Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Lindsey Nicholson & ‘Teen Mom’ Kail Lowry Volunteer To Fight Farrah Abraham In Anti-Bullying Boxing Match (Exclusive Details)

The line to box Farrah starts right over here, ladies…

Farrah Abraham is planning to climb into the boxing ring this fall to promote “anti-bullying,” and both Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry and former 16 and Pregnant star Lindsey Nicholson are volunteering to be her opponent!

In an Instagram post on Saturday, Lindsey blasted the former Teen Mom OG star, stating that, while Farrah claims to be against bullying, she’s actually a bully herself.

“Really @farrah__abraham you think you’re not a bully?” Lindsey captioned a photo posted with her own photo inserted into Farrah’s boxing match poster. “Have you watched any of your episodes? You bully your mom, dad, producers, cast members, & anyone you think is less than you. Why don’t you get in the ring with me & try to bully me around and see how that goes.”

Lindsey told The Ashley that she is very serious about fighting Farrah.

“I would never call someone out if I wasn’t [serious],” she told The Ashley. “I don’t really play games. It’s just strange she’s fighting to raise money for anti-bullying when she bullies everyone!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Farrah will box a still-undetermined opponent in Atlantic City on November 3. Last week, she said she will be boxing to end bullying, but that she will not fight anyone who is a bully. According to Farrah, this eliminates her ex ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars, as well as Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo, whom she feuded with last month. (In her post, Lindsey offered to help train Drita, should she become Farrah’s opponent.)

After Lindsey volunteered to be Farrah’s opponent, Kail said she would be willing to go into the ring with Farrah, if the Backdoor Teen Mom didn’t want to fight Lindsey. As “16 and Pregnant” Season 4 fans may remember, at the time of her pregnancy, Lindsey was training to become a UFC cage fighter. However, Lindsey says that it would still be a fair fight, since she hasn’t trained to fight in over six years. (She’s now the mother of three and a boutique owner.)

Lindsey told The Ashley that, since calling Farrah out and volunteering to be her boxing opponent, she’s been getting a lot of support from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise fans.

“I want to fight her because of the way she’s treated every single person I know who’s come in contact with her,” Lindsey told The Ashley. “She needs to be put in her place… I still think I would be able to go head-to-head with her. I’d much rather do an MMA fight with her, but I highly doubt she’d agree to it. I’ve been getting hundreds of messages from people wanting to see this boxing match go down.”

Farrah has yet to respond to Lindsey’s offer, but Lindsey tells The Ashley that the fight’s promoter has been in contact with her.

While Farrah has not commented, her father, Michael Abraham, did remark that both Drita and Kail were not suitable opponents for Farrah to fight.

“To bad we won’t see Drita fight she is like me… way to old ‘age group’ and she is not one to promote anti hate,” Michael tweeted on Saturday. “And Kail is in a lot higher weight class so that won’t happen either lol!”

Michael’s remark about Kail’s weight was taken by some as an insult. Even Kail’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Chelsea Houska scolded Michael for the comment.

“Yikes. Horrible and low blow thing to say about Kail,” Chelsea tweeted to Michael. “Please don’t comment on a woman’s weight in any way.”

In later tweets, Michael insisted that he was not body-shaming Kail.

“Chelsea I have the highest respect for you and your entire family. No it was not meant as low blow towards Kail… it’s a realistic statement backed by fact that in any fighting event weight classes are real and used as competitive classes.

“I don’t degrade people and I did not do it today,” Michael told another person on Twitter. “It was all fact about the fighting and yes even the Olympic fighting sports… they all have weight classes and some sports age classes. No hate here at all…”

Kail responded to the backlash that Michael’s tweet garnered. She assured her followers that, should she be chosen as Farrah’s opponent, she’d be happy to slim down if necessary.

“Y’all coming for Michael for talking about my weight, thank you,” Kail tweeted. “But I’d be willing to drop weight for that fight so it’s not a problem.”

While Kail and Lindsey say they’re willing to go into the boxing ring with Farrah, Drita says she’d fight– but only if it were a cage match (or a street fight, of course!)

“Listen up horseface I called u out…n u called a lawyer!” Drita wrote to Farrah in an Instagram post. “Are you gonna have a cop as the referee 2? I don’t want u wearing headgear! I don’t want a referee stopping anything! I rather be on the streets. I told you I’d pay u to come meet me…since u are so desperate to use my name to make a dollar.

“However I have a better idea…I love boxing but when it comes to u I rather fight in a cage #ufc style…I’m tired of people talking s**t…then calling lawyers and cops once s**t gets real. Wanna do it legit…no problem…in a cage where you belong u filthy animal! Give me the date and time!! I’m ready!”

???‍♀️ Listen up #horseface I called u out..n u called a lawyer!!…are u gonna have a cop as the referee 2????????????? I dont want u wearing headgear!..i dont want a referee stopping anything!…I rather be on the streets. I told I I’d pay u to come meet me…since u are so desperate to use my name to make a dollar. Howeva I have a better idea…i love boxing but when it comes to u I rather fight in a cage #ufc style…. I’m tired of people talking shit…then calling lawyers and cops once shit gets real. Wanna do it legit…no a #cage where u belong u filthy #animal. Give me the date and time!!! I’m here! I’m ready. #payperview #ufc #boxing #slapabitch #catchtheslap #horseface #piglet #hooka #orderofprotection #desperate 4 #attention #copcaller #rat #farrahabraham

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The Ashley will be there, watching and reporting on the fight, regardless of who is chosen as Farrah’s opponent. Stay tuned!

