‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8B Episode 30 Recap: Pulling A Gun & Ending Captain Save-a-Ho’s Fun

“I’d like to report a terrible human being. No, not me! Some other guy!”

Gather ‘round kiddies, because it’s time for a Very Special Episode of the Teen Mom 2. A lot of crazy stuff is about to go down: Briana basically gets a new body from the Dr. Miami Swapmeet ‘o’ Tucked-and-Sucked Limbs, while other girls face baby daddy drama.

Oh, and Jenelle—a girl who honestly shouldn’t even be allowed to have anything more dangerous than a Sharpie marker in her possession—waves a freaking gun around like she’s Yosemite Sam on a bender.

Put on your bulletproof vests, y’all, because it’s about to get wild!

We start things off in Miami, where Briana is busy scheduling times for her assorted ex-boyfriends to nurse her back to health after she gets her butt vacuumed out the next day. Last episode, Javi “magically” appeared like a fame-hungry leprechaun to “help” take care of Briana…and basically yell at her for lining up her other ex, Dre, to clean her festering wounds.

Bri is planning to have Javi take care of her for the first couple of days, and then shuffle Dre into the mix to take over nursing duties once Javi returns to Delaware (and/or whatever other girl he has waiting for him).

Briana facetimes her mom Roxanne to check on her daughters and fill Roxanne in on the “Javi Situation.”

RoRo is not happy. She says she kind of expected that Javi would show his face.

“I will cut him!”

“What do ya need him there for!?” she screeches into the phone. “So he can still get in the f**king limelight?!”

Roxanne encourages Bri to give Javi the boot and find someone else to wipe her butt after surgery.

“I swear to God I’ll pull a f**king ninja move on him!” Roxanne says.

(Anyone else really, really want to see Roxanne bust her ninja moves?)

Meanwhile, in Delaware, Kail has returned from her Hawaiian adventure and is reuniting with her litter ‘o’ kids.

Kail tells her friend, The Bone, that Baby Daddy #3, Chris, called her a bad mom for leaving her kids to go on vacation. (This is, of course, the same dude who probably wouldn’t be able to pick his kid out of a lineup if he didn’t see him on ‘Teen Mom 2.’)

Chris is mad that Kail has dared to file for child support, even though she apparently told him (most likely in the throes of passion) that she wouldn’t ask him for money to take care of his kid. Kail and Chris are heading to court. (I mean, this is ‘Teen Mom’; where the hell else would these people go?)

“This fool better gimme my money!”

Kail is upset that, because she’s making a boatload of cash from being on the show, Chris won’t have to pay her as much in child support.

“If he’s capable of working 40 hours a week and he only chooses to work 15 or 20, I don’t believe that’s fair,” she tells The Bone.

Over in South Dakota, Chelsea is trying to do something of interest in order to keep her place on this show, so she takes her son Watson to a dinosaur museum.

The next day, Chelsea and her mom, South Dee-kot-ah Mary, meet up for lunch. Chelsea informs her mom that her bitch-of-a-baby-daddy, Adam, has yet to see Aubree at the visitation center, and that he hasn’t seen his other daughter, Paislee, in a year.

Does Chelsea’s mom have a nose ring!? Work it, girl!

Just in case Adam decides to forgo being a member of the walking dead and become an actual functioning member of society, she and Cole are going to go check out this “visitation center” that Aubree will have to go to in order to see Adam.

South Dee-kot-ah Mary can’t believe that Adam is OK without seeing his children for months—and even years—at a time. This is Adam, though, the same guy who has most likely gone without seeing a toothbrush in about a year so….

Over in West Virginia, Leah has picked up the twinseses and is heading to fetch her youngest youngin, Addie. Leah is squealing about how happy she is to be home with the girlseses, but they barely look up from their iPads.

(Does anyone else think that Aleeah is so over Leah’s affirmations and positive living crap? Every time Leah starts rambling about living their best life or whatever, Aleeah looks like she wants to suffocate her mom with a Lunchables wrapper.)

“Love me, dammit!”

Leah and the girlseses arrive to pick up Addie. They find her lounging on the couch (like a boss). Leah appears to be much more excited for the reunion than Addie is. Addie desperately tries to escape as Leah smothers her with kisses.

