. He has some pretty severe mental disorders and is a violent, dangerous person who needs inpatient treatment and a whooolllleee lot of meds.

  9. For me, Dave needing anger management is indeed an understatement.

    Needing “demented, whacked out son of a bitch” management is far more like it.

    Please let’s all continue to pray for the innocent and defenseless children who are still within this nutbag’s nasty, horrifying reach.

  10. David is now denying he has any anger issues and says he is not seeking therapy.

    I knew it, I called this days ago.

  11. He’s not going to get anger management!!!! He thinks there is nothing wrong in the way he is, to him he’s normal and everyone else is in the wrong, he’s a sociopath!!!!!

    He and chinelle can get fucked, i care about the kids and the poor animals with no voice.

    Barb is also being a twat lately, you’ve become a jenelle minion, Shame on you Barb, used to like you, Jace shouldn’t be with you or your bitch of a daughtA.

  12. Of course David doesn’t have an anger problem. And if anyone so much as suggests otherwise, he’ll kill their whole family to the fourth degree of consanguinity, along with their household pets.

  13. Jenelle, if you are reading this, I am aware that we only see and hear a fraction of what happens in your life and it is possible not all of it is true.
    However, you do see and hear all, and know exactly what you are living with.
    So, I am typing this to remind you that both Amber and Chelsea stood by their men even when almost everyone could see a different side of Matt and Adam.
    Both Amber and Chelsea eventually saw it too and now both have doting partners.
    Reach out to your cast mates. They’ve been there and have come out the other side happier and in healthy relationships for their children to grow up in.
    They understand how you feel, esp with the media and public having their noses in your business.
    For someone who repeatedly yells ‘leave me alone’ you do give the impression you don’t feel comfortable being single, so please talk to Chelsea and Amber, it is possible to have a relationship without so much drama and heartache.

  14. I’m not watching this show anymore. It’s sickening. A racist bigot that beats his wife and kids, beats a dog and drags it into the woods and shoots it. This is beyond effed up. It’s horrible, there are no excuses, and I will not watch MTV again. It was Teen Mom, now it’s Dear Zachary. a documentary in the making where he ends up killing his family and no one can say they didn’t see it coming.

  15. This latest development speaks volumes. Of everything that’s happened over the past week on Glory Hole road, out of all the bad press, the statement from the sheriff and the looming possibility that Jenelle will lose her “job”, this is what this degenerate chooses to comment on?!?!?! He sees nothing wrong with this behavior, Jenelle, the children and the remaining pets are being terrorized as we speak. Once his goal is achieved and Jenelle gets fired (leaving her completely isolated on the land, with no reason or means to travel), he’ll be able to feel like a “man” again, under the guise of protecting his family from the big bad world outside, but it will be disastrous for the rest of them.

    1. I do believe that’s what he ultimately wants…he wants Jenelle to get fired, because he’s bitter that he’s been banned from filming…I hope MTV would grant him his wish. I’m not understanding why MTV isn’t saying anything, and is acting like this is all going to blow over. Jenelle and David are awful people, and once again arent being held accountable.

  16. I have zero doubt in my mind that he is trying to get Jenelle fired. It is textbook abusive behavior to try and alienate their victims from family, friends or any help. MTV gave her another opportunity to get her crap together and keep her job..less than 72 hours later he shot her dog and has made a spectacle of it since then. I have a very hard time empathizing with Jenelle, but those sweet little babies in that household are about to endure a fate far worse than they already have when MTV shuts the door on her.

  17. I wish there was some legal clarification about these allegations and the lack of police (and CPS) involvement, per North Carolina law. Is probable cause not enough of a reason for the police to be allowed on an individual’s property? What if Jenelle got “mysteriously” shot and and David buried her on The Land? Couldn’t law enforcement investigate that? When do they need and not need a property owner’s permission to investigate?

    P.S. David is not the actual “property owner”. We all know he is a parasite.

  18. please nothing but a joke and drumming up drama so they don’t fire her because god forbid this all has her fragile right? we all know she paid that back support and will get down on her knees and back this weekend for this creep. over all the bull know any other job that would allow this bull to happen all the time. no he needs anger management please anything to keep his wife’s job

  19. off subject…how about every teen mom stop buying houses, pets and having kids and get real jobs. the only time they ever portrayed the struggle of a young parent was on 16 and pregnant. after that, they were not the normal struggling teen mom. I was a teen mom and nobody handed me those large paychecks for doing nothing. these poor teen moms popping put kids, going on vacations and buying one house after another, oh the struggle.

