“90 Day Fiance” Star Danielle Jbali Addresses Her Alleged Hygiene Issues, Reveals Why She Still Uses Ex-Husband’s Last Name & More

“I swear I’m not stinky…anymore!”

Danielle Jbali wants 90 Day Fiance fans to know that she doesn’t want her ex-husband Mohamed Jbali back…oh, and that she doesn’t smell bad.

The “90 Day Fiance” star posted a statement to her Facebook page on Monday in an attempt to answer some of the frequently asked questions she gets from fans, and to clear up some of those nasty rumors she says are circulating the Internet about her.

Danielle told fans the reason she has continued to use Mohamed’s last name, even after their divorce. She also addressed her current dating situation and if she really does smell bad “down there,” as her ex-husband infamously stated during a 2016 Reunion show!

On why she hasn’t changed her last name back to Mullins:

“I made the decision to keep my married name because right now it is not important to me to change it,” Danielle wrote. “Just because I kept it does not mean I want Mohamed, love him, want to remain relevant or obsessed with him. I made my decision on finances and time. It costs money with documents to change it. All of the documents that costs money are my drivers license, school ID, passport, STNA license and home and car titles.

“You have to have the time to go to all those places such as social security, banks, utilities, insurance, loans and so much more.”

On the man she was dating when she filmed the “90 Day Fiance: What Now?” episodes:

On a recent episode of “What Now?” Danielle drove to Maryland to meet up with a man named Nelson. In her statement, Danielle addressed what happened with him.

“Maryland is like my second home. Nelson and I started talking last summer for several months and one of my trips to Maryland I actually met up with him for 30 minutes and we had agreed next time I came back we would go out on a date,” Danielle wrote.

However, that ‘date’ apparently meant ‘booty call’ to ol’ Nelson, according to Danielle.

“The next time on my way to Maryland, I had texted Nelson to let him know I was on my way and he wanted to come to my hotel room at 2 a.m. when I arrived after being up since 6 a.m. and driving six hours and I told him no, he can wait till our next date on Sunday,” she wrote. “He got mad because I would not let him come to my hotel room and stood me up.”

On her alleged hygiene issues and smelly nether regions:

(You know this is the part you wanted to read about, since we’re all creeps here!)

Back in 2016, Mohamed said on-camera that he did not want to have sex with Danielle because she smelled bad and that she peed on him.

“No one would have sex with someone like you!” Mohamed yelled at Danielle during that 2016 reunion show taping. “She has a problem that she needs to see a doctor before she has sex with someone!”

Danielle addressed this and declared that she does not have bad hygiene.

“The third thing I want to address is when Mohamed said I needed to see a doctor for hygiene issues and a medical condition,” she wrote. “I am in the medical field and I take a shower everyday because in this line of work you don’t know what you can bring home on your clothes or uniform. I wash clients up and take care of them and their needs.”

Danielle said that the rumors about her stinky lady garden were the brainchild of a mean “90 Day Fiance” fan.

“It was started by a fan who befriended Mohamed and I both,” Danielle wrote. “I had let her into my Facebook because I thought she was a true friend but later on found out after the fact she was not. She took screenshots of private conversations and passed them around.”

Danielle said she was, indeed, experiencing problems with her gentlemen greeter for a period of time.

“Mohamed also knows about the time he said these things, I was having issues with my periods and eventually had a biopsy that he took me to and later on, I had a surgical procedure done that my daughters were there for me.”

(Luckily, Danielle didn’t go into any further details about the procedure or her nether regions.)

Danielle concluded her statement by giving the show’s fans an update on her life.

“I am in college getting ready to finish my classes and starting my fall classes the end of August,” she wrote. “I work with mentally handicapped adults and I have a second job as a home health aide. My daughters are all doing very well…I never claimed to be perfect and I am still learning in this life.”

Read Danielle’s full Facebook statement below:

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(Photos: TLC, Instagram)


  1. You are so ignorant the whole time you think someone like that will love you HA your daughters new better than u. You want him still this day and he never even kissed u on wedding day amd he lied why not. You are a ignorant bitch. U wanted a babysitter? Ya? You’re a bad mom. You are such a disgrace especially not doing the annulment the first time which would have sent him home. You are an ignorant mentally handicap bitch.

  2. The fact that this person is allowed in a nursing program and to be working with vulnerable populations is just disturbing. She is not of sound mind or body. Her judgment skills are atrocious. Her own health is questionable. Yet this is who cares for sick and vulnerable people in Ohio? Something is not right with this picture.

  3. Every now and then, a piece of reality tv feels depressingly exploitative, and I’m disgusted at being part of a society that uses these poor people for entertainment. Danielle is the embodiment of that.

  4. Danielle should have used the gas money and time she spent driving to Maryland to change her name back! She has no intention of doing so!!!!

  5. Danielle is BANANAPANTS! OMG. Just watched the latest “What Now?” episode where she drove to Maryland to meet that dude, who wouldn’t take her phone calls and whose voicemail box was full, and then she just shows up at his house! Reminded me of the time she showed up in Miami to “surprise” Mohammad. Was she even invited by this guy to come to Maryland? She’s delusional and nutso.

    Off-topic but here’s hoping we get a recap on that special hour last night about Nicole and Azan, because there are things I need to say. Many things. 🙂

  6. Danielle is the hottest of messes. If a man had made an absolute fool out of me for three-four years and divulged such intimate issues on national tv, I would be running to the courts to have my name changed. This chick sold autographed pictures of herself a few years ago *vomit* and I know she knows about go fund me pages, so the excuse about not having the money to change her name is bull. We all know she’d sell he double-wide and her first born if Mohammed would take her back. She’s hanging on to the last name because she’s hanging on to hopes that he will magically realize that they belong together and live happily ever after. Give it up lady, finish school finally, work on your life and stop chasing randoms on the internet.

  7. Aside from Ashley’s hilarious narrative that almost got me thrown off the bus just now for laughing so loud, I think I just lost a brain cell trying to read this woman’s drivel.

    Why on earth would she be sharing stories about problems with her hoo ha — with a complete stranger a.k.a “a fan” on Facebook??

    Wait a minute, I almost forgot.

    This is Danielle.

  8. I don’t care how many times Danielle claims to be over Mohammed.. I will NEVER believe her. I wish TLC would stop showing their scenes. It’s gone from funny mindless entertainment to just plain sad to watch. This story has run its course and I think Danielle needs professional help.

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