Afterward, Leah tells her sister Victoria all about her Hawaiian adventure. (Victoria looks less-than-thrilled to hear Leah ramble on about her exotic travels, as she is most likely living in a double-wide in holler, wondering how she’s going to scrounge up enough money to purchase some sort of “Helper” for dinner.)

“Oh yeah, it was a real exciting week for me too. They had them peas I like on sale up at the Walmart!”

As Leah talks about Hawaii, her rascally youngins are busy “wraaastlin’” on the floor. We see Addie proceed to body slam Aleeah in the corner of the screen.

Finally, we head to North Carolina to check in with Jenelle. It’s a “happy family picnic” day for her and Jace, since they have just returned from another one of Jace’s therapy appointments. Jenelle is planning to take the kid out for ice cream before she drops him back off at home.

They have an awkward conversation in the car. (It’s kind of like when you were a kid and you see your mom’s friend and she asks you the same questions every time: “How’s school?” “How’s your day going?” “What’s your name again?”)

“So, Jack, what’s…um…your favorite holiday?”

Jace barely looks up from his gadget to answer his mom’s generic questions. Jenelle starts singing and tossing old food out of the window (AS.YOU.DO), and Jace still won’t pay her any attention. (I guess that’s payback for the nine-or-so years she didn’t pay him any attention…)

Jenelle throws some old fries out the window and sings that, “Everyone will eat them out there!” (She is probably going to try to write this off as a “charity donation” on her taxes.)

“Especially homeless people!” Jace chimes in.

Awww…it’s nice that he can remember his old semi-stepdad, Kieffer, after all this time!

Jace finds Jenelle’s new ID, and she explains to him she had to get it after she married Lurch and changed her last name, as well as her address. (I’d imagine under “address” it now just reads “The Land” on her license.)

Jace declares that he wants to change his last name too, but he doesn’t know what he wants to change it to. (Perhaps “DeBoer?”)

Jenelle hopefully asks Jace if he wants to change his last name to Eason.

“No,” he tells her. “Something better!”

Want some sunscreen for that burn, Jenelle?

In.The.Face. Jace is my new favorite person on this show, other than Barbara, of course.

Over in Miami, Javi is driving Briana to get chopped up by Dr. Miami. Briana waddles her over-inflated behind into Dr. Miami’s office and prepares to go under his hacksaw.

Dr. Miami explains that Briana is getting her breast implants exchanged and lifted, her tummy tucked and her booty reshaped. Dr. Miami then takes Briana to his laboratory so the carving-up can begin, while Javi stands there uncomfortably holding Briana’s purse.

When everyone is getting new body parts except for you…

While Briana is having her innards replaced, there’s a van full of trouble heading her way! Roxanne has loaded up the kids, Brittany and Devoin, and now the whole motley crew is going to meet up with Briana. (We can assume that Roxy has packed her ninja stars, too…you know, just in case.)

Inside the Scooby Doo van, Brittany is praying to the Baby Jesus that she no longer has to come “rescue” her sister from the assorted clowns she dates. (Meanwhile, one of those clowns is legit sitting next to her.)

Brittany declares that she’s tired of being “Captain Save-a-Ho!”

Roxanne says she just wants to “talk” to Javi. (And, hey, if a ninja star happens to land in his eye, what are ya gonna do?!)

Roxy says that Javi has “good qualities” (i.e. military benefits) but that he’s “so insecure it’s disturbing.”

Mind you—she calls someone else insecure as her daughter is legit under the plastic surgeon’s knife for the third or fourth time in the last two years.

Meanwhile, Devoin is just sitting there, jamming out to his tunes and praising the Lord that he 1) gets paid because he’ll be on camera and 2) Roxy isn’t throwing her ninja stars at his head for once.

“So if I deposit my MTV check on Thursday, it should clear by Friday…”

Briana has no idea her family is on their way. In fact, she has no idea about anything, given that she’s just been released from surgery and now has an entirely new body. She’s lying there, mouth open, in the recovery room, and the cameramen are zooming in on every single drop of drool coming out of her mouth.