  20. Remember when Jenelle was pregnant with Kiaser, she abused Nathan’s dog and I’m pretty sure broke his tail when violently slamming him into a crate. Remember the about 20 pets that Jenelle has had though out the years that have died or disappeared. Don’t feel sorry for her, she as volatile as her disgusting husband. Hopefully the children and the other animals get out alive.

    1. One of the Geese wing is broke right now they just got.Im sure it will be Jax fault and the reason David shot him with a BB gun.

    2. Yes, I’ll never forget that episode. I remember her opening the crate and letting it run off into the street because she was so mad at Nathan and taking it out on the dog. I was fuming after that episode.

  21. I’m so 50/50 on Jenelle right now. On one hand I can blatantly see that she is a victim of mental/physical abuse. I’m sure that POS threatens her, talks down to her and Isolates her from friends and family. I won’t soon forget the tearful 911 call she made. All teen mom fans have telling her that David is terrible from the get go. When will she listen? When will she get the strength to leave him? Or does she just not care? He’s literally preventing her from doing her job, the main source of income for the house hold. How long can this go on? I cannot imagine how many film crews are refusing to go to NC to film her now.

    1. Actually, if you listen to that 911 call she may have been tearful, but she was in no way scared. If someone is scared, they don’t antagonize the abuser. At the moment he walked into the house at the end of the call to 911 she made a point of saying “MY EX” regarding David. It was more of an antagonistic “I’ll show you” to David and scared people don’t do that. Angry people do that. I’m not saying he didn’t/doesn’t abuse her, because I think he did. I’m just saying that she’s not some cowering victim who is sooo afraid to get out of an abusive relationship. To the contrary. She uses it to manipulate him into kissing her ass for a while so she’ll stay, just as much as he manipulates her. It’s a game she plays. An angry warning shot until the next time he crosses her nearly non-existent boundary line of unacceptable behavior, then lather, rinse, repeat.

      When will she listen? She won’t. It’s up to the outside “powers that be” to realize that children should not be in her care because she’s just as bad as he is because she ALLOWS bad things to go on making her just as much a danger to those kids as David.

      1. THIS. All. Day. Long. This is the dance they do. She is a really sick woman who enjoys being treated like shit because drama is the only thing that allows her to FEEL. She needs to be a victim and when she feels like she has the upperhand from a situation going too far, she rides that high for months and believes she is empowered. I have no doubt that she is constantly belittling those kids, calling them names, and screaming at them to leave her ALOOOOONE! The kids are the absolute easiest targets to make her feel strong. Their lives are not good. Look at their eyes in any picture. Those kids are tortured little souls who will continue the crazy into the next generation if they aren’t removed ASAP. I feel nothing but contempt for Jenelle. She deserves what is inevitably coming for her. But I hope to God those kids are gone when Lurch kills Jenelle and (hopefully) himself.

    1. when I was pregnant and I have my 2 teens in the house…our great dane had a seizure and was going nuts…jumped the railing to the staircase, ran around my teens rooms and luckily out the back door. my husband yelled at me to stay in the bedroom. We weren’t aware of what was happening but if the dog didn’t snap out of it, my husband was going to shoot him. he was ready to do what he would have to do. at the time we already had him 5 or 6 years and I think my husband loves that dog more than anything.thankfully, after staying outside for the day he can to and is now 8 years old.but when it comes down to it, children family and humans are more important. animals are animals. Before I was born my dad had to beat their dog because it attacked my older sister. you dont know what an animal is thinking or going to do. so for all the animal rights and peta bs…get a life. and I dont even believe that most dangerous comment..all media bs. I know what goes on in the world. out of 3 countries I’m pretty sure the rapists and killer they arrest are little more dangerous than david eason. it’s all media and $$$$$$$$$$

      1. Sounds like that was a situation of actually attacking.

        While I’m not saying it’s great that a dog snapped at the baby, it was clearly not an attack. David was trying to TEACH the DOG not to snap and not his KID to get out of the dog’s space. No matter what, the “teaching” should’ve been in a controlled and safe way. In the video, he starts to say “good girl nug” when he saw the kid going for her. The dog barked, scratched and was already jumping off the couch by the time he put his camera down to run over to “save” his baby. He’s negligent either way. If the dog had attacked the baby prior, he shouldn’t have had them so close to each other with him far away (at a better camera angle). It’s one thing for a dog to behave unexpectedly and be forced to beat or kill it to get it to let the teeth off the baby. It’s a whole different thing to claim the dog had snapped before and he negligently puts his child knowingly in harm’s way. You are comparing apples and oranges.