Watch a clip from Lindsey’s “16 and Pregnant” episode in which she discusses her dreams of becoming a cage fighter:

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  1. That is why I voted for Lindsey. She already has experience kicking but so she would most likely be able to put up a good fight.

  2. The Ashley should start a list of everyone who offers to fight Farrah, I bet it’d be super long. Her bullying cause made me snort as Farrah is the definition of the word bully.

  3. I vote for Kail. Kail would wipe the floor with that idiot Farrah. Farrah has no idea how to fight and will end up in tears after the first hit.

    Michael’s comment about Kail’s weight is DISGUSTING. How old are you Michael?? Grow TF up. Talk about bullying….Farrah’s looking for anti-bullying people for her match and here comes her idiot father bullying a young girl about her weight. How does it feel when people make fun of Sophia’s looks? Yet you turn around and do the same thing? What a jerk.

    By the way Michael, a few more pumps of plastic and Farrah’s lips alone will weigh more than Kail’s whole body.

  4. You just know that she’ll take one hit to the face and spend the rest of the match whisper crying in the corner about how she’s being bullied. I fully expect a restraining order and lawsuit to be filed after this shitshow is said and done.

  5. I’m assuming that being a celebrity isn’t a real prerequisite since, it’s Farrah. But I’m all for ending bullying. Let me fight her. I’ll empty out my 401k for 5 minutes in the ring with that silicone-stuffed slore. I’ll happily slap some manners into that dirty ol’ mouth of hers. I guess Drita would be my second choice, but I’ll be jealous if she gets the opportunity. Better yet, can we all get a turn? Ya know, to make sure we REALLY get the message through that bullying is bad?

  6. Can someone explain to me how a box match and anti bullying go hand and hand. Is that not encouraging violence? It make not sense to be the biggest online bullies (Kail,Drita, Farrah) would box to promote Anti bulling. I think the only one we are missing is the “Ice Queen” Am I missing something?

  7. Once again kail running her mouth. Everybody knows all kail is is talk. Iam sure kail would win if she tried she’s 3 times bigger than everyone. Kail needs to stay in her lane and shit up. How can kail fight when she probably already pregnant by Chris again.

  8. I say put Deb in there , the age difference should compensate for the weight difference.
    Michael ( sap) weight class limits are for the pros , not for the pathetic.BTW, no limit for heavy weights so, if we go by your daughters big bulling mouth all is fair.
    Id also love to see chad Johnson’s mom in there too! Fill her squirt bottle with some vodka and let her have at it, goodnight Farrah!
    Kendra too would be great!

  9. According to her hit song, she just blew all of the bullies away. I guess that didn’t work. For those who haven’t had the pleasure to hear her song, check it out on YouTube- your ears will be very angry at you for doing so.

  10. Get Amber in there! Let her try and land a punch this time!

    But I think I love Drita, she has no filter when it comes to Farrah. It’s great.

    1. Personally, I think Amber is all talk. She acts though, she thinks she is “hood” because she went to prison. In reality I feel like she would get her ass beat!!

  11. Uh… is it just me or does the terribly photoshopped photo of Farrah with a ginormous head and super skinny arms bother anyone else? Not sure is she made the boxing match poster herself….?

  12. Off topic in regards to the boxing match but I wish mtv would do a follow up of some sort featuring Lindsey. Hell, if she was willing she would’ve been a great candidate for the OG replacement. She’s gotten married, had her daughter adopted by her husband and been on a journey that so many families navigate but don’t get to see a first hand account of with being a nicu parent. I know she did the Dr. Miami thing and went way too large with her boobs but she really seems to have established a life for herself that most of the other 16&P cast have not. Just food for thougut, it’s rare to commend one of these girls for something ??‍♀️

    1. I LOVE Lindsey. She is one of the most absolute put together girls to ever be featured, and I’d love a follow up special on her. They did one on McKee which doesn’t even make sense considering she’s accomplished nothing other than getting knocked up a few more times since 16&P. Lindsey has finished school, got her real estate license, got married, her daughter was adopted by her husband, she waited years after getting married to have more children, Aniyah is such a sweet and well-mannered little girl, the twins where born extremely premature and the family went through that and come out on top, she’s opened a clothing boutique. She’s actually a role model, who can inspire young girl who have had children at a young age that they can still make something out of their lives, and do the things they want in time. I wanna see Lindsey on MTV again.

  13. Physical violence to fight bullying … I mean sure, everyone would like to see Farrah be put in her place, but stopping to her level is not the answer.

    1. Boxing is s highly skilled sport, in this case it’s not about boxing for s cause.. Farrah has no shame and will do ANYTHING for a buck- hell, she’d probably fu*k a buck for a buck ?

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