It’s quite special.

“Must…get…up…must…hawk…weight loss tea…on Instagram…”

Back in Delaware, Kail has returned from her visit to court. It was determined that Chris has to pay her $346 a month to support Lux. She’s not thrilled with the small amount, but she says she’s “trying to be nice.”

“You’re welcome Chris!” Kail says, adding that this clown doesn’t even have to pay her for the current month, which gives him ample time to go apply to scrub toilets at the Chuck E. Cheese’s or something.

In South Dakota, Chelsea and Cole are going to inspect the visitation center and fill out paper work just in case Aubree has to go there to see Daddy Dearest. Cole is in a rare mood, and is actually NOT JOLLY. (Who knew that could even happen!?)

He’s upset that Aubree has to go to such a depressing place because her deadbeat dad can’t keep his methy mitts out of trouble.

“What in the H-E-double hockey sticks is wrong with that guy!?”

“I almost started crying like five times,” Chelsea tells Cole after they leave the center.

Chelsea says that, although she didn’t want to go and fill out the paper work, she’s glad she did because now the ball is in Adam’s court to go see his daughter.

“He’s a joke!” Cole declares.

Over in The WV, Leah picks up the youngins from schoolin’ and declares that she is furious. She just found out that the ding-dang school has decided to drop Ali’s aid. The aid helps Ali function while at school and assists her with tasks that are sometimes too hard for her to do herself.

“I’m fit to be tied, y’all!”

Leah is so mad that she has to pull her wagon over to the side of the road to collect herself. Producer Brendan lurks out from behind the dumpsters to talk about the situation with Leah.

The next day, Leah is taking Ali to her doctor in Ohio, so Corey Tyler comes to pick up Aleeah. Corey (who is sporting some fashionable new triangle-shaped bangs) is equally pissed about Ali’s aid being dropped. Leah plans to have Ali’s doctor write a letter to the school district to have the aid reinstated, but Corey Tyler is mad that they’re even putting them and Ali through all this nonsense.

“I’ll get that dang-gone school district!”

“This is our kid and nobody’s telling us anything!” he says.

(It’s here that we see how big of a difference there is between Corey Tyler and some of the other clowns who are dads on this show.)

Meanwhile, in Miami, Javi makes his way in to see what’s left of his ex-girlfriend after her date with Dr. Miami. He looks scared (and kind of like he’s looking around the recovery room to see if there are any hotter patients who are recovering who may want to date him.)

“You haven’t seen a van full of angry women heading this way, have you?”

Briana is in a lot of pain as her nurse leads her into her condo. “Shirley” is there (well, the new and improved version, at least, since she got hacked up by Dr. Miami a few days before).

“I’m dying!” Briana declares as she is walked into the bedroom.

Javi hustles behind her with a butt pillow and tries to assure Briana that he’s trying to get Roxy on the phone. Roxanne is not answering, and “Shirley” suggests that she may be busy getting Nova ready for bed, since the kid has school the next day. (Little do they know that Roxanne & Co. are barreling toward Miami, ninja stars in hand to “talk” to Javi and take care of Briana.)

Also…if Nova has school the next day, how the hell is she coming on this “Save a Ho” mission with the rest of the Scooby Doo crew? I’d pay to see that note Roxy wrote Nova to get her out of school the next day.

“Please excuse Nova from school today. Her mom got free plastic surgery and her grandmother has to go beat the BeJesus out of some dude from ‘Teen Mom.’ Thanks.”

It’s funny because it’s probably going to happen…

Brittany calls “Shirley” to inform her that the crew has arrived. “Shirley” looks scared, because she knows that soon, Briana won’t be the only one with festering wounds.

Javi is in trouble! As soon as he sees Roxy and the gang, he knows he has to get the hell out of there!

As Briana wails that she’s having a panic attack, Britt is snickering in the corner over how ridiculous this whole stunt is. She then starts spouting off about how Javi isn’t needed there.

Javi is downright scared. He starts frantically looking for hotels so that he doesn’t have to risk getting smothered in his sleep by an angry Roxanne. Devoin strolls in and sits down next to Javi. Devoin knows exactly what Javi is in for with Roxanne and Brittany, so he gives him a sad look.