        Also, it was the most dangerous in 3 counties- NOT countries. He could 100% EASILY be the most dangerous person in those three counties. Columbus county has a grand total of 58,000 people.

        1. the video that was showed was not the incident that made him shoot the dog. I wasnt there, idk what happened and I’m not trying to stick up for him, just trying to make a point to all the people that r so, “omg animals animals animals”. like we have no circus now after over hundred years, we had to change a damn cartoon drawing on an animal cracker box, a show on tlc(which I liked), our wild life didnt get renewed because of animals rights people, which if you know the show, those animals lived better than some people. I feel like peta people just sit there and look for things to change and be offended by. And I didnt mean to say countries, I either types to fast or it spelle check me the wrong word.

        2. exactly there is a difference between an attack and a baby not being told to stop antagonizing the dog and get out his face. They are lucky he didn’t do more damage and no way he paid that on his own

      2. If you are justifying your dad beating a dog because “animals are animals”, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to own any. They are living beings just like us. If your dog shows unmanageable aggression, rehome him. There is absolutely no reason to beat an animal. If you are nasty to me, shall I beat you? Your comments are backwards and sickening. I will pray for any animals and children who unfortunately are in your care.

        1. you must be a millennial. wake the fuck up.animals are not equal to human. ur the type of person that should be eaten by a lion. and you also must not have children. to compare your child to an animal is absurd. I feel bad for children becasue they will always be competing with your animals. although from the way you speak I’m sure you will never have children anyway. so keep calling tour pets your babies and thinking they are as important as humans. next time you chomp down on a burger or your chicken sandwich…remember they are equal to humans. moron.

          1. Stop with the “millennial” crap…Who raised us? Yea, the baby boomers…they’re are the issue. Not us.

        2. o and your right, my army dad should have just let the dog kill or injure my 5 year old sister. god forbid the animal gets hurt.

          1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
            Go take your meds now.

          1. No. Every time my dog gets the zoomies or has a seizure my first response is also to shoot it. That’s not normal??? You must be a stupid millennial.

          2. yea..while I’m pregnant and there is a 175lb dog running around like hes blind trying to jump fences and banging into walls…my 1st thought is…let’s try to get it to the vet. he was going crazy! like a trapped blind deer..and hes the size of one. if you were here you would have been hiding.

      3. Why not take the dog to
        The vets to be checked out?

        Instead of leaving it outside all day, your family shouldn’t have pets either

        1. the vet said to leave him out there. and he got better. oh wait…r animals not suposed to be outside now? and r none of you realizing this is a dog the size of a small deer or miniature pony???????? he is a well trained and well behaved dog. during his seizure he was crazy…shotting everywhere…banging into the fence and blind etc! there is no getting him into a car or taking hom.

      4. Ok. Let me tell you a contrasting, more rational story. My chow chow was having a seizure and bit my thumb when I reached out to check on her, not knowing what was happening. I recognized that she was in medical distress. We closed the door to keep the kids and cat out and my husband kept watch over her from a distance while I CALLED THE FUCKING VET.

        Under thier advice we watched until the episode passed, After which she was disoriented and unable to walk. We wrapped her in a blanket to restrain her for her safety and ours, put her in the back of the van and I took her to the clinic.

        She had several more seizures in her life and was on daily meds but was a happy, loving, cared for member of the family.

        The idea of just throwing her outside for a day when she was in distress and not feeling well makes me sick to my stomach, the possibility of shooting her for it is so far beyond the pale that I don’t even have words. You and your husband should be ashamed of yourselves, and should never have pets again. You disgust me.

  22. Mike Vick went to jail and almost lost his career for dog fighting. David Eason MURDERED his family pet and lied to authorities about the dog still being alive and has yet to be punished. I guess they’ve truly made America great again. Smh

  23. So did Jenelle give him the money or did he pawn stuff?
    Ashley give us the 411
    You forgot to mention they got 7 eggs today from THEIR chickens.

    1. There’s no way he had time to pawn anything. The judge gave him 30 minutes. Jenelle obviously paid it. Somehow, that makes him even more of a loser than I thought possible.

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