Javi goes in and starts shoveling crap into his suitcase in order to make his exit before Roxanne begins feasting on him. However, he’s too slow, and Roxy corners him in a room.

Raise your hand if you’re probably going to end up in handcuffs tonight…

Javi explains that he and Bri decided that it would be best for them to work out their relationship problems in person.

“Perfect timing, right before surgery and with a camera crew here!” Roxy tells him.

Roxanne explains that she doesn’t hate Javi, but she does think he’s sneaky.

“You were reckless because you want to be in the spotlight!” she tells him. “You want to maintain it. Kail made not have had a motha, but guess what? Briana does!”

“Me?! A famewhore?! NEVER!”

With that, Roxy gets up, fixing her “Vacation” ballcap and walks out of the room like a boss, leaving Javi to digest what she just told him (and/or fear that she went to go get a weapon to take him out).

Brittany begins singing about “Captain Save-a-Ho” (you seriously can’t make this stuff up!) and Javi packs up and leaves. He sadly pulls his suitcase down the hall, knowing that his days of being “Captain Save-a-Ho” have come to an end and that he will not get to enjoy the fruits of Dr. Miami’s labor.

“Have them ship me the rest of my stuff! I’m outta here!”

Back in North Carolina, Jenelle and Jace are chatting in the car. Just then, a big white truck tries to zoom past them on the side. He ends up behind them, and Jenelle is furious that he’s tailgating her.

“Dude, are you kidding me right now, Dude!?” she screams. “Dude, I will go so slow!”


Jace looks like he knows something’s about to go down. He scans the car for a helmet to put on, but, alas, there’s nothing on the floor of the car but a few old French fries that Jenelle has yet to chuck out the window.

“Here we go again! I knew I should have worn my bulletproof vest today…”

Jenelle gleefully declares that the other driver is now “stuck” behind her. As she says this, though, the guy zooms in front of her on the other side. We can assume that he cuts in front of Jenelle after that, because she slams on the brakes, causing a car seat to go flying in the backseat.

“ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME, DUDE?!” she screams as Jace looks terrified.

Jace seems to know that Jenelle’s about to “fill the streets with uppercuts” and/or bullets. Jenelle demands Jace hand over his phone so she can call the cops on the other driver. She tells the operator that she “almost got veered off the side of the road” (UM?) and that they need to hurry on down and arrest this man!

We can assume that the operator basically tells Jenelle to suck it up and move on because she gets angry after that.

“I’ll get him on his home turf!”

A message flashes on the screen that says that the other driver turned off the highway but “Jenelle chose to follow him.”

She pulls over and unstraps her seatbelt like she’s ready to show that driver who’s boss! She reaches down and grabs her gun and sets it down next to her kid (as you do).

You can almost hear the “Bad Boys” theme song playing faintly in the background. All that was missing was a mouthbreather in a wife beater tank (aka any of Jenelle’s many former soulmates) getting arrested on someone’s front lawn to really complete this scene of white trashery.

Jace notices that gun, and Jenelle gives him this creepy smile, acting like this is all normal and OK.

This was legit the face Jenelle made when she pulled her gun out and Jace saw it…

Jenelle decides to call up Lurch to inform him of what’s going on.

“He slammed on the brakes and I almost went on the grass!” she tells him.

Calm down, Jenelle. This would hardly be the first time you were “on the grass.”

She then declares that Jace “almost got whiplash” (um?) and that she decided the best thing to do was to follow the other driver. Jenelle proudly tells Lurch that she’s in front of the other driver’s house, and that she’s called the police on him.

She yells to the other hillbilly driver that her ‘Teen Mom’ cameras have captured the whooooole thing on tape. (I’ll bet she’s wishing she had saved some of those old French fries! She could have chucked them at the guy!)

She screams out the window that she just called “The Law” on the other driver.

She then mows down the guy’s mailbox, and we can hear him screaming hillbilly nonsenses at her. MTV tells us it was “unintentional”; however, Jenelle’s actions tells us that it wasn’t an accident.

“Oops!” she tells the angry hillbilly happily. “I didn’t mean to do that!”

“It was an accident. Yeah, that’s it!”

The guy jumps in his car and blocks Jenelle from leaving his property.

“Dude! He just hit my car! Babe! He just hit my car!” she screams.

At first, we’re startled to hear Jenelle call Jace “babe” (or any pet name, for that matter). Then, we realize that Lurch is still on the phone and Jenelle was talking to him, not Jace.

She’s screaming at the guy for hitting her car (mind you, as pieces of the guy’s mailbox are probably falling off her back bumper).

“That’s it!” Jenelle screams as she reaches down and grabs her gun.

The scream goes black and we see a message that say that “at that point Jenelle pulled out her firearm.”

We hear audio of Jenelle screaming, “Dude! Leave me alone!”

Well Juh-nelle! You followed a guy off the highway, screamed at him, called the cops on him, ran over his mailbox and then taunted him. What in the Creepy Kiefffer did you expect was going to happen!?

Soon, Jenelle is driving frantically, looking like she’s behind the wheel of a bumper car, as Lurch screams on the speakerphone that she is dumb as rocks for following some random angry hillbilly to his house. Meanwhile, Jace is just sitting there, figuring out who to will his toys to should he not make it out of this “adventure.”

“He’ll never get away with this!”

The guy is following Jenelle now, and Jace looks like he’s about to cry. Jenelle never once looks over at Jace to see if he’s OK/still in the car/still alive.

Lurch is pissed, screeching through the phone that it’s insane to follow someone to his house.

This may be the only time EVER that The Ashley is going to agree with Lurch.

Jenelle hangs up on a screaming Lurch and instantly Producer Kristen calls Jenelle up to see what in the Sam Hell is going on. Jenelle begs Producer Kristen to come, because she’s being pulled over by a cop. Jenelle bursts into tears as we see a police officer approach her vehicle.

“I was almost run over with a monster truck and nobody cares!”

“I see your pistol,” the cop tells Jenelle. “Do me a favor, just don’t grab ‘hold of it!”

Jenelle is about to tell her 14th version of what happened back on the highway. Meanwhile, Jace is just sitting there silent and not moving. She begins to ugly-cry and explain how she’s the ding-dang victim in this caper!

In this retelling of the story, Jenelle was chased off the highway by a lunatic in a monster truck, who basically caused her to barrel-roll into the grass, and caused Jace to nearly become concussed. She followed him down a dirt road, and the guy cornered and basically tried to kidnap her. (She conveniently forgets to include the part where she bulldozed his mailbox and taunted him.)

When your mom’s lying but she has a gun so you don’t say anything…

The cop asks Jenelle to step out of the car, leaving Jace alone in the car…with the gun.

Unlike his mother, Jace seems to have no interest in being a gun-wielding lunatic, so he doesn’t even touch the firearm. Instead, he calls up Barbara to inform her of what just happened. He tells her that they followed some guy down a dirt road, the guy slammed into them and “Mommy pointed a gun at the guy.”


Tale as old as time….

That’s it for this episode of ‘Cops!’ Oh, I mean ‘Teen Mom 2!’

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45 Responses

  1. Something that always gets me during the Jenelle segments are poor little Jace’s stutter and facial tics… as a therapist, I have no doubt that these are related to the stress and uncertainty of having Jenelle for a mom and it breaks my heart.

  2. I forgot to say: I also carry a loaded gun in my truck and while my daughter is extremely well versed on gun safety and correct usage, she also knows how to shoot and has from an early age (she’s 13 now)- I know that might get a lot of hate but she can’t access hers or ours by herself. I would never keep it in the door or any other easily accessible place! That’s a tragedy waiting to happen!I had a locking door put on my glovebox when I decided to start carrying a gun.
    With all those kids on the land I can’t even imagine the amount of times they probably had unsupervised access to her gun.

  3. I just have to put this out there… I am a single mom living in the south (though neither influences this comment). I fully believe in the right to have a gun safely, and responsibly. That said I have two thoughts on this issue… I WISH they’d shown us the whole thing not blacking it out though possible putting a warning there first. And second, I’m 10000% sure had the guy in the truck not been armed she would have shot him then claimed all kinds of BS maybe even going so far as to damage or destroy the cameras in her car so there wouldn’t be proof of her lie.

    My only other comment on this is mostly in response to another comment about calling stepparents mom or dad. When I was married I had my daughter and a stepdaughter, her dad dad and I never brought it up she did… while she was with us she wanted to call me mommy too. It had nothing to do with her real mom it was simply (we believe) to help her feel more a part of our family. We allowed it and it never changed her relationship or what she called her bio mom. If the child is okay doing it I don’t really see the problem. Just my opinion though.

  4. I know, right? Why would Jace want Eason as his last name, when he’s clearly scared of David? I am REALLY pissed at Jenelle for calling Jace a liar! She flat-out lied to the cop who pulled her over. Such a good mom. NOT!! I feel bad for little Ali. Maybe the breathing exercises will help her lungs get stronger. Also, I’m glad she will still have an aide next year.

  5. Loved this recap – so funny and I will use Yosemite Sam on a bender now in my life – thank you so much!

    So many comments, must make a numbered list:

    1) If Javi is Cap’n Save-a-Ho, wouldn’t that make Bri the ho? I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.
    2) Love the way they loaded the circus into the van, including Devoin, to head on down Miami way. Devoin has probably never been to Miami and he’s excited for the free trip. Good for him.
    3) Broke my heart the way Jace was so clam during that whole scene – I’m not saying he wasn’t scared, but he was almost eerily calm. This isn’t the first time this has happened I’m willing to bet, this is just the first time it has been on camera.
    4) Juhnelle, you have 3 cameras in the car (as you shared with Mr. F150), but good job keeping a straight face telling Babs you didn’t pull a gun.
    5) Juhnelle, you have 3 cameras in the car, but good acting job with the troopers.
    6) Wondering if Cole’s dad is single – I love Cole but he’s married and too young for me. His dad is probably really nice too and probably more age appropriate for me.
    7) Holy crap, did you see the saddle bags on Bri? Hope Doc took care of those.
    8) Leah is so needy and insecure – always looking for validation from her children that couldn’t care less about her returning from Hawaii. Makes her look a bit pathetic.
    9) Really? They just up and take away the aide when there’s an IEP in place? No, Leah. That isn’t how it works. Clearly she’s missing something (spoiler alert from next episode – I think she did because the aide will be there the rest of the year).

  6. The fact that she immediately turned on the victim-mode, I-was-scared-for-my-life act when the cop pulled her over makes me absolutely WILD. She was relishing in the fact that she was right in her mind and was rage-screaming when it was all going down 2 minutes prior. Oh, and the officer was more concerned about how Jace was feeling thru that whole ordeal, and it wasn’t even on Jenelles fucking radar.

  7. This recap is PRICELESS (not counting how sad it is to think about Jace’s experiences with Jenelle). Hard to pick a favorite line, but I think it might be wondering if Jace would want to change his last name to DeBoer. Hahahahahahahahaaa

  8. Jenelle probably thought she had a deal with MTV, they probably agreed not to show her pulling a gun. Well, they didn’t but they never said they were not going to tell the viewers she did.
    So Jenelle thought she could get away with yet another lie.
    ‘Why would you tell her I pulled a gun Jace?’

    The pattern…
    ‘Why would you tell meme you were lost in the woods for 45 minutes Jace?’
    ‘Why would you tell meme we locked you and Kaiser outside in the heat without water and that you were smart enough to think about the water tap outside so thirsty Kaiser could drink some water Jace?’
    ‘Why would you tell Doris David hit you Kaiser?’

  9. Ah. The good ‘ole white woman tears…when they are the aggressor suddenly turned victim once they involve law enforcement.

    Too bad these tapes can’t be used in all their numerous court/custody battles.

  10. I haven’t been able to watch last night’s episode yet. We all know Jenelle is a liar. Jace was telling the absolute truth. Barbara should be really proud of her grandson.

  11. That talk between Bri and Devoin on last night’s ep brought me major closure. I’m going thru a divorce with my future ex acting like he’s not a human being, but I will never give up hope that we can have a good coparenting relationship. (Or he will just completely go away, that would work too! ?) I was like, Briana, just get back with him! But then I remembered he doesn’t have a job or a license. Maybe she can still find someone halfway decent with at least one of those things necessary for adults in today’s world. Then have her obligatory 3x3rd baby with him and boom. I have the highest of standards if I ever get involved with a man again, otherwise I’ll just be alone. Women do all the work anyway.

  12. One of the best recaps ever, I was snorting/giggling at every paragraph!

    Cannot BELIEVE Jenelle. Seriously her scenes are so upsetting to watch, my heart starts racing. I can’t imagine that being my LIFE. Poor Jace 🙁
    I hope he is able to work through all this crap with therapy and that he turns out okay.

  13. There are no words for Jenelle and her psychotic, gaslighting ass. Thankfully Barb trusted Jace over Jenelle and gave Nathan some additional ammo.

    Good for Leah and Corey for working together to advocate for Ali. Hopefully they can work something out for this school year.

    Javi is so thirsty and I had no problem with Roxanne telling him so. I know Kail was pissed her not having a mom was brought up and I get why she’s annoyed. I also get that Roxanne was trying to say something about Javi, not Kail.

    1. Also, Jenelle asking Jace if he wanted to change his name to Eason was just…wow. She was clearly hoping for a Chelsea/Aubree moment, but can’t wrap her tiny brain around the fact that David is the opposite of Cole. Jace’s response was epic. ☠️?

    1. Can we just clone Cole? Coles for everyone! (Looking for an emoji of dollars raining down, not finding one)

  14. ???????? That was a righteous recap dude. I laughed so hard ?? thank you for making my week! so much better than watching the actual shit show.

  15. No wonder Jace doesn’t want Eason for his last name. Good for him for calling her a piece of shit. If the shoe fits Jenelle. Poor Jace, the look on his face when Jenelle said in front of Barb, I didn’t pull a gun out, why are you saying that? What an asshole.

    1. That’s right. Jace, please feel free to keep calling her a PoS and also add asshole to your arsenal!!!

  16. This whole situation is disturbing, but the fact that Jenelle thinks she did nothing wrong shows that she’s really not right in the head. In last night’s episode she admonished Jace for telling Babs that she pulled a gun on the guy and tried to get him to say that his eyes were lying and she didn’t actually pull her gun. Out of all of her utter failures as a “mother” this one is her greatest. She is so despicable I think there is a certain contingent of the viewing audience that is now only watching her segments to see it come to it’s ultimate end. It also disturbs me how casual Jace is about calling 911, like it’s just another Friday with Jenelle. She has legit called 911 on camera more times than I’ve called to have a pizza delivered. Her not having any concern about whether Jace is ok during this melee doesn’t surprise me at all, but hearing him stutter when he is re-telling the story to Babs was really sad. I think Jace is only second to Sophia to be the child out of all the kids in the franchise who is most damaged. The fact that Jenelle is terrorizing the streets like she’s Nico Belic in Grand Theft Auto is very disturbing. She absolutely needs to have zero custody of all of her kids. It might just be for the cameras, but it seems like Nathan isn’t hitting the protein powder as hard and is actually quite concerned for Kaiser’s welfare. On another note, it’s hilarious how Javi laments to the cameras how his “image” has been hurt by messing around with that family. No s&%t Papi! You hook up with a not-so-sharp woman-girl twenty minutes after she has a baby from a rando, who looks like she’s smuggling turkeys out of Food City in her sweatpants, then run back to your ex to vent about it all on a bootleg podcast, lol, no sympathy for you!

  17. The way she smiled after she pulled her gun out was creepy and sadistic as hell. Further proof she’s unstable psycho. It’s also insane to me how she literally sees nothing wrong with what she did.

  18. Wtf was with the Barney Fife cop that pulled her over??? “ I see your pistol, do me a favor and don’t reach for it” again, WTF?? I’m from the north , cop sees a piece he going to reach for his own and tell you to put your hand on the wheel and don’t move!! Then this asshole does the worst ever/ leaves Jace in the truck with the gun!!! Anyone that has this recorded and is willing to post on here the department on his squad car.. I’d love to have that info. I applauded the jerk in the white truck, he was the only one that had a right to “ stand his ground “ , this nut followed him home !!
    She is NO mother! A mother would have avoided that truck at all costs .
    I’m all for the right to own firearms, but damn it, we need stronger stipulations.. having a reasonable IQ score would be a start.
    Jenelle had the nerve to smirk and say I don’t travel alone .. dame right Jenelle , the good lord was with you that day! We can only hope your son never comes so close to death again.

    1. I read an interview with the guy in the white truck. He was ready to stand his ground but decided not to pull out his gun when he saw Jace in the car. What if Jace were in the back seat with tinted windows so the other guy couldn’t have seen him? This could have ended in a bloodbath. Jenelle should loose all of her children after following that guy probably intending to pull out her gun the entire time. AND knowing odds are good in N.C. that the other guy is armed too (although that’s probably giving her too much credit since she doesn’t think much).

  19. I just love Chelsea and Cole. I have a massive crush on both of them and their kids. They’re the best parents of the TM franchise.

  20. That Jennelle stuff was hard to watch. I was so uncomfortable. I didn’t like it. I can’t imagine how Jace felt. Instead of returning him to Barb, she should have turned around and drove him back to therapy! People like Jenelle should not have guns. I don’t think she understands it’s not a toy. The Ashley still managed to wring some laughs out of the situation, referencing Kieffer the homeless person and Jace changing his last name to DeBoer! 😀

    The Leah story was really sad, and it’s real. Poor Ali. It’s good to see the other side of this. We all had those kids in school growing up who needed an aide. This really makes you realize what they go through.

    Roxy definitely had Javi’s number and he didn’t like it! He seemed so innocent when he first came on the show. Where did he learn how to be like this? I’m curious what Briana’s new butt looks like. Now Kail needs to de-duck hers.

  21. I cannot believe that someone as vile as jenelle gets away with SO much sh*t. How is she not in jail?! At the very least off the show??? MTV – I have no interest whatsoever in seeing this deranged person and her dangerous behaviour on my tv, thank you.

  22. Jenelle is a terrible person, there isn’t even a good enough word to describe how awful she is. Briana is a dumbass, Kail is a dumbass, Leah and Chelsea are the two best examples of moms.
    BTW what in the Creepy Kieffer is the best line I’ve heard for a while.

  23. So Jenelle pulls a gun then lies to Barbara says she didn’t. And then yells at jace telling him not to tell her that stuff! Shame on you Jace for telling the truth!!

  24. I really loved Cole’s mood for a very simple reason: it shows how much he actually cares about Aubree. He doesn’t want his kid to have to go to this terrible place to see her equally terrible bio dad. I’m curious to see, if Aubree will start calling him Dad once Watson learns talking.

    1. I really hope so. I don’t normally think that children should call step parents mom or dad, but he is all Aubree has in her life as a dad. He deserves the title, he loves them so well

    2. Isn’t Paislee already calling Taylor’s husband dad? I bet Aubree will start to call Cole that, she already has his last name.

      1. I think Paislee does call Taylor’s husband dad. She’s so little and hasn’t even seen Adam in over a year. I doubt she remembers him at all at this point. That’s why she asked if Cole was Aubree’s dad. Adam is such a non-factor in her life.

  25. Another classic recap! No one does it like you Ashley! The captions are seriously lol material so Thank you!

  26. The scene with Jenelle was beyond frightening on so many levels, and it’s appalling that MTV still had her on this show/is trying to get her to sign a new contract. Please, for the love of Jace (and Kaiser and Ensley and Marissa…) take the kids away from her and David before something goes terribly, terribly wrong.

  27. Then on this weeks episode, she lies and says that she didn’t pull a gun basically saying her son lied to his face. She’s so unstable, delusional, and a crazy. The cameras she was screeching about, caught everything just like she said, even her wildly yielding her phone

  28. Just drop Jenelle’s psychotic ass…..holy shit!
    Although I’m glad Roxy read Javi to filth, maybe she should’ve left Kail’s mom outta that convo